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1.We know you’re working hard. That’s what we’ve given you the prize. 2.I was chosen to play the leading role in the play, that was my dream. 3.I would be grateful for you if you give me some advice. 4.The 30-years-old singer has a strong fan base in England. 5.He stood up to make himself see and was soon found by his friends. 6.John’s mother wouldn’t permit him come back late. 7.When she came to herself, she found herself lay in hospital. 8.Look at the clock! You should come ahead of time. 9.In the dark street, there wasn’t a single person whom she could turn for help. 10.He treats his elder sister as though she is a stranger. 11.My newly-bought apartment is comfortable to live. 12.While walked the dog, you were careless and it got lost and was hit by a car. 13.The number of wild animals have become less in recent years. 14.Although it is great fun travelling abroad, but it will also cost lost of money. 15.He made clear that he wouldn’t change his mind. 16.It depends on if we will be ready in time. 17.Daisy woke up and find a flying carpet by her bed, which made her excited. 18.He made such many mistakes in his composition. 19.She was married with a young engineer in June. 20.I often praised, because I am always the first to get to the classroom. 21.The sun rose highly in the sky and it got hotter and hotter. 22.More and more Chinese teenagers are addicted to play games on the Internet.

23.My teacher explains grammar so clearly that I feel I can make a great progress. 24.Great change have taken place in China over the past ten years. 25.Only then I realize the importance of studying English. 26.He is so a great man that we all show our respect to him. 27.With time went by, I knew much about my life. 28.Tom swims better than I, but he doesn’t swim as good as my brother. 29.After try hard, I got a job in a gold mine. 30.The fact which he gave up smoking delighted his wife. 31.I tried to lose weight by eating less. As result I totally changed my shape. 32.What wonderful the trip was! I enjoyed it very much. 33.If she worked hard enough, she would have passed the English exam. 34.It rained every day during their holiday. They mustn’t have had a very nice time. 35.Study hard at English or you will make progress. 36.I asked my sister whether she had see the movie. 37.He would rather cooperate than to compete with others. 38.The captain said that they will arrive in two day’s time. 39.Dressing in white uniform, he looks more like a cook than a doctor. 40.Since he graduated from college, he worked in a big company. 41.Unfortunate, I got separated from my parents when I was young. 42.They felt exhausting after a whole day’s hard work. 43.It’s hard of him to do so much homework in one day. 44.My brother will phone me as soon as he get there.

45.He was punished because his carelessness. 46.You must do everything you can help them. 47.It is convenient for me to prepare for the exam than before. 48.She said it would be a interesting experience. 49.After thinking for some time, I let her to copy my answers. 50.This is one of the most attractive place I’ve been to. 51.It was in 1949 when the People’s Republic of China was founded. 52.I’d like to express my sincere thanks to your help. 53.It has been six years since we see each other last time. 54.I was great delighted to learn that you did well in the examination. 55.I don’t know whether it will rain or not. But if it will rains, I will stay at home. 56.Late in 18th century some British people were taken to Australia. 57.The little girl always remains silent in class unless asking to answer questions. 58.I think study English well will help me in my job. 59.We were going out while it began to rain. 60.He as well as his friends have come here. 61.I preferred the first flat we saw better because it was larger. 62.His parents tried to keep him from smoke but failed. 63.The young man tried to stop, and he drove too fast to stop. 64.There were lots of visitors stood in front of the ticket window. 65.I can well remember there was a time that I grew so crazy about nature. 66.We played for an hour in the park. It was a great fun.

67.There was a queue of people waiting patient for the bus arrive. 68.We were surprised at the photos taking by Mr. Li in the deep sea. 69.Tony, your toys are here and there. Please put it away. 70.As everyone knows, Peter plays guitar very well. 71.The cartoon film, Zootopia, is very popular with children. 72.The science experiment attracted our attentions at once. 73.The old people are taken good care in the nursing home. 74.We all like the teachers which can make their lessons interesting. 75.It is necessary for us students to improving the listening ability.



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