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B 卷训练 1 一、完成对话。在对话空格中填上适当的单词,使对话完整正确;一空一词(含缩写词) 。 A: Hello, Peter. Glad to see you again. How was your summer vacation? B: This summer vacation I didn’t visit places of interest as 1 . I did something different. A: So would you mind telling me about your vacation? B: Certainly not. I took a part-time job for the first time in my life in a western-style restaurant called Top Steak. A: Sounds great! B: At first, I thought it would be the 2 job in the world to do. I just needed to wash cups. However, I made a few mistakes. A: What happened? B: I 3 some glasses and cut my hands while washing cups. I felt frustrated and I thought I was a useless person. I couldn’t do anything well. A: That’s kind of bad. Do you 4 you gave up? B: At first I did want to give up. But my boss told me, “ it’ll 5 rain (落下) roses, if we want to have roses, we must plant them.” A: Excellent words! I think his words must be 6 to you. B: Yeah, it’s a big help to me. Then at the restaurant, 7 washing cups, I was offered many other jobs to try, including communicating with my customers and making drinks. A: I believe such an 8 will help you in the future. B: Yes, the more we experience, the more I get to understand. I 9 whatever we do, we need practice to master(精通) a job in a positive way. Then we can get over any problem. A: I think so. We shouldn’t easily give up working hard . 10 , we should do our best to face and solve problems, 二、短文填空。选出 10 个单词,并将其正确形式填空,使意思正确通顺(每词限用一次) 。 success, answer, different, have, them, popular, need ask, wait, parent, clear, late, When Wang Jiayue, 13, saw yo-yos in a supermarket, she couldn’t take her eyes off them. Yo-yos were the 1 in her school and she wanted to have one. Looking at the price – 50 to 70 yuan each – her mom shook her head. “It’s not practical (实用 的).” she said. But Wang kept 2 for one. Finally, she 3 . Many students have had the same experience as Wang. They either ask their parents or use their pocket money to buy things like cell phones, computers and clothes with a famous brand (品牌). As Wang says, they don’t want to “fall behind the fashion trend ”. But in Wang Han’s eyes, they may not be thinking 4 about what they really need. “It’s not necessary for us 5 things like cell phones or iPads,” said the 15-year-old from Tianjin. Wang said she likes buying books online. “When I saw so many good books on the Internet, I just wanted to buy them all,” Wang said. But 6 , she found many of these books were still in the corner. “So now when I want to buy books, I 7 several days to see whether I really want them or am just acting out of impulse (冲动),” Wang said. Hu Suyun, an expert (专家) at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said that teenagers should learn to tell the difference between what they want and what they need. They can ask 8 if the thing 9 or wanted. “You are using your 10 money, so be a good consumer (消费者),” he said.

三、阅读表达 A. 补全短文。根据短文内容,选出 5 个适当的选项补全短文。 When Will was 7 years old, his father abandoned(抛弃)him and his mom. 1 He once even said these words to his mom: “I see why Dad left you! You are good for nothing.” His mother sent him to his grandparents’ house for the summer. Every time he said something mean (刻薄的), Will’s grandpa made him go into the garage(车库)and pound a nail (钉钉子) into a board(木板). For so small a boy, this was difficult , but he couldn’t go back until the nail was all in. Will changed slowly. 2 He even apologized (道歉) for all the bad things he’d said. His grandma told him to bring in the board with nails and to pull them all out(拔出). 3 But after a great effort(努力), he finally did it. His grandmother hugged (拥抱) him and said: “I appreciate (欣赏) your apology, and, of course, I forgive (原谅) you because I love you, but I want you to know an apology is like pulling out one of these nails. Look at the board. 4 The board will never be the same. Your dad may have put a hole in you, Will, but please don’t put holes in other people. You’re better than that. 5___ I hope now you realize what it means to hurt someone.” A. Will was angry, and he often shouted hurtful(伤害的) words at others. B. The holes (洞) are still there. C. After about 10 trips to the garage, he began to be more careful with his words. D. Will hates his father very much. E. That’s the end of my lesson. F. This was even harder than pounding them in. B. 阅读排序。 I am in the habit of giving money to every homeless person I meet. One day, my friend and I were walking to the bus stop when I met a homeless woman. I had seen her several times before and had always given her a little money. A. She handed me a piece of paper. B. When my friend did, the lady hugged(拥抱)us and thanked us, and went on her way. C. Her story was her story, but I felt that my friend and I would always remember that day. D. She had already got a bit of money, but she needed five dollars to get home. E. Later, in the bus, I wondered where her home -was and how she had gotten to this country, but I didn't think too much. F. As two strangers, we helped her get home. G. I looked for my pockets(口袋) and found only 20 cents. H. I was waiting for the bus and reading a book when I looked up to see that lady standing in front of me. I. I asked my friend to give five dollars to the lady, and said that I would pay her back the next day. J. On the paper it was said that she and her family had to leave the country, and she was trying to support(供养)them. 1. 6. 2. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5. 10.

C. 完成表格。阅读下面短文,根据短文内容,完成表格中所缺的信息。 On April 22nd 1970,the first Earth Day was held. People decided to help the earth. Since then Earth Day has been popular all over the world. People have come to know that there are problems we need to work on and this is our special day to look at the earth and see what needs changing. Caring for the earth is a big job and we all need to help out. Don't think it's a difficult job. In fact, we can do many things in our daily life to make the earth a better place to live in. Take saving water for example: we can take shorter showers and reuse(重新利用) the water. Giving things in good condition(状况)that you no longer need to charities is a good way to reuse things like outgrown clothing or toys. Reusing is often the best way to save energy(能量). This is something to think about all year round, not just on earth day. Try to shop wisely. Don't buy a toy if you already have one. Also, you can clean up some areas in your town. It could be at your school, or some other places. Make sure to have a plan for how to take care of the place after you've made it nice. You can plant some trees. If one person can make a difference, think how much more we can do for the earth if we work together to care for our earth. The aim (目的) of Earth Day It tries to make people what to do to help 1 to the earth problems and think about the problems.

Things that are not difficult to do in our daily life to make the earth a better place Conclusion

Save water by 2 and the water. Giving away good things in good condition to charities will help energy. Shop wisely instead of buying 4 new you’ve already had. It’s also a good idea to clean up in your town. Making the earth a better place to live in 5 everybody’s effort(努力).


四、书面表达(计 15 分) 。 成都是中国西南地区的重要城市,在最近几年里,发展很快,变化很大。 请以 I love my hometown — Chengdu 为题,写一篇 90-110 词的英语短文介绍成都。 要求:1. 请从饮食、人居环境、交通、教育四方面对成都的过去和现在展开对比。 2. 假如你是成都市市长,你会采取怎样的措施让这个城市更加美好。(至少两条)。 3.紧扣主题,书写工整,条理清楚,合理使用虚拟语气。 4. 提示词:Southwest China , mayor(市长)、used to, would ______________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________



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