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人教版高一英语必修3 UNIT5知识点详解+练习

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UNIT 5 Canada--- “The True North”
Words multicultural quiz capital national president minster governor describe coast aeroplane continent baggage chat scenery eastward surround harbor increase rapidly extremely measure aboard grizzly eagle compete within border slightly acre province urban supply resource location informal appearance department amount entirely scientific terrify reality mixture bush maple frost confirm wealthy misty booth downtown approximately buffet broad nearby traditional conclusion impressed strength summit fragrance faint pearl schoolmate amazed Phrases: be on trip 去某地旅行 (表动态) rather than 与其; 不愿 as well as less than chat with sb 与某人聊天 settle down 定居;平静下来;专心于 be famous for manage to do 设法做 catch slight of 看见,瞥见 all over the world have a gift for 有...天赋 be amazed to see 惊讶的看到 because of go through 穿过;经历;遭受;仔细检查;完成 sail up 沿...向上游行 in charge of in the distance at dawn Grammar: 1.Rather than take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly to Vancouver and then take the train from west to east across China. 1) would do...rather than do ...=would rather do ...than do...=prefer to do ...rather than do ... 宁愿做...而不愿做... 2) all the way 一路上,一直,自始至终 (2014 安徽高考)What we expect from you is working hard____________hardly working. A.less than B.rather than C.as well as D.as much as (2014 浙江高考) Facing up to your problems rather than ____________(run) away from

them is the best approach to working things out. 2.On the way to the station, he chatted about their trip. 1) on the way to 在去...的路上,即将 by the way 顺便说一下 by way of 经由;通过....方法 in a way 在某种程度上 in the way 妨碍;挡道 in some way 在某些方面 lose one’s way 迷路 out of the way 不挡道 make one’s way to 前往... in no way 绝不 feel one’s way 摸索着走 2)chat vt/vi. 闲谈,聊天,闲聊 chat about 聊及, 谈论 chat with.....与.....聊天=have a chat with sb. about sth. (2013 福建高考) Mrs Smith finds it hard to clear up the mess,as her children are always _____________the way whenever she tries to. 3. People say it is Canada’s most beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean.人们说温哥华市加拿大最美丽的城市,被大山和太平洋环绕。 surround v.包围,围绕 surround...with...用...把...围住 be surrounded by/with ...被...围住 surrounding adj.附近的,四周的 surroundings n.环境(复数) (2011 陕西高考)Some insects take on the color of their____________(surround)to protect themselves. 4. It is so wet there that the trees are extremely tall, some measuring over 90 meters. measure v.测量,衡量,判定 n.计量制;测量,估量;措施 make ...to one’s measure 量身定做 take measure to do sth 采取措施做某事 独立主格结构: 名词/代词+现在分词/过去分词/不定式/形容词/副词/介词短语,在句中做时间、条件、 原因、伴随状语。 (2011 浙江高考)Bats are surprisingly long-lived creatures,some____________(have)a life span of around 20years. (2012 全国高考)The party will be held in the garden,weather________________(permit). (2014 江苏高考 )The lecture____________(give),a lively question-and-answer session followed.

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(2015 江苏高考) Much time______________(spend)sitting at a desk,office workers are generally troubled by health problems. 5. The afternoon aboard the train, the cousins settled down in their seats. 1) aboard 在船(车、飞机)上。所谓“在船(车、飞机)上” 就是“在其板上(on board)” abroad 在国外。所谓“在国外”就是“在广阔的环境中” go aboard 上船(飞机,火车) go abroad 去国外 2) settle down 定居;(使)平静下来;专心于(后接介词 to) settle down to (doing)sth 开始认真做某事 settle on 决定 settle in /into 适应(新的家、工作、环境等) (2013 陕西高考 )I have heard a lot of good things about you since I came back from__________. (2013 安徽高考)Traditionally, college students hold a graduation ceremony to encourage themselves before they __________ on their life journey. A.give up B.settle down C.get through D.set off 6. Earlier that day, when they crossed the Rocky Mountains, they managed to catch sight of some mountain goats and even a grizzly bear and an eagle. 1) manage to do 设法做成某事=succeed in doing 辨析: manage to do 与 try to do manage to do: 设法做成,动作一定成功了 try to do: 试图或努力做,动作不一定成功 2) catch sight of 看见,瞥见 链接: come into sight 进入视野,出现在眼前,看见 lose sight of 看不见,消失 lose one’s sight 失明 out of sight 看不见 in/within sight 在视野内,看得见 at first sight 初见,乍见 at the sight of 一看见 (2015 天津高考)Having worked for two days,Steve ___________ _________ _________ (设法完成)his report on schedule.

(2010 山东高考) Your house is always so neat--how do you__________it with three children? A.manage B.serve C.adapt D.construct (2014 福建高考 ) As a grassroots singer, she reads everything she can __________ concerning music, and takes every opportunity to improve herself. A.catch sight of B.get hold of C.take charge of D.make mention of 7. Many of them have a gift for riding wild horses and can win thousands of dollars in prizes. have a gift for 有...天赋/才能 gifted =talented 有天赋的,有才华的 链接:be gifted in.....= have a talent for ... 有...天赋,有... 才能 (2015 四川高考)Brian_________ _________ ___________(有...天赋)writing music;he is very likely to be a Beethoven. 8. At school,they had learned that most Canadians live within a few hundred kilometers of the USA border, and that Canada’s population is only slightly over thirty million.... 她们在学校就已经学过,大多数加拿大人居住在靠近美国几百千米 以外的边境地带,加拿大的人口也只有三千万多一点 ...... 1) within 在...之内,在里面 within reach 在够得着的地方 within sight 可以看见;在视野内 within one’s power 力所能及 within limits 在一定范围内 (山东高考) It saves time in the kitchen to have things you use a lot__________easy reach. A.near B.upon C.within D.around 2) border n.边界;边防;国界 v.与...接壤;接近 3) slight adv.轻微地,稍微 (全国高考) The English spoken in the United State is only____________(slight) different from that spoken in England. 9. The idea that there will be an earthquake terrifies many people. 将会发生地震的 说法吓坏了很多人。 terrify 使恐惧,惊吓;使十分害怕 be terrified of/that 惧怕.....害怕.... be terrified of doing sth 害怕做某事

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be terrified at/by 因... 而害怕 terrifying adj.令人恐惧的;使人害怕的 terrified adj.感到恐惧的;感到害怕的 terror n. 恐惧;可怕的人或事 frighten sb into (doing)sth 使某人吓得做某事 10. The families __________ are usually all mixed up. _________ 家庭通常都是混合 的。 mix v.(使)混合,掺和;调配,配制 mixture n.混合(物);混合状态 mixed adj. 混合的;复杂的 mix with 与...混合;融合 mix A with B=mix A and B(together) 把 A 和 B 混合/融合在一起 mix up 弄乱,弄混;混淆 11. The next morning the brushes and maple trees outside their windows were red, gold and orange, there was frost on the ground, confirming that fall had arrived in Canada. confirm 证实;确认;使确信;批准 confirmation n.确认 confirm sth /that/wh-证实.... It has been confirmed that...已经确定... confirm sb in sth 使某人确信某事 12. Around noon they arrived in Toronto, the biggest and most wealthy city in Canada. wealthy adj.富有的 be wealthy in =be in rich in 在...方面丰富,富有 18. In the distance,they would see the misty cloud that rose from the great Niagara Falls,which is on the south side of the lake. 远处, 他们可以看到在湖的南边尼亚加拉 大瀑布上方升腾着的雾霭。 in the distance 在远方,在远处;远方的,远处的 keep one’s distance from...与...保持距离 keep sb at a distance 对某人冷淡;同某人疏远 at a distance 隔...距离 19. It’s approximately four hundred kilometers northeast of Toronto, so it would take too long.

approximately adv.大约,接近=about approximate 大约的,近似的 20. As they sat in a buffet restaurant looking over the broad St Lawrence River, a young man sat down with them. 当她们坐在一家自助餐厅里眺望广阔的圣劳伦斯河 时,一个年轻人坐到了他们的身边。 句法分析:这是一个主从复合句。As 引导时间状语从句,在时间状语句中,现在分 词短语 looking over...作伴随状语 broad adj. 宽阔的,广泛的 be broad awake 完全醒着 a broad mind 心胸宽阔 broaden one’s horizons 拓展视野 (2011 山东高考)They are____________ _________ __________ (拓展视野) to speed up the flow of traffic. 21. Most of us speak English and French, but the city has French culture and traditions. tradition 传统,风俗 It’s a tradition for sb to do sth 对某人来说做某事是一个传统 It’s a tradition that... ....是一个传统 by tradition 按照传统习俗 (2011 山 东 高 考 )There’s a___________in our office that when it’s somebody’s birthday,they bring in a cake for us all to share. A.tradition B.balance C.concern D.relationship 22. pleased adj.满意的,高兴的,愉快的 be pleased with 对...感到满意 be pleased that 很高兴 be pleased to do sth 高兴/乐于做某事 23. impress 使印象深刻;使铭记 impress sb with sth 给某人留下...印象 be impressed by/with/at 对...印象深刻 be impressed on sb/one’s mind /memory 使某人印象深刻 impression n.印象;感想 impressive adj. 给人深刻印象的

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(2012 山东高考) My first___________(impress)of him was that he was a kind and thoughtful young man. (2014 湖北高考) What was so ___________ about Jasmine Westland’s victory was that she came first in the marathon bare-footed. A.awful B.essential C.impressive D.obvious 24. You’re going to see some great scenery. scenery n.景色,风景 辨析: scenery, scene, view, sight scenery 指一个地区“整个风景”,由多个 scene 构成的景色 scene 指“一眼可以浏览的风景”,但多半包括其中的人物、动作和行为 view 指在远处或高处以人的角度看到的 scenery 的一部分 sight “风景;名胜”,常用复数形式,指人文景观 During holidays, he always goes to the countryside to enjoy natural____________(scene). 25. You’ll pass mountains and thousands of lakes and forests, as well as wide rivers and large cities. as well as 除...外,还有...;不但...而且... as well 也;还;除...之外 just as well 还是... 好,不妨 as long as 和... 一样长 as much as 和...一样多 besides 除...之外(还有) in addition to 除...之外(还) other than 除了.... apart from 除...外(还) except 除...外,只有 except that 除了,只是 But 除....之外,没有... except for ... 除...外(可位于句首) Our vacation was totally ruined. Not only was the food terrible, but the weather was awful_____________. A.though B.as well C.either D.however (2013 上海高考)----I’m looking for a nearby place for my holiday. Any good ideas? ---How about the Moon Lake? It is__________ easy reach of the city. A.by B.beyond C.within D.from 26. remain 为不及物动词,意为“留下,剩余,残存” It remains to be seen ...为一固定搭配,意为“....还要看情况发展”

Although he has taken a lot of medicine,his health____________poor. A.proves B.remains C.keeps D.continues 27. wheat-growing 种植小麦的 常见形容词的复合结构 adj + n + -ed warm-hearted adj + v -ing easy-going adv + v -ing hard-working n + v -ing English-speaking n + p.p man-made adv + p.p newly-built n + adj life-long num + n + adj twelve-year-old num + n + -ed three-legged num + n second-hand We used to live in____________,which as pulled down last year. A:a two-storeys wooden house B:two-storey wooden house C:a two-storey wooden house D:wooden house two storied 28. dawn n.黎明,拂晓;开端;萌芽;曙光 V.(一天或一个时期)开始;变得明朗; 开始清楚 at dawn 在黎明 before dawn 拂晓之前 from dawn till dusk=from morning till night 从早到晚 from dawn of history 历史的开端 summer ’s early dawns 夏日早到的黎明 dawn on sb 使某人开始明白

在复合句中充当同位语的名词性从句称为同位语从句。一个名词(或其它形式)对 另一个名词或代词进行修饰,限定或说明,这个名词(或其它形式)就是同位语。 同位语与被它限定的词的格要一致,并常常紧挨在一起。

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1. 名词作同位语 Mr. Wang, my child’s teacher, will be visiting us on Tuesday.王先生,我孩子的老 师,星期二要来看我们。 2. 短语作同位语 I, the oldest girl in the family, always had to care for the other children.我,作为家里 最大的女孩,老得照料家中的其他孩子。 3. 直接引语作同位语 But now the question comes to their minds, “Did she die young because she was a clone? ”但是现在他们不得不思考这样的问题:“多利早死是因为它是一只克隆羊 吗?” 4. 句子作同位语 The girls were surprised at the fact that ocean ships can sail up the Great lakes.巨大 的海轮可以开到五大湖,让表姐妹俩感到吃惊。 ◆◆◆同位语从句用法 一、同位语从句一般跟在某些名词后面,用以说明该名词表示的具体内容。 I heard the news that our team had won.我听到了我们队获胜的消息。 ①可以跟同位语从句的抽象名词通常有 news,idea,fact,promise,question,doubt, thought,hope,message,suggestion,words(消息),possibility 等。(承诺信息主 意是事实;疑问想法与问题;希望消息建议是潜力。) I’ve come from Mr. Wang with a message that he won’t be able to see you this afternoon. 我从王先生那里来,他让我告诉你他今天下午不能来看你了。 ②在某些名词表“建议,命令,要求等”(如 demand, wish, suggestion, resolution 等) 后面的同位语从句要用虚拟语气 (即 should+动词原形;should 可省) There was a suggestion that Brown should be dropped from the team. 有一项建议是布朗 应该离队。 ③同位语从句前名词的数:同位语从句前的名词通常用单数形式,并且往往带有限 定词(word 除外)加以修饰。 Where did you get the idea that I could not come?你在哪儿听说我不能来? 二、英语中引导同位语从句的词通有连词 that,whether,连接代词 what,who。连接 副词 how, when, where 等。(注:if, which 不能引导同位语从句。)

1. 连词 that 引导同位语从句(注:引导同位语从句的 that 不能省略) The idea that you can do this work well without thinking is quite wrong.你认为不动脑筋 就能做好这件工作的想法是完全错误的。(作 idea 的同位语) 【注意】引导同位语从句的连词 that 通常不省略,但在非正式文体中也可以省去。 He grabbed his suitcase and gave the impression he was boarding the Tokyo plane. 他拿 起了手提箱,给人的印象是他要登上飞往东京的飞机了。 2. 连词 whether 引导同位语从句(注:if 不能引导同位语从句) The question whether we should call in a specialist was answered by the family doctor. 我 们是否请专家由家庭医生来定。 He must answer the question whether he agrees to it or not. 他必须回答他是否同意这样 一个问题。 3. 其它引导词引导的同位语从句 A、连接代词 what, who, whom, whose 引导同位语从句 1).I have no idea what size shoes she wears.我不知道她穿几号的鞋。(what 作定语) 2).The question who will take his place is still not clear.(who 作主语) B、连接副词 when, where, how, why 引导同位语从句 We haven’t yet settled the question where we are going to spend our summer vacation.到 哪儿去度暑假,这个问题我们还没有决定。 l have no idea When he will be back.我不知道他什么时候回来。 My question how I shall get in touch with him has not been answered. 三、有时同位语从句可以不紧跟在说明的名词后面,而被别的词隔开。在语法上叫 做分隔式同位语从句。 The thought came to him that maybe the enemy had fled the city. 他突然想起可能敌人已经逃出城了。 Several years later,word came that Napoleon himself was coming to inspect them. 几年以后,有消息传来说拿破仑要亲自视察他们。 ◆◆◆定语从句与同位语从句的区别 1.意义的不同 同位语从句是用于说明所修饰名词的具体内容的,它与被修饰词语通常可以划 等号;而定语从句是限制所修饰名词的,它的作用是将所修饰的名词与其他类似的

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东西区别开来: We are glad at the news that he will come. 听到他要来这个消息我们很高兴。(news 的 内容就是 that he will come,故 that 引导的是同位语从句) We are glad at the news that he told us. 听到他告诉我们的这个消息我们很高兴。(that 从句是限制 the news 的内容的, 即我们高兴只是因为他告诉的这个 news 而不是其他 的 news,故 that 从句为定语从句) 2.被修饰词语的区别 A.定语从句的先行词是名词或代词;而同位语从句的先行词只能是名词,而且仅限 于 idea, plan, fact, theory, promise, hope, news, doubt, truth, information, suggestion, question, thought,belief,conclusion 等少数名词。 例如:①The boy who is playing football is my classmate. ②Those who work hard will succeed. ③The fact that he had not said anything surprised everybody. ④The fact that you are talking about is important. 在①句中,划线部分是定语从句,其先行词是名词 boy,它不能用作同位语从 句的先行词。 在②句中,划线部分也是定语从句,其先行词是代词 those,代词不能用作同位 语从句的先行词。 在③句中,划线部分是同位语从句,其先行词是名词 fact,它同样可以用作定语 从句的先行词,④句便是一例。 由以上分析可见,同位语从句的先行词一定可以用作定语从句的先行词,但定 语从句的先行词不一定能用作同位语从句的先行词。 B.when,where,why 引导的定语从句的先行词一定分别是表示时间、地点和 原因的名词,而三者引导的同位语从句的先行词则肯定不是表示时间、地点和原因 的名词。 例如:①I still remember the day when I first came to Beijing. ②I have no idea when she will be back. 在①句中, 划线部分是 when 引导的定语从句, 其先行词 day 是表示时间的名词; 在②句中, 划线部分是 when 引导的同位语从句, 其先行词 idea 则不是表示时间 的名词。

3.引导词的不同 定语从句和同位语从句共同的引导词有四个:that,when,where,why。下面把 四个引导词分成两类说明它们在两种从句中的不同用法。 A.引导词 that 引导定语从句的 that 叫做关系代词,它除了起连接作用,还在定语从句中充当 一定成分,并且在意义上代表先行词;引导同位语从句的 that 叫做从属连词,它只 起连接作用。不能省略。 例如: ①The news that you told me yesterday was really exciting. ②We heard the news that our team had won. 在①句中,划线部分是定语从句,that 在从句中作宾语,在意义上指代先行词 news。 在②句中,划线部分是同位语从句,that 没有任何意义,只起连接作用。 that 引导同位语从句时,它不充当句子成分,而引导定语从句时,它作为关系代词, 要么充当定语从句的主语, 要么充当定语从句的宾语。 如上例 that he told us 中的 that 就充当 told 的宾语。 B.引导词 when,where,why 引导定语从句时,它们叫做关系副词,在从句中充当状语,可以转换成"介词+ 关系代词"的形式;引导同位语从句时,它们叫做连接副词,在从句中充当状语,但 不能转换成"介词+关系代词"的形式。 例如: ①I will never forget the day when I joined the army. ②We have no idea when she was born. 在①句中, 划线部分是定语从句, when 在从句中作状语, 它可以转换成 on which 的形式; 在②句中,划线部分是同位语从句, when 在从句中充当状语,但不能转换成" 介词+关系代词"的形式。 ③This is the house where I lived two years ago. ④He put forward to the question where the meeting would be held. 在③句中, 划线部分是定语从句, where 在从句中作状语, 它可以转换成 in which

荷香书苑王老师英语高一必修 3

的形式; 在④句中,划线部分是同位语从句, where 在从句中充当状语,但不能转换成" 介词+关系代词"的形式。 ⑤This is the reason why she will not attend the meeting. ⑥The teacher had no idea why Jack was absent. 在⑤句中, 划线部分是定语从句, why 在从句中作状语, 它可以转换成 for which 的形式;在⑥句 中,划线部分是同位语从句,why 在从句中充当状语,但不能转换 成"介词+关系代词"的形式。 ◆◆◆同位语从句-相关语法 1、同位语从句在句中的位置 1.一般情况下同位语从句跟在某些名词(如 news,idea,fact,promise,hope, message 等)的后面,用以说明该名词所表达的具体内容。 I’ve come from Mr Wang with a message that he won’t be able to see you this afternoon.我从王先生那边得知一个消息,他说他今天下午不能来看你了。 2.有时同位语从句可以不紧跟在它所说明的名词后, 而被别的词语隔开, 在语法 上叫做分隔式同位语从句。 The thought came to her that maybe she had left the door open when she left home.她 突然想起可能在她离开家时没把门关上。 2、同位语从句前名词的数 同位语从句前的名词通常用单数形式,并且往往带有限定词(word 除外)加以修 饰。 Where did you get the idea that I could not come?你在哪儿听说我不能来? 3、同位语从句的语气 在 suggestion,advice,request,order 等意为“建议;命令;要求”的名词后,同位 语从句中的谓语动词通常用“should +动词原形”的虚拟语气结构,句中的 should 可 以省略。 Our teacher gave us some advice how we(should)use the computer.老师给我们提出 了一些如何使用电脑的建议。 4、同位语从句的先行词 同位语从句的先行词通常是抽象名词,常见的有:idea, situation thought, fact,

evidence, belief, doubt, fear, hope, question, theory, news, order, ability 等等。 How did the cheats explain the fact that the Emperor didn't feel the new clothes in him? 皇帝觉得身上并没有穿上新衣,对这个问题骗子是怎样解释的? 代词 it 可用作同位语从句的先行词。这个 it 常放在某些动词或短语动词后作宾 语,同时兼作其后 that 同位语从句的先行词。 I owe it to you that I am still alive. 幸亏你,我现在还活着。 有的语法学家把先行词 it 后的 that 从句看作是动词或介词的真正宾语。一般认 为,这种 it 后的 that 从句应看作 it 的同位语,因为它相当于“主语+be+表语”结构。 You must see to it that the children don't catch cold. (=You must see to it, and It is that the children don't catch cold.)你要当心,别让孩子们着凉了。 5、短语及固定句式后的同位语从句 I will come on condition that John is invited.如果约翰也被邀请的话,我就来。 简析:短语 On condition, on supposition, on the ground(s), on the understanding, with the exception, in spite of the fact, on the assumption 及句式 There BE+no doubt(hope, chance, possibility,?)后的 that 从句为同位语从句。 (2011 天津高考)Modern science has given clear evidence__________smoking can lead to many diseases. A.what B.which C.that D.where (2014 重庆高考)--Is it true that Mike refused an offer from Yale University yesterday? -----Yeah ,but I have no idea__________he did it;that’s one of his favorite universities. A.when B.why C.that D.how (2012 江苏高考)The notice came around two in the afternoon___________the meeting would be postponed. A.when B.that C.whether D.how Every one at the meeting agreed to the suggestion_________a new bridge ___________built across the river. A.that;be B.which;would be C.as;would be D.that;have been (2012 浙江高考) I made a promise to myself__________this year,my first year in high school,would be different.

荷香书苑王老师英语高一必修 3

A.whether B.what C.that D.how (2013 浙江高考)The only way to succeed at the highest level is to have total belief ________ you are better than anyone else on the sports field. A.how B.that C.which D.whether (2012 重庆高考)Evidence has been found through years of study ___________ children’s early sleeping problems are likely to continue when they grow up. A.why B.how C.whether D.that

一、用所给短语的适当形式填空 第一组:rather than,have a chat with,settle down,manage to ,catch sight of,have a gift for,on the way to,to one’s measure 1._____________the supermarket,I met with two men,who had a violent quarrel. 2. They soon made me a new suit_________________. 3. Mr Smith had stayed in many parts of world,and he finally_______________in Canada in the 1990s. 4. _______________squeezing your own orange,have you tried buying packs of orange juice? 5. If you_______________Mary,ask her to come and see me. 6. Lucy________________music and dreams of becoming a famous pop singer. 7. It is good for you to____________________your friends sometimes. 8. He_________________get the work done with very little help. 第二组:prevent…from… stare at tell the truth be known for by accident rather than depend on in time now that be different from 1. ____________ him and then try to copy what he does. 2. Laws have been passed to _______ factories __________ pouring waste water into the rivers. 3. Shakespeare ___________ as a great writer _______ his excellent plays. 4. He found the place where his brother had hidden the treasure _____________. 5. _______________, I won’t go to the cinema with him. 6.If you keep on ,you’ll succeed _____________.

7. ______________ everybody is here, we can begin the meeting. 8. Our success _____________ whether everyone works hard or not. 9. _____________ ride on a crowded bus, he always prefers to ride a bike. 10. The pronunciation in England ____________________ the one in America. 第三组:broad, booth, Atlantic, border, terrify, minister, dawn, downtown, queen, slightly 1 There is a phone ________ from across the shop, where you will be charged only 0.2 yuan per minute for a long distance call. 2 Six provinces ________ Hunan Province. They are Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Chongqing, Hubei, and Jiangxi. 3 Wen Jiabao is the present prime ________ of China. 4 I work ________, which is about a 20-minute ride away from here. 5 This city has a small population, only _________ over three hundred thousand. 6 In this country, it is not the king but the _______ who rules the people. 7 At ________, a scream for help woke up the people living next door. 8 The sight of a big snake almost ________ me to death. 9 There are four oceans in the world—the Pacific Ocean, the _______ Ocean, the Indian Ocean , and the Arctic Ocean. 10 The tall boy with blue eyes, curly hair and _______ shoulders is from France. 第四组:Harbor, official, extremely, continent, distance, cowboy, wealthy, maple, frost, surround, flow 11 French and English are both ________ languages in Canada. 12 Of the seven _________, Asia is the largest, while Oceania is the smallest. 13 This film gives a description of the life of the western ________ in the 1970s. 14 The _________ leaf is the Canada’s national emblem(象征). 15 The police __________ the house and caught the kidnapper eventually. 16 She tried to stop the _________ of the blood from the wound. 17 What a freezing day! The car windows were covered with ________. 18 Bill Gates is the ________ man in the world. 19 In some western countries ________ is measured in miles. 20 Many college graduates find it _________ difficult to find a good job now. 21 Several boats lay at anchor(抛锚) in the ________.

荷香书苑王老师英语高一必修 3

第五组:settle down have a gift for figure out as far as in the distance 1 A small boat can be seen _______________. 2 Five years later, the Smith family _________ in England. 3 ___________ I am concerned, I like traveling. 4 I cannot ___________ why he insisted on going together with me. 5 The child _____________ music. 二、适当形式填空 1. A____________relative of mine cover a____________of 50 miles to see me next week.(distance) 2. You can see the___________sea here and it will____________your mind.(broad) 3. She appeared to be a___________lady,but in fact she was a person of litter (wealth) 4. ---The girl_____________her boyfriends ’s family with her liveliness and sense of humor. ---Ha!I also have such an______________(impressive) 三、语法填空(2015 全国高考) Yangshuo, China It was raining lightly when I____________(arrive) in Yangshuo just before dawn. But I didn’ t care. A few hours__________, I’ d been at home in Hong Kong, with_________(it) choking smog. Here, the air was clean and fresh, even with the rain. I’d skipped nearby Guilin, a dream place for tourists seeking the limestone mountain tops and dark waters of the Li River___________are pictured by artists in so many Chinese _________(painting). Instead, I’d head straight for Yangshuo. For those who fly to Guilin, it’s only an hour away__________ car and offers all the scenery of the better-known city. Yangshuo_________(be) really beautiful. A study of travelers__________(conduct) by the website Trip Advisor names Yangshuo as one of the top 10 destinations in the world. And the town is fast becoming a popular weekend destination for people in Asia. Abercrombie & Kent, a travel company in Hong Kong, says it__________(regular) arranges quick getaways here for people___________(live) in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

四、翻译句子 1. 我宁愿去澳大利亚也不愿去美国旅游。

2. 它不仅是观光者旅游的天堂,还是定居的好地方。

3. 去年秋天我和父母成功地去澳大利亚游览了一番。

4. 我们一路看到到了呀被绿树围绕。

5. 在很短的距离内我们就看到考拉在玩。

6. 给我们印象最深刻的是道路干净整洁。

7. 到澳大利亚的这次旅行证实了那儿是个美好的国度。

8. 我觉得我们也应该采取有效措施来使我们的国家更美丽。

9. 众所周知,奥运会在中国举行的。

10. 听到我们对获胜的消息我很高兴。


荷香书苑王老师英语高一必修 3

11. 知道她告诉我,我才知道你已经回家了

12. 我为我刚才所说的话向你表示道歉。 (2013 湖南高考) In my living room,there is a plaque (匾) that advises me to“Bloom (开 花) where you are planted.” It reminds me of Dorothy.I got to know Dorothy in the early 1980s, when I was teaching Early Childhood Development through a program with Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky.The job responsibilities required occasional visits to the classroom of each teacher in the program.Dorothy stands out in my memory as one who “bloomed”in her remote area. Dorothy taught in a school in Harlan County,Kentucky,Appalachian Mountain area.To get to her school from the town of Harlan,I followed a road winding around the mountain.In the eight?mile journey,I crossed the same railroad track five times,giving the possibility of getting caught by the same train five times.Rather than feeling excited by this drive through the mountains,I found it depressing.The poverty level was shocking and the small shabby houses gave me the greatest feeling of hopelessness. From the moment of my arrival at the little school , all gloom ( 忧 郁 ) disappeared.Upon arriving at Dorothy’s classroom.I was greeted with smiling faces and treated like a queen.The children had been prepared to show me their latest projects.Dorothy told me with a big smile that they were serving poke greens salad and cornbread for“dinner”(lunch).In case you don’t know,poke greens are a weed?type plant that grows wild,especially on poor ground. Dorothy never ran out of reports of exciting activities of her students.Her enthusiasm never cooled down.When it came time to sit for the testing and interviewing required to receive her Child Development Associate Certification,Dorothy was ready.She came to the assessment and passed in all areas.Afterward,she invited me to the one?and?only steak house in the area to celebrate her victory , as if she had received her Ph.D.degree.After the meal,she placed a little box containing an old pen in my hand.She said it was a family heirloom (传家宝),but to me it is a treasured symbol of appreciation and pride that cannot be matched with things.

小题 1:“Early Childhood Development”in Paragraph 1 refers to________. A.a program directed by Dorothy B.a course given by the author C.an activity held by the students D.an organization sponsored by Union college 小题 2:In the journey,the author was most disappointed at seeing________. A.the long track B.the poor houses C.the same train D.the winding road 小题 3:Upon arriving at the classroom,the author was cheered up by________. A.a warm welcome B.the sight of poke greens C.Dorothy’s latest projects D.a big dinner made for her 小题 4:What can we know about Dorothy from the last paragraph? A.She was invited to a celebration at a restaurant. B.She got a pen as a gift from the author. C.She passed the required assessment. D.She received her Ph.D.degree. 小题 5:What does the author mainly intend to tell us? A.Whatever you do,you must do it carefully. B.Whoever you are,you deserve equal treatment. C.However poor you are,you have the right to education. D.Wherever you are,you can accomplish your achievement. 小题 1:B 小题 2:B 小题 3:A 小题 4:C 小题 5:D

(2015 湖南高考) It was a rainy morning and the children, mainly boys with various learning difficulties, ref used to settle for the start of the lesson. As an inexperienced teacher, I tried every means to get them to be 36 , but in vain. my panic was rising and I could feel my heart beating wildly. This was the 37 of my job as a music teacher, I thought -- teaching was not for me. Then I had an idea. Hoping that no one would notice that I was 38 inside, I thre w my voice as far as it would reach: "Put your heads on the desks and close your 39 ! We are going on a journey." 40 , the children fell silent. "Now what should I do?" I thought to myself. Reaching ov er to my collection of CDs, I blindly 41 , put it in the machine and played it.

荷香书苑王老师英语高一必修 3

Obediently (顺从地), my class lay their heads on their desk, closed my class lay their heads on their desk, closed their eyes and 42 . When the music started, the room as filled with the most beautiful tones and musical colors I could have ever imagi ned. All the children were 43 . When the music finished, I asked them all to raise the ir 44 slowly so that we could share our musical journey. At this point, when all the children were willing to share their experiences, I began to lear n how to 45 . The music allow me to learn that teaching is about sharing and respect, t ears and smiles, the knowing and the 46 and most of all, an understanding of each other. This was the power that 47 i n the classroom could have. 36. A. glad B. safe C. kind D. quiet 37.A. end B. aim C. rule D. plan 38. A. guessing B. shaking C. responding D. laughing 39. A. eyes B. mouths C. books D. doors 40. A. Punctually B. Importantly C. Amazingly D. Obviously 41. A. passed one on B. gave one back C. turned one in D. took one out 42. A. slept B. nodded C. waited D. continued 43. A. talking B. singing C. dancing D. listening 44. A. legs B. heads C. arms D. shoulders 45. A. teach B. imagine C. play D. understand 46. A. unprepared B. unspoken C. unknown D. unforgotten 47. A. games B. music C. tears D. Knowledge 36-40: DABAC 41-45: DCDBA 46-47: CB



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