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2012 年高考英语作文汇编
1.辽宁卷 书面表达(满分 25 分)假定你是某中学的学生李华。请用英语给出版社会的编辑写 封信,表达你对现在使用的英语材料的看法,内容主要包括:优点:1. 话题广泛;2 图片丰富; 3 有助于提高 学习兴趣。建议“适当降低词汇难度。 Dear Editor, As a student reader, I am writing to talk about the English textbooks published by your house. These books have many advantages. One of them is that we can find a variety of topics, such as science, culture and history. These topics, 1 think, arc very popular with us students. What's more, along with the texts there are many beautiful and colorful pictures, which can help us understand English better. Even the students who used to dislike English have turned out to be interested in the subject. However, some of the texts have too many new words and expressions which are hard for us. Therefore, I'd like to suggest changing them into easier ones. Best regards, Li Hua



你用英语写一篇发言稿,向他们介绍你所做的选择,并说明选择的理由。注意: 1.开头和结尾 已为你写好, 不计入总词数; 2.词数 120 左右; 3.短文中不能出现与本人相关的信息。 参考词汇: 文科 arts; 理科:science Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to our school! High school students are faced with a choice between arts and science. It was not an easy choice for me to make. After careful consideration, though, I decided on science as my main subject of study. First ,science graduates are in greater demand than arts ones in China. Second, the science major can help me achieve my childhood dream of becoming a scientist. Third, my parents wish me to study science at college because they believe i will have a brighter future as a science student. Last but not least, my physics teacher is my role model, whose influence on me had a lot to do with my decision. It is for these reasons that I finally made my choice. Thanks!


生活中冲突时有发生。假设你班同学苏华和李江打篮球时发生争执,导致关系紧张. 打篮球\碰撞\争执,等等 1.遇事不够冷静 2.…… (请考生根据自己的经历或感想,提出至少两种做法)

请你结合此事,并根据以下提示,用英语写一篇短文,向学校英文报“Happy Teens”专栏投稿。 简要描述事情的经过 分析发生冲突的原因 谈谈避免冲突的做法 One possible version: Conflicts with others are common in everyday life. During the basketball game yesterday afternoon, Su Hua and Li Jiang bumped into each other, trying to catch the ball. Then they started shouting and yelling, and it turned into a horrible quarrel. To be honest, it was Su s fault but Li was also to blame—they were not calm enough and both

said some really mean things. They cared too much about winning and losing. As a matter of fact, blocking, pushing and bumping are just part of a tough game. To avoid such conflicts, we should be kind to one another, which is essential to enjoying a harmonious life. It is also a virtue to forgive and forget, especially in such a competitive and stressful society. Instead of blaming each other, we should communicate more and put ourselves in others' place. Don't be self-centered and try to be considerate. We must learn to handle conflicts calmly and wisely.(150 words)


写作(满分 25 分)

某英文报社举办以 “I Like Reading”为主题的征文活动, 你打算投稿。 请根据以下要点些 一篇短文:1. 你为什么喜欢读书;2. 你喜欢哪一类的书(例如:历史、科学、文学等)?请给 出至少两个理由。注意:词数 120 左右; I Like Reading Reading is my favorite hobby. I can never stop the love for reading because books are likewise teachers as well as good friends in my life. As we know, books are the source of knowledge. I benefit a great from reading. There are a variety of books for us to choose from, like history books, science books, literary books and so on. But what interests me most is literary books, especially those by famous writers. For one thing, they hope to improve my writing skills and broaden my horizon. For another, they can enrich my life and provide me with great fun. Isn’t it a pleasure to have great calm in mind while you are reading?


假如你是大学一年级新生李华。开学之初,你的英语老师 Ms Li 希望了解每位同学

的英语学习情况,并征求教学建议。请按以下要点用英语给她写一封信。1.对英语学习的认识; 2.自己目前的英语水平;3.自己英语学习存在的主要问题;4.对英语教学的两点建议。 Dear Ms Li, I am very happy to have you as our English teacher. As the world is becoming a global village, English is getting more and more important, so mastering English means we can see the world through a new window. My English is just OK and the two main problems in my study are that I feel it difficult to learn words by heart, and that I often feel nervous when speaking English. I really hope that you can give me good advice on how to memorize new words. Another suggestion is to give us more chances to practice speaking. I believe we can make much progress in English with your help. Thank you!



交流。以下是某同学摘录的句子:”Your future depends on many things but mostly on you”:请按 下列要求用英语写一篇 100-120 个词的短文:1.针对摘录句中的观点谈谈你的看法;2.举例说明 理由. In the English Reading Week, one of m classmates recommended a quote to us which goes like this : "Your future depends on many things but mostly on you. " I can't agree more with this view.

It's true that our future is determined by many things, such as opportunities and help from others, but our own attitude, determination, and hard work play a more important role. In other words, we are the master of our own future. Take Abraham Lincoln, for example. He was born in a poor family, and only received a limited education in his childhood. Yet through his painstaking efforts, he changed not only his own fate but also the history of America. Even to this day, Lincoln is regarded as one of the most inspiring figures in the world. Therefore, I firmly believe that our future is in our own hands. 7.山东卷 假设你是新华中学的学生李华,不久前在学校举办的英语竞赛中获得一等奖。校报 请你写一篇稿件刊登在英文版面上, 介绍你课外学习英语的经验。 请根据以下提示用英语写 一篇短文: 1.参加英语角的益处; 2.坚持写英语日记的作用; 3.英文阅读网站 (EnjoyReading) 对你的帮助。 As a high school student, I consider English a very important subject. In order to learn it well, apart from English class, I took an active part in English corner and other after-class English activities, which benefit me a lot. In the English corner, I meet many friends, who share the same interest with me. Besides, sometimes, some foreigners are glad to join us. By talking with them, my oral English improved a lot. I also find it useful to keep English diaries. I keep on doing it these years and it is helpful to my English. As a saying goes, practice makes perfect. Only by practice will we make more progress. Finally, some good English study websites contribute a lot to my improvement. Through these websites, I can read some classic English passages, poems and stories. What’s more, I can learn some learning skills and methodologies, which play an important part in my study process. All in all, every road leads to Roma, but I believe hard work pays off.

2012 年高考英语短文改错汇编
I learned early in life that I had to be more patient and little aggressive. From the time I was about four until I was about six, I destroyed each of my toy. I was happy when the toys worked, but when things did wrong, I got angry and broke it. For a while parents bought me new toys. But before long they began to see which was happening. When I tear apart my fifth birthday toy train, my father said, "That's it. No more toys to you." My punishment lasted a year. Meanwhile, I found out that with more patience I must make my toys to last.My attitude changed from then on.

Dear Editor, I’m writing to tell you opinion about water saving.

Water is important. We, as well as animal, cannot live without water and neither agriculture or industry can go without it. Yet it seemed water is becoming less and less. Many countries in the world find we don’t have enough water. To deal with a problem, I think, we should first go all out to plant trees though trees will help save water. Next, no drinking water should be left running. Third, we should find ways to reuse the water using in washing, especially bath water for which is quite a lot, and that will save much water. Sincerely,Li Hua

Dear Grandpa, How are you those days? I have been missing you very much after I went to college a year ago. Whenever I think of the old days, I feel very happily. I still remember when I was child, you always held me in your arms and told me stories till I fall asleep. We often went to the fields to enjoy the pleasant view there. You told me the name of different plants and their characteristics. Gradually, I became interesting in biology and chose to learn biology when I entered into the college. Now my friend Ann, together with me, are going to do field study and the findings will be use as materials for our research. Since we’ll do the study in our hometown, I hope to see you by then. Yours, 4.辽宁卷 Dear Diana, Thank you for the lovely day we have with you. It was so kind tor you to let us bring Anne's friend. Gina. Unfortunate, the only problem was the journey home. There had been a terrible accident on the highway and, for a result, there was a long line of traffic for at least six mile. In the end, we drove to a service station and waited there unless the road was clear. In the car park Gina nearly got knocked over as A car drove out far too quickly from behind a lorry. They finally dropped Gina off at her parents' and made our own way to home.

My father and I stayed at the South Lake Hotel for a week when we visit Beijing last month. It is in the downtown area, but it is easy to go to anywhere from the hotel by public transport.

We lived in a comfortably double-room with a big bath. What I liked best were the free high-speed Internet connection in the room. I checked my email messages every day. I also shared for my friends many photos taking in Beijing. The food was wonderful with reasonable prices, and we enjoyed several local dish. It is such great hotel that I would recommend it to any friend of me who is going to Beijing. My father and I stayed at the South Lake Hotel for a week when we visit Beijing last month. 6.四川卷 Dear Mom, Mother’s Day is coming. I’m sorry that I am abroad and can’t send your flowers, so I’m writing to you. Mom, I know I have never expressed my thank to you before. But on today, at this special time, I just want to tell you loudly: I love you, Mom! Thank you so much by not only giving me life, but also teach me how to be a good person. Thank you for all you had done for me. Mom, though I may often say it, I do love you. Nobody can take your part in my heart. Whenever I am, I will always love you. Hope you good health and much happiness every day! Your little girl, Jennifer

Two years before, I traveled to Brazil and I rented for a car. Unfortunate, I had an accident and hit another car, and I needed to stay in a hospital for at least two week. 1 called my parents, so I did not tell them what had happened. I knew that they will be worried about myself because I was so farther away, and that my mother would not sleep if she knew. Therefore, I told them interested stories and how I was enjoying Brazil As a result, nobody knew truth. I still think that it was the right thing to do.

全国Ⅱ卷 第二节 根据对话内容,从对话后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题
卡上将该项涂黑。选项中有两项为多余选项。(每小题 1 分) Daughter:Dad. You love me, don’t you? Father:Of course, I do. 61 Daughter:Well, I saw this great offer for a free phone here in the newspaper, and …

Father: 62 Daughter:Well, the phone is free … after the$50 I pay is returned to me. Father:Ah, so that’s the catch. Father:Ah, I don’t know. 64 Daughter:But the monthly charge for this service is only$29.99, with 1,000 free weekday minutes nationwide, and unlimited weekend minutes. Father:I don’t know. Daughter:Please Dad. With the new phone you won’t have to worry about me while I’m driving the new car. Father: 65 Daughter:The new car you’ll need to buy so I can use the phone. A. Ah… what’s on your mind? C. Free? Nothing’s ever free. B. New car? What new car? D. What did you do to the new car? 63 Daughter:Dad. All my friends have one.

E. And why on earth do you need a phone? F. They always charge a lot for the service. G. But what is the term of the service agreement?

辽宁卷 根据短文内容, 从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该
项涂黑。选项中有两项为多余选项。 How to Make Friends Friendship is a very important human relationship and everyone needs good friends. Good friendship has many benefits. It offers companionship, improves self-worth and promotes good health. There are times in our lives such as when we have recently moved into a new town, or changed our jobs or schools. Such changes often leaves us without a friend make and keep friends. 1. Associate with others. The first step to making friends is associating with other people. You can go to public places to meet new people. Besides, you will need to make yourself known by becoming an active member of such places. 2. Start a conversation Starting a conversation is the second most important step in making new friends. with other people. 3. 73 Choosing friends with common interests is important in building friendship as these interests would always bring you and your friend together, Hanging out will always be a pleasant experience. 4. Let it grow. It is a good thing to stay in touch. However, try not to press your new friend with calls, messages

71 . But for many

of us the process is difficult and requires courage. Below are some helpful suggestions on how to



can always start the conversation. Being able to make small talk is a very useful skill in relating

or visits as this would likely wear him or her out and finally you may lose your friend. The best friendships are the ones that grow naturally. 5. Enjoy your friendship The best way to enjoy your friendship is to allow your friends to be themselves. you will want your friend to be to you. A. Be cheerful. F. B. Do things together. 75




not to change them from who they are to what you want them to be. Become the kind of friend C. Do not wait to be spoken to.

D. Try not to find fault with your friends.

E. Making new friends comes easy for some people.

For a friendship to develop you need to stay in touch.

G. So you will need to give your friend time to react to you.

2012 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试英
第一节 单项填空 (共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21.-Which one of these do you want? A.I don't mind 22.Sarah looked at A.不填;a A.has shown 24.It is by no means clear A.how A.therefore A.the best A.put out A.permitting 29.This restaurant wasn't_ A.half as good as 30.I A.couldn't B.which B.although B.best B.put down B.to permit B.as half good as B.mustn't B.I'm sure finished painting with B.a; the B.is showing -

Either will do . D.Go ahead D.the; a ” D.showed D.what D.unless . D.the better almost every word her teacher says. D.put together D.permit D.good as half as D.needn't of them wants to, because they D.none D.compared to before my eyes. . satisfaction.

C.No problem C.the; 不填 C.shows C.that C.since C.better

23."Life is like walking in the snow", Granny used to say, "because every step the president can do to end the strike. I must say you do look familiar.

25.I don't believe we've met before,

26.The result is not very important to us, but if we do win, then so much 27. Mary is really good at taking notes in class. can_ She C.put away C.permitted C.as good as half C.shouldn't B.any C.neither C.compare to

28.The party will be held in the garden, weather

that other restaurant we went to.

_use a clock to wake me up because at six o'clock each morning the train comes by my house.

31.Larry asks Bill and Peter to go on a picnic with him, but_ have work to do. A.either A.having compared to 32.Film has a much shorter history, especially when_ B.comparing to

such art forms as music and painting.

33.I had been working on math for the whole afternoon and the numbers

A.swim A.so A.persuade

B .swum B.or B.promise

C.swam C.and

D.had swum D.but her. D.support 36 than

34.You have to move out of the way

the truck cannot get past you.

35.If she doesn't want to go, nothing you can say will C.invite 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小.:每小 1.5 分.满分 30 分)

Body language is the quiet, secret and most powerful language of all !It speaks words. According to specialists, our bodies send out more language is particularly 39 what is called body language is so 40 37 non-verbal communication(非言语交际) takes up about 50% of what we really

than we realize. In fact, 38 , And body

when we attempt to communicate across cultures(文化).Indeed,

a part of us that it's actually often unnoticed. And misunderstandings 41 , different societies treat the 45 42 between people differently. 43 contact(接触)even with friends, and certainly , touch each other quite a lot. Therefore, 47 a Norwegian all over the room. The

occur as a result of it . not with

Northern Europeans usually do not like having it's possible that in

44 . People from Latin American countries

46 , it may look like a Latino is

Latino, trying to express friendship, will keep moving 48. The Norwegian, very probably seeing this as pushiness, will keep 49 - which the Latino will in return regard as 50 _. 51 . And only a part of it is in the words 55_. Clearly, a great deal is going on when people

themselves. And when parties are from 52 cultures, there's a strong possibility of 53 . But whatever the situation, the best 54 is to obey the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be

36. A. straighter 37. A. sounds 38. A. hope 39. A. immediate 40. A. well 41. A. For example 42. A. trade
43. A. eye 44. A. strangers 45. A. in other words 46. A. trouble 47. A. disturbing 48. A. closer 49. A. stepping forward 50. A. weakness 51. A. talk 52. A. different

B. louder B. invitations B. receive B. misleading B. far B. Thus B. distance
B. verbal B. Relatives B. on the other hand B. conversation B. helping B. faster B. going on B. carelessness B. travel B. European

C. harder C. feelings C. discover C. important C. much C. However C. connections
C. bodily C. neighbours C. in a similar way C. silence C. guiding C. in C. backing away C. friendliness C. laugh C. Latino

D. further D. messages D. mean D. difficult D. long D. In short D. greetings
D. telephone D. enemies D. by all means D. experiment D. following D. away D. coming out D. coldness D. think D. rich

53. A. curiosity 54. A. chance 55. A. noticed

B. excitement B. time B. treated A

C. misunderstanding C. result C. respected

D. nervousness D. advice D. pleased

第三部分阅读理解(共两节,满分 40 分) Are you looking for some new and exciting places to take your kids (孩子) to? Try some of these places: ·Visit art museums.They offer a variety of activities to excite your kids' interest.Many offer workshops for making land-made pieces, traveling exhibits, book signings by children's favorite writer, and even musical performances and other arts ·Head to a natural history museum.This is where kids can discover the past from dinosaur(恐 龙) models to rock collections and pictures of stars in the sky. Also, ask what kind of workshops and educational programs are prepared for kids and any special events that are coming up. · Go to a Youtheater. Look for one in your area offering plays for child and family visitors.Pre-show play shops are conducted by area artists and educators where kids can discover the secret about performing arts- Puppet 木偶) ( making and stage make-up are just a couple of the special offerings you might find. · Try hands-on science . Visit one of the many hands-on science museums around the country.These science play-lands are great fun for kids and grown-ups alike.They'll keep your child mentally and physically active the whole day through while pushing buttons, experimenting, and building.When everyone is tired, enjoy a fun family science show, commonly found in these museums. 56.If a child is interested in the universe, he probably will visit A.a Youtheater C.a natural history museum 57.What can kids do at a Youtheater? A.Look at rock collections. B.See dinosaur models. C.Watch puppet making D.Give performances. 58.What does "hands-on science" mean in the last paragraph? A.Science games designed by kids. C.A show of kids' science work. 59.Where does this text probably come from? A.A science textbook. B.A tourist map. B Honey 蜂蜜) ( from the African forest is not only a kind of natural sugar, it is also delicious. Most people, and many animals, like eating it. However, the only way for them to get that honey is to find a wild bees' nest (巢) take the honey from it. and Often, these nests are high up in trees, and it is difficult to find them.In parts of Africa, though, people and animals unexpected helper 一 a little bird called a honey guide.

B.an art museum D.a hands-on science museum

B.Learning science by doing things. D.Reading science books. C.A museum guide. D.A news report.

The honey guide does not actually like honey, but it does like the wax (蜂蜡) in the beehives (蜂)finally arrive at the nest, the follower reaches in to get at the delicious honey as the bird patiently waits and watches.Some of the honey, and the wax, always falls to the ground, and this is when the honey guide takes its share. Scientists do not know why the honey guide likes eating the wax, but it is very determined in its efforts to get it.The birds seem to be able to smell wax from a long distance away.They will quickly arrive whenever a beekeeper is taking honey from his beehives, and will even enter churches when beeswax candles are being lit. 60.Why is it difficult to find a wild bees' nest? A.It's small in size. C.It's covered with wax. B.It's hidden in trees. D.It's hard to recognize.

61.What do the words "the follower" in Paragraph 2 refer to? A.A bee. B.A bird. C.A honey seeker. D.A beekeeper. 62.The honey guide is special in the way A.it gets its food C.it sings in the forest 63.What can be the best title for the text? A.Wild Bees B.Wax and Honey C.Beekeeping in Africa C About twenty of us had been fortunate enough to receive invitations to a film-studio(影棚)to take part in a crowd-scene.Although our "act" would last only for a short time, we could see quite a number of interesting things. We all stood at the far end of the studio as workmen prepared the scene, setting up trees at the edge of a winding path.Very soon, bright lights were turned on and the big movie-camera was wheeled into position.The director shouted something to the camera operator and then went to speak to the two famous actors nearby. Since it was hot in the studio, it came as a surprise to us to see one of the actors put on a heavy overcoat and start walking along the path.A big fan began blowing tiny white feathers down on him, and soon the trees were covered in "snow".Two more fans were turned on, and a "strong wind" blew through the trees.The picture looked so real that it made us feel cold. The next scene was a complete contrast ( 对 比 ) The way it was filmed was quite . unusual.Pictures in front taken on an island in the Pacific were shown on a glass screen (幕) .An actor and actress stood of the scene so that they looked trick like this, palm trees, sandy beaches, as if they were at the water's edge on an island.By a simple and blue, clear skies had been brought into the studio! Since it was our turn next, we were left wondering what scene would be prepared for us.For a full three minutes in our lives we would be experiencing the excitement of being film "stars"! 64.Who is the author? A. cameraman. B. film director. C. crowd-scene actor. D. workman for scene setting. A A A A

_· B.it goes to church D.it reaches into bees' nests D.Honey-Lover's Helper

65.What made the author feel cold? A. heavy snowfall. BThe man-made scene. The low temperature. D. film being shown. The C. The 66.What would happen in the "three minutes" mentioned in the last paragraph? A.A new scene would be filmed. C.The author would leave the studio. D Grown-ups are often surprised by how well they remember something they learned as children but have never practiced still swim as well as ever ever since.A man when he gets back who has not had a chance to go swimming for years can in the water. can get on a bicycle after many years and He still ride away.He can play catch and hit a ball as well as his son.A mother who has not thought about the words for years can teach her daughter the poem that begins "Twinkle, twinkle, little star"。 remember the story of Cinderella or Goldilocks and the Three Bears. One explanation is the law ofoverlearninrf , which can be stated as follows: Once we have learned something, additional learning trials(尝试)increase the length of time we will remember it. In childhood we usually continue to practice such skills as swimming, bicycle riding, and playing baseball long after we have learned them. continue to listen to and remind ourselves of words such We as "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" and childhood tales such as Cinderella and Goldilocks.We not only learn but overlearn. The multiplication tables(乘法口诀表)are an exception to the eeneral rule that we forget rather quickly the things that we learn in school, because they are another of the things we overlearn in childhood. The law of over learning explains why cramming (突击学习) an examination. for though it may result in a passing grade, is not a satisfactory way to learn a college course.By cramming, a student may learn the subject well enough to get by on the examination, but he is likely soon to forget almost everything he learned.A little overlearning.on the other hand, is really necessary for one's future development. 67.What is the main idea of paragraph 1? A.People remember well what they learned in childhood. B.Children have a better memory than grown-ups. C.Poem reading is a good way to learn words. D.Stories for children arc easy to remember. 68.The author explains the law of overleaming by_________. A.presenting research findings C.making a comparison A.a result of overlearning C.a skill to deal with math problems 70.What is the author's opinion on cramming? A.It leads to failure in college exams.

B.More stars would act in the film. D.The next scene would be prepared.

B.setting down general rules D.using examples B.a special case of cramming D.a basic step towards advanced studies B.It's helpful only in a limited way.

69.According to the author, being able to use multiplication tables is_______.

C.It's possible to result in poor memory. 第二节(共 5 小题 ,每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) Kids' health: Four steps for fighting stress

D.It increases students' learning interest.

Everybody gets stressed from time to time.71 Some ways of dealing with stress - like screaming or hitting someone - don't solve much. other ways, like talking to someone you trust, can lead you But to solving your problem or at least feeling better. Try taking these four steps the next time you are stressed: (1)Get support.When you need help, reach out to the people who care about you.Talk to a trusted adult, such as a parent or other relatives.72 They might have had similar problems, such as dealing with a test, or the death of a beloved pet. (2) Don't take it out on yourself. Sometimes when kids are stressed and upset they take it out on themselves.Oh, dear, that's not a good idea.Remember that there are always people to help you.Don't take it out on yourself.73 (3)Try to solve the problem.After you're calm and you have support from adults and friends, it's time to get down to business.74 Even if you can't solve it all, you can solve a piece of it. (4) positive. Be Most stress is temporary (暂时的) Remember stress does go away, especially . when you figure out the problem and start working on solving it. These steps aren't magic, but they do work.And if you can stay positive as you make your way through a tough time, you'll help yourself feel better even faster.75 A.Ask for a helping hand to get you through the tough situation. B.Notice your friends' feelings and find a way to help them. C.Different people feel stress in different ways. D.Ah, it feels so good when the stress is gone. E.You need to figure out what the problem is. F.And don't forget about your friends. G.Then, find a way to calm down. 第一节短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) I learned early in life that I had to be more patient and little aggressive.From the time I was about four until I was about six, I destroyed each of my toy.I was happy when the toys worked, but when things did wrong, I got angry and broke it.For a while parents bought me new toys.But before long they began to see which was happening.When I tear apart my fifth birthday toy train, my father said, "That's it.No more toys to you." My punishment lasted a year. Meanwhile, I found out that with more patience I must make my toys to last. My attitude changed from then on.

第一\二\三部分 l.C 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.A 6.C 7.B 8.B 9.C 10.C 11.A 12.B 13.B 14.A 15.C 16.B 17.A 18.A 19.C 20.A 21.A 22.C 23.C 24.D 25.B 26.D 27.B 28.A 29.A 30.D 31.C 32.D 33.C 34.B 35.A 36.B 37.D 38.D 39.C 40.C 41.A 42.B 43.C 44.A 45. B 46.B 47.D 48.A 49.C 50.D 51.A 52.A 53.C 54.D 55.B 56.C 57.C 58.B 59.C 60.B 61.C 62.A 63.D 64.C 65.B 66.A 67.A 68.D 69.A 70.B 71.C 72.F 73.A 74.E 75.D

I learned early in life that I had to be more patient and little aggressive.From less the time I was about four until I was about six, I destroyed each of my toy.I toys was happy when the toys worked, but when things did ^ wrong, I got angry and went/go broke it.For a while ^ parents bought me new toys.But before long they began them my to see which was happening.When I tear apart my fifth birthday toy train, my what tore father said, "That's it.No more toys to you." My punishment lasted a year. for Meanwhile, I found out that with more patience I must make my toys to last. could/might My attitude changed from then on.

五, One Possible Version Dear Sir or Madam, I'm Li Hua, a middle school student from China.I read the announcement of the summer camp that you have posted on the Internet and I am interested in it.I know that you welcome

students from different countries and I'd like to take part in it.I've been learning English for 10 years, and I speak fluent English.What is more, I'll be able to tell students from other countries about China and learn about their countries as well.I hope I will be accepted as a member of your summer camp. Looking forward to your reply! Regards, Li Hua



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