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Reaction to Pride and Prejudice
Outline: writing background
Primary coverage Analysis of major characters The marriages of four couples My view on marriage and love

Body:As we all know, if you know something about the author's background, you
will appreciate the book on a profounder and better level. The book first published in 1813, as Jane Austen’s second novel, she started it 1796 as her first persevering effort for publication. She finished the original manuscript by 1797 in Steventon, Hampshire, where she lived with her parents and siblings in the town rectory. Austen originally called the story First Impressions, but it was never published under that title; instead, she made extensive revisions to the manuscript, then retitled and eventually published it as Pride and Prejudice. Austen in this novel was full of wit and humor reflected the late eighteenth Century, early nineteenth Century British country customs and living ways of the world, to give the art of imagination.(writing background) The book is mainly to tell the four couples’ marriages in eighteenth Century. One of the most important is naturally occurred between actress Elizabeth Bennet and actor Fitzwilliam Darcy about their hate and love. Elizabeth is a courageous, beautiful, smart, sturdy and lovable middle-class woman who pursues true love ignoring money and power. The story develops mainly relies on Elizabeth and Darcy, from the beginning of aversion to respect then love. Also, alternates in stories happen around Elizabeth’s happy or unhappy marriages to reveal the author’s hope living in true love at that era. The heroine Elizabeth first saw the male protagonist Darcy is not pleasing to her eyes, plus Darcy’s pride character causes Elizabeth to have prejudice against him. Darcy is unpopular arrogant man, even in the surrounding filled up cold relationship. For him, pride may be rational, however; prejudice may be heartless, both of which impact is unavoidable. Between two people there are often quarries and misunderstandingsconcerning Darcy’s pride and Elizabeth’s prejudice at the start. But after the events of clarification, they develop a little affection gradually. Darcy represents the “pride”, Elizabeth represents “prejudice”. At first, they are all controlled by their bad emotions------“pride and prejudice”. Then a series of unfavorable rumors to Darcy make Elizabeth have a stronger objection to him. when Darcy proposes to Elizabeth but is rejected, he says:” If I play a little means, my inner contradictions disguised, blindly to compliment you, make you believe me both in the understanding, thinking and other aspects, is all for you with unconditional pure love, maybe you will not have these harsh scold. Unfortunately, no matter what kind of camouflage, I hate. ” Darcy has not changed his arrogant disposition in order to please Elizabeth, Elizabeth shows herself truly as well. Neither of them is deliberately to create good impressions, but is truly to show their inner sides. Elizabeth has been living in her own prejudice and ignored the truth, after Darcy’s interpretation and her

judgment, finally found happiness.(Primary coverage) Jane Austen said of Elizabeth Bennet:” I have to admit, I think she is the happiest and the very cheerful character in the book. Will I tolerate a person I don’t love like her? I really do not know.” Indeed, I agree that Elizabeth is the happiest one who is smart and wit, courage, long-sighted, strong self-esteem as well as good at thinking. As for Darcy, she seems to have some arbitrary bias. In this paper, the prejudice refers to the middle-class, well-educated and wit woman------Elizabeth’s mental weakness. And the so-called pride refers to a wealth, high-educated, sharp-eyed young man------Darcy’s personality weakness. The very pride and prejudice make their road to marriage twisted and turned. The hero and heroine’s progress to marriage sometimes proceeds and sometimes draws back just like the gesture when they dance together. The first chapter in this novel, Darcy answers to his friend’s feeling towards Elizabeth says:” She is OK, but not charming enough to tempt me.And I am in no humor at present to give consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men” Darcy’s contemptuous word makes Elizabeth very embarrassed, which becomes the topic in the next dance ball. However she can still be happy when she talks the matter to her friends. Judging from that, Elizabeth can be in her best spirits and capture laugh points in everything. As a matter of fact, Elizabeth is heavily prejudiced against Darcy in the next ball, in the meanwhile, people present in the ball give him a judge:” he is one of the most unpleasant and pride person in the world. All hope that he would not come here”. The hero and heroine’s fate is only beginning at the party, it is the Elizabeth’s sister and Darcy’s friend Bingley’s love that indirectly promotes Darcy and Elizabeth feelings. They meet frequently at Bingley’s. Although the dialogs between them are often pride and prejudiced, Elizabeth’s natural characters make Darcy unable to control his affection to her. This also reflects Darcy’s gentleman side. The novel is fun and ups and downs, with Elizabeth’s prejudice toward Darcy grow day by day, the appearance of Gorge Wickham pushes the plot forwards. Gorge Wickham------ A dashing, handsome young soldier who attracts the attention of Elizabeth Bennet. His father was the manager of the Darcy estate, so he grew up with Mr. Darcy and his sister. Though he is cared well by Darcy's father, there is bitter enmity between him and Darcy, due to his attempt to elope with Georgiana Darcy for her substantial inheritance. Wickham put all his mistakes to Darcy which further deepens Elizabeth’s prejudice against Darcy. This event occurs most probably because Elizabeth is too care about her image in the eyes of others. At Darcy’s first proposal to Elizabeth, she refuses and says:” From the beginning, from the first moment I saw you, you let me show a feel a self-conceited manner, your self-esteem, you don’t respect others’ feeling of egoistic. From my unhappiness with you based, after the accident, I feel you are the man I am not willing to marry to.” He is very polite to her refusal, come to resuce Elizabeth’s sister and urge Jane and Bingley’s marriage. Thereafter there seems to be the plot and character inversion. Elizabeth believes that Wickham is the most suitable for marriage, nearly ruined herself. It is Darcy’s patience and understanding to save her from the dangerous edge. Elizabeth really understands Darcy, admits his extreme prejudice.

Finally they clean up misunderstandings and get married. In the final analysis, Elizabeth uses her own unique charm to win happiness. As for Fitzwilliam Darcy, The son of a wealthy, well-established family and the master of the great estate of Pemberley, Darcy is Elizabeth’s male counterpart. The narrator relates Elizabeth’s point of view of events more often than Darcy’s, so Elizabeth often seems a more sympathetic figure. The reader eventually realizes, however, that Darcy is her ideal match. Intelligent and forthright, he too has a tendency to judge too hastily and harshly, and his high birth and wealth make him overly proud and overly conscious of his social status. Indeed, his haughtiness makes him initially bungle his courtship. When he proposes to her, for instance, he dwells more on how unsuitable a match she is than on her charms, beauty, or anything else complimentary. Her rejection of his advances builds a kind of humility in him. Darcy demonstrates his continued devotion to Elizabeth, in spite of his distaste for her low connections, when he rescues Lydia and the entire Bennet family from disgrace, and when he goes against the wishes of his haughty aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, by continuing to pursue Elizabeth. Darcy proves himself worthy of Elizabeth, and she ends up repenting her earlier, overly harsh judgment of him. Mr. Bennet ------ an English gentleman with an estate in Hertfordshire. He is married with five daughters, a circumstance injurious to his family. The terms of Mr. Bennet's inheritance require a male heir. Because he has no son, upon his death, his property must go to his closest male relative, Mr. Collins, a clergyman who provides him with much amusement. Mr. Bennet, a gentle if eccentric man, is very close to his two eldest daughters, Jane and particularly Elizabeth. However, he has a poor opinion of the intelligence and sensibility of his wife and three youngest daughters, frequently declaring them "silly" and visiting them with insulting remarks as well as gentle teasing. Mrs. Bennet ------ the querulous wife of Mr. Bennet. Her main concern in life is seeing her daughters married well. She angles for her new neighbor, Mr. Bingley, as a match for one of them. She also hopes for a match between one of her girls and Mr. Collins himself. (Analysis of major characters) The first marriage------ a happy one (Darcy and Elizabeth). The author reflects that only if a marriage experiences with suffers and setbacks, can it be happy. The second marriage------ a romantic one (Jane and Bingley) They fall in love with each other at first sight. This kind of marriage is full of romantic feature. The third marriage------ a little bit sorrow but wise one (Charlotte and Collins) Charlotte is an ordinary-looking woman but she has her own opinion when it comes to marriage. As Elizabeth, she looks forward to truth love. Although she is no less beautiful than Elizabeth, she is lucky that she finds Collins who can offer her happiness, wealth and rights. As for Collins, he does not love Charlotte as well, but he just wants a woman to get married not knowing what happiness really is. But both of them can reach their goals by this marriage.

The last marriage------ a blindfold one (Lydia and Wickham) This marriage seems to be a game without love. Lydia chooses Wickham who seems handsome but ugly in inner just to satisfy her vanity. As for Wickham, he just wants money so as to marry to Lydia. What a ridiculous and woeful marriage it is!(The
marriages of four couples )

Love seems to be the perpetual theme all over the world. But actually what is love? For most girls in 20s, love may mean everything to them. They seek for love bravely no matter what difficulties they may face. In their eyes, love is pure or even holy. However, those are just an ideal situation in the real life; people tend to find a balance between love and property. Pride and prejudice is Austen’s great work. Through the discussion of the different marriages and love, she demonstrates her concept about love and marriage: love and marriage is closely associated with property and society, however, love and marriage can not only be decided by the property and social status. An ideal marriage should be based on mutual affection, respect and the same interest. She rejects the marriage based only on wealth. Different people have different ideas upon marriage. By the description and discussion of the four marriages in the novel, we can see that Austen fully expresses her views on love and marriage. Only by appreciating the marriage founded on the basis of mutual understanding and true love, but also by satirizing the marriage founded on the basis of origin and desire.The marriage based on social position and money can’t bring happiness in life. Aimless marriage and love are unpractical.Everything goes wrong for poor couples. Marriage based on wealth is not a fault. At least, it can offer us a better condition of life. Property is not everything in the life but without it, we can do nothing. This is called reality. But if you only married for wealth, you sell your liberty. The rest of your life might be miserable, and your marriage will filled with endless bitterness. Among those four kinds of marriage, I prefer to the first one. As far as I’m concerned, the meaning of living is to suffer from various kinds of sufferings and happiness. On the way of pursuing love, we must strengthen our conviction. Do not make a hasty decision just because of money and power, we should make attempts to search for true love. If the weakness of the other is fragrant and that can’t be changed, you should be decisive to give up. Of course, you should cherish the other, happiness needs to be managed. (My view on marriage and love) (2045 words)


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