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小学英语日常交际用语及情境对话练习题一 一、日常问候和答语 1. Hello/ Hi 你好。 3. Good morning/ afternoon/evening. 早上/下午/晚上好。 你今天早晨/下午/晚上好吗?

4. How are you(this morning/afternoon/evening)? 5. Fine, thank you/ thanks. 我很好,谢谢。 6. Not bad, thank you. 不错,谢谢。 7. How do you do? 你好。 8. Nice to meet /see you. 很高兴认识/见到你。 二、告别、祝福和答语 1. Goodbye/Bye . 再见 2. See you! (See you later!)再见,回头见。 3. Good night. 晚安。 4. Happy birthday! 生日快乐!

Thank you!谢谢!

5. Happy New Year! 新年快乐! Happy New Year!/ The same to you!(大家共同的节日) 6. Happy Children’s Day! Happy Women’s Day! 7.Merry Christmas! 圣诞快乐! 三、介绍和谈论人物 1. My name is…/ I’m… 我的名字是…/ 我名叫… 2. This is Miss/ Mr/ Mrs… 这位是…小姐/先生/女士。 3. This is my friend. 这是我的朋友。 4. He/ She is … 他是/她是… 四、询问 人:1)姓名 1. What’s your name, please? 你的名字是什么? My name is …

2. What’s his/her/its name? 她/他/它叫什么名字? Her/His/Its name is … 2)年龄 1.How old are you? 你多大了? I’m… 2. How old is he/she/it? 她/他/它多大? She /He/ It is … 3) 生日 1.When is your /his/her birthday? It’s July 1st. 4) 出处 1. Where is/ are ….from? She is from American. 她来自美国。

2. Where do/does… come from? She is from American. 她来自美国。 5) 人物 1. Who is he ? He is my brother. 他是我弟弟。 6)职业 1. What is he? He is a doctor. 他是医生。

2. What does he do? He is a doctor. 3. What’s his job? He is a doctor.

1 / 11

7)外貌 1. What is he like? He is short and thin. 他很矮很瘦。 8) 喜好 1. What do/does he like? He likes English. 2. Do/does …like English? Yes, he does/ No, he doesn’t. 9) 事情 1. What’s the matter with you? 你怎么啦? I have a cold.我感冒了。 物:1)颜色 1.What colour is /are …? It’s / They are blue. 2. Is your pen blue? Yes, it is./ No, it isn’t. 2)位置 1. Where is /are …? It’s / They are on the desk. 2. Is /Are … in/ on/under/…? Yes, it is ./ No, it isn’t. 3) 名称 1. What’s this? It’s a computer. They are…

2. What are these/those? 3. Is this/ that…?

Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t.

4. Are these/ those…? Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t. 4) 数量 1. How many boys are there in your class? 5) 价格 1. How much is this dress? It’s 5 yuan. 5 元 3. 其他 1)天气 1. What’s the weather like in Beijing? It’s sunny. 2. How is the weather? It’s sunny. 3. Is it sunny? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. 2) 时间 1. What time is it now ? It’s 5 o’clock. 3)季节 1.Which season is it? It’s summer. 2. Which season do you like best? Summer. 3. What’s your favourite season? Summer. 4) 日期 1.What’s the date? It’s May 5th. 五、道歉和答语 1. I’m sorry. 对不起。 2. Sorry, I don’t know. 对不起,我不知道。 3. Excuse me. 对不起,打扰一下。 Fifteen.

2 / 11

4. I have a cold. 我感冒了。 I’m sorry to hear that. 我很遗憾听到这个消息。 六、感谢和答语 1. Thank you./ Thanks. 谢谢。 You’re welcome. 不用谢。/ That’s OK. 没关系。 2. It’s very kind of you (to help me ). 帮助我你真是太好了。 七、请求允许和答语 1.May I come in? 我可以进来吗? Come in, please. 请进。

2. Can I have two cakes? 我能吃两个蛋糕吗? No, you can’t. 不,你不能。 3. Can I have one,please? 我能吃一个吗? 4. Can I go with you? 我能和你一起走吗? 八、建议和劝告 1. Shall we play football together? All right. 好的。 Yes./All right. Here you are. 好的。给你。 Sure. 好的

2. Let’s go to school. OK/ Good idea. 3. Don’t open your book. 不要打开书。 九、邀请 1. It’s time to get up/go to school… 2. It’s time for dinner./ English class. 3. Would you like some cakes? 十、问路和答语 1)问路 1. Excuse me, where’s the cinema? 请问,电影院在哪? 2. Where’s the teachers’ office, please? 老师办公室在哪? 请问,怎么走才能到达邮局? 到了起床/去学校的时候了。 到了(做)…的时候了。

Yes, I’d like. / No, thanks.

3. Excuse me, how can I get to the post office?

4. Can you show me the way to the bank, please? 你能告我去 银行的路怎么走吗? 5. It’s over there, near the Bank of China. 6. How far is it from Beijing to Shanghai.? 7. Is it far from here? 离这儿远吗? 2)指路 1. This way, please. 请这边走。 2.You can take No.5 bus. 你可以乘 5 路车。 3. Go straight/along/down. 先前直走。 4. Turn left/ right. 向左/右转 5. Sorry, I don’t know. You may go and ask him. 十一、购物 1. Can I help you? 我能帮你吗? 2.What can I do for you? Yes, a dress for my daughter. 是的,给我女儿买条裙子。 对不起,我不知道。你可以去问他。 就在那儿,中国银行的旁边。 北京离上海有多远?It’s 2hours by plane. 乘飞机要两个小时。

No, it’s not. 不,不是很远。

我能为你做点什么吗? I’d like …我想买。。。 你想要买什么?连衣裙还是短裙?

3. What do you want, a dress or a skirt?

4. How about the blue one? 这条蓝色的如何? 5. How much is it/ are they? 多少钱? Fifty-nine yuan. 五十九元。 6. What colour would you like? 你要什么颜色的? 7.What size do you want? 你要多大号码? Green 绿色。

Size 8. 八号。 3 / 11

8. What / How about this red one? 这件红色的怎么样? 9. It’s too big/small/expensive/….Do you have some big/small ones? 这件太小,你有大一点的? 10.I’ll take it (them). 我买了。 11. Here you are. 给你。 Thank you.谢谢。 十二、打电话 1. Hello, this is … / This is … speaking. 你好,我是。。。 2. Can I speak to …, please? 我能找。。。接电话吗? 3. Who’s that? / Who is speaking? 你是谁? 4. Is that…? 你是。。。。吗? 5. Hold on. / Just for a moment, please! 稍等, 别挂断。 6. It’s for you. 你的电话。 7.What’s your telephone number? 根据汉语情景,选择正确答案。 1. 你把一位迷路的外宾送回旅馆,他对你说:Thank you.你应回答: A. No, no B. It's my duty C. That's all right D. I learn from Lei Feng . ? D. What's the date today 你的电话号码是什么?

2. 你不知道今天星期几,想问同学,应怎样问: -A. What day is today B. What’s the weather like today

3 . 如果你同一位外国朋友初次见面,他对你说:How do you do? 你应说:-A. How are you? B. Hello! C. Hi! D. How do you do?

4 . 你向同学 Lin Tao 介绍一位新来的外国小朋友 Jim,应怎样介绍? A. Jim, this is Lin Tao. B. Lin Tao, he is Jim. C. Lin Tao, this is Jim. D. Lin Tao, do you know Jim ?

5. 假如你是酒店服务员,该如何向顾客打招呼 ? A. What do you want to eat ? B. What do you like? C. What can I do for you? D. Sit down, please.

6 .与陌生人相遇,该如何打招呼 ? A. How are you ? B. How do you do ? C. Hello ! D. Are you fine ?

7. 不小心碰倒了别人的茶杯,你应该向他说:-A. Excuse me ! B. I'm sorry. C. Never mind. D. Ok, my dear!

8. 寻求别人帮助之前,你应说: A. Excuse me. B. I'm sorry. C. Can you help me ? D. Thank you.

9. 如果你问路,而对方说“不知道”时,你应该如何应答? A. Thank you. B. You're welcome. C. Thank you all the same. D. Thanks a lot.

10. 别人感谢你的帮助,你可回答: A. Thank you all the same. B. Never mind. C. It doesn't matter. D. With pleasure!

11.别人拿了一本新书,你想看,你要说:__________ A. Is this a book? B. What's this? C. May I have a look?

12.当你想知道今天的天气怎么样时,你会问:__________ A. What's it? B. What’s the weather like today ? C. What a fine day today ?

13.晚上,你和伙伴坐在院子里,你不知道伙伴手中的玩具车 是不是白色的,你会问:__________ A. It isn't white. B. It is black . C. Is it white ? 4 / 11

14.李艳今天没到校,你向老师报告说:______ A. She is Li Yan . B. Li Yan is not here. C. Is Li Yan at school ?

15.你想知道妈妈把你的帽子放在哪里了,你会问: __________ A. Where is my hat, Mum ? B. Where are you, Mum? C. Where is your hat, Mum ?

16. 同学过生日,你要祝他生日快乐时,你会说: __________ A. What day is today ? B. Today is your birthday. C. Happy birthday to you

17、你想告诉别人,你有一只新钢笔,你应该说:__________ A. I have a new pen. B. This is my pen. C. It is a pen.

18、当别人向你说:How are you ? A. I'm ten. B. Fine, thank you.

你应该说:__________ C. How are you ?

19、当你想问别人一个问题时,你应该说:__________ A. I want to ask you a question . B. May I ask you a question ? C. I have a question.

20、你妈妈给你买了一支新钢笔,你想知道是什么颜色,你应该说:_______ A. What's this in English ? B. Is this a pen ? C. What colour is it ?

21.上午老师上课时,应说:__________ A. Good afternoon , teacher . B. How are you , class ? C. Hello , boys and girls .

22. 当别人向你说 “ Happy New Year!” 时,你应回答:__________ A. Thank you . B. The same to you !. C. I’m happy today .

23.当别人想打扰你时,应先说:_________ A. Excuse me. B. I'm sorry . C. Hello .

24.当你向你妈妈介绍你的老师时,应说:________ A. This is my teacher, Miss Liu . B. This is my mother . C. Is this your mother ?

25.当你想借用别人铅笔时,你应说:______ A. This is your pencil . B. Is this your pencil ? C. May I use your pencil ?

26、你是海抡吗?[电话用语]____________ . A. Are you Helen ?. B. Is that Helen ?. C. My name is Helen ..

27、当你想知道别人姓名时,你会问:____________ . A. How old are you? B. How are you? C. What 's your name?

28、当你想知道别人年龄时,你会问:____________ . A. How are you? B. How old are you? C. What 's this?

29. 当别人向你道谢时,你应回答:____________ . A. Thank you, too. B. We are friends. C. That's all right.

30. 当你想打扰别人时,应先说:____________ . A. Excuse me. B. I'm sorry. C. Hello

小学六年级英语情境对话二 一、选择最合适的答案,将序号填入括号内。 ( )1. 当你想知道别人能看见几辆车时,应该问: B. How many cars can you see?

A. How much is the car? C. I can see five cars. (

)2. 当你想知道别人会不会骑自行车时,应该问: 5 / 11

A. Can you make a bike? C. Can you riding a bike? (

B. Can you ride a bike?

)3. 当你想知道钢笔放哪儿时,应该问: B. Where is the pen? C. Where is it from?

A. Where is the eraser? (

)4. 当你想知道物品的颜色时,应该问: B. What’s that? C. What colour is it?

A. What is this? (

)5. 当别人夸你的自行车漂亮时,你应该说: B. Thank you. C. Oh, no.

A. Don’t say that. (

)6. 询问病情,应该说: B. What’s the matter with you?

A. How do you do? C. How about you? (

)7. 别人来你的学校参观,你表示欢迎,应该说: B. Welcome back to school.

A. Welcome to our school. C. This is our school. ( )8. 问路,应该说:

A. How can I get to the bus stop? C. How can you tell me the way? (

B. Do you know it?

)9. 别人向你问路,你不知道,应该说: B. Go and ask the policeman. C. Sorry, I don’t know.

A. It’s over there, I think. (

)10. 问某段时间通常做什么事情,应该说: B. What are you doing?

A. What do you usually do? C. What are you going to do?

)11. 对别人说,你也有一本书: B. I have a book, too. C. We have a book, too.

A. You have a book, too. (

)12. 夸奖别人的衣服漂亮时,应该说: B. Fine. C. How nice!

A. Good! (

)13. 问别人从哪里来,应该说: B. Where are you from? C. What do you do?

A. What’s your name? (

)14. 打搅别人时,应该说: B. Excuse me. C. Hello!

A. Glad to meet you. (

)15. 放学了,应该说: B. Goodbye, Mr Zhang. C. Here you are.

A. Hello, Mr Zhang. (

)16. 如果你不会用英语说某物,你可以这样问老师: A. Do you know English? B. What’s this in English? C. Can you spell it?

)17. 你的好朋友 Ann 今天过生日,你应该对她说: A. Happy New Year. B. Happy birthday. C. You are a beautiful girl.

)18. 上英语课时,老师叫明明回答问题,明明回答得非常正确,老师应该说: A. Very good. B. You’re wrong. C. Stand up, please.

)19. 晚上睡觉前,你应该对爸爸妈妈说: A. Good evening. B. Good night. C. Bye-bye! 6 / 11

)20. 教师节那天,你看到老师应该说: A. Good Teachers’ Day! B. Nice to meet you! C. Happy Teachers’ Day!

)21. 当你没听清对方的话,想对方重复一遍时,应该说: A. Great! B. Really? C. Pardon?

)22. 当你的好朋友总是运气不佳时,你应该说: B. Have a good time. C. Good luck!

A. Enjoy yourself! (

)23. What’s your job? ______ A. I’m thirteen. B. I like singing. C. I’m a singer.

)24. What’s the weather like today? ________ B. Don’t forget your raincoat. C. It’s Monday.

A. It’s a nice day. (

)25. _______? I like music. B. Can I help you? C. What’s your hobby?

A. What do you do? (

)26. How do you do? _________ A. How do you do? B. How do you do, too? C. How old are you?

)27. Your dress is very beautiful. _________ A. Oh, no. B. Thank you. C. Don’t say that.

)28. _________? 10 yuan. A. How many books do you have? C. How about the book? B. How much is the book?

)29. Hello! ______ A. Goodbye, Mike. B. Hi! I’m Tom. C. Hello! This is Betty.

)30. Where are you from? _______ B. I am a Chinese teacher. C. I’m from Chinese.

A. I’m from China. (

)31. How are you? ________ B. I am fine. C. I am a student.

A. I am nine. (

)32. Where are the stamps? _________ B. They are in the book.

A. It’s in the book.

C. They are Japanese stamps. ( )33. How many children are there? ________ B. No, there isn’t. C. There are five.

A. Yes, there are. (

)34. Would you like some bananas? _________ B. No, thanks. C. No, you can’t.

A. I am sorry. (

)35. ________? Fine, thank you. A. How old are you? B. How is the day? C. How are you?

)36. What colour is it? __________ A. It’s green. B. It’s a green. C. It’s Green.

)37. What’s the name of his cat? _______ A. It’s a Chinese cat. B. It’s an English cat. C. Its name is Mimi.

)38. _______? Sure, here you are. A. May I use your bike? B. Is this your bike? C. What’s this in English.

)39. Thank you. __________ 7 / 11

A. That’s all right. (

B. Very good.

C. All right.

)40. _________? I’m from Japan. A. Where are you? B. Where are you from? C. What are you?

二、判断对错。 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1、A rabbit is 99kg. ) 2、A new pencil is about 18cm long. ) 3、An elephant is bigger than a mouse. ) 4、I’m excited, because I have a headache. ) 5、I went to Hainan on my holiday. I went skiing here. ) 6、Usually I go to school by plane. ) 7、It’s snowy and cold. Amy has a cold. ) 8、You have two eyes and one mouth. ) 9、When water gets to 0 degrees, it becomes ice. ) 10、An actor is usually a woman. ) 11、In China, drivers drive on the right side of the road.

三、选择正确的序号。 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) How do you feel? ) How old are you? ) How tall are you? ) How heavy are you? ) How do you go to work? ) How much is the ruler? ) How many mirrors can you see? ) I failed the English test. ) We are going to have a picnic. A. I am 13. B. I am 40kg. C. I am bored. D. I can see five. E. That’s great. F. Two yuan. G. I’m sorry to hear that. H. By subway. I. I am 160cm.

四、选择填空。 ①MTV ⑥A.M. ( ( )音乐电视 ②CCTV ⑦USA ( ③WTO ⑧P.M. ( ④PC ⑨CAN )美国 ( ( )上午 ⑤PRC ⑩UK ( )英国 )个人电脑

)中华人民共和国 )下午 (

)中央电视台 (


)加拿大 (

▲ 请对下面的国家、城市和标志物进行连线。 ①Disneyland ②Eiffel Tower ③The Great Wall ④Tower Bridge ⑤Sydney Opera House ⑥The statue of Liberty 六年级情景对话练习三 转载标签:六年级毕业复习教育 分类:小学毕业复习 六年级情景对话练习三 1、同学之间互相打招呼时可以说: ( ) 8 / 11 ( ( ( ( ( ( )Paris )Los Angeles )Sydney )Beijing )London ) New York ( ( ( )America ( )Australia )China )England ( ( )France )USA

A. Hello! 2、向别人作自我介绍时说: ( A. I’m Sarah.

B. Goodbye! ) B. Hello! )

3、家里来了客人,要礼貌地说: ( A. What’s your name?

B. Welcome! )

4、老师问你的名字,你回答: ( A. What’s your name? 5、早上见到老师可以说: ( A. Good morning!

B. My name is Chen Jie. ) B. Good afternoon! )

6、当你的同学把他的兄弟 John 介绍给你认识时,你对 John 说: ( A. This is John. B. Nice to meet you. )

7、你想把你的好朋友 Mike 介绍给你妈妈时可以说: ( A. This is Mike. B. Hi! Mike )

8、你想邀请你的同学和你一起去上学,你说: ( A. This is my school. 9、问候你的朋友可以说: ( A. How are you? )

B. Let’s go to school.

B. Nice to meet you. )

10、别人对你说:How are you?时,你回答说: ( A. Fine, thank you. B. I’m nine. )

11、你想知道新同学的名字,可以问他: ( A. What’s your name? 12、想跟人家道别,可以说: ( A. Welcome!

B. Welcome! ) B. Goodbye. )

13、问别人的红铅笔在哪,应该说: ( A. Where is your red pencil? 14、别人帮你的忙,你应该说: ( A. Thank you! 15、别人向你道谢,你应该说: ( A. Thank you!

B. Where is your black pencil? ) B. You’re welcome. ) B. You’re welcome. )

16、你想告诉别人你喜欢红色时,你说: ( A. I like green. 17、请别人看你时,你说: ( A. This is me. )

B. I like red.

B. Look at me. )

18、你的同学向你提议一起去上学,你同意了说: ( A. Hi! B. OK! )

19、人家问 Where is your book?你指着书说: ( A. This is my book. B. Here it is.

20、Mike 对你说“ I like white” 你也喜欢,你可以说: ( A. Me too. B. This is white. )

21、你想告诉别人你有一个黑色的书包,你说: ( A. This is a black bag.

B. I have a black bag. 9 / 11

22、你想知道对方是谁,可以问: ( A. How are you?

) B. Who are you? )

23、老师在教新单词,要求同学们认真观察他的口型时说: ( A. Look at my eye. 24、要邀请别人喝牛奶,可以说: ( A. Have some milk! B. Look at my mouth. ) B. I like milk. )

25、Mike 想吃汉堡包,你拿给他时说: ( A. Can I have a hamburger?

B. Here you are. )

26、向妈妈表示自己想喝果汁时说: ( A. Have some juice, please.

B. Can I have some juice? )

27、别人请你吃东西,你不想吃了说: ( A. Yes, thank you.

B. No, thank you. )

28、请别人把他的玩具熊给你看时说: ( A. Show me your Teddy Bear. 29、想看别人的东西时问: ( A. May I have a look? 30、中国的国旗颜色是: ( A. Red 31、美国的国旗颜色是: ( A. Red and blue. 32、下列单词哪个在身体的最下部: ( A. arm B. foot ) ) ) )

B. Where is your Teddy Bear?

B. How old are you?

B. Red and yellow.

B. Red, blue and white ) C. leg

33、你想知道对方年龄可以问: ( A. How are you?

B. How old are you? )

34、教师节到了,你对老师说: ( A. Happy birthday!

B. Happy Teacher’s Day! )

35、你把一个蛋糕送给 Mike 说: ( A. This is for you.

B. Have some cakes. )

36、你想问人家有几本书,说: ( A. How many books?

B How old are you? )

37、想告诉别人你的幸运号码是 6 时,说: ( A. My lucky number is five.

B. My lucky number is six. )

38、当你打电话给别人,电话接通后,你应对接听电话的人说: ( A. May I speak to…, please? B. Is it …. speaking? )

39、如果你想问是谁在接听电话,应说: ( A. Is that… speaking?

B. Are you….? )

40、如果在电话里你想告诉对方你是谁,应说: ( A. I’m… 41、如果有人打错电话,你应说: ( A. Sorry, wrong number.

B. This is …. speaking. )

B. Sorry, you are wrong. ) 10 / 11

42、如果你想询问别人的病情,你可以说: (

A. How do you feel now?

B. What’s the matter with you?

C. How about you? )

43、如果你想询问别人在某段时间里通常会做什么事情,你应说: ( A. What do you usually do on… C. What would you like to do on… 44、当你不认识去车站的路是,可以问: ( A. How can I get to the bus stop? ) B. What are you doing on….

B. Do you know the way to the bus stop?

C. Can you tell me the way to the bus stop? 45、假如有人问路,而你不知道,可以说: ( A. It’s over there, I think. )

B. Go and ask the policeman.

C. Sorry, I don’t know. You man go and ask the policeman. 46、有人到你学校参观,你表示欢迎,可以说: ( A. Welcome to our school. ) C. This is our school. )

B. Welcome back to school.

47、当你想请别人照看一下你的朋友时,可以说: ( A. Come and help me, please.

B. Please look at my friend.

C. Could you please look after my friend? 48、当你想知道橡皮放在哪儿,问: ( A. Where is the eraser? C. Where is it from? 49、当你提醒小明不要在房间玩球时,说: ( A. Don’t read in bed, Xiao Ming. B. Don’t be late for school, Xiao Ming. C. Don’t play ball in the room, Xiao Ming. 50、当你想知道别人能看见几辆汽车时,问: ( A. How much is the car? ) C. I can see five cars. ) )

B. Where is the pen?

B. How many cars can you see?

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