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【新课标人教版】2012届高中英语一轮复习精品学案:选修八 Unit5 Meeting your ancestors.doc完美版

Unit5 Meeting your ancestors
1、interrupt v. 根据语境猜词义 (1)Traffic was interrupted by a dense fog. (2)It is not polite to interrupt when others are talking. 根据语义找匹配:A. 中断 B. 打断(讲话) (1) A (2) B
cut in / break in 插嘴, 打断 interruption n. 中断,打断 without interruption 不间断地 interrupt / disturb
interrupt sb. 打断某人讲话或正在做的事。 disturb sb.打扰 / 妨碍 / 扰乱某人(使人不能平静或妨碍别人工作、思维或正常秩 序)。
用 interrupt / disturb 的正确形式填空 (1)Don't disturb her; she is puzzling over something important. (2)His speech was constantly interrupted by applause.
2、assume vt. 根据语境猜词义 (1)The scientists assume that there are no animals on the moon. (2)The thief assumed a look of innocence. 根据语义找匹配:A.设想 B.假装 (1)A (2)B
assume sb. / sth. to be 假定 / 假设某人 / 某事为…… It is assumed that… 人们认为…

assumption n. 假定,假设 make an assumption 认为,假定


( )It is generally __________ that stress is caused by too much work.

A. assumed

B. interrupted

C. accelerated

D. preserved

3、arrest vt. 根据语境猜词义 (1)The agent was arrested for carrying a false passport. (2)The bright colors of the flowers arrested Susan's attention. 根据语义找匹配:A.吸引 B.逮捕 (1)B (2)A

get / be arrested 遭逮捕

arrest sb. for doing sth. 因……而逮捕某人

arrest one's attention 吸引某人的注意力

under arrest 被捕

make an arrest 进行拘捕

4、significance n.意义;重要性 根据语境感悟其用法 (1)Few people realized the significance of the discovery. (2)This new discovery of oil is of great significance to this area's economy. significant adj. 重要的;有意义的

be of great / no / little significance 非常重要的/不重要的/不太重要的 “be+of+抽象名词”结构= “be+adj.” (这些名词前可用 great,some,no, little 等词修饰)

be of importance = be important 重要的 be of help = be helpful 有帮助的 be of use = be useful 有用的 be of value = be valuable 有价值的 be of benefit = be beneficial 有益的;有好处的

5、regardless of 不管; 不顾 根据语境感悟其用法 (1)I will go there regardless_of the weather. (2)They continued to work regardless_of the fact that it was raining hard.

in spite of / despite 不管,不顾;尽管,虽然 regardless of / in spite of / despite 后加名词或代词,不能直接跟从句 though / although“虽然;尽管”, 引导让步状语从句


( )So we think it is reasonable to assume they lived in these caves, ______

the cold.

A. regardless of

B. instead of

C. in terms of

D. by means of

6、cut up 根据语境猜词义 (1)His son's death cut him up badly. (2)Alice cut_up the meat and began to cook it.

根据语义找匹配 A. 使……悲痛, 使……伤心 B. 切碎

(1) A (2) B cut…into pieces 把……切成碎片 cut…in half = cut…into halves 把……切成两半

根据句意填入 cut 相关的正确短语 (1)Your article is too long — please cut it down to 1,000 words. (2)You are supposed to cut up vegetables before you cook. (3)I wish Marie would stop cutting in our conversation all the time.

7、We have_been_excavating layers of ash almost six metres thick, which suggests that they might have kept the fire burning all winter. (P38)
我们一直在挖掘一层层的积灰, 几乎有 6 米厚。这意味着他们可能整个冬天都在烧火。

本句中使用了现在完成进行时,其构成是“have / has + been + 现在分词”。 现在完 成进行时表示动作从过去某个时候开始一直持续到现在,可能刚刚结束,也可能持续下去; 也可以表示动作的重复或带有强烈的感情色彩。该时态通常强调的是动作的持续性。
She has been writing a report, but she hasn't finished it yet.她一直在写一 篇报道,但现在还没写完。
I have been waiting for you for about half an hour. 我等你大概半个小时了。


( )— We've spent too much money recently.

— Well, it isn't surprising. Our friends and relatives __________ around all

the time.

A. are coming

B. had come

C. were coming

D. have been coming

8、Abruptly she sat down, only_to_be_scooped up by her laughing,shouting sister, Luna. (P43)

突然间她坐了下去,但又被她那又笑又叫的妹妹卢娜一把搂了起来。 “only+不定式”结构通常在句中作结果状语,表示出乎意料或令人失望的结果。当不定 式与句子的主语是被动关系时,不定式要用被动形式。

He hurried home only_to_find the guests had left. 他匆匆忙忙赶回家,结果发现客人们已经走了。 She wanted to do a good deed,only to_be_scolded by her teacher. 她想做件好事,不料反而受到老师的斥责。


( ) (1)The news reporters hurried to the airport, only ______ the film stars

had left.

A. to tell

B. to be told

C. telling

D. told

( ) (2)He hurried to the station only ______ that the train had left.

A. to find

B. finding

C. found

D. to have found

( ) 1. (2009·湖北)As there is less and less coal and oil,scientists are

exploring new ways of making use of ______ energy, such as sunlight,wind and water

for power and fuel.

A. primary B. alternative

C. instant

D. unique

B 形容词词义辨析。alternative“两者择一的, 供替代的”;alternative energy“新 能源; 替代能源”;primary“首要的; 初级的; 基本的”;instant“立即的;即食的”; unique“独一无二的, 少见的;特有的”。 Can you think of the alternatives we would use today?(P37)

( ) 2. (2010·江苏) — Why, Jack, you look so tired! — Well, I __________ the house and I must finish the work tomorrow.

A. was painting C. have painted

B. will be painting D. have been painting

D 考查时态。根据后句:and I must finish the work tomorrow 可以推断出“动作还将 继续”,所以应选 D 项。 We have_been_excavating layers of ash almost six metres thick…(P38)

不论何时,都要尽可能让思考与反省预见到突发的激情,这于审慎者可轻而易举做到。心烦意乱之时,首先要做的就是意识到这一点。先控制住自己的情绪,下决心不再使之加剧。有了这种 高明的防范,就能很快终止怒气。要懂得制怒之法,且止息于当止之时:奔跑时停下来最难;狂怒时保持头脑清醒也一样难。过分激动,不论程度高低,都会影响理智。一旦对发怒有了这种 警醒,就不会使你因怒气而失控,也不会使你损害良好的辨别力。谨慎地驾驭情绪,就能很好地控制它。你将是马背上第一个理智的人。智者最没有耐性,因为学识减少了他们的耐心。知识 渊博的人很难被取悦。俄庀泰特斯告诉我们,生活最重要的准则在于懂得如何忍受一切。他认为这是智慧的一半真谛。容忍愚蠢需要极大的耐心。有时最令我们痛苦的人正是我们最依赖的人, 这帮助我们战胜自我。耐心能带来无可估量的内心平静;而内心平静是世间的福祉。不懂得如何容忍他人的人如果还能忍受他自己的话,就应当独处。


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