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人教版高一英语《英语 1》第一单元 Friendship 第 1 课时:Warming up and Pre-reading
① 知识目标: ⑴让学生掌握以下生词和短语: survey add have got to be concerned about walk the dog ⑵让学生学会使用以下结构来表达态度,同意和不同意和确定语气: Are you afraid that. . . ? I (don’t)think. . . In my opinion, . . . I (don’t)think so, I (don’t)agree, I believe. . . , I’m afraid not, Exactly, That’s correct, Of course not. ② 技能目标: 1.让学生学会用英语描述自己的朋友。 2.列出朋友间通常存在的问题,并找的不同方法来解决这些问题。 3.鼓励学生用本课学到的一些短语和结构来思考和谈论朋友和友谊。 ③ 情感目标 1.让学生学会如何解决朋友间可能出现的问题。 2.培养学生在高中阶段形成学习英语的好习惯。 point upset ignore calm concern loose cheat add up calm down

1.用给定的形容词和句子结构来描述他们的一个朋友。 2.学习评价朋友和友谊。

1.与搭档合作并描述他们的一个好朋友。 2.与搭档讨论并找出解决问题的方法。

1.任务型教学法 2.合作学习法 3.讨论法


1.导入新课: 第一步:导入 Lead-in 上课前,老师可以通过展示一个友谊天长地久的视频来激发学生的学习兴趣,。这是新学期的第一节课。所以在一开始,请学生用他们 喜欢的方式来谈谈关于新学校和朋友的话题。 1. How did you spend your summer holidays? How did you feel? What did you do in your summer holidays? What did you do in your spare time? 2. What do you think of our new school? Do you like it? Could you say something about it? 3. Do you like making friends? How do you get in touch with your friends? Do you have many friends? Where are they now? Do you have any old friends in our school? Have you made any new friends in our class? (其他关于本单元的话题导入的建议:1。播放两首关于友谊的歌曲,然后问学生歌里都说了些有什么。2。让学生们展开关于友谊的讨 论,并让他们列出好朋友应该具有哪三种品质。) 第二步:准备活动Warming-up 1.让一些学生站起来用一两句话告诉全班同学他/她的朋友是怎样一个人。下列形容词可能有用: brave loyal wise handsome pretty smart friendly

建议的例句: 1)My friend Alan is brave. He once saved the life of a little girl who had fallen into a lake. 2)My friend Bob is loyal. He wouldn’t talk to Charles whom I don’t like at all. 3)My friend David is wise. He always gives me the best advice. 4)My friend George is a handsome boy, but he doesn’t like to study and always dreams of becoming a model. 5)My friend Harry is a smart student. He always asks good questions in class. 2.让学生给简短的描述他们的一个朋友。下面的短语和句子结构可能有用: His/Her name is. . . He/She is. . . years old. He/She likes. . . and dislikes. . . He/She enjoys. . . and hates. . . He/She is very kind/friendly. . . When/Where we got to know each other. 建议的描述样文: Zhang Xiangming is my best friend. She is seventeen years old. She likes English and Chinese, and dislikes mathematics and physics. She enjoys music and hates sports. She is very pretty and also friendly. Last month when we entered the senior middle school we got to know each other and we are best friends now. 3. What types of friendship do you have? Please tick them out. Then fill in the blanks. girl friends boy friends pen friends long-distance friends friends of the same age friends across generations e-friends (friends

over the Internet) unusual friends like animals, books. . . 1) ______________ is/are most important to me. 2) I spend most of my free time with______________ 3) I will share my secrets with______________ . . . .

4) When in trouble, I will first turn to______________ 5) I think it easier to communicate with______________ 6) ______________ would make us feel safe.

建议答案(学生的答案可能不同) 1)A girl/boy friend (Girl friends/Boy friends) friends across generations5)friends of the same age 6)Long-distance friends


3)unusual friends like animals


2.讲授新课: 第一步:做问卷调查 Make the survey 1.请学生列出好朋友或他们心中理想的朋友应具备的品质。四个学生一组各自列出这些品质,学生使用以下结构来告诉同组其它成 员他心中的好朋友标准: I think a good friend should (not)be. . . In my opinion, a good friend is someone who. . . 2.每组派一个代表将他们共同认同的这些品质写在黑板上。 3.问全班同学是否同意所有在黑板上列出的品质。 4.接着让学生做书中的问卷调查。 老师可在学生做问卷时做一些必要的说明。 Question 1:This question deals with how thoughtful you are towards others and how much you value your friends. Question 2:This question is concerned with fairness. Question 3:This question also deals with your concern for others. Question 4:This question is concerned with responsibilities to a friend. Question 5:This question is concerned with honesty. 5.让学生按课本第8页的计分表给自己打分。 6.问一些学生他们得到多少并评估他们的友谊价值观。 4~7 points:You are not a good friend. You either neglect your friend’s needs or just do what he or she wants you to do. You should think more about what a good friend needs to do. 8~12 points:You are a good friend but you sometimes let your friendship become too important, or you fail to show enough concern for your friend’s needs and feelings. Try to strike a balance between your friend’s needs and your own responsibilities. 13+points:You are an excellent friend who recognizes that to be a good friend you need balance your needs and your friend’s. Well done.

(老师也可以给学生展示以上的评分说明,让他们反思自己的友谊价值观。) 第二步:讨论和分享 Talking and sharing 1.让学生成对讨论: If your best friend does something wrong, what will you do? 尝试使用以下表达方式: I think. . . I don’t think. . . I believe. . . What to do I think so. I agree. I don’t agree. Reasons I don’t think so. That’s correct.

In my opinion, . . .

2.小组讨论: 把学生分成四组,每组选一个话题来讨论。有四个主题: Topic 1:Why do you need friends? Make a list of reasons why friends are important to you. Topic 2:There is a saying “To have a good friend, you need to be a good friend. ” What do you think of the saying and how can you be a good friend? Topic 3:Does a friend always have to be a person? What else can be your friend? Why? Topic 4:List some qualities of a person who does not make friend easily.

3.巩固练习: 第一步: 做练习册 Workbook 1.讨论(课本第41页) 在学生听材料时,要求他们就说话者关于交朋友的观点做笔记。 建议步骤: 1) 听加拿大人Leslie Clark对在中国体验友谊的看法 2) 让学生分小组讨论他们是否同意她的观点。 3) 然后学生们会为2派:至少有1个学生会支持Leslie的观点,其余的学生将不支持,让学生们思考为什么他们同意或不同意Leslie的 观点。 2.说的任务(课本第45页) 建议的步骤: 1) 让学生阅读下面的对话内容并2人一组讨论,他们会怎么做。 2) 每对做出共同解决方案后写在并交给老师。 3) 将持不同意见的2对组成4人一组再就同样的情况展开讨论。 4) 让他们互相展示他们这样做的理由,试图达成一致的最佳方案。 5) 每个4人小组派1名成员向全班报告他们新的方案。 6) 如果时间允许,可以让学生组对并展开对话。

4.课堂小结: 第一步:总结 Summary 1.让学生们总结什么是友谊,以及朋友间交往最重要的是什么。 2.老师向同学展示更多关于友谊的信息和诗歌,并一起欣赏它们。 What is friendship? I want to find the answer to the question: What is friendship? When it rains, I think friendship is a small umbrella. It can give me a piece of clear sky. When I’m crying, I think friendship is a white handkerchief. It can wipe my tears dry. When I am sad, I think friendship is a warm word. It can bring me happiness again.

When I am in trouble, I think friendship is a strong hand. It can help me escape my troubles. When I sit in a quiet place, I think friendship is a very wonderful feeling. It can’t be pulled and torn, because it is in everyone’s heart. It is there from the beginning to the end of our lives. 第二步:评价Evaluation 学生完成以下评估表。标准:A,B,C Contents 1. I’m active in talking with others. 2. I’m active in cooperating with others. 3. I can express myself fluently, accurately and appropriately. 4. I know more about friendship after this lesson. 5. Do you think you need to improve yourself in some aspects? Which aspects? 自评 他评

1.完成练习册中相关练习。 2.写一篇关于你朋友短文。 3.准备下一板块Reading做好准备。 告诉学生结局: Make new friends and keep the old; one is silver and the other is gold.

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