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上海建平中学 2005 学年高二英语期末
I. Listening Comprehension(20%) Part A short conversations Directions: In part A you will hear ten short conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked I. Listening Comprehension(20%) Part A short conversations Directions: In part A you will hear ten short conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. The convers ation and the question will be spoken only once. After you hear a conversation and questi on about it, read the four possible answers in your paper, and decide which one is the be st answer to the question you have heard.

1. A. No, all the rooms are taken. B. Yes, there is a double room. C. Yes, there are some spare rooms. D. Yes, there is a single room. 2. A. The train is crowded. B. The train is late. C. The train is empty. D.The train is on time. 3. A. Tom survived the accident. B. Tom was killed in the accident. B. Someone saved Tom’s life. D. It did little damage to Tom’s car. 4. A. She feels that he won’t accept anything. B. She’s sure he already has a pocket calculator. C. She thinks he already has almost everything he wants. D. She’s afraid he wants more than she can afford. 5. A. The woman goes to school during the day and works at night. B. The woman has to work to support herself. C. The woman’s classes are not difficult. D. The woman studies at night. 6. A. An English textbook. B. A Chinese textbook.

C. A chemistry book. D. A history book. 7. A. The man went to the concert, but the woman didn’t. B. The woman went to the concert, but the man didn’t. C. The speakers did not go to the concert. D. Both speakers went to the concert. 8. A. Husband and wife. B. Father and daughter. C. Doctor and patient. D. Teacher and students. 9. A. To keep his old car and get a new one. B. To leave it in the garage to be repaired. C. To sell his car for a new one. D. To sell his car for an old one. 10. A. She paid $40 for the coat. B. Her husband presented it to her as a gift. C. She bought the coat on her fortieth birthday. D. Her friend gave it to her as a birthday gift. Part B Passage Directions: In part B, you will a passage, and you will be asked three questions. The passage will be read twice but the questions will be spoken only once. When you hear a question, read the four possible answers in your paper, and decide which one is the bes t answer to the question you have heard. 11. A. 2.4 children. B. 2 children. C. 4.2 children D. 4 children. 12. A. They are usually quite small. B. The houses usually stand in rows. C. They have front and back gardens. D. Houses are not so common as flats or apartments in Britain. 13. A. To make money. B. To guard the house.

C. To enjoy their company. D. To keep them for their grandparents. Part C Longer Conversation Directions: In part C, you will hear one longer conversation. The conversation will be read twice. After you hear the conversation, you are required to fulfill the task by fillin g in the numbered blanks with the information you hear. . English Club MEMBERSHIP CARD Last Name 14 September 10, 1998

First Name Dajiang 15

Date of Birth March 15,1973 Sex

Occupation Computer Programmer Workplace Shanghai Food Co. Tel. No.(O) 16 Tel. No. (H) 56667493

Home Address 53 Sixing Road Zip Code 200081 I.D. Card No. 310109730315406 Hobbies II. Grammar and Vocabulary(25%) (请注意答题卡的序号!!!) 21. As _______ science and technology develop, VR games will become ______ part of all our lives. A. /, the B. /, / C. the, the D. the, / 22. There is sure to be some problem _______ each new invention, as is the case __ _____ VR games. A. with, with B. with, in C. in, with D. in, in 23. There is some possibility that some animals are afraid of people, _______ a sudd en loud noise. A. there should be B. there be should C. should there be D. should be there 17

24. I can’t agree with you more this time and more than one student in our team __ ____ if he should take this course or not. A. are wondering B. is wondering C. are to wonder D. is to wonder 25. The test ______ to put students at different levels, but there turned out to be ma ny mistakes in the test paper itself, as a result of which it didn’t achieve its intended pur pose. A. designed B. had been designed C. is designed D. has been designed 26. Some synthetic materials are really attractive, which feels ______ and dries _____ _. A. comfortable, easy B. comfortably, easy C. comfortable, easily D. comfortably, easily 27. In this ______ Middle East country, people are made homeless and what is wors e, some severe diseases have thus come up. A. war-torn B. war-tearing C. war-tear D. war-tored 28. The goals ______ he had fought all his life no longer seemed important to him. A. after which B. for which C. with which D. at which 29. Before I left home, mother checked my bag, _____ I brought enough clothes wit h me. A. to see it whether B. to see that C. seeing to it that D. to see to that 30. If world peace _______, every country in the world should contribute its efforts. A. will be kept B. should be kept C. is to be kept D. must be kept 31. I will tell you ______ the teacher said in class yesterday. A. all which B. all what C. that all D. that 32. The bell _______ the end of the class rang, _______ our heated discussion. A. indicated, interrupting C. indicated, interrupted C. indicating, interrupting D, indicating, interrupted

33. _________ at the meeting , just turn a deaf ear to it as we have all lost trust in him. A. However he says B. However he will say C. Whatever he says D. Whatever he will say 34. It was over ten years _______ that he graduated from the university. That is to s ay, it is over ten years ______ he started his work. A. since, before B. since, since C. ago, since D. ago, before 35. How to profit from biotechnology? Science and ethics should always go _______. A. face to face B. step by step C. hand in hand D. case by case 36. He always ________ me some informative articles on the internet, which helps m e a lot in my job. A. reminds B. informs C. recommends D. comments 37. The Sino-US joint venture is so promising that it has ______ its business in ever y branch in every corner of China. A. enlarged B. expanded C. exploited D. extended 38. Don’t be day dreaming all the time! It’s time for you to be ________. You have to face all you have to face. A. real B. realized C. realistic D. realization 39. Please give me a short notice at your earliest ________. A. performance B. convenience C. confidence D. assurance 40. It’s not easy to get _______ in such a good university, so start working hard no w and apply for its scholarship first. A. admitted B. accepted C. allowed D. enrolled 41. He spent a ________ amount of money on that TV set just to get the microwav e oven free, only to be told that all such ovens had been given away. A. considerate B. considerable C. considering D. considered 42. Those who break the law have to realize that they themselves have to ________ what they have done.

A. pay back B. pay off C. pay for D. pay of 43. He is so _______ to his scientific research that he neglects his meals and sleep. A. absorbed B. attracted C. committed D. engaged 44. Children of today will become old ______. A. out of turn B. by turn C. in their turn D. in turn 45. We are provided with a training program, which claims to have _________its cou rses and materials to the specific needs of the English teachers in our school. A. designed B. tailored C. measured D. organized III. Cloze (15%) (A) There have been a lot of changes in American eating habits in the last ten years. On e is the __46__ awareness of the nutritional value of food. Another is an increasing intere st in a variety of international foods. Since about 1970, Americans have been more and more concerned __47__ health. They have begun to notice the ingredients in __48__ they eat. When they select food in the supermarket, they __49___ the packages over to read t he __50__ carefully. They prefer to eat food that is __51__ without unnecessary chemical s and often choose fruits and vegetables grown without poisons used to kill insects. A sm all group of Americans, __52__ vegetarians, have decided not to eat meat. They choose a complete diet from other kinds of food, because they think that meat products are not g ood for health. Also more and more Americans have become interested in food from other countries. They have been going to international restaurants and eagerly trying __53__ dishes. Chin ese, Japanese, French, Italian, and Greek cooking, as well as many other recipes are all _ 54__ these days in the United States. People used to say that Americans ate uninterestin g, unhealthy food, but this has __55__ in the last ten years. 46. A. developing B. growing C. going D. running 47. A. of B. for C. about D. in 48. A. how B. where C. what D. which 49. A. go B. hand C. get D. turn

50. A. labels B. instruction C. direction D. order 51. A. cooked B. produced C. bought D. sold 52. A. called B. named C. said D. announced 53. A. national B. international C. familiar D. unfamiliar 54. A. ordinary B. special C. popular D.particular 55. A. happened B. changed C. occurred D. appeared (B) Every minute of a television program teaches us something. For example, how and w hen public issues are handled _ 56__ in large _ 57__ on how they are treated by the tele vision networks in entertainment as well as news and public affairs programs. What the American people think about government and politics in general, _ 58__ a favorite candidate in _ 59__, is largely influenced by television. Unfortunately commercial television seldom _ 60__ anything of value to our lives. The question is: How can television be improved? There are many things the ordinar y _ 61__ can do. For example, he can _ 62__ to his local TV stations about offensive a dvertising. He can organize citizens’ groups to urge local TV stations to improve their pro grams. _ 63__, these groups should propose regular analyses of specific TV commercials and programs by educators, doctors, etc. to determine the _ 64__ of these programs on ch ildren and adults. Television can be our most exciting medium if we just think about _ 6 5__ to improve it. 56. A. determines B. reports C. depends D. decides 57. A. extent B. part C. case D. occasion 58. A. as well as B. also C. except D. together 59. A. particular B. special C. instance D. individual 60. A. damages B. contributes C. hands D. takes 61. A. editor B. participant C. viewer D. leader 62. A. reason B. argue C. complain D. object 63. A. As a result B. As a matter of fact C. In contrast D. In addition 64. A. efficiency B. influence C. greatness D. consequence

65. A. tracks B. roads C. ways D. programs IV. Reading Comprehension (24%) (A) Complete confidence in oneself has produced many of our great successes. But every young man who wants to go into business for himself consider the following: What does he have to offer that is new or better? Has he a new special talents? Has he a new inv ention or service, or more capital than others? Has he a willingness to work harder than t o do anything else? A man who is working for himself without limitation of hours must forget the eight –hour day, the forty-hour week, and the vacation of the year. When he stops work, his in come stops. Most small operations have their the own busiest day on Saturday, and owner often uses Sunday too. The successful self-employed man works harder and worries more than on a salary. His wife and children may probably miss family unity and continuity; they never know w hether their man will be home or love to enjoy family activity. 66. The passage suggests that___________. A. small business will lead to success B. every young man wants to go into a small operation C. having confidence is often the cause of success D. working for oneself is most important 67. Before a young man goes into business for himself, he should know that he____ _________ A. has nothing to offer C. is fit for it B. doesn’t want capital

D. has less money than others

68. Usually, a man works hard all the year round because___________. A. his income will stop if he stops B. he does not like vacation C. he has a special talent D. what he offers is new or better

(B) I found my father a very hard man to understand when I was young. He was very s hort and thin and had large blue eyes. I could have loved him as I loved my mother, but he seemed to hold us off so that we could not approach him or sit on his knee as child ren love to do. I believe he had a hard life as a child, and I know that he left school at the age of ten and started work. This may have had something to do with it, but I can only guess. In later life I came to love him very much, but at the time I speak of he wa s an unsociable man, unfriendly even to the people closest to him. I never knew him to have a close friend as the other men did. Everything he did had to be precise. If he chopped the sticks for the fire, each stick would be the same length and thickness as all the others, and they would all be stacked with not one out of place. His motto was “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well”. In our household his word was law and nobody dared to dispute it. He worked hard when in a job and saw to it that we children learned the meaning o f work. My mother did not have much pleasure but I do not remember her ever complain ing ---- except on Sunday afternoons when father would take off his clothes and get into bed, leaving her to mend his working clothes while he had his rest. This she disliked ver y much, for the clothes were very dirty from the work he had been doing and she hated handing anything that was not clean. 69. What did the writer think made her father unsociable? A. An unhappy childhood. B. A lack of friends. C. No interest in hobbies. D. Not smoking or drinking. 70. What was particular about the sticks for the fire? A. They were arranged in a pattern. B. They were chopped in only one place. C. They were similar in length. D. They were made about the same in every aspect. 71. The writer’s father believed that __________. A. you should only do things for which you have the ability B. only important jobs are worth doing well. C. you could only attempt worthwhile jobs D. anything you do should be done to your best ability

(C) Contacts between Japan and the rest of the world have grown a great deal in the tw entieth century. In the last thirty years, business contacts between Japan and the West hav e become very important. Many foreign companies now have offices in Japan and Japanes e businessmen do business around the world. Differences between Japanese and Western ways of doing business, however, often bewilder the foreign businessman and make doing business in Japan difficult for foreigners. The American businessman, for example, wants to start talking business immediately. He wants quick decisions. He does not wait. The Japanese, on the other hand, likes to arr ive at decisions gradually after giving them a great deal of thought. Another thing foreign businessmen have difficulty in understanding is when a Japanese means “Yes” or “No”. This is because of cultural differences between Japanese and Western society which make it difficult for a Japanese to say “No” directly.


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