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基础英语写作第五讲 观点性作文讲义



第五讲 观点性作文
观点性作文范例 Interpersonal Relationship Since we are social beings, the quality of our lives depends in large measure on our interpersonal relationships. One strength of the human condition is our tendency to give and receive support from one another under stressful circumstances. Social support consists of the exchange of resources among people based on their interpersonal ties. Those of us with strong support systems appear better able to cope with major life changes and daily hassles (困 难) . People with strong social ties live longer and have better health than those without such ties. Studies over a range of illnesses, from depression to heart disease, ,reveal that the presence of social support helps people fend off(挡开) illness, and the absence of such support makes poor health more likely. Social support cushions stress in a number of ways. First, friends, relatives, and eo-workers may let us know that they value us. Our self-respect is strengthened when we feel accepted by others despite our faults and difficulties. Second, other people often provide us with informational support. They help us to define and understand our problems and find solutions to them. Third, we typically find social companionship supportive. Engaging in leisure-time activities with others helps us to meet our social needs while at the same time distracting (转移…的注意力) us from our worries and troubles. Finally, other people may give us instrumental support-financial aid, material resources, and needed services-that reduces stress by helping us resolve and cope with our problems. (256 words)
这篇议论文提出一个现代人普遍关注的问题--在人类社会中,人际关系对人的重要性,以及 它对于缓解人的压力的具体表现。 文章从人际关系对身体(第一段)和精神 (第二段)两个方面 分析说明了它对人的健康是必不可少的。如,有着良好社会关系的人比没有的人活得更长, 更健康;对一部分疾病的研究表明,良好的人际关系可帮助人们避免某些疾病,而缺乏良好 人际关系会使人们的健康更有可能变糟糕;人际关系有利于提高人们适应和解决日常困难的 能力;其他人会给予我们一些有用的帮助---提供财力上和物资上的援助以及某些所需要的服 务;与他人一起参加一些业余活动可以满足我们的社会需要,同时也能分散我们的注意力, 不再忧虑,不再烦恼。

观点性作文提纲模式 _________ is a common phenomenon in our society. It is a very popular topic that is much talked about by all kinds of people. There are several reasons (measures, ways) for this. In the first place, _______. In addition, _____________. Last but not least, ____________. In short, as far as I am concerned, I firmly believe that. ..




摹写训练 1.根据以上范文列举该话题的关键词


常用句型 (1) In recent years, there is a growing number of people who_________ (2) In these days, the issue of _____ has aroused people's discussion. (3) Recently this opinion about_______has aroused wide concern. (4) Recently, there is a heated debate as to whether _______ (5) With the development of society, people's ideas about __________ have changed dramatically.

Education System 关键词提示: (1) struggle for high scores为高分而战 (2) the current education system当前的教育体制 (3) many students with high scores often do poorly高分低能 (4) the practical application实践应用 (5) when it comes to涉及,谈论到 (6) examination-oriented education应试教育 (7) quality-oriented education素质教育 (8) evaluate a student评估学生 (9) the looser environment宽松的环境 (10) bring up a new generation造就新一代 列举其它相关的关键词





Exams 关键词提示: (1) knack诀窍 (2) had effects负面影响 (3) cultivate qualified people培养合格人才 (4) the evaluation system评估体系 列举其它相关的关键词


关键词提示: (1) laid -off workers下岗工人 (2) planning economic system计划经济体制 (3) a waste of labor浪费人力 (4) bring everyone 's intelligence into full play充分发挥每个人的聪明才智 (5) a strong socialist one with Chinese characteristics中国特色的社会主义 (6) iron rice bowl (or secure job)铁饭碗 列举其它相关的关键词


以 Unemployment 为题写一篇 100-120 字的作文





Bargains Directions: For this part, you are supposed to write a composition on the title Bargains. You should write at least 120 words. Bargains are products that are reduced in price. Some are real bargains because it is cheaper in price but it is good in quality. But others are tricks to cheat customers. There are many reasons why there are so many bargains. On the one hand, shops mark down prices in order to attract customers, to defeat their opponents in the market competition, and to sell their goods as quickly as possible. On the other hand, the amount of product is larger than that of demand. In a word, bargains are good if they are real bargains. However, they do harm to manufacturers to some extent. My Hometown A Day in My Summer Vacation Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic: My Hometown. you should write at least 120 words. My hometown has a very beautiful name-Changchun, which means perennial spring. And the city is as beautiful as its name suggests. It is the capital of Iilin Province, and is the political, economic and cultural center of the province and one of the key metropolises in China. With an area of over 18,881 square kilometers and a population of 6. 83 million, it is a beautiful city situated in the hinterland of the Northeast plain of the country, and has long enjoyed the national reputation as "Film City" ,and "Automobile City". As a cultural city, it is proud to be the home of a number of noted universities and institutes of science and technology including Jilin University, which has national prominence. Changchun is not only noted for its historical relics such as the Last Emperor's Palace but also for its wide streets, lush greenery and pure fresh air. Rows upon rows of high-rises are standing among the boundless and immense forests. Therefore, Changchun also has been nicknamed" City in the Forest" . The scenery of the city is full of touching beauty, which inevitably leaves visitors with a memorable experience.



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