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Unit 1 Friendship Workbook课件(人教版必修1)_图文


Part 1 Part 2


Before you listen, discuss these questions with your partner. Then go over the exercise.

1. Do you think it is a good idea to make friends with people from other countries? Why?
I think it is/isn’t a good idea. Because……

2.What are the advantages of this friendship?

to practise another language with a native speaker to learn new ways of thinking and ideas

to find out more about another country
2 Listen to the tape and Write down in one sentence what Leslie does in China.

Leslie does some business in China and her company sells buses.

Part 1

Part 2


Listen to Part 1 again and tick the things done by Leslie.

going to watch peking opera seeing the great wall going to people’s homes swimming in the sea going out for delicious dinners visiting a mountain staying in a good hotel going shopping


What does Leslie say about the friends she made in China? Listen to Part 2 again and write your answers in one or two sentences.

Leslie says that she made some friends but they are just business friends on a short visit. Leslie thinks some of the friends in China may have liked her, but others may try to be nice to her so as to gain a business advantage.

In pairs discuss these questions.

1. Do you agree with Leslie? Give your reasons. 2. Do you think foreigners and Chinese people have the same idea about friendship? 3. What misunderstandings do you think might occur between Chinese people and foreigners?

Using words and Expressions
Answer keys to the exercise 1 on page 41

1. 你把所有的数加起来就会知道结果. (add up) You will know the result when you add up all the numbers.
2. 我们努力想让他平静下来,但他还是激动地大叫. (calm down) We tried to calm him down but her kept shouting excitedly. 3. 玛丽在医院里住了很长一段时间后,恢复了健康. (recover) After a long stay in hospital, Mary recovered.

李鸣在这里定居后,和邻居们相处得很好. (settle; get along with) Since Li Ming settled here, he has got along well with his neighbours.
如果你不想和我在一起,你就收拾东西走人. (pack up) If you don’t want to stay with me, you can pack up and go. 战争期间,我受了很多苦. 我用日记记下自己的经历, 以便老了以后能够记住. (suffer; set down) During the war, I suffered a lot. I wrote my diary to set down my experiences so I would remember them when I was old.

Answer keys to exercise 2 on page 42

get tired of got along with

got into
got back

get off
got back

got used to
get into

Using structures
Answer keys to exercise 1 on page 42

Anne said that when they arrived at Prinsengracht they went quickly upstairs and into the hiding place.

She said that when they closed the door behind them, they were alone.
She said Margot had come faster on her bicycle and was already waiting for them. She said all the rooms were full of boxes and they lay on the floor and the beds.

She said the little room was filled with bedclothes so they had to start clearing up at once, if they wished to sleep in comfortable beds that night. Anne said her mother and Margot were not able to help because they were tired. They lay down on their beds, but she and her father, the two ―helpers‖ of the family, started at once.

Anne said they unpacked the boxes, filled the cupboards and tidied the whole day, until they were extremely tired.
She said they did sleep in clean beds that night. She said they did sleep in clean beds that night. She said they hadn’t had any warm food to eat all day, but they didn’t care. Anne said her mother and Margot were too tired and worried to eat, and she and her father were too busy.

Listening task
1 Anne made a friend in the hiding place. He was the son of another family hiding with them. Listen to the story and tick the pair who are disagreeing about the friendship.

Anne and her friend Her friend and her father Ann and her father
2 Listen to the story again to find out what happened.

What Anne’s father said
About being friends with Peter She should be careful because they lived so close together He was unhappy

What Anne thought
She wanted her father to be happy for her to have a friend

About talking to him every night

She wanted to continue.

About following He thought Anne She thought her her father’s would agree to stop father was wrong. ideas seeing Peter so often


Work in pairs and make a list of things she might say to her father to make him change his mind.

1. Everyone needs a friend. Anne needs a good friend. 2. They talk together happily and they are not doing anything wrong. 3. They are always with the family, so her father can watch over her.

4. It is normal for a girl like Anne to want to have a boyfriend.


Discuss the following questions.
1. Do you always do what your parents tell you?

2. If your parents misunderstand your friendship with a boy/girl, what would you do? And what would your parents do?
3. What’s the consequences of disobeying your parents?

Brainstorming-I----Talking (2m)

Do you know any place in the world where Chinese and Westerner cultures live side by side?

Hong kong




Pre-reading-I (2m)

Can you imagine what the life will be in such a place?

It’s said that Hawaii is a place where the East truly meets the West. Let’s see in Hawaii how people show their friendship. by giving a circle of flowers worn around the neck


Reading-I----fast reading (2m)

Read the passage and decide what each of the following words means in the language of the Hawaiians.

to be with happiness / goodbye aloha / our hearts singing lokahi together kokua lei help ohana

oneness with all people family

a circle of flowers worn around the neck

Reading-II----Detailed reading (5m)

Read the text again and answer the following questions.

1. What are the ways Hawaiians show their friendship? 2. Why do many different peoples call Hawaii their home? 3. How do people in Hawaii get on with one another? 4. Can you find similar things in your hometown? How do you show friendship to visitors?

What are the ways Hawaiians show their friendship?

Hawaiians say ―aloha‖ to each other to show friendship. They welcome people with ―lokahi‖ which means ―oneness with all people‖. They give visitors a ―lei‖ to make them feel at home.

Why do many different peoples call Hawaii their home?

It’s because Hawaii is a place where many cultures are encouraged to live together peacefully and co-operate with each other.

How do people in Hawaii get on with one another?

They try to help each other so that all feel stronger. They solve the problems with understanding and treat all people as if they are part of the same family.

Can you find similar things in your hometown? How do you show friendship to visitors?

Appreciation (2m)

Read the following poem carefully and write down the pairs of words that rhyme and add more similar rhyming words. A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift, A friends is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift. A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy and grace. And makes the whole world we live in a better and happier place.

Speaking task

Page 45

In pairs, read the dialogue on page 45 and discuss the following questions?

1. Do you think Martin behaved fairly to his friend? Give your reasons.

2. How do you think Martin’s friend felt?
3. Imagine you are Martin, what would you do when you see Liu Ming?


Work in pairs. Each pair should choose one of the following situations and make a dialogue.

Situation 1 Your best friend tells you that he/she has stolen something small from a shop. He/She thinks it is funny that he/she got away with it. What will you say to him/her?

Situation 2 You hate to be late for school but your best friend is so slow that you often arrive at school after the first class has started. You are not pleased but your friend finds it fun. How can you persuade him/her to get to school on time?

Situation 3 You have been getting on well with your friend for years, but now you don’t like him as much as before. He is crazy about Internet games and he smokes. You tried to stop him doing these things, but he won’t listen. What should you do? Should you end the friendship?

Writing task
Here you see some proverbs about friends and friendship. Read them carefully and think of some Chinese proverbs that have similar meanings. Choose one and write a short story of explanation about it.

1. When you meet your friend, your face shines – you have found gold
当你遇见你的好友,你的脸上都是光彩,一如你 发现了金子。(朋友是人生的财富)

2. Friends are like wine; the older, the better

3. A friend to all is a friend to none.

4. The friendship that can end was never real.
能够结束的友谊,不是真正的友谊。 (真正的友谊会天长地久)

5. Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
和朋友走在黑暗中要好过一个人独自在光明 中行走( ——[美国] 海伦· 凯勒 )

6. Friendship cannot stand always on one side.

7. With clothes, the new are best; with friends, the old are best.

8. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

9. The best mirror is an old friend.

10.The same man cannot be both friend and flatterer.

11.False friends are worse than open enemies.

Text type: story (fiction) Context: who, where, when, what Development: ?not happy when I watched myself on TV ?my friend’s phone call Conclusion: (using the proverb) I realized she was right because she told me the truth—so old friends are the best.

How to write an argumentative essay


Choose a proverb and make a good title Introduction Explain for what reasons you agree or disagree Second Think out three arguments to Paragraph support your ideas Conclusion Write what you should do and why 1. The subject is well-presented. 2. The evaluation is credible and well-supported. 3. It has a clear and effective style.

Finish the Writing task.

Review the language points in this unit.
Preview the new words in next unit.


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