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【精选】2019 届高三英语一轮复习基础必备 Unit3Underthesea 课 时作业新人教版选修 7 练习

[基础回顾] Ⅰ.单句语法填空(导学号 02516318) 1.You should provide a qualified witness 2.Only since 1962 has the show been held 3 . It's a good chance to reflect for. 4.The report urged that all the children swim. 5.The thief was dragged (drag) out of his hiding place. deepen (deep) the well so as to get more (should) be taught (teach) to on/upon for your application. (annual).


what they should be thankful

6 . The villagers planned to water from it. 7 . The truck was found late the next day.


(abandon) by the side of a rural road

8 . When I was in Suzhou , I found all the streets designed (neat). awareness (aware) in modern society.


10.—Where do you plan to work? —I've made up my mind to go where I'm most needed.

Ⅱ.单句改错(每句一错)(导学号 02516319) 1. When I first saw a real snake, I was scared death. scared 后加 to

2.He said that the manager had already been aware the problem. aware 后加 of 3.His image seemed to be reflected many times on the mirror. on→in

4 . While she was in Paris, she developed a tasty for fine art. tasty→taste 5.A truck came in an opposite direction of the car,so the car driver made a sharply turn. sharply→sharp


Ⅲ.佳句写作(导学号 02516320) 1.在读书时,你最好在你有问题的地方做一个标记。(where) 答案:You'd better make a mark where you have questions while reading. 2.那是一个许多年轻人去农村的时代。(It is/was a time when...) 答案:It was a time when many young people went to the countryside. 3.我花了好几天的时间才学会游泳。(It takes sb. some time to do) 答案:It took me days to learn swimming. 4.你对衣服的选择反映出你的个性。(reflect) 答案:Your choice of clothes reflects your personality. 5.许多人督促政府采取措施改善交通状况。(urge sb.to do) 答 案 : Many people urge the government to take measures to improve the traffic situation. [技能提升] Ⅰ.阅读理解(导学号 02516321) Most of us are used to seeing traffic lights above eye level. Whether we are driving, biking, or walking, traffic signals help us know when to stop

and when it is safe to proceed(前行).









intersections ( 十字路口 ) to tell pedestrians when it is safe to cross a busy intersection on foot and prevent pedestrians from being struck by motorists.

The prevalence of people talking on cell phones is posing distraction ( 分 神 )

a new

however. Pedestrians who are talking on the phone or

sending text messages are typically staring at their phones rather than looking for traffic signals. They are often too distracted, leading to an increase in pedestrian texting accidents. The connection between cell phone use and pedestrian accidents is clear. To the problem, two cities in Germany are trying an innovative (创新的)


approach: installing traffic lights in the ground. The German city of Augsburg installed traffic lights in the sidewalk that face up at pedestrians to create a whole new level of attention. New Jersey lawmakers have even proposed legislation that would ban distracted walking, fining those who use their cell phones while walking $50. [语篇解读] 低头族已经成为全球问题,马路上边走路边打电话的人不计其数,走路

时眼睛紧盯屏幕的更是大行其道。德国两个城市采取创新之举,改变传统红绿灯安装位 置。然而,真的有用吗? 1.Which one is not the reason for accidents? A. Walkers lose their patience. B. Walkers cross against the light. C. Some signals don't have enough time. D. Crossing signs often go wrong. 解析:

A.Discover. C.Fight. 解析: 3.What's the main idea of the passage? A.The problems of cell phones.

B.Analyze. D.Support.

B.Installing traffic lights in the ground in Germany. C.How to cross the intersections. D.The function of traffic signals. 解析:B [主旨大意题。本文主要介绍了德国两个城市采取创新之举,把红绿灯装地

上来拯救低头族。] Ⅱ.阅读填句(七选五)(导学号 02516322) 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为 多余选项。 (2018·大连高三双基测试卷 )Are you headed for college soon? are some tips every college student should know. 1. Budget! Budget! Budget! Learn to manage your money wisely. Know how much you can spend at most __1__ Here


ahead of time with respect to money. If required, start keeping a record of all the money you save and spend. Stop spending on things you don't need. __2__

Try taking things from the library or rent them. It will save a lot of money and effort. 2. People always talk. You have to learn to ignore them! 3 3. Confused about a major? 4__ Don't worry. You can change it. For instance , some engineering

colleges allow this change after a year of study. In the first year, you should take your time to explore and think carefully about the possibilities and then make a decision regarding the department you want to major in. Take different classes to discover new areas of interests. You might surprise yourself. 4.Set goals ! College is where the most mind?opening learning of your life will happen. It is important to set clear goals for each class you wish to take. Try to take at least one extra class per term. __5__ A.It would be smart to avoid that. B.Time management is of great importance. C.Others work against their college authorities. D.At the same time,don't overburden yourself. E.Buy your books and supplies only if necessary. F.Or are you already in college and still worried a lot? G.Still not sure if you want to continue in the same major? [语篇解读] 本文向我们介绍了每个大学生都应该知道的几个小贴士。 1.解析:F [根据第一句“Are you headed for college soon”表达的意思“你很

快要上大学了吗?”和句式结构可知,选 F。] 2.解析:E [根据空前一句“Stop spending on things you don't need”和本段的 小标题可知,选 E。] 3.解析:A [根据本段的标题“People always talk.You have to learn to ignore them”和空前一句“有些人往往会把它们放在心上”可知,忽略一些无用的评论是聪明 的,故选 A。] 4.解析:G [根据标题“Confused about a major”可知,本段的主题是“大学的专


业”,而 G 选项也是在谈论“major”,故选 G。] 5.解析:D [根据上文的“每节课都要制订清晰的目标”和“每学期都要至少多上一 门课”可知,选 D,“同时,不要给自己太大的负担”。] Ⅲ.语法填空(导学号 02516323) When I was a kid, Mum used to cook food for us. after 1. ________ One night in particular

(spend) a long hard day at work, Mum placed a plate of (extreme) burnt toast in front of my Dad. I remember

bread and 2. waiting 3.

________ ________

(see) if anyone noticed it. But while eating his toast, my day was at school.

Dad just asked me 4. ________

I don't remember what I told him that night, 5. ________ I do remember I heard Mum apologizing to my dad for burning the toast. And I'll never

forget what he said: “Honey, I love burnt toast.” Later that night, I 6. ________ (go) to kiss Daddy good night and I asked him if he really liked his toast. He gave me 7. ________ big hug and said , (tire). And

“Your Mum put in a hard day at work today, really 8.


besides, a little burnt toast never hurts anyone but cold words do!” What I've learned over the years 9. ________ (be) that learning to ________ (key) to

accept each other's faults is one of the most important 10. creating a healthy, growing, and

lasting relationship. 7.a 8.tired

答案:1.spending 2.extremely 3.to see 4.how 5.but 6.went 9.is 10.keys


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