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2011 年海淀区九年级一模完形填空训练
I was standing by the side of the road at 6:30 am. When the taxi took my ___34___ to the Philadelphia Airport, I was too ___35___ to speak. For the first time in my life, I was left home by myself. I had no one to depend on and ___36___ knew how to get back to my dorm(宿舍), for my mother used to take me to school in her car. Luckily, I ___37___ in finding my way back safely. A few days later, I also made a few friends. However, I still felt alone. When I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art with some of my friends, I was very ___38___ at the art, but they quickly ran past the art, heading towards the free food instead. And I wanted to work ___39___ the university newspaper, but ___40___ of my friends wanted to go to the information meeting for the newspaper. I ___41___ to attend the meeting by myself. Going alone wasn’t as frightening as I had imagined. In fact, no one seemed to ___42___ or care! I could leave when I felt like leaving. It wasn’t bad at all! AD CDBBA CDBAC

Although I am beginning to feel more comfortable about ___43___ on myself, I am not planning to cut off myself from the rest of the ___44___. I still call home twice a day. Because no matter how independent (独立) may become, I will always need people to ___45___ my life with. I 34. A. mother 35. A. nervous 36. A. nearly 37. A. tried 38. A. relaxed 39. A. as 40. A. none 41. A. wanted 42. A. enjoy 43. A. getting 44. A. world 45. A. spend B. teacher B. happy B. only B. suffered B. excited B. for B. some B. expected B. find B. depending B. life B. help C. friend C. sorry C. hardly C. failed C. worried C. to C. many C. decided C. interest C. putting C. family C. share D. classmate D. sad D. quickly D. succeeded D. tired D. with D. all D. hated D. notice D. turning D. university D. keep


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2011 年海淀区九年级一模完形填空训练
One day the bathroom door had slammed on Timmy’s finger. The doctor asked if we had found the tip of Timmy’s finger. He said there was a small chance of 33 it if we could get it 34 , it had already

to him quickly. Pulling myself out of a daze, I ran back to the bathroom.

turned blue. I knew from the look on the doctor’s face that it was too late. I felt helpless, unable to take the pain away from my little boy. Then a(n) “Timmy, did you know that lizards grow their tails back too?” Timmy’s soft green eyes grew wide with surprised by the thought, “And 38 ?” 35 36 37 came to me. I whispered in his ear, and little boys can grow their fingers . “They can?” he asked, obviously

I told him, “Inside your head you have a little voice telling your finger how much you love it and how much you 39 it.” I could see Timmy’s little face focused in deep concentration.

Then I continued, “Now just say, grow for me finger, grow. I love you and I need you.” A few days later, Timmy said to me quietly, “I’m talking to my finger every day, Weeks later, with a joyful burst of 41 40 it well.”

, Timmy ran towards me. “See,” he said, “It’s growing

back really good!” A year later, Timmy’s finger grew back and became well again just as any finger 42 be. 43 of miracles. He

Timmy remains forever in my heart as a constant reminder of the also inspires me to 44

beyond the accepted knowledge of the times, and to remember that all

things are possible if you truly believe. BAB CDADB CADC 33. A. putting 34. A. Unfortunately 35. A. plan 36. A. long 37. A. interest 38. A. how 39. A. thank 40. A. getting 41. A. hope 42. A. should 43. A. chance 44. A. work B. saving B. Clearly B. idea B. short B. pleasure B. why B. give B. wishing B. speed B. could B. strength B. look C. keeping C. Possibly C. dream C. back C. wonder C. when C. help C. making C. energy C. might C. importance C. reach D. losing D. Strangely D. answer D. up D. excitement D. where D. need D. knowing D. mind D. would D. possibility D. think

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2011 年海淀区九年级一模完形填空训练
Every year on my birthday, from the time I turned twelve, a while gardenia was delivered to my house. No card came with it. Calls to the flower shop were not __35__ at all. After a while I stopped trying to __36__ the sender’s name and just delighted in the beautiful white flower in soft pink paper. However, I never __37__ imagining who the giver might be. Some of my happiest __38__ were spent daydreaming about the sender. My mother encouraged these imaginings. She’d ask me if there was someone for whom I had shown special __39__. Perhaps it was the old man across the street whose maul I’d delivered during the winter. As a girl, though, I had more fun imagining that it might be a __40__ I had run into. One month before my graduation, my father died. I felt so sad that I became completely ___41___ in my upcoming graduation dance, and I didn’t __42__ if I had a new dress or not. But my mother, despite her own sadness, would not let me __43__ any of those things. She wanted her children not only to be lovable but to feel __44__. In truth, my mother wanted her children to see __45__ much like the gardenia—lovely, strong and perfect with perhaps a bit of mystery. My mother died ten days after I was married. I was twenty-two years old. That was the year the gardenia stopped __46__. B CAACD BDBCD A 35.A. careful 36.A. take out 37.A. stopped 38.A. moments 39.A. practice 40.A. visitor 41.A. uncomfortable 42.A. want 43.A. leave 44.A. needed 45.A. herself 46.A. coming B. helpful B. work out B. began B. festivals B. housework B. child B. uninterested B. hope B. miss B. noticed B. myself B. sending C. exciting C. find out C. kept C. seasons C. kindness C. lady C. unbelievable C. know C. have C. loved C. ourselves C. giving D. interesting D. put out D. loved D. holidays D. exercise D. boy D. unimportant D. care D. hear D. moved D. themselves D. growing


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2011 年海淀区九年级一模完形填空训练
One night I was driving from Harrisburg to Lewisburg, a distance of eighty miles. I was late so I drove very 36 . Several times I got stuck behind a slow-moving truck on a narrow road,and I was shouting and 37 the steering wheel (方向盘) with impatience.

At one point along an open highway, I came to a crossroads with a traffic light. I was alone on the road, but as I got 38 the light, it turned red and I stopped. I looked left, right and behind of headlights, but there I sat, waiting for the light to change, the

me. Nothing. Not a car, no 39

only human being for at least a mile in any 40 . I started wondering why I refused to run the red light.There was obviously no policeman around, and it certainly would not have been 41 in going through it. Later that night, after I had climbed into bed the question of why I stopped for that light 42 back to me. I did so because it’s part of a contract (协议) we all have with each other. It’s not only the law, but an agreement we have, and we trust each other to It’s 44 43 it.

that we ever trust each other to do the right things. It’s a good thing because the

whole structure of our society depends on trust. This whole thing we have going for us would fall apart if we didn’t trust each other most of the time. We do 45 we say we’ll do;and we pay

when we say we’ll pay. We trust each other in these matters, and when we don’t do what we’ve 46 , others will be angry or disappointed with us because we violate (亵渎) the 47 they have in us. ADCBD CAABB CD

I was so proud of myself for stopping for the red light that night! 36. A. fast 37. A. pulling 38. A. along with 39. A. condition 40. A. way 41. A. safe 42. A. came 43. A. honor 44. A. surprising 45. A. which 46. A. accepted 47. A. truth B. well B. playing B. down to B. suggestion B. situation B. easy B. went B. make B. amazing B. what B. told B. pride C. carefully C. fixing C. close to C. instruction C. road C. dangerous C. rushed C. protected C. interesting C. whether C. promised C. worth D. quietly D. hitting D. out of D. relation D. direction D. wrong D. flew D. believe D. frustrating D. that D. known D. trust

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