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[精品课件]201x-201x学年高中英语 Unit 1 AdvertisingSection Ⅰ Welcome to the unit & Reading-Pre_图文

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Section Ⅰ

Welcome to the unit & Reading — Pre-reading



Nowadays, we can find



wherever we go② .

[读文清障] ①advertisement/?d'v??tIsm?nt/n. 广
告;广告宣传 ②wherever we go 是 wherever 引导
的地点状语从句。用 wherever 不用 where 是表示强调。



We are so used to③them that we ③so ...that ...引导结果状语从句。
be used to 对……习以为常,习 often do not even realize how
惯于,适应,to 是介词。 many we see and hear in a day. I
④do research on 对……进行研 did some research on④

advertisements, and have some ⑤share vt.分享;分担;共有

very important information to share⑤ with you.

share sth. with/among sb.与某 人分享某物



What is an advertisement?


An advertisement uses words and 服,劝说;使信服

pictures to persuade⑥ people to buy a persuade sb. to do sth.

product or service, or to believe in an 说服某人做某事

idea. Newspapers, magazines, the ⑦commercial

Internet, radio and television are the advertisements 商业

most common places to find them. There 广告

are two main types of advertisements — ⑧public


commercial advertisements⑦ and public advertisements 公益

service advertisements⑧ (PSAs).


[原文呈现] A commercial advertisement is one which someone has paid for to advertise⑨ a product or service⑩. PSAs are often run for free?, and are meant to? educate
people about health, safety, or any other problem that affects public welfare?.

⑨advertise/'?dv?taIz/vt.& vi.做广 告;宣传
⑩定语从句which someone has paid for ...修饰one。
?for free 免费 ?be meant to 旨在,目的是 ?welfare/'welfe?(r)/n.(个体或群体

广告 现今,无论我们走到哪里,几乎都可以看到广告。我们 对广告太习以为常了,甚至常常意识不到一天当中看到和听 到多少广告。我对广告做了一些研究,有一些非常重要的信 息同大家分享。

什么是广告? 广告使用文字和图片来说服人们购买某种产品或服务,或
者是相信某种理念。报纸、杂志、互联网、广播及电视是最普 遍的广告载体。广告主要分为两类——商业广告和公益广告。 商业广告是一种某人为了推销某种产品或服务而花钱做的广 告。公益广告往往是免费投放的,旨在就健康、安全或其他影 响公共福利的问题教育公众。

Does an advertisement tell people the complete truth?
There are laws to protect people from? advertisements that cheat?
people. However, we still must be aware of? the
skilful methods used in ads to try and sell us things?.

?protect ... from ... 保护……免受…… ?that cheat people为that引导的定语
从句。 cheat/t?i?t/vt.& vi.欺骗;作弊n.骗 子;欺诈行为 ?be aware of 意识到 ?skilful/'skIlfl/adj.有技巧的;熟练的 used in ads为过去分词短语作后置定 语;to try and sell us things为不定式 短语作目的状语。



Even if? an ad does not lie, ?even if/though虽然,即使

it does not mean it is ?altogether adv.完全,全部,在句




中表示强调。 ?innocent/'In?snt/adj.清白的,无罪

toothpaste ad declares, 的;无恶意的;纯真的

‘Bright-Teeth fights bad ○21 bad breath n.口臭

breath○21 !’ This statement breath/breθ/n.气息;呼吸

tries to fool ○22 you into ○22 fool/fu?l/vt.欺骗;愚弄n.傻瓜

assuming that the toothpaste fool sb. into doing sth. 欺骗某人

cures ○23





○23 cure/kj??(r)/vt.治愈;解决n.药

does not say that!




All it says is that it fights it,
and that is not the same thing at ○24 本句中All后是省略了关系

all ○24 . One grocery ○25 tells customers, ‘You are proud of your cooking, so shouldn't you buy the very freshest food?’ This ad is

代词that的定语从句;第 一个is后的that引导的是表 语从句,that不可以省略。

very clever, because it tells ○25 grocery/'ɡr??s?rI/n.杂货店

customers they are good cooks.



However, it never says that this ○26 pleased/pli?zd/adj.高兴,满

grocery has the freshest food! The 意;乐于(做某事)be/feel pleased grocery just hopes that when you with ... 对……感到满意
read the ad, you will feel pleased○26 ○27 comment/'k?ment/n.评论,评
with the nice comment ○27 , 价vi.评论,议论 remember the words ‘freshest comment on/about 对……的





○28 mental/'mentl/adj.心理的;思想

and make a mental ○28


connection with the food in the ○29 fall for 上……的当,受……的骗

grocery. We must not fall for○29 ○30 trick/trIk/n.骗局;玩笑,恶作

this kind of trick○30 !

剧;把戏;诀窍 vt.欺骗,欺诈 play tricks on 欺骗,捉弄

广告会百分之百地讲真话吗? 有法律保护人们免受虚假广告的欺骗。然而,我们还是要对
广告中试图向我们推销东西的有技巧的方法保持清醒的认识。即 使一则广告没有撒谎,也并不意味着这则广告就是完全“清白” 的。一则牙膏广告宣称:“亮齿牌牙膏挑战口臭!”这一表述试 图糊弄你,让你误以为这种牙膏可以治愈口臭,但真实上广告中 并没有这样说!广告上只是说“挑战”,它与“治愈”压根儿就 是两码事。有一家杂货店,它对顾客如此说道:“您为自己的厨 艺感到自豪,难道不应该购买最新鲜的食品吗?”

这则广告很聪明,聪明就聪明在其吹捧顾客是烹饪高手。但 是,这则广告本身却根本没说本杂货店供应的是最新鲜的食 品!这家食品杂货店只是希望当你读到这则广告时,你会很乐 于看到其中的恭维,记住“最新鲜的食品”这几个词,在心理 上将其与该店里的食品联系起来。我们绝不能轻信这种小把戏 而上当啊!

Public service advertisements

○31 though 此处用作副词,意

Not all ads play tricks on us though○31 . PSAs use some of the same

为“然而,不过”,常置 于句末。

methods, like attractive pictures and not和表示整体意义的all连 clever language, but they are made to 用,表示部分否定。
serve the public. PSAs aim ○32 to ○32 aim/eIm/vt.& vi.以……为目
teach us and help us lead better lives.
Our government understands this 标;瞄准 n.目的,目标

and has been using PSAs to educate aim to do 打算做某事;旨

people for many years.




China began a nationwide ○33 ○33 nationwide/?neI?n'waId/adj. &

public service advertising campaign ○34 in 1996, and since

adv.全国范围的(地),全国 性的(地) worldwide adj.全

then various types of PSAs have 世界范围内的

appeared around the country. You ○34 campaign/k?m'peIn/n.运动
have probably seen or heard some

of them yourself, such as, ‘Yes to (为了某种目的而进行的一

life, no to drugs ○35 ’ and


‘Knowledge changes life’.

○35 drug/dr?ɡ/n.毒品;药,药物



These ads deal with ○36 ○36 deal with涉及,关于;处理;

widespread social concerns. There 应付

are also PSAs that encourage ○37 encourage sb. to do sth.鼓励

people to support ○37 public 某人做某事
service projects, such as Project ○38 motto/'m?t??/n.座右铭;格

Hope. Its motto ○38 is ‘Project 言,箴言
Hope — educating every child’. ○39 to teach ...为不定式短语作

There are even PSAs to teach us how to live healthy lives○39 .

PSAs的定语, how to ...为 “疑问词+不定式”作teach 的宾语。



One of these is, ‘When you ○40 cigarette/'sIɡ?'ret/n.香烟,卷烟

smoke cigarettes ○40 , you are ○41 benefit/'benIfIt/vt.& vi.使受益;

slowly killing yourself.’ All of

得益于n.益处;救济金;奖金 benefit from 从……中受益

these ads are meant to benefit○41 for the benefit of ... 为了……的


the public, and you can often ○42 they give是省略了关系代词that或

learn a lot by following the


advice they give○42 .





Finally, I wish to tell you ○43 句中why引导宾语从句,the ad

this: ○43 think about why you should do the things the ad

suggests为定语从句,修饰 things,the ad promotes为定语 从句,修饰product or service。

suggests, or buy the product or ○44 promote/pr?'m??t/vt.推广,宣

service the ad promotes ○44 . 传;促销;促进,推动




to ○45 when it comes to ... 当涉及……,


advertisements○45 , we must all ○46 intelligence/In'telId??ns/n.智力,

use our intelligence○46 and not 才智;情报

be a slave○47 to them!

○47 slave/sleIv/n.完全受……控制的

公益广告 但并非所有的广告都跟我们玩花招。公益广告也使用某些 相同的手法,如:引人注目的图片和具有创意的语言,但公益 广告的目的是服务大众。公益广告旨在教育我们并帮助我们过 上更好的生活。我国政府认识到公益广告的价值,因而多年来 一直使用公益广告教导大众。1996年,中国在全国范围内开展 了一场公益广告宣传活动,从那时起至今,全国范围内已经发 布了多种类型的公益广告。你很可能也亲眼见过或亲耳听过其 中的一些,如“珍爱生命,远离毒品”“知识改变命运”。

这些广告所涉及的是一些普遍的社会问题。但也有一些公益广 告是鼓励人们支持公共服务项目的,如希望工程,其广告词是 “希望工程——让孩子们都上学”。甚至还有一些公益广告教 导我们如何健康地生活,这类公益广告有一则是“吸烟等于慢 性自杀”。所有这些广告都旨在使大众受益,遵循这些广告给 出的建议,你往往可以学到很多东西。
最后,我想告诉大家:想想你为什么要做广告建议你做的 事情,或者为什么要买广告推销的产品或服务。谈及广告,我 们都必须运用自己的智慧,不要做广告的奴隶!


Please match the words with their proper meanings.


A.to make someone agree to do sth. by


giving them reasons why they should B.to stop someone from being affected by


an illness C.a written or spoken remark giving an


5.trick 6.persuade
7.cure 8.consult 9.advertise

D.to ask for information or advice from sb. because it is their job to know sth.
E.to help sth.to happen or develop F.an unfair thing you do to harm someone
or get an advantage for yourself G.to treat someone dishonestly H.not guilty of a crime I.feeling happy about sb.


J.the ability to learn, understand and think

in a logical way about things 11.intelligence K.to be useful to sb.or improve their life in


some way L.to tell the public about a product or a

service in order to encourage people to

buy or to use it 答案:1~5 ECGHF 6~10 ABDLK 11~12 JI

Lead-in Can you think about a good slogan for the following advertisements?

1. Shoes can fly! So do your dreams!

2. Enjoy your music, enjoy your Sony!

3. Protect water, protect ourselves.

4. Never delete green, keep it forever!

Fast-reading 1.Skim the text and find the two main types of advertisements.
They're _c_o_m__m_e_r_c_i_a_l _a_d_v_e_r_ti_s_e_m_e_n_t_s_a_n__d_p_u_b__li_c_s_e_r_v_ic_e___ _a_d_v_e_r_ti_s_e_m_e_n_t_s_(_P_S_A__s)_. 2.The author wrote this article in order to _h_e_l_p_u__s _g_e_t_a_ _c_o_m__p_re_h_e_n__si_v_e_/t_h_o_r_o_u_g_h__u_n_d_e_r_s_ta_n_d__in_g__o_f_a_d_s_.

Careful-reading (Ⅰ)True (T) or False (F).

1.Ads mainly use written words to persuade people to buy a

product or service.


2.Commercial ads have more effect on society than PSAs. ( )

3.Some skilful methods used in commercial ads are hard to

recognize. 4.Not all ads are run free of charge.

() ()

5.Not all PSAs deal with social concerns.


6.An ad warning people against smoking is an example of a PSA.

答案:1~6 FFTTTT


(Ⅱ)Choose the best answers according to the text. 1.What do advertisements encourage people to do?
A.To buy something that they don't need. B.To buy a product or service, or to believe in an idea. C.To tell people to do something beneficial to them. D.To cheat people.

2.What are PSAs meant to do? A.To ask people to help others. B.To make people think they are useful. C.To educate people about health, safety, or any other problem that affects public welfare. D.To tell people not to smoke.

3.What is NOT the difference between a commercial advertisement and a PSA? A.A commercial advertisement is one which someone has paid for while a PSA is often for free. B. A commercial advertisement promotes a product or service while a PSA is intended to educate people about issues which affect public welfare. C.A commercial advertisement aims to gain benefit from the receivers while a PSA aims to educate people. D.A commercial advertisement appears almost everywhere while a PSA only appears on TV.

4.If a consumer doesn't want to buy a false product, he needs to ________. A.believe in the shopkeepers' words B.be educated about techniques used by advertisers and not blindly accept everything that is said in advertisements C.accept everything that is said in advertisements D.bargain with the shopkeepers

5.Why should we follow the advice in PSAs? A.Because they use attractive pictures and clever language. B.Because they educate us to make an effective decision. C.Because they have definite aims. D.Because they are meant to be helpful, and by following the advice in PSAs, we can often learn a lot. 答案:1~5 BCDBD

(Ⅲ)Fill in each blank with only one word according to the text.


An advertisement uses words and pictures to Definiti 1._p_e_r_su__a_d_e_/c_o_n_v_i_n_c_e people to buy a product or
on service, or to believe in an idea.

3.C__o_m_m__e_r_c_ia_l They are 4._p_a_i_d_ for to advertise a



product or service.


●They are often run free of


5._c_h_a_r_g_e_, and are meant to educate


Public service people about health, safety, or any

of ads

ads other problem that has an 6._e_f_fe_c_t_

on public welfare.

Two main 2.types/kinds
of ads

Public service

●They don't play 7._t_r_ic_k_s_on people. ●They 8._a_i_m_ at teaching and benefiting people, helping us lead better lives.

●Be 9._a_w_a_r_e_ of the skilful methods used in

ads to try and sell us things. Warnings
●10._A__vo_i_d_ falling for the tricks some

advertisements play.

Study-reading Analyze the following difficult sentences in the text. 1.We are so used to them that we often do not even realize
how many we see and hear in a day. [句式分析]
[尝试翻译] 我__们__对__广__告__太__习__以__为__常__了__,__甚__至__常__常__意__识__不__到_ 一__天__当__中__看_到 __和__听__到__多__少__广__告__。

2.The grocery just hopes that when you read the ad, you will feel pleased with the nice comment, remember the words ‘freshest food’, and make a mental connection with the food in the grocery. [句式分析]
[尝试翻译] 这家食品杂货店只是希望当你读到这则广告 时,你会很乐于看到其中的恭维,记住“最新鲜的食品”这 几个词,在心理上将其与该店里的食品联系起来。

3.Finally, I wish to tell you this: think about why you should do the things the ad suggests, or buy the product or service the ad promotes. [句式分析]
[尝试翻译] _最__后__,__我__想__告__诉__大__家__:__想__想__你__为__什__么__要__做__广__告__建_ _议__你__做__的__事__情__,__或__者__为__什__么__要__买__广__告__推__销__的__产__品__或__服__务__。___

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