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【归纳】 calm 可作形容词和动词。 ★ 作形容词时,意为:①镇静的,沉着的;②风平浪静的;③无风的。如: We were told to stay calm and that help was on the way. The seas were dead calm. Tuesday was a fine, clear and calm day. ★ 作动词时,意为“使平静,使镇静”。如: The teacher tried to calm the children by giving them some candy. 【拓展】 calm (...) down 意为“(使)平静下来,(使)镇定下来”。如: He took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. I could hardly wait to tell him the good news but I had to calm down before I could speak. 【即学即练】 写出下面句子中画线部分单词的词性和中文释义。 1. The ocean looks much calmer today.

2. None of our efforts to calm her succeeded.

3. We started our journey on a calm, cloudless day.

4. Now keep calm everyone; the police are on their way.

【语境展示】 阅读下面句子,并试着归纳 concern 的意思及用法。 1. It concerns me that these people are not getting the support they need. 2. These changes concern everyone who has school-age children. 3. The film concerns a group of school friends. 4. He loved his wife, and concerned himself with her needs and desires.

5. Mary hasn’t been seen for four days and there is concern about / for / over her safety. 6. His main concern is to be able to provide for his family. 7. The money side of the business is your concern. 【自我归纳】 concern 可作动词和名词。 ★ 作动词时,意为:①使担忧(句 1);②与……有关系,涉及(句 2);③关 于(句 3);④关心(常用于 concern oneself ________ sth.结构)(句 4)。 ★ 作名词时,意为:①担心,忧虑(常与介词 about, for 或 over 连用)(句 5); ②重要的事情(句 6);③(某人)负责的事,有权知道的事(句 7)。 【拓展】 ★ concerned adj. 意为:①担心的, 忧虑的(常与介词 about 或 for 连用,也可跟 that 从句);②关注的,感兴趣的。如: I’m a bit concerned about / for your health. Lisa was concerned that she might miss the turning and get lost. They are more concerned with power and control than with the good of the people. ★ as far as ... be concerned 意为“就……而言”。如: As far as I’m concerned, you can forget about it. As far as money’s concerned, there shouldn’t be a problem. 【即学即练】 写出下面句子中画线部分单词的词性和中文释义。 1. I didn’t concern myself with politics. ________ ________ ________

2. She expressed her deep concern about conditions at the factory. ________

3. They were more concerned with how the other girls had dressed than in what the speaker was saying. ________ ________ ________

4. It really concerns me that he doesn’t eat properly. ________ 5. “What’s happening?” “That’s none of your concern.” ________ 6. The story concerns a man who was a friend of mine. ________



set down
【语境展示】 阅读下面句子,并从 a-d 中找出与 1-4 中的 set down 相符合的释 义。 1. The bus driver set her down at the corner. 2. I wanted to set my feelings down on paper. 3. She set down the plate on the table and went out. 4. We had to set down rules for the behavior of the members. a. 放下 c. 写下,记下 b. 让……下车 d. 制定,规定

【自我归纳】 通过观察上面的句子,我们可以知道,set down 的释义分别为: 1 → ________;2 → ________; 3 → ________;4 → ________。 【拓展】 常见的含 set 的短语还有: set off 出发,动身 set up 建立,创立,开办 set about 开始,着手 【即学即练】 用含 set 的短语的正确形式填空。 1. The school has ________________ a special class to help poor readers. 2. The workmen ________ the box ________ carefully on the floor. 3. If you want to catch that train we’d better ________________ for the station immediately. 4. The new government must ________________ finding solutions to these problems. 5. I will ________________ the story as it is told to me.

go through
【语境展示】 阅读下面句子, 并从 a-e 中找出与 1-5 中的 go through 相符合的释 义。 1. I seem to be going through a lot of money at the moment. 2. I've gone through all my pockets but I can't find my keys.

3. Mr. Stanley has gone through such a lot since his wife died. 4. People would be very disappointed if the law failed to go through. 5. We have gone through every part of the plan to make sure there are no mistakes. a. 翻找,搜寻 准 【自我归纳】 通过观察上面的句子,我们可以知道,go through 的意思分别为: 1 → ________;2 → ________;3 → ________;4 → ________;5 → ________。 【即学即练】 翻译下面句子。 1. I always start the day by going through my mail. b. 审阅,检查 c. 用完,消耗 d. 经历,经受 e. 被通过,获

2. He went through a very difficult time during the war.

3. He'd gone through all his money by the end of the first week of his vacation.

4. Someone had broken into the office and gone through all the drawers.

答案 calm 【即学即练】 1. 形容词;更风平浪静的 2. 动词;使平静,使镇静 3. 形容词;无风的 4. 形容词;镇静的,沉着的 concern 【自我归纳】 with 【即学即练】 1. 动词;关心 2. 名词;担心,忧虑 3. 形容词;关注的,感兴趣的

4. 动词;使担忧 5. 名词;有权知道的事 6. 动词;关于 set down 【自我归纳】 1-4 bcad 【即学即练】 1. set up 4. set about go through 【自我归纳】 1-5 cadeb 【即学即练】 1. 我总是每天一早就查阅我的邮件。 2. 他在那场战争期间饱受艰辛。 3. 假期第一周结束时,他就花光了自己所有的钱。 4. 有人闯进办公室,翻找了所有的抽屉。 2. set;down 5. set down 3. set off


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