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人教版高中英语必修三:unit 5 canada —“the true north” 习题

Unit 5

Canada — “The True North” 单元检测二

一、单项选择。 1. Rather than _____ the aeroplane all the way, they decided ______ to Vancouver and then take the train west to east across Canada. A. to take; to fly C. taking; flying B. take; fly D. take; to fly

2. Learning English is _____ learning grammer rules. You need a lot of readig practice as well. A. other than C. rather than B. more than D. less than

3. At sunset, we arrived at a small village ______ by fruit trees. A. surrounded B. provided C. planted D. overlooked

4. The local government has taken active ______ to prevent pollution of the river. A. measures B. solutions C. ways D. results

5. It is time she should _______ and start her own family, as is expected by her parents. A. settle for B. settle down

C. settle in

D. settle off

6. I always have a dictionary _____ easy reach, because I use it a lot in my office. A. at B. within C. without D. off

7. Waiter, this is not my order. You must have _____ mine with someone else’s. A. mixed up B. turned up C. made up D. took up

8. — Will you go to Mary’s birthday party? — No, _______ I am invited. A. if B. as C. once D. unless

9. Your performance was really wonderful. I really appreciate your ______ for music. A. skill B. gift C. bravery D. present

10. Great news came _____ the missing child had been found by a dust man. A. which B. that C. where D. as

11. Tom made a promise to his mother ______ he would never do such stupid things again. A. who B. what C. that D. which

12. I was really _______ with the beautiful scenery of the countryside in Canada. A. caught B. impressed C. gifted D. shown

13. ________, there are white mountain peaks covered with snow. A. In the distance C. At the distance B. In distance D. At distance

14. — Do you need my help with the luggage, madam? — No, thanks. _______. A. I can try it C. Don’t mention it B. I can manage it D. No way

15. I shall be ______ to go there, if you will accompany me. A. pleasing C. pleased B. pleasant D. pleasure

二、 将下列各题中两句话组成复合句。 1. There will be a great earthquake. The idea terrifies many people. ___________________________________________________________ 2. The earth is a flat plate. This belief is not scientific. ___________________________________________________________ 3. We all agree to his suggestion. His suggestion is that we should build a new larger library. ___________________________________________________________ 4. The south pole ice cap will disappear. The possibility is being examined. ___________________________________________________________

5. The boss expressed his hope at the end of the meeting. He hoped that we made another technological breakthrough. ___________________________________________________________ 三、根据汉语提示及重点词语将下列句子译成英语。 1. 今天上班的路上,我看见过他的新车。(catch sight of ) ___________________________________________________________ 2. 她的讲座给我留下深刻的印象。(impress) ___________________________________________________________ 3. 被眼前的景象吓着了,他站在那里,双腿直哆嗦。(terrify) ___________________________________________________________ 4. 请等一下我。我 20 分钟之内会回来。(within) ___________________________________________________________ 5. 很多中国人移民到温哥华,然后就在那里定居下来。(settle) ___________________________________________________________ 四、 阅读理解,根据短文内容选择最佳答案。 Looking for Canadian culture? Just put your eyes on the ice rink. “We love hockey,” says Marion Alexander, a Canadian English teacher in Beijing. “It really is Canada’s sport.” There is no other sport so close to the hearts of Canadians and no other sport in which Canadians have been so successful. But how much do you know about hockey? Hockey is played on a court of ice called a rink. Each team

has six players: a goalie (goal keeper), a centre, two defensemen, and two forwards. All of them wear ice skates. Instead of a ball, hockey uses a puck, which is a small black object that looks like a small, flat round cake made of rubber. Each team tries their best to hit the puck with their hockey sticks into the other team’s goal. The team which scores the most goals at the end of three periods is the winner. “Hockey has a lot of rules,” says Alexander, “but once you are used to it, it seems very natural.” In Canada, hockey is part of the national identity. Many Canadians play youth hockey when they are growing up, and many Canadian families make a tradition of watching the games. “I played goalie when I was younger,” remembers Alexander. “My family would always watch the Calgary Flames (a team in the National Hockey League) play on TV.” Hockey doesn’t just unite families. It also brings the whole country together, especially during the Olympics. “Canada is a diverse country that doesn’t have a strong unified culture like China. That is why hockey is so important. Supporting the national team brings all of Canada together,” says Alexander. 1. The passage is mainly about _____.

A. the origin and development of hockey B. Canadians’ diverse sports culture C. Marion Alexander’s view of hockey D. the role of hockey in Canadian culture 2. Hockey is important to Canadians for all of the following reasons except _____. A. it is Canadians’ favorite sport B. it is an event at the Olympics C. it is part of the national identity D. it helps unite the whole country 3. What does the underlined sentence imply? A. Canada is more diverse than China. B. Canadians are not as united as the Chinese. C. There are not many things that bring all Canadian people together. D. There are not so many sports in Canada as in China. 4. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. Canada’s most beloved sport is hockey. B. Hockey is a game made up of three periods and is contested between two teams of 12 skaters. C. Hockey is very important to Canadians, who love it more than any other sport.

D. Hockey is not an Olympic sport, though it is the most popular sport in Canada. 5. Which of the following would be the best title for the passage? A. Hockey Brings Canadians Together B. How to Play Hockey C. The National Identity for Canadians D. Finding Canadian Culture 参考答案: 一、单项选择。 1. D 解析:本题主要考查 rather than 的用法。rather than 后面通常 使用动词原形。 2. B 解析:本题主要考查 than 的几个常用词组辨析。other than 表示 “除……之外” ;more than 表示“不仅仅” ;rather than 表示“而 不是;而没有” ;less than 表示“少于” 。句义为“外语学习不仅仅 是学习语法规则,同时也需要大量的阅读训练” 。故选 B。 3. A 解析:本题主要考查动词。surrounded 过去分词用作状语,be surrounded by sth 被……围绕。 4. A

解析:本题考查动词词组。take active measures 采取积极措施。 5. B 解析:本题考查动词词组。settle down 表示“定居;使安定;解决” 。 6. B 解析:本题考查介词用法。within easy reach 意思是“容易得到; 容易拿到或实现” 。此外,还有 out of sb’s reach , 意思是“够 不着,无法实现”。 7. A 解析:本题考查动词词组。mix up 意为“混淆” ;turn up 意为“出 现;露面” ;make up 意为“化妆,弥补,构成” ;take up 意为“从 事;开始一项工作;培养新的兴趣” 。根据句义选 A。 8. D 解析:本题考查交际用语。在此情景中,说话人的意思是“除非邀请 我,否则我不去” 。unless 应该理解为“如果不” 。 9. B 解析:本题考查名词用法。gift 除了“礼物”的意思外,还有“天 赋,才华”之意。常用词组 have a gift for sth。 10. B 解析:本题考查名词性从句。此句中 news 后的 that 从句应该理解 为同位语从句,为了协调句子平衡,将同位语从句放到了句末。 11. C 解析:本题考查同位语从句,that 从句就是 promise 的内容。

12. B 解析:本题考查动词用法。be impressed with/ by 意为“对……印 象深刻;被……打动” 。 13. A 解析:本题考查有关 distance 词组的用法。in the distance 意为 “在远处,在远方” ;at a distance 意为“在一定的距离上,在不 远处” 。 14. B 解析:本题考查交际用语。“I can manage it.” 意为“我能行, 我自己来” ; “Don’t mention it.” 用于回答感谢; “No way.” 意 为“没门,不行” 。 15. C 解析:本题考查 please 的用法。 please 本意为“讨好某人,使某 人开心,使某人满意” ;pleased 是形容词,意为“感到满意的,高 兴的” ;pleasant 意为“令人愉快的;给人舒适感觉的,宜人的” 。 二、将下列各题中两句话组成复合句。 1. The idea that there will be a great earthquake really terrifies many people. 2. The belief that the earth is a flat plate is not scientific. 3. We all agree to his suggestion that we should build a new larger library. 4. The possibility that the south pole ice cap will disappear

is being examined. 5. The boss expressed his hope at the end of the meeting that we made another technological breakthrough. 三、 根据汉语提示及重点词语将下列句子译成英语。 1. Today on my way to work, I caught sight of his new car. 2. I am so much impressed by/with her lecture. 3. Terrified by the sight, he stood there, his legs trembling. 4. Wait a moment. I will be back within 20 minutes. 5. Many Chinese immigrants went to Vancouvor and then settled down there. 四、 阅读理解,根据短文内容选择最佳答案 1. D 解析: 通读全文不难发现本文的主旨是介绍冰球运动对加拿大文化的 重要影响, “It really is Canada’s sport.”故选 D。 2. B 解析:根据文章可知,选项 A、C 和 D 都是冰球运动对于加拿大人非 常重要的原因,只有选项 B 不是。 3. C 解析:这句话的意思是“与中国不同,加拿大是一个多元化的国家, 没有强有力的、统一的文化标准” 。选项 C 意思与句义相符。 4. D 解析:根据文章最后一段第二句可知选项 D 表述有误,其他选项均

与文义相符。 5. A 解析:根据文章的主旨可知最佳标题是选项 A。


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