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2014 高考英语教与练特训秘籍 1
千里之行,始于足下。A journey of one thousand miles begins with the first step 这里的佳句背诵是为了 Step Ⅲ的满分作文 1.听说你的建议被拒绝了,我很遗憾。 I'm sorry to hear that your advice has been turned down. 2.汤姆不是唯一没举手的人。 Tom was not the only one who did not raise his hand. 3.我跟我的同伴有着同样的感觉。 I feel the same way as my partner(does). 4.孩子们往往以违背父母的意愿来反抗他 们。 Children tend to react against their parents by going against their wishes. 5.我确信你知道这样做是对的。 I'm sure you know that it's right to do so. 经典句型、结构提炼 趁热打铁,佳句活用 1.听说你最近的考试没考好,我很遗憾。 ______________________________________ __________________________________ 2.你不是唯一尽力、但最终考试失败的人。 ______________________________________ __________________________________ 3.不少学生和你有同样的感觉。 ______________________________________ __________________________________ 4.他们往往失去信心、不想再刻苦学习了。 ______________________________________ __________________________________ 5.我确信你知道这样做是不明智的,因为你 可能会被远远地抛在后面。 ______________________________________ __________________________________ 对照修改,再次背诵 1.I'm sorry to hear that you didn't do well in your last exam. 1.I'm sorry to hear sth.听说某事我感到 很遗憾。 2.You are not the only one who does sth. 你不是唯一干某事的人。 3.feel the same way as... 和……有同感 4.tend to do sth.往往干某事 5.I'm sure you know that... 我确信你知道…… 2.You are not the only one who tried his best but ended up with a failure in the exams. 3. Quite a number of students feel the same way as you. 4.They tend to lose their confidence and don't want to study hard any longer. 5.I'm sure you know that it's unwise to do so because you might be left far behind. Step Ⅱ 不积小流,无以成江海。Step after step the ladder is ascended.

这里的佳句背诵是为了 Step Ⅲ的满分作文

趁热打铁,佳句活用 1.我曾经和你处境一样。

1.我们的处境有点相似,因为我们都有很多 伤病。 We are a bit in the same situation as we have a lot of injuries. 2.经验为学问之母。 Experience is the mother of wisdom. 3.我们所需要做的就是改进学习方法。 What we need to do is improve our learning methods. 4.总之,谢谢您带我们看了一圈。 Anyway,thank you for showing us around. 5.只有常练,我们才能学好英语。 Only by practicing constantly can we learn English well. 6.采用一种新的语言教学方法可能会对学生 有所帮助。 The introduction of a new method into language teaching may be of some help to the students.

______________________________________ __________________________________ 2.失败是成功之母。 ______________________________________ __________________________________ 3.面对失败,我们需要做的就是冷静下来, 反思我们的学习方法并做一些可能的改变, 或请教老师。 ______________________________________ __________________________________ ______________________________________ __________________________________ 4.总之,罗马不是一天建成的。 ______________________________________ __________________________________ 5.只有坚持不断学习,我们才能取得进步。 ______________________________________ __________________________________ 6.我衷心希望我可以给你一些帮助。 ______________________________________ __________________________________

经典句型、结构提炼 1.be in the same situation(as sb.) (和 某人)处境相同 2.be the mother of...是……之母 3.What we need to do is do sth.我们要 做的是做某事。 (注意不定式省 to 现象) 4.Anyway,...总之,…… 5.Only by doing sth.can we... 只有通过 做某事,我们才能……(注意 only+状语位 于句首的倒装形式) 6.be of some help to sb.对某人有些帮助

对照修改,再次背诵 1.I was once in the same situation as you. 2.Failure is the mother of success. 3.In the face of failure,what we need to do is calm down,reflect our learning methods and make some possible changes or ask the teachers for advice. 4.Anyway,Rome is not built in a day. 5.Only by sticking to studying persistently can we make progress. 6.I truly hope I can be of some help to

you. Step Ⅲ 今天的成功可以复制。Today's success can be replicated. Step Ⅰ和 Step Ⅱ的背诵是为了考场写 作的成功开始 连句成文,体验成功 Dear Zhang Hua, I'm sorry to hear that you didn't do well in your last exam.You are not the only one who tried his best but ended up with a failure in the exams.Quite a number of students feel the 复习 Step Ⅰ和 Step Ⅱ背诵的句子及过 渡词,然后写下面的作文: 假设你叫李明。你的笔友张华因为 same way as you and they tend to lose their confidence and don't want to study hard any longer.I'm sure you know that it's unwise to

最近考试失利,感到对学习没有了信心, do so because you might be left far behind. 给你写了一封信求教考试失利后心态的 调整方法。请给他写一封回信,内容包 括: 1)安慰他; 2)结合自己的经历告诉他你的建议。 注意:词数不少于 120 个。 I was once in the same situation as you.Failure is the mother of success.In the face of failure,what we need to do is calm down,reflect on our learning methods and make some possible changes or ask the teachers for advice.Anyway,Rome is not built in a day.Follow these and you are sure to make progress.I truly hope my advice can be of some help to you. Yours, Li Ming Unit 1 School life

1. ________________ adj.有乐趣的; 令人愉快的→________________ vt.喜欢, 享受…… 的乐趣 2 . ________________ n.& vt. 经 历 , 体 验 →________________ adj. 有 经 验 的 →________________ adj.缺乏经验的 3.________________ vt.获得;赚,挣得→________________ n.收入


4 . ________________

n.&vt. 尊 敬 , 敬 重 →________________

adj. 尊 敬

→________________ adj.值得尊敬的 5 . ________________ vt. 致 力 于 ; 献 身 →________________ adj. 献 身 的 ; 忠 实 的 →________________ n.献身,热爱 6.________________ adj.具有挑战性的→________________ vt.挑战 7.________________ n.鼓励→________________ vt.鼓励→________________ adj.鼓 舞人心的→________________ adj.深受鼓舞的→________________ vt.使泄气;阻止 8.________________ n.满意→________________ vt.使满意→________________ adj. 令人满意的→________________ adj.感到满意的→________________ adj.令人满意的,够 好的 9.________________ vi.毕业→________________ n.毕业生→________________ n.毕 业 10.________________ n.绘画,绘画作品→________________ vt.绘画,油漆 11.________________ vt.捐赠→________________ n.捐赠 12.________________ n. 善意→________________ adj. 友善的→____________ adv. 仁慈地,友善地 13.________________ adj.独立的→________________ adj.依赖的→________________

14.______________ adj.新近的,最近的→____________ adv.最近 15.________________ vt.通知,告知→________________ n.信息 16.________________ vt.&vi.批准,通过;赞成,同意→________________ n.赞成, 批准 17.________________ n.准备,筹备→________________ vt.准备,筹备 →________________ adj.准备好了的 18.________________ vt.选择,挑选→________________ n.挑选

1.I have the pleasure to i________ you that Shirley has been admitted to a key university. 2.We can discuss state affairs or e________ ideas on certain questions first. 3.After graduation I continued to d________ myself to research. 4.Only after a long hard s________ were we able to drive the enemy away from our land. 5.Children need to e________ things for themselves in order to learn from them. 6.She got great ________________(满意)from helping other people.

7.China experienced two big e________ in 2008,the great Sichuan Earthquake and the Beijing Olympic Games. 8.He ________________(捐赠)many books to our school library. 9 . They never seem to have a proper plan but manage to muddle through ________________(不知怎么地). 10.The plan of going camping tomorrow was ________________(批准).

1.be ________________ with 对……很满意 2.________________ oneself to 致力于 3.________________ to do sth.过去常常做某事 4.for ________________ 免费 5.at the end of 在……末端 6.be ________________ of 喜欢,喜爱 7.________________ doing sth.停止做某事 8.look ________________ on 回忆,回顾 9.be available for sth.可被获得用于某事 10.all year round 一年到头 11.become/be/get ________________ in 对……感兴趣 12.________________ sth.to sb.将某物捐赠给某人 13.________________ sb.for sth. 为某事感谢某人 14.make a ________________ about 作关于……的演讲 15.for one thing...for another thing 一方面……,另一方面…… 16.________________ sb.of sth.通知某人某事 17.in ________________ of 负责,掌管

1.Going to a British high school for one year was a very enjoyable and exciting experience for me. 在英国上了一年的中学对我来说是一段非常令人愉快和兴奋的经历。

2.We also had different students in some classes,so it was a struggle for me to remember all the faces and names. 上某些课的时候,我们班上的同学也不一样,所以对我来说记住所有人的面孔和名字可 是一件难事。

句型提炼:It is difficult(for sb.)to do sth....it 是形式主语,不定式作真正的

主语,for sb.是不定式的逻辑主语。 3.My English improved a lot,as I used English every day and spent an hour each day reading English books in the library. 我每天都在使用英语,每天还花一小时在图书馆里阅读英文书籍,因此我的英语有了很 大进步。

句型提炼:as 可以引导时间、 原因、 让步、 方式等状语从句, 这里是原因状语从句。 spend
some time doing sth.花一些时间做某事。 4.Though it did not look very beautiful when it was finished,I still liked it very much. 尽管刚做成的时候它看上去并不是很漂亮,可我还是很喜欢它。

句型提炼:though/although 引导让步状语从句,注意不要和 but 连用。
5.I did not realize schools in the UK are so different from schools in China until I read your article. 直到看了你的文章,我才意识到中国和英国的学校是大不相同的。

句型提炼:not...until...直到……才。如果将 not until 放在句首,句子要倒装。本
句可以改为:Not until I read your article did I realize schools in the UK are so different from schools in China.

参考答案 基础梳理整合 词汇拓展 1. enjoyable; enjoy 2. experience; experienced; inexperienced 3. earn; earnings 4.respect;respectful;respectable challenge 5.devote;devoted;devotion 6.challenging;

7 . encouragement ; encourage ; encouraging ; encouraged ; discourage

8. satisfaction; satisfy; satisfying; satisfied; satisfactory 9. graduate; graduate; graduation 10.painting;paint 11.donate;donation 12.kindness;kind;kindly 13.independent;dependent;depend 14.recent;recently 16.approve;approval 17.preparation;prepare;prepared 语境记词 1.inform 2.exchange 3.devote 4.struggle 5.experience 6.satisfaction 15.inform;information 18.select;selection

7.events 8.donated 9.somehow 10.approved 短语回顾

1.happy 2.devote 3.used 4.free 6.fond 7.stop 8.back 11.interested 12.donate 13.thank 14.speech 16.inform 17.charge




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