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高中英语 Module 6 The World’s Cultural Heritage[TY]课件 外研版选修7

Unit 6

The World’s Cultural Heritage

Look at the photograph and answer the questions.

Classical Gardens of Suzhou

Classical Gardens of Suzhou

Classical Gardens of Suzhou

1.Have you ever been these place? 2.How about these place? 3. What do you think about the world’s cultural heritage?

Language Points ? 1. UNESCO’s agenda for the world’s tangible and intangible heritage is also to act as a warning system for sites which are at the mercy of redevelopment, pollution or even the effects of tourism, and cultural activities which are in danger. ? 在这个句子中,at the mercy of 表示 “受……支配”、“在……的掌控之中”

? 名词mercy类似的用法还有 have mercy on (upon) … “对……有怜悯心” ? in one’s mercy “出于 恻隐之心” ? e.g. Please have mercy on those endangered animal species! ? 请对濒临灭绝的动物类种多些怜悯! ? He decided to help me totally in his mercy. ? 他决定帮助我完全出于怜悯。

? 2. The living treasures are honored for their achievement in many different areas of life. ? 短语are honored for 表示“因为……而获得 荣誉、褒奖” ? honor 作为名词可以表示“尊敬、荣誉(人 物)” ? e.g. He has been regarded as an honor to the whole family. ? 他已经被看作是全家的引以为荣的人。

? 3. While the bid is going through, the state government allocates funds for each item’s protection. ? 在这个句子中,go through表示“被通过”, 此外,这个短语还有“经历、经受、履行、 把……进行到底”的意思。 ? e.g. I would like to go through fire and water for my beloved. ? 为了我所爱的人,我愿意赴汤蹈火。

? 4. In return, UNESCO recognizes the autonomy of provincial, federal and state cultural organizations, but offers support and guidance when requested. ? in return (for) 表示“作为回报”,同时还有 “交换、报答”的意思。 ? e.g. She has never expected that I could make return for what she has done for me. ? 她从来没有期望我对她所做的能有所报答。

? 5. They are a precious part of our cultural heritage—it is of vital importance that we do something. ? of vital importance 表示“至关重要的”, 相当于vitally important ? 类似的用法如:of great significance “非常 的重要”。 ? e.g. It is of great significance that we preserve well those heritages already on the list. ? 很好地保护那些已经在文化遗产名单上的 遗产具有重要的意义。

? 6. With more than 50 million Chinese living and working overseas, the MidAutumn Festival reminds them of their Chinese origins and would help to unite Chinese people all over the world. ? remind sb. of sth. 表示“使某人记起、想 起某事”,类似的用法如:remind sb. to do sth.“使某人想起去做某事”。 ? e.g. Please remind me to pick you up tomorrow in the airport. ? 请提醒我明天去机场接你。

? 7. Plans for a seminar of experts on the festival have been announced, which will recommend symbolic ambassadors to promote the bid. ? symbolic ambassadors表示“形象大使”, ambassador 既可以表示官方的“大使”, 也表示非官方的“使者、代表”,如 ambassador of peace,“和平使者”, ambassador of good wills,“友好亲善使 节”。 ? e.g. He is acknowledged as the ambassador of peace by the whole world. ? 他是世界公认的和平使者。

? 8. It is famous for its unique classical gardens and there are more than a hundred preserved ancient buildings in the city. ? 动词preserve 有“保护、保藏”的意思, 作为名词则具有“保护区”、“专属某人 的活动”等意思。 ? e.g. There is no hunting permitted in this preserve. ? 在这个保护区是不允许打猎的。

? 9. However, the life span of Beijing Man was short. ? span在这里表示“跨度、期限”,life span 则译为“生命期”,span作为动词表示 “跨过、持续”。 ? e.g. They are building a bridge that spans the Three Gorges. ? 他们正在建造一坐横跨三峡的大桥。

The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall, the symbol of the Chinese nation, stretches 6,350 kilometers from Shanhaiguan Pass on the east coast to Jiayuguan Pass in the Gobi Desert. Construction of the Wall first began during the period of the Warring States (476 - 221 BC).

The Great Wall of China
? In 221 BC Emperor Qin Shihuang decided to have the walls linked up and extended. Historical records show that about 1 million people, one-fifth of China's population at the time, took part in the project which lasted more than ten years. When it was finished we call it "Wan Li Chang Cheng" which means "Ten Thousand-Li-Long Wall".

Answer the questions
1.Is there any world cultural heritage in china now? 2.What is it ? Can you list them ? 3.Have you visited these places before?

Santa Fe’s Living Treasures

Pueblo Feast day

Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival

Oldest Church

Santa Fe Cuisine.

Santa Fe’s Living Treasures

Downtown Santa Fe Protal

Fine Art Museum

Horno Ovens.


Santa Fe’s Living Treasures

Red rug with pots

Lilac gate


Pecos National Historic Park

Santa Fe’s Living Treasures

El Ranch de Las Golondrinas Chiles and claypots

Gold Portal.

Native Americans under portal


1. Where do you guess does it come from ? 2. What do you think was it used for?

Stonehenge , England
? Stonehenge, a circle of large standing stones near Salisbury, England, was probably built in three stages between about 3000 and 1000 BC. The function of the monument remains unknown: once believed to be a temple, Stonehenge is now often thought to have been either a temple for sun worshipers or a type of astronomical clock or calendar.

Beijing Man

A cave of Zhoukoudian

Beijing Man Heritage Site

Zhoukoudian-Home of Peking Man
In December 1929, a Chinese pale anthropologist named Pei Wenzhong discovered a complete skull of “Peking man” on Dragon Bone hill northwest of Zhoukoudian, in the southwest suburbs of Beijing. later, archaeologists unearthed 40odd individually fossilized skeletons of “Peking man” .

Read the information in the table and check the part of the passage it appears in.
Part1 1.the location of the Zhoukoudian caves 2.information about human remains which were found 3.an estimate of when Beijing Man lived in the area 4.the probable length of Beijing Man’s life 5.information about the problems at the site 6.the cost of repairing the site 7.evidence that Beijing Man used fire 8.a request for help from ordinary people Part2 Both Part1 and 2

The Potala Palace Tibet

It is made up of 492 caves, which were deserted in the fourteenth century and lay untouched until the beginning of the twentieth century. It’s located at the rock side of the Mingsha Mountain in Gansu Province. It’s worth the name of art treasure house of the Chinese Nation.

Terracotta Warriors and horses

It was built in the 7th century. When Zhangpu King (Shuzhan Genpu) set up Tugen Kingdom in Tibet with Lhasa as its capital, the Emperor of China’s Tang Dynasty sent Princess Wencheng to marry Zhanpu King. Zhanpu King decided “to build a city to show the glory”, then started to build it on the Red Hill.

Longmen Grottoes (2000)

Mausoleum of the first Qin Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors

Mogao Caves

Cultural Corner

Kunqu Opera

Kunqu Opera
Kunqu opera, was founded before the Ming Dynasty(13681644) in Kunshan, near Suzhou, UNESCO added Kunqu to its intangible heritage list in 2001.

honored for his hard work in ? 1. He was _________ protecting the endangered animals in Tibet by the State Council. ? 2. Whether this city can develop fast or not at the mercy of is still a question which is _____________ transportation, energy and resources. through the pains of ? 3. Tom was going ___________ losing his wife and son in a car accident.

? 4. His first book is just a memory that spans over 50 years in the Second _______ World War. ? 5. The famous actor, Pu Cunxin, has been ambassador to selected as the symbolic _________________ promote the protection of AIDS in China. ? 6. Cycling in this area is considered to be preserve his own ________.

reminds him ? 7. This old bag always ________ of his terrible life in early childhood. _____ remind me _____ to ? 8. Would you please ______ attend the seminar next week? of vital importance that you can ? 9. It is _______________ defeat him in the first round and then you can save more energy for the final match. ? 10. I helped him out of the embarrassment and then he invited me to a huge in return dinner_________.

Test yourself

? 1.His teacher ____that he work in the foreign company. ? A. asked B. recommended C. told D. made ? 2.The stone ______by the fierce wind looked like a sword on the top of the mountain. ? A. sharpened B. cut C. taken D. struck ? 3.The headmaster _______that we go to the village on foot. ? A. raised B. asked C. proposed D. enjoyed

? 4.Her mother requested that she ______the English course in the university. ? A. took B. takes C. taking D. take ? 5.He did his homework in time ______his teacher would scold him. ? A. so that B. for fear that C. on condition that D. so long as ? 6._____you have taken away the rubbish, I have nothing to do. ? A. So long as B. Even if C. Now that D Because of

? 7.You’d better put the book back______I left. ? A. where B. the place C. which D. in which ? 8.I should bring some money with me _____I need it. ? A. although B. no matter C. even D. in case ? 9._______ he says, I’ll agree with him. ? A. No matter B. It doesn’t matter C. No matter what D. Not matter

? 10.You can not miss the flight _______you remember the time. ? A. as far as B. as well as C. as soon as D. as long as ? 11.I think that you’d better take your raincoat with you______it looks sunny. ? A. as if B. even though C. in case D. however ? 12.No one knew for_______where the small girl came. ? A. good B. certain C. course D. certainly

? 13.What do you want to do with the_______of the old house? ? A. left B. leaves C. ruins D. remains ? 14.He did what he could ________his money to the poor. ? A. contribute B. to contribute C. contributed D. contributing ? 15.In the________of the earthquake 628 people were killed. ? A. damage B. catastrophe C. ruin D. break

Thank you



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