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2012 年高考英语复习材料----写作 (不同话题读写任务套用句型与典例) 读写任务套用句型与典例 A.句型与典例: 1.发表看法类(自己对…发表看法): 表示赞同: From my own prospective, I firmly hold the view that…. for the reason that ………./ In addition,….就我而言,我坚决支持……原因之一是……其次,…….. 表示反对: From my own prospective, I strongly argue against the idea that…… for the reason that……./ In addition,……\就我而言,我坚决反对……原因之一是……其次,…….. 2.赞成反对(别人对…发表看法): 表示赞成: Some people are in favor of +话题, thinking that…+原因. On the contrary, others object to +话题, saying that +原因 3.说明重要性类: [提出观点]There is no deny the fact that +话题+plays an irreplaceable role in sth, for the reason that [正面论证]………. In addition…[正面论证]…… [提出观点]From my own prospective, A is of great significance to B, for the reason that [正面论证]……….On the contrary, if …[反面论证]. 4.提出建议: ①Suggestions on how to ….can be listed as follows. ②Here are my suggestions on how to….. ③First, it’s advisable to ….., which will of great help to ….In addition, ……Last but no least,……. 5.观点对比类 ①When it comes to whether you will shake hands with AIDS patients. Opinions vary from individual to individual. On one hand, most of the students believe they are willing to shake hands with them and even have dinner with them altogether. On the other hand, some of the students refuse because they consider it unsafe to do so. ②Different people hold different views on wealth/fortune/money. Some people think money is everything because you can purchase many items with money. However, others are sure that money is not the most significant for the reason that health and intelligence are vital/essential to people. ③ Views are widely on the issue of choosing universities. The majority of the students believe that they would like to go to a key university regardless of the major while others argue that they would prefer to be admitted into a college where they can

2012 年高考英语复习材料----写作 (不同话题读写任务套用句型与典例) gain what they like. Still others insist that they don’t care on condition that they have chances to enter colleges. 6.说明异同类 ①There are some similarities between newspaper and television news. Both of them offer us quick and timely news. However, some differences are also obvious/evident. Some people hold the opinion that television is more direct because we can be informed of what happened from the video and even what is occurring at present. While others believe it is more convenient to read newspapers for you can acquire messages any time and anywhere you want. ②There are some similarities in being a journalist and photographer. Both of them need to be patient, professional and well-organized. Apart from the similarities there are also some apparent differences. A reporter needs to be thoroughly careful and concise when writing a story, but a photographer needs to be creative, imaginative, technically good and gifted, only when they have these qualities can they take good photos to attract other’s attention. 7.假设处境类 ① If I were you, I wouldn’t quit learning math. On the contrary I would first have confidence in myself. Then I would spend more time on this subject and learn it step by step. What’s more , I would consult my teacher about the methods to learn it well.(对现 在的假设) If I knew the unfortunate information, I would keep it as a secret and would have my son informed since the exam is drawing and don’t expect anything distracting him at the moment. (对现在的假设) ②If it had not rained heavily last Saturday, we would have held the sports meeting in which we could enjoy a meaningful weekend. (对过去的假设) ③If I should be free, I would go to see my relatives because I haven’t seen them for ages and miss them deeply.(对将来的假设) 8.心得体会类 ① Having read the humorous story, I realize a kind thought should be always harbored by everyone, which can create a harmonious community for us. ②After looking through the story, I was deeply touched/impressed. I am aware that a good communication is very important to preserve the relationship between parents and their children. ③I was lost in thought after reading the story. It occurred to me that we shouldn’t be afraid of pain and that things that bring us pain can make us mature(=I came to realize

2012 年高考英语复习材料----写作 (不同话题读写任务套用句型与典例) that we…). 9.经历感受类 ①The author’s story reminds me of the similar experience in my childhood. At that moment I was poor and couldn’t afford computers. I t was my friend Lily that offered to invite me to his apartment to share the computer with me happily. ②What an unforgettable/embarrassing it is! In my case, I have ever been faced with the similar situation. ③Based on what I experienced, it is well worth the effort to develop and build up self-confidence and self-respect and self-discipline. It is the same with our work. Only if we stick to our jobs will we succeed in the end. 10.观点论证 ①典例:时间比金钱重要 / (模板:论点 → (用论据)论证 → 结论) [论点] People often say time is money, but in fact time is more valuable than money. [论据] When money is spent, we can earn it back, but when time is lost, it will never return. The time we have in all our life is limited, and it is even more precious for us senior students. Time is easily lost because of the fact that it is not scarce though it is limited, so it should be valued most. [结论] In a word, we should get into the habit of saving time and never leave what can be done today until tomorrow. ②建设绿色校园的重要性。 (按照论点 → 论证 → 结论的结构来写) [论点] It is of great importance to build a green campus. [论证]Obviously, a growing number of people are beginning to realize that it is our duty to do the job, since the concept of a green world has become the focus of the society. Not only is green campus environmentally-friendly, but also it has a great influence on students’ health. [结论] Therefore, creating a green campus is of great benefit to us. 11:利弊对比 套语背诵 ⑴ Generally speaking, it is widely believed there are several positive aspects as follows. Firstly,…Secondly,…However, its disadvantages/weaknesses are also obvious,one of which is that … To make matter worse,… ⑵ Generally, its strengths can be seen as follows. For one thing,…For another… But just as a popular saying goes, “every coin has two sides”, …is no exception. In other words, it still had negative aspects. To begin with, …In addition, … ⑶ 结 论 Through the above analysis, I believe that the positive aspects overweigh/far outweigh the negative ones. Therefore, I would like to …

2012 年高考英语复习材料----写作 (不同话题读写任务套用句型与典例) ①典例:网购的利弊 模板: [点明主题] Nowadays many people prefer to shop on line. [罗列益处] Generally, its advantages can be seen as follows. First, it’s convenient for us to shop on line. Secondly, it helps save much time, with which we can do more other important things. But just as the saying goes, every coin has two sides. Its negative aspects are also apparent. One of the disadvantages is that we are not sure whether the goods we buy are in good quality. Through the above analysis, I believe that positive aspects of shopping on line far outweigh negative ones. Therefore, I would like to shop on line. ②典例:学生使用手机的利弊 Generally speaking, it is widely believed that there are several positive aspects as follows about students' using mobile phones at school. Firstly, with a mobile phone in hand, a student can get in touch with parents conveniently. Secondly, mobile phones can sometimes be used as a dictionary if it is connected with the Internet, which is beneficial to students' English learning. However, its disadvantages are also obvious. To start with, getting in touch with friends as well as parents by the phone too frequently will surely have a bad effect on students' study. What's worse, it is common for students to get addicted to mobile phone games. From the comparison between these positive and negative effects, we know that its disadvantages far outweigh its advantages. Therefore, students had better not use mobile phones. 一般而言,大家都认为学生在学校使用手机有很多好处。首先,有了手机,学生 能方便地与父母取得联系。其次,如果你的手机可以上网,你还可以把它当字典用, 这对学生的英语学习非常有帮助。然而,学生在学校使用手机的不良影响也是很明显 的。首先,过于频繁地用手机与父母和朋友联系对学生的学习有很大的负面影响。此 外, 很多学生会对手机游戏上瘾。 对比其优缺点, 我们知道其负面影响大于正面影响, 所以,学生在校最好不要用手机。 ③典例:学生使用电脑的利弊 With the development of economy and technology, an increasing number of parents can afford their children computers. Its advantages can be listed as follows. For one thing, computer brings us a large amount of information. When meeting difficulties in study we can search the Internet for help, which is convenient and fast as well. For another, we are able to talk to our friends through the Internet, discussing problems or something we can't solve by ourselves. However, every coin has two sides, and home computer is no exception. A computer makes some of us so addicted to them that we can't help logging on for games, chatting, blogging or some other forms of amusement, which is what we called Net Addiction. 随着经济和技术的发展,能够给孩子提供电脑的父母的数量越来越多。电脑有如 下的优点。一方面,电脑给我们提供了大量的信息。当在学习上遇到困难时,我们可 以上网寻求帮助,这个快捷又方便。另一方面,我们能通过网络和朋友交谈,讨论问

2012 年高考英语复习材料----写作 (不同话题读写任务套用句型与典例) 题或者是一些我们自己不能解决的事情。然而,凡事都有两面,电脑也不例外。电脑 会让我们上瘾,从而不自觉地登陆玩游戏,博客或者是其它的娱乐方式,这就是我们 所说的网瘾。 ④典例:压力的利弊 Pressure has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, a certain amount of pressure can encourage us, inspire us and promote us. On the other hand, too much pressure will certainly do harm to us students, which may influence our health and study. Therefore, we should to bring the advantages of pressure into full play, and reduce the disadvantages to the minimum at the same time. 压力既有好处也有坏处。一方面,一定的压力能够鼓励,激发我们。另一方面, 太多的压力必定对我们学生有害,这会影响我们的健康和学习。因此,我们应该充分 发挥压力的优势,同时最小地减少压力的劣势。 12.举例说明 一、套语背诵 (1) However, there are other ways to make students work hard. For example, teachers can reward us with small gifts if we do a good job. (2) A good parent should possess some good qualities, especially when facing her children. Take my mother, a model parent, as an example. (3) Such examples can be seen easily in our daily life. A good case in point is ... 这样的例子在生活中很容易见到, 一个很好的例子就是…… ①典例:和谐的师生关系对你的影响 [要证明的观点] Actually, having a good relationship with teachers makes it easier for us to get along smoothly with our study at school. [引出例子] Take me for example. [例 子] My teacher is my good friend. When I fail in the exam, it is my teacher that first helps me to analyze the problem. She is patient enough to make me get over all the difficulties in my study. When I am unhappy, she always listens to me carefully and then gives me some reasonable suggestions, so that I can focus on my study soon. In addition, I have learned to be helpful and considerate. [重申主题] But for the good relationship with my teachers, I could not have made such progress. ②典例:勿以善小而不为 After reading this story, I came to realize that people should never ignore the deed of small kindness. Small good deeds sometimes may get big returns or make a great difference! [要证明的观点] I fully agree that trivial things play an important part in our life. [引出例 子] Such examples can be seen easily in our daily life. A good case in point is , as we can see, a word of encouragement from a sincere teacher often changes a downhearted student’s idea and behavior.

2012 年高考英语复习材料----写作 (不同话题读写任务套用句型与典例) Another example is that a warm smile to someone who loses courage and wants to commit suicide may comfort him, cheer him up and help him through the darkest night in his life. [重申主题]In a word, it is the trivial things in daily life that count. Just as the famous saying goes, do not think any virtue trivial, and so neglect it; do not think any vice trivial, and so practice it. 13. 解决问题 ①典例:如何解决上大学的费用 Many college students, especially the poor ones, are faced with a problem, that is, how to finance their college education. Therefore, how to finance the college education is worth paying more attention to. The following ways can be adopted to solve the problem. Firstly, with the development of the economy, the society is providing the students with more and more opportunities to do part-time jobs, such as sales promotion, public services and private tutoring. Secondly, the students can ask for a student loan to further their study. Thirdly, they can work hard to win scholarship, which is a great honor as well as an effective solution. ②解决交通堵塞应该采取哪些措施。 To solve the problem of heavy traffic, effective measures should be taken. (修路拓 宽) First of all, more new roads should be constructed, and the old and narrow streets should be widened and expanded. (改善公交) Moreover, our government should increase public vehicles. More bus routes should be opened up because buses can carry more passengers. (鼓励骑车) Lastly, riding bicycles should be encouraged. Only when the traffic problem is solved can we lead an easy life. ③解决年轻人沉溺于电脑游戏的办法。 Therefore, it is time we took effective measures to solve this problem. (年轻人) On one hand, young people should be fully aware of the danger of playing computer games. (游戏室) On the other hand, illegal computer game houses should be banned. ④在学校发生地震时应如何逃生? A series of effective measures can be taken to escape an earthquake when it happens at school. First of all, it is very important to keep calm instead of crowding or pushing to run out of the classroom and you had better follow the teachers’ instructions. Besides, if you are inside the classroom or the dormitory, you should hide under a desk as quickly as you can, protecting your head and neck with your arms. Finally, run to an open area away from buildings, walls, trees and power poles if you are outside the classroom. ⑤建设绿色家园应该采取哪些措施。 In order to build a green campus, we need to take the following steps. (学校) On the

2012 年高考英语复习材料----写作 (不同话题读写任务套用句型与典例) one hand, the school should make rules and regulations to prevent students doing something harm to our green campus.(学生) On the other hand, students should take some classes to raise their awareness. I don’t doubt that our campus will be more beautiful if we work together.

B.可供背诵的事例 一.讲道理论证法 1. Honesty 诚信的重要性 As an old saying goes: honesty is the best policy, it is the most beautiful overcoat of a person. Once it is lost, cracks will appear over one’s personality. Therefore, it is essential for everyone to build and keep our honesty. A person with honesty will be the one that can easily seek help from other people when in trouble. When we make mistakes, big or small, there is only one way for us to rid the guilt of our hearts, that is we should admit them honestly from the bottom of our hearts. When we learn that some companies put some bad quality product on sale but claim that it is safe and of good quality out of economic benefits, we consumers are full of rage for their dishonesty. There is no doubt that those companies will go bankrupt without any help from others.

2.环保的重要性 It is essential for us to take some effective measures to protect the earth. The past three decades have witnessed the great change on the earth. 30 years ago, there was blue sky, white clouds, green trees, clear rivers, fresh air and so on, all of which were with good quality, unpolluted. However, after 30 years, none of these still exist. With the rapid development of the whole world, it also casts a terrible effect on the environment. Therefore, it is high time that we teamed up with each other, preventing our only home from being polluted more seriously.

2012 年高考英语复习材料----写作 (不同话题读写任务套用句型与典例) 3. Getting along with classmates 与同学(他人)相处 Since the day we were admitted to kindergarten, we have had to get along with our classmates, some of whom become our good friends. However, unavoidably, sometimes there are quarrels between us, some serious enough to end the sweet friendship. Therefore, how to get along well with classmates is a good lesson for everyone to learn and to practice. Most importantly, we should be tolerant. When hurt by classmates’ words or behaviors, we should not lose our temple and quarrel with them. The best way to deal with it is to calm ourselves down and forgive them because everyone makes mistakes. In addition, we should enhance mutual understandings which will lead to more respect to each other.

三.以说理为主+举例子论证法 4. Cooperation 论证合作的重要性 On the one hand, cooperation enables people to feel the strength of unity, as in a football game, one team’s victory results from the better cooperation between its members. On the other hand, nothing brings more benefit than cooperation does to the human progress with more chances of getting the impossible possible.(正反说理证) A strong proof in point is that the International Space Station has got into shape owing to the extensive cooperation between 13 countries worldwide. What’s more, cooperation reflects human civilization. Unforgettably, it is cooperation between 1.3 billion Chinese that help the people trapped in the Wenchuan earthquake make a new life as soon as possible. (举例 子论证)

5. Creative thinking 创新思维的重要性 It’s been a well-known truth that creative thinking is the best policy for the development of individuals, companies, countries and the world.(主题句) Not only does creative thinking make Steve Jobs the pioneer of modern electronic product, which has brought much convenience to people from all over the world, but also it push the world to develop from a primitive society to a modern one. The following example is good proof of the fact that we can benefit a lot from creative thinking. Two salesmen went to an island to promote the sale of shoes. Noticing that no man in the island wore shoes, the first salesman was really depressed because he thought there was no market for shoes. However, faced with the same situation, the second man thought creatively that there would be a huge market for shoes if everyone in the

2012 年高考英语复习材料----写作 (不同话题读写任务套用句型与典例) island bought a pair. Just imagine how much benefit the second salesman will bring to his company and himself.

三.举多个例子论证法 6. Dreams or Goals 论证梦想或目标的重要性 Having good dreams is of great significance in our daily life, especially when we are in the face of pains and difficulties, so we should hold the strong belief that everyone, whether he is old or young, poor or rich, junior or senior, does have a good dream. With a nice dream, China succeeded in hosting the 29th Olympic Games in 2008; with a nice dream, Yuan Long ping rids the world of hunger; with a nice dream, Liu Wei, an armless pianist, made his dream of playing the piano with his toes come true; with a nice dream, we senior 3 students devote ourselves to study in spite of the fact that we do feel really exhausted sometimes.

7. Perseverance& Optimistic & Overcoming difficulties &success 论证坚持不懈&战胜困难&成功的重要性 Life consists of not only sunshine but also wind and rain. When faced with difficulties in life, we should not choose to bury our heads in the sand but to face them bravely with perseverance because they are the stepping-stones to future stones. Thomas Edison is perseverant; if not, the light of hope in his heart could not give light to the whole world; Steve Jobs is perseverant; if not, iPhone series could not be invented and make great contribution to modern electronic technology. Liu Xiang is perseverant; if not, he could not make so many astonishing miracles in 110-meter hurdle race which is the territory for black people.

三.举一个例子论证法(记叙文中典型例子) 8. Help 帮助 Helping others in need, which reflects our great personality, is the best gift to others and ourselves. On the contrary, if we turn down others’ call for help on the condition that we are able to but choose not to because of indifference and lead to serious result, we will

2012 年高考英语复习材料----写作 (不同话题读写任务套用句型与典例) feel guilty for the rest of our life. I can never forget the tragedy happened to Xiao Yueyue last year, nor could anyone whose heart is still beating against indifference. It was the two cold-hearted drivers who were responsible for the accident that are to blame, so were the eighteen passers-by, witnesses of the poor little girl lying in a pool of blood. All of them chose not to help! Fortunately, Mrs. Chen, a junkman, stretched her hands to help, though not able to save Yueyue’s life. So brilliant is the help from Mrs. Chen that I still strongly believe where there is help, there is hope, and there is life.

9.骄傲使人落后,谦虚 What happened to my cousin proved this. He has a talent in painting so he attended the entrance examination of a top fine art college. Undoubtedly, he got a high mark for his painting work and was admitted into the key university, of which he felt proud. Consequently, he formed the idea that he was superior to any other student in his school. During the four years’ college life, he fooled round all day, thinking that he could become excellent even if he paid no efforts. Unfortunately, he had difficulty in getting his Bachelor’s Degree because of failing in too many courses. It goes without saying that being pride does no good to us. We should learn to be modest, which will surely bring us unexpected results.

10.什么是真正的美丽 The story reminds me of a similar one. I can clearly remember that when I was in my primary school, one of my classmates was ugly, judging from her appearance. As a result, some naughty boys usually laughed at her. One day, one of the boys, who used to tease her, showed up with his left leg badly hurt. To our surprise, he was accompanied by the girl. Then we were told that it was the ugly girl that helped him when he got injured. All of a sudden, we were all ashamed of what we had done to her and showed great respect to her. She became the most beautiful girl in our heart because of her noble qualities.

11.与人沟通的重要性 It is widely accepted that communication is of great significance, which can assist us in achieving our goals, avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings.

2012 年高考英语复习材料----写作 (不同话题读写任务套用句型与典例) One of my past experiences is a convincing example. I used to be an e-friend with a foreigner, from whom I really learnt a lot. I showed great interest in chatting with him online. However, as I was the first year of senior high school, it took quite some time for me to adapt to the new life. Besides, I was fully occupied with my work in the Students’ Union. Therefore, I had little time communicating with my e-pal online. As a result, he thought I was no longer interested in it and eventually stopped e-mailing me. Later I made an attempt to restoring our friendship but got no reply. I lost a foreigner friend due to less contact. To conclude, we should attach great importance to communication with others and make the world a better place for everyone.

12.独立自主的重要性 Never will I forget that there was a time when I couldn’t take good care of myself. I was studying in a boarding school at the age of 13, when I had never dealt with the daily things ever before, such as washing clothes, taking care of money, and so on. I even didn’t know how to communicate with others and make new friends, which accounted for my endless loneliness. However, as time went by, I gradually adapted myself to the new school life and I became independent. What’s more, I made several friends and participated in the activities, in which I improved my communication skills.

13.健康的重要性 Nothing is more important than living a healthy life. Without your health nothing can be done efficiently. Take myself for example. When I was studying in junior high school, I thought it was not necessary to have breakfast in the morning, as long as I had some biscuits between classes. What’s more, never would I take part in any after-class activities, stating that I was too busy in study, leaving me no time to join in them. Unfortunately, after a year or so, I failed in a running test, which shocked me. To my astonishment, the reason for my failure is the shortage of nutrition and lack of exercises. It was not until then that I came to realize how weak my body was because of my unhealthy life style. From then on, I have made up my mind to keep a healthy life style.

2012 年高考英语复习材料----写作 (不同话题读写任务套用句型与典例) 14. 珍惜拥有 It is said that one will never know how valuable something is until he loses it. I recall a similar experience of my friend in my childhood. He was born into a poor family, and he had to wear shoes made of his mother, of which he felt ashamed. He thought he would be looked down upon by his classmates due to his poverty. Thus, every time he saw his classmate wear new clothes, he would felt embarrassed and annoyed at his parents. However, his parents never blamed him for his misbehaviors. Unfortunately, his parents both died in a traffic accident. It was not until then that he realized how important his parents were to him.

文尾总结: 1.可利用总结性的语言 (To sum up, To conclude, To summarize, In brief, In conclusion, ) 2.Only+状语(从句) ,+倒装句 Only if we stick to our jobs, will we succeed in the end. 3. With 结构 With our joint efforts, we will live in a harmonious society. 4.其它句形



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