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dream team star forward defend guard referee hoop court slam dunk association league top-class talented professional complicated hold consecutive title centre ( scorer valued in the history of grow up attend with an average of average per gold medal motivation tie steak alongside awesome shipyard various entire immediate There’s no doubt that ... deserve outstanding generation popularity live commentary 圈

half overtime coach commentator rely stamina quarter selfish all the time nature instant hit nationwide if necessary be rude to dominate be used to draw sb’s attention to wresting boxing upwards angle collision parallel adequate sock sneaker absorb bound vest abrupt horizontal accelerate bounce tournament interval appoint typical slim stout belly obtain circuit boundary


controversial aside dip commit foul suspension penalty take possession of howl bleed cheek pulse confirm dizzy bandage blanket ambulance considerate apologise sniff weep frustration teamwork scar oval gymnasium pole basis be based on version highlight chart prom peer mediator forever look back at settle have fun competitive elect suit rent

It’s a great pity that ... dinner jacket enormous slogan attract photography keen issue as far as I’m concerned in my view after-school consider be considered as develop activity ability outdoor water skiing be likely to do tradition boarding nursery recite alphabet institution sew woollen suitcase luggage innocent pillow quilt worn armchair shabby cushion kettle decoration curtain washroom basin bathtub sob arithmetic

multiply algebra geometry concept cubic acre gram dynamic bachelor botanical microscope regulation punctual T-shirt Weekday Catholic irritate upset polish zipper button mailbox mummy airmail fortnight certificate scholarship cheerleading cheerleader cheer squad pompom routine course novelist scene cruel feed pot warden serve eager appetite whisper

nudge desperate healthy in astonishment support in a ... voice no sooner ... than ... seize hang workhouse reward scream collar rough drag naughty rascal orphan convict) escape prison wedding intend illegally repay cast distribute chapter filthy sparrow seagull pipe smog choke swallow rag dustbin attain nutrition starvation welfare concern taxpayer compass

anchor inn carrier accumulate corporation navy pile paperwork trial pump fountain pub maid bunch mistress accomplish ambassador humble pedestrian lantern mourn a huge amount of bring sth. to the attention of sb. soul music blues harmonica sophisticated rhythmic rhythm gospel improvisation syncopation DJ (=disk jockey) hip hop graffiti microphone percussion rap reggae turntable movement MC-ing technique Jamaica

side by side improvise vocal approach be bored with disco decline take advantage of backing track rapper emerge rather than touch trumpet in order try out arise offshore boom friction harmony virtue be blessed with conventional fancy blouse slacks neat mom consensus makeover budget cheque consultant vain bonus DVD VCD pace tight schedule spokeswoman deadline otherwise

come out allowance far from part-time devote be devoted to swap super yell beg beg for pension quit refreshing pioneer solo satchel make an impression on sb. protest migrant humorous ethnic minority rainforest diverse native bright-coloured belt varied maze cobbled run inherit property custom apron hieroglyphic in use hatch pineapple bucket splash apparently has a population of

crop opera maize farm fish script ouch hammer foolish lame hop tyre firm jungle soul in the distance ox spear garment sleeve necklace jewellery set off arch rigid framework fasten loose fibre corn spade tool chick rooster fold adjust furnish mat teapot bare waist widow nephew garage

awkward pierce rainbow aborigine gatherer venue n. 会场;举办地点 preserve v. 保护;保存 agreement n. 协议 invest v. 投资 divert v. 使改道 prehistoric adj. 史前的;有历史记载以前的 remains n. 遗迹;遗体 archaeologist n. 考古学家 primitive adj. (人类或动植物)原始的,原生的 skull n. 头颅;颅骨 item n. (一)件 existence n. 存在 relation n. 亲属;亲戚 limestone n. 石灰石 span n. 时距;期间 fossil n. 化石 beast n. 野兽 sharpen v. 使变锋利 excavation n. 发掘 list v. (按某次序)把……列表,列清单 evolution n. 进化;演变 exposure n. 暴露;显露 weed n. 野草;杂草 cement n. 水泥 contribute v. 促成 maintain n. 保持;维持;保养 endangered adj. 濒危的 recommend v. 建议 awareness n. 意识;认识;感悟能力 propose v. 建议;提议 fund n. 基金;专款 assistance n. 帮助,援助 precious adj. 宝贵的;珍贵的;贵重的 of vital importance 至关重要 catastrophe n. 毁灭性的大灾难 estimate n. 估计;估算 length n. 长度 request apart from (SH7 M6 P71) (SH7 M6 P71) (SH7 M6 P71) (SH7 M6 P71) (SH7 M6 P71) (SH7 M6 P72) (SH7 M6 P72) (SH7 M6 P72) (SH7 M6 P72) (SH7 M6 P72) (SH7 M6 P72) (SH7 M6 P72) (SH7 M6 P72) (SH7 M6 P72) (SH7 M6 P72) (SH7 M6 P72) (SH7 M6 P72) (SH7 M6 P72) (SH7 M6 P72) (SH7 M6 P72) (SH7 M6 P72) (SH7 M6 P73) (SH7 M6 P73) (SH7 M6 P73) (SH7 M6 P73) (SH7 M6 P73) (SH7 M6 P73) (SH7 M6 P73) (SH7 M6 P73) (SH7 M6 P73) (SH7 M6 P73) (SH7 M6 P73) (SH7 M6 P73) (SH7 M6 P73) (SH7 M6 P73) (SH7 M6 P74) (SH7 M6 P74)

waterproof marvelous imperial tangible intangible delegate monument inhabitant mankind directory bid enlarge discrimination go through practitioner advocate status virus malaria compromise remind sb. of sth. seminar symbolic ambassador epic agenda mercy at the mercy of undertake absence subjective diplomacy thorough bureaucratic in return autonomy federal guidance ignore Hispanic honour be honoured for journalism



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