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第一卷(选择题 满分 85 分) 第一部分 听力 (略) 第二部分 英语知识运用 (共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 单项填空 (共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 21.________ is known to us is that tobacco contains nicotine and other harmful products,so you should give up smoking. A.As 答案 C 解析 句意为: 我们知道烟中含有尼古丁和其它有害成分, 因此你应该戒烟。 ________ is known to us 这一部分在句中作主语,是一个主语从句,主语从句中动词 know 缺少宾语, 故用 what 引导。 22.When ________ the twins,you will find the differences between them. A.compared C.comparing 答案 C 解析 句意为: 当比较这两个双胞胎时, 你将发现他们之间的不同。 本句中的主语是 you, 和 compare 构成逻辑上的主谓关系。 23.—Do you think he can get the first prize for jumping? —Impossible now.He ________ to do so,but he has just hurt his leg. A.would expect C.has expected 答案 B 解析 句意为:——你认为他能在跳远中得第一名吗?——现在不可能了。预计他会(得 第一名)的,但是,他刚刚伤了腿。由语境可知,预计他会得第一,是发生在过去的事, 故用一般过去时。 24.He left his homeland,________ never ________ back again. A.determined;to come B.being determined;to come C.determined;coming D.determining;coming B.was expected D.is expected B.compare D.compares B.It C.What D.Which

答案 A 解析 句意为:他离开了家乡,决定不再回来。determined 决心,坚决的,此处为形容 词作状语。 25.The maths problem is very difficult.I work it out,________. A.still C.although 答案 D 解析 句意为:数学问题很难,但我解决了。still 仍然; yet 然而;although 虽然,用 于句首;though 虽然,用于句首、句中或句末。 26.The couple are used to getting up before dawn,________ it is still dark outside. A.as 答案 D 解析 句意为:夫妻俩习惯于拂晓之前起床,那时天还没有亮。as 随着,表伴随,引导 时间状语从句。where 那儿,引导地点状语从句;which 哪一个,引导定语从句;when 当??时候,引导时间状语从句。 27.The plan was in ________ just because people were unwilling to cooperate. A.ruins C.danger 答案 A 解析 句意为:计划毁掉了,因为人们不愿意合作。in ruins 毁掉,荒废,成为废墟,符 合句意。in piece 破碎;in danger 在危险中;in trouble 处于困境中,有麻烦。 28.The place is worth ________. A.pay a visit C.paying a visit 答案 B 解析 句意为: 这地方值得一看。 be worth doing(某物、 某人)具有??的价值, 值得??; a visit to some place 去某地参观。 29. Be sure to take a trip to the Waddell ________ it’s a long drive on a dirt road.It’s well worth the trouble. A.only if C.even though 答案 C 解析 句意为:务必要到威德尔海旅游,尽管要在一条脏的路上开很久的车,但这样做 值得。only if 只要??就,只有;now that 既然,由于;even though 即使,纵然;in case B.now that D.in case B.paying a visit to D.pay a visit to B.pieces D.trouble B.where C.which D.when B.yet D.though

假使,免得。 30. Today we have too many choices of communication through advanced technology, but we seem ________ the joy of communicating face to face. A.losing C.to be lost 答案 B 解析 句意为:今天通过先进的技术,有太多的交流方式供我们选择,但我们看上去正 在失去面对面交流的乐趣。seem to do sth.好像做??。因动作正在进行,故选 B 项。 31.—Won’ t you go to the football match tonight? —________.I might stay at home watching it live on TV instead. A.I’d rather not C.I guess so 答案 B 解析 句意为: ——你今晚不去看足球赛?——不一定, 我可能待在家从电视上看直播。 might 可能,表示不确定。 32.Staying ________ you are means you will fall behind others. A.at the place C.where 答案 C 解析 句意为:待在原地不动就意味着你会落后于别人。stay 为不及物动词,表示“待 在某处”,后需接地点状语,故用 where 引导地点状语从句。 33.It is difficult to ________ a conversation with someone who only says “Yes” and “No”. A.keep up C.make up 答案 A 解析 句意为: 和一个只说 yes 和 no 的人继续交流太难了。 keep up 保持, 维持; take up(中 断后)继续,接受,占用;make up 组成,补足,编造;pick up 捡起,得到,学会。由句 意知选 A 项。 34.If you do fall out of the boat,your life jacket will help you to________until we can find you out. A.stay up C.make up 答案 A 解析 句意为:如果你从船上掉下去的话,你的救生衣会帮你不下沉,直到我们找到你。 B.come up D.stand up B.take up D.pick up B.in which D.there B.I’m not sure D.I’d love to B.to be losing D.having lost

come up 走过来;make up 编造,组成;stand up 起立;stay up 不倒,不沉。故选 A 项。 35.—Which of the two English films do you like better? —________ shorter one,of course.I think it’s really ________ most instructive one. A.A;the C.The;a 答案 C 解析 句意为:——这两部英文电影中,你更喜欢哪一部?——当然是短一点的。我想 它是一部更有教育意义的电影。前一空表两者比较,为特指;后一空表泛指。 第二节 完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项。 During the past hundred years,the car,the radio,the cinema,and now television,have produced great__36__in the amusements with which people pass their__37__time. A__38__years ago,people were in the habit of making their own amusements.When a group of people__39__together, they talked, played cards, or other games, or went out riding, shooting, or walking together.Most people could sing a little,or play some musical instrument reasonably well;so at a party the guests amused each other.__40__,conversation was a(n)__41__,amusing conversation could__42__people happy for hours. As for games such as football and cricket,people were also in the habit of playing them themselves.Most of them did not play very well,but they__43__themselves and their friends. Nowadays we are amused by professional singers or players.Why listen to your friends singing when you can__44__the great singers of the world over the radio or on TV?Why play football with players who__45__very good when you can go to__46__some of the best players in your country. __47__an important match?You may just sit comfortably__48__and watch the game without the__49__of going outside. The art of conversation and the__50__of playing and singing are__51__; people are becoming more and more lookers and listeners, and__52__doers and talkers.This change does people__53__; it is__54__to do something than__55__to sit and watch others doing it. 36.A.harm C.changes 答案 C 解析 produce great changes 引起了巨大的变化。句意为:汽车、收音机、电影和电视给 人们的娱乐消遣带来了巨大的变化。 37.A.busy B.free B.pleasure D.danger B.The;the D.A;a

C.good 答案 B 解析 free time 空余时间。


38.A.hundred C.century 答案 A

B.thousand D.few

解析 上文提到的是“在过去一百年期间”的情况,由语境可知此段中提到的应该是一 百年之前的情况,故选 hundred。 39.A.walked C.met 答案 D 解析 gather together 聚集在一起。 40.A.First of all C.After all 答案 B 解析 above all 首先,尤其重要的是。句中提到聊天的意义。 41.A.art C.fun 答案 A 解析 art 艺术。 句意为: 聊天是一门艺术, 有趣的聊天可以使人快乐许久。 文章末段“The art of conversation...”也有提示。 42.A.let C.keep 答案 C 解析 keep 保持,维持,是持续性动词,因此可以和后面的 for hours 连用。make,let 为短暂动词,不能和 for hours 连用;cause 引起,导致,与句意不符。 43.A.enjoyed C.taught 答案 D 解析 amuse 给??(提供)娱乐,逗乐。从上下文看,主要讲消遣娱乐的活动方式,此句 讲有些人打球也只是给自己或别人以娱乐。 44.A.watch C.hear 答案 C B.become D.admire B.played D.amused B.make D.cause B.interest D.importance B.Above all D.At first B.played D.gathered


hear sb.听见某人的声音,此处表示听著名的歌唱家唱歌,与前面的 “...listen to

your friends singing...”相一致。选其他动词都与句意不符。 45.A.is C.is not 答案 D 解析 who 引导定语从句代指 players,是复数,又因为这里提到的运动员(players)不是 B.are D.are not

正规运动员(与后面的“the best players”相对应),要用否定式。故选 are not。 46.A.join in C.see 答案 C 解析 see sb.doing sth.看某人做某事,此句省略了 playing football。故选 C 项。而其余三 B.play with D.find

项均与句意不符。 47.A.Acting C.Joining 答案 D 解析 play a match 比赛。 48.A.at home C.at a stadium 答案 A 解析 at home(在家里)与后面的 outside 相对应。 49.A.problem C.question 答案 B 解析 应。 50.A.art C.idea 答案 B 解析 注意前面提到过“the habit of playing”。 51.A.growing C.dying 答案 C 解析 die 消失。句意为:聊天艺术和打球唱歌的习惯即将消失。 52.A.better B.worse B.developing D.disappearing B.habit D.interest without the trouble of...没有??的辛苦,烦劳,与前面的 comfortably(舒服地)相对 B.trouble D.difficulty B.at a cinema D.at the playground B.Enjoying D.Playing

C.more 答案 D 解析


less 更少,较少。句意为:成为看者(lookers)和听者(listeners)的人越来越多,而实

干家(doers 如 players、singers 等)和谈话者(talkers)越来越少。 53.A.more good than harm B.either good or harm C.more harm than good D.neither good nor harm 答案 C 解析 do sb.harm 对某人有害;do sb.good 对某人有好处。由作者的观点可知:上述变化 给人们带来的害处要比好处多,故选 more harm than good。 54.A.good C.bad 答案 B 解析 这是作者的观点:自己参与做某事要比坐在一旁看别人做某事更好一些。 55.A.always C.sometimes 答案 A 解析 选 always 更能起到加强语气的作用。 第三部分 阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A It would be perfect if you would not have to answer your boss,you would have flexible(灵活 的) working hours and you would be able to earn satisfactory money without putting much effort.In order to live that successful life of freedom , you would need to become a successful businessman.You would need to build your online business in a way that it would be working like a selfreplicating(自我复制的) system to create a continuous stream of income for you. If you are looking for that selfreplicating system,there are a number of products available in market saying they can make you a millionaire in few days.I have been doing research about them and found a solution in the form of Coffee Shop Millionaire.It is a good way to create that selfreplicating system to provide you a satisfactory income. First of all, Coffee Shop Millionaire is not one of those tricks to make you a millionaire in few days.Instead,it is about creating a lifestyle of complete freedom.You can live wherever you want and work wherever and whenever you want to work without being answerable to anyone.It is a complete product.It includes tools,training and stepbystep guidance to get you started to make B.often D.never B.better D.worse

money online. No matter where you are and who you are,Coffee Shop Millionaire contains several ways to help you earn fulltime income online.Specifically, it is recommended to go through its eight weeks of training from Six Figure Secrets Club and $21k System.These two areas specifically aim to teach you how to make money online. As we have talked about its positive points,now let’s have a look at its flaws(缺点).It has been observed that Coffee Shop Millionaire has just too much information to grasp for a beginner.If its product training and tools are more directional for beginners,it would be more effective. If I have to give conclusive remarks about Coffee Shop Millionaire,I would say,if you could make use of all its tools and training properly,it can be beneficial for you to earn money online.On the other hand,if you just want to experiment with it,Coffee Shop Millionaire may not work for you. 56.The first paragraph serves as a(n) ________. A.background C.comment 答案 A 解析 逻辑结构题。第一段告诉我们,如果想不受老板的管束、有灵活的工作时间和可 观的收入,那么你需要自己做老板,特别是在网上做生意。这些内容对下文介绍一种网 上经营赚钱模式起到了一个背景烘托的作用。 57.Which of the following does the writer encourage? A.To work hard for your boss devotedly. B.To be a boss for yourself and earn good money. C.To choose any product in market as your target business. D.To find as many parttime jobs as possible to earn money. 答案 B 解析 细节理解题。文章第一段表明作者观点:作者支持自主创业经营网上生意,赚得 可观收入。 58.Coffee Shop Millionaire is strongly recommended by the writer because ________. A.it is a good case of doing online business B.it is a workshop established by the writer C.it can help a person do business in a systematic way D.it can provide many job opportunities for job hunters 答案 C 解析 细节理解题。第三、四段提到 Coffee Shop Millionaire 提供用具、系统培训、分步 指导等,帮助想创业的人经营网上生意,因此作者极力推荐。 B.introduction D.explanation

59.The disadvantage of Coffee Shop Millionaire is that ________. A.it can’t promise a profitable result B.it hasn’t been tested by the market C.it has little information for beginners D.it’s not very effective and directional for beginners 答案 D 解析 细节理解题。在倒数第二段中,作者在之前介绍了很多 Coffee Shop Millionaire 的 优势以后,简单提到了一点不足:对于新手来说,Coffee Shop Millionaire 提供的信息过 多,缺少了有效性和指导性。 60.What is the purpose of the last paragraph? A.To tell us earning money online is challenging and risky. B.To show earning money online doesn’t work for everyone. C.To tell us one should have full confidence in Coffee Shop Millionaire. D.To show the writer is doubtful about Coffee Shop Millionaire. 答案 C 解析 写作目的题。最后一段中,作者认为,Coffee Shop Millionaire 可以帮助人们赚钱, 但如果仅是抱着试试看的态度,那就不适合选择它,所以告诫人们要充分信任它。 B A group of 1,309 passengers boarded the MS Balmoral on Sunday, in Southampton, England, on a voyage to retrace the path of the Titanic.The Titanic was the biggest ship in the world when it sailed on its illfated voyage in 1912.Of the 2,227 passengers and crew aboard,more than 1,500 died.The ship,which was headed to New York City,carried the rich and famous on its first voyage.It also carried immigrants(移民),who were seeking a better life in America. Relatives of people who sailed on the Titanic,historians,authors and people attracted by the story of the unsinkable ship,are on the Balmoral.They want to remember the ship and those who died on her first and last voyage.The historic ship set sail on April 10,1912, from Southampton.Late at night on April 14,she hit an iceberg.In the early morning hours of April 15,the Titanic sank. The Balmoral is following Titanic’s original course from Southampton.First, the modernday ship docked(进港) in the port of Cherbourg,France,where the Titanic had picked up more passengers.On Monday afternoon,the Balmoral stops in Cobh,Ireland,the Titanic’s last port of call before sailing to New York. Balmoral will then sail on the North Atlantic Ocean to the place where Titanic hit an iceberg that damaged the ship’s body.On Sunday,April 15,at 2∶20 a.m.—the time the Titanic went down—passengers and crew will hold a memorial service.The next two days will be spent in Halifax,Canada,where many victims of the sinking are buried.Then,the Balmoral will reach its

final destination in New York City,where Titanic was supposed to dock—but never did. Today,the 882footlong ship lies in pieces more than 12,000 feet below the ocean’s surface.Several teams of divers have explored the site.They have recovered some items such as dishes and silverware and put them on public display.And more trips are planned to the wreckage(残骸) in the future. The Titanic and its passengers and crew have been remembered in books,movies and TV programs.But there’s a much more important contribution that Titanic gave us.After she sank, lawmakers and shipbuilders made ships safer.It took a terrible disaster to make ship travel safer for all. 61.Some passengers aboard the Balmoral would like to remember their relatives by ________. A.sailing on the same way as those on the Titanic B.searching for the iceberg on their voyage C.experiencing the terrible climate on the sea D.moving to America to lead a better life 答案 A 解析 推理判断题。根据第一段首句 “A group of 1,309 passengers boarded the MS

Balmoral on Sunday,in Southampton,England,on a voyage to retrace the path of the Titanic.”可以推知,乘客们通过重走泰坦尼克号之路来纪念在海难中丧生的人们。 62.The Titanic had sailed on the sea for ________. A.almost four days B.about five days C.at least a week D.more than six days 答案 B 解析 细节理解题。文章第二段描写了泰坦尼克号在海上的航行时间,4 月 10 日出发, 4 月 14 日遇难,总计大约 5 天。 63.Which of the following shows the right course order of the Balmoral’s voyage? A.Southampton→Cherbourg→Cobh→Halifax→New York B.Cherbourg→Southampton→Halifax→Cobh→New York C.Halifax→Cobh→Cherbourg→New York→Southampton D.New York→Halifax→Cobh→Cherbourg→Southampton 答案 A 解析 细节理解题。 文章第一段提到 the MS Balmoral 即从英国的南安普顿出发;第三段 提到到达法国的瑟堡,之后去爱尔兰的科布;第四段提到去加拿大的哈利法克斯,最后

到达纽约。 64.It can be inferred from the text that ________. A.the passengers aboard the Titanic were brave B.it will be better not to travel by ship any longer C.ships should be made strong enough for safety D.the Balmoral was made of the wreckage of the Titanic 答案 C 解析 推理判断题。根据最后一段中的“After she sank,lawmakers and shipbuilders made ships safer.”可以推知,轮船应该制造得更加坚固,以确保安全。 65.What can be the best title for the text? A.A Successful Voyage B.Sailing Through History C.Two Worldfamous Ships D.The Terrible Titanic Disaster 答案 B 解析 标题归纳题。 本文叙述了 the MS Balmoral 航行的路线及活动,她通过重走泰坦尼 克号的行驶路线,来纪念这一历史事件。所以 B 项为本文的最佳标题。 C Teachers and parents usually call attention to the pictures when they read storybooks to preschool children.But a new study suggests that calling attention to the words and letters on the page may lead to better readers. The twoyear study compared children who were read to this way in class with children who were not.Those whose teachers most often discussed the print showed clearly higher skills in reading,spelling and understanding.These results were found one year and even two years later. Shayne Piasta, an assistant professor of teaching and learning at Ohio State University, was an author of the study.She says most preschool teachers would find this method manageable and would need only a small change in the way they teach.They already read storybooks in class.The only difference would be increased attention to the printed text. Ms.Piasta says if you get children to pay attention to letters and words,it makes sense that they will do better in word recognition and spelling.But she says research suggests that very few parents and teachers do this in a systematic way. More than three hundred children aged four and five were observed in classrooms in Ohio and Virginia.The children came from poor families and were below average in their language skills.This put them at risk of reading problems later. For thirty weeks,the children took part in a program called Project STAR,for Sit Together And Read.The project is based in Ohio State.It tests the shortterm and longterm results of reading

regularly to preschool children in their classrooms. Laura Justice in Ohio State was an investigator for the study.She heads the Preschool Language and Literacy Laboratory.She says one of the areas that interests researchers is known as the “locus of learning.” “Where is it that a child learns something?Where is that space?We think we have identified it pretty well in terms of fostering(助长) some children’s knowledge about print.”says Laura Justice.She also says this knowledge can be gained by having focused discussions when reading a book to a child. There are different ways that teachers and parents can talk to children about print.They can point to a letter and discuss it,and even trace the shape with a finger. They can point out a word, “This is ‘dog’.” They can discuss the meaning of the print or how the words tell the story.And they can talk about the organization of the print—for instance,showing how words are written left to right in English. 66.What is the traditional way to improve children’s reading ability? A.Practising with the help of the pictures. B.Discussing what they read with the teachers. C.Trying to read a lot of storybooks every day. D.Pointing to the words and letters while reading. 答案 A 解析 细节理解题。根据第一段中的“Teachers and parents usually call attention to the pictures when they read storybooks to preschool children.”可知,学龄前儿童阅读教学的传 统方法是结合图画进行教学。 67.Shayne Piasta suggests that the preschool teachers should ________. A.read storybooks often in class B.learn to manage their class well C.often discuss the printed words and letters D.search for a better method of reading 答案 C 解析 推理判断题。根据前四段的内容可知,Shayne Piasta 是此项研究的作者,研究表 明,课上经常讨论文字能更有效地提高孩子们的阅读能力,因此 Shayne Piasta 建议学龄 前儿童的老师们应该重视单词和字母。 68.The children who joined in Project STAR were ________. A.mostly cleverer than others B.very poor in their reading C.especially good at language skills D.worried about reading problems

答案 B 解析 细节理解题。根据第五段第二句“The children came from poor families and were below average in their language skills.”可知,这些孩子的语言技能很差, 其中包括阅读技 能。 69.The underlined word “locus” in Paragraph 7 probably means ________. A.difficulty C.exact place 答案 C 解析 词义猜测题。根据下文 Laura 的话“孩子们学习的点在哪里?这个空间在哪里? 我们认为在促进孩子对文字的认识方面已经作出了很好的确认。”推断该词意为“精确 位置”。 70.The last paragraph is mainly to tell us ________. A.why we should discuss the meaning of the print B.how we can teach children to know about print C.the shape of the letter is the focus of teaching D.English words are usually written from left to right 答案 B 解析 段落大意题。最后一段首句即是主题句,点明本段讨论的是怎样教孩子们注意单 词和字母。 D A lot of advice is available for college leavers heading for their first job.In this article we consider the move to a second job.We are not concerned with those looking for a second temporary position while hunting for a permanent job.Nor are we concerned with those leaving an unsatisfactory job within the first few weeks.Instead,we will be dealing with those of you taking a real step on the career ladder,choosing a job to fit in with your ambitions. What sort of job should you look for?Much depends on your longterm aim.You need to ask yourself whether you want to specialize in a particular field,work up your way to higher levels of responsibility or out of your present employment into a broader field. Whatever you decide, you should choose your second job very carefully.You should be aiming to stay in it for two or three years. This job will be studied very carefully when you send your letter of application for your next job.Most important , it should extend you , develop you and give you increasing responsibility.Incidentally,if the travel bug (虫子) is biting,now it’s time to pack up and go.You can do temporary work for a while when you return,pick up where you left off and get the second step then.Future potential employers will be glad to see that you_have_got_it_out_of_your_ B.importance D.best way

system,and are not likely to go off again. Juliette Davidson spent her first year after leaving St.Aldate’s College working for three lawyers.It was the perfect first job in that.“OK...they were very supportive people.I was gently introduced to the work, learnt my way around an office and improve my word processing skills.However, there was no opportunity for advancement.One day I gave in my notice, bought an airticket and traveled for a year.” Juliette now works as a Personal Assistant to Brenda Cleverdon,the Chief Executive(主管) of business in the Community.“In two and a half years I have become more able and my job has really grown,” she says.“My job title is the same as it was when I started but the duties have changed.From mainly typing and telephone work , I have progressed to doing most of the correspondence(通信) and budgets.I also have to deal with a variety of queries(询问), coming from chairmen of large companies to people wanting to know how to start their own business.” 71.Who is intended to benefit from the advice given in the text? A.People who change jobs regularly. B.Students who have just finished their studies. C.People who are unhappy with their present jobs. D.Those who are interested in establishing a career. 答案 D 解析 细节理解题。文中第一段最后一句即明确定位:本文是给有志于成就一番事业的 年轻人提建议的。 72.According to the writer,why is the choice of your second job important? A.It will last longer than your first job. B.It will give you the opportunity to study. C.It will affect your chances of success in your career. D.It will be difficult to change if you don’t like it. 答案 C 解析 推理判断题。根据第二段中的“第二份工作一定要与你的长期目标有关”,和第 四段中的“这份工作应该能让你有所发展,拓展你的技能,让你更加有责任感”,可推 断出作者认为选择第二份工作非常重要的原因。 73.What does the underlined sentence “you have got it out of your system” in Paragraph 4 mean? A.You are an experienced traveler. B.You have got rid of your worries. C.You have planned your career sensibly.

D.You have learned to look after yourself. 答案 B 解析 句意理解题。 根据上文“收拾行装去旅行, 然后回来开始第二份工作”和下文“不 会再次消失”,可推测此处是说“准雇主们”会很高兴看到你已经满足了自己旅行的心 愿。 74.What did Juliette Davidson benefit from the experience of her first job? A.She met a variety of interesting people. B.She learnt how to use a word processor. C.It helped her to earn enough money to travel. D.It was a good introduction to office work. 答案 D 解析 推理判断题。根据第五段内容可知,Juliette 在第一份工作中遇到的雇主很好,给 了她很好的初次做办公室工作的体验。 75.In what way is Juliette’s present job better than her first job? A.She has a more impressive job title. B.She has been able to broaden her skills. C.She is more involved in the administration. D.She now knows how to start her own business. 答案 B 解析 推理判断题。 由最后一段内容可知, Juliette 的第二份工作让她掌握了更多的技能, 比如:通信、做预算、处理来自不同客户的咨询,而不再做打字和接电话、打电话之类 的工作,因此这份工作要优于第一份工作。 第二卷(非选择题 满分 35 分) 第四部分 写作(共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节 阅读表达(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下面短文,并根据短文后的要求答题(请注意问题后的词数要求)。 [1]In the past ten years,America’s National Basketball Association (NBA) has grown increasingly dependent on the rest of the world to supply players. [2]When Larry Bird and Michael Jordan won gold in Barcelona last century,the Americans were praised for teaching the world how to play basketball.This season,however,20 percent of NBA rosters(花名册) will be filled by nonAmericans.NBA commissioner David Stern happily embraces the trend.On a visit to Paris in October,Stern outlined his vision for the future,which is likely to see more European countries hosting NBA games by 2015. [3]The NBA is now intending to make China its “marketing center”.“Our experience in

China has been that it is going to be explosive in its growth,” said Stern.The strategy in China is television.“We’ve made 14 deals in China with local and national networks on cable and satellite.” The success of Chinese centre Yao Ming has paved the way for the NBA marketing blitz in China.The NBA,which is broadcasted in more than 200 countries in 42 languages,will put that to the test in October 2004 when the Houston Rockets play two preseason games against the Sacramento Kings in Beijing and Shanghai.The NBA knows that it needs a global market to compensate for tough times on home soil. [4]“It makes no difference where the players come from,and________is that all the NBA teams know they have to scout( 物色 ) internationally ,” said Terry Lyons , the NBA’s vicepresident of international public relations.“It has increased the level of competition here.” As Frenchman Tony Parker and Argentine Emanuel Ginobili showed in winning championship rings with the San Antonio Spurs last season,many people can earn the respect of their American peers.Others,such as the Houston Rockets’ Chinese centre Yao Ming—number one draft pick in 2002—and the Detroit Pistons’ 18yearold Serb Darko Milicic—number two overall in this year’s draft—are iconsinwaiting.It is the ultimate revolution—the rest of the world teaching the US how to play basketball. 76.What’s the main idea of the passage?(no more than 12 words) NBA_has_grown_increasingly_dependent_on_other_countries_to_supply_players. 77.Complete the following sentence with words from the passage.(no more than 3 words) The NBA desperately needs to explore a_global_market as a compensation for the depression at home. 78.Why do all the NBA teams try to scout internationally?(no more than 10 words) Because_it_can_increase_their_level_of_competition. 79.Fill in the blank in Paragraph 4 with proper words or expressions.(no more than 3 words) what_(really)_matters 80.What does the word “its” (Line 1,Paragraph 3) probably refer to?(no more than 2 words) The_NBA’s. 第二节 书面表达(满分 25 分) 在繁重的课业负担之下,中学生也应该学会适度地自我放松。请你围绕“Ways to get relaxed”这一话题,按照下列要点写一篇词数为 120 左右的英语短文: 1.自我放松的途径:看电视、体育锻炼、上网等; 2.我更喜欢的途径及理由。 注意:1.在表达“我更喜欢的途径及理由”时,请从要点 1 中选择一项进行阐述; 2.文章开头已给出,不计入总词数。 There are various ways to get relaxed for middle school students._______________________

________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ 参考范文 There_are_various_ways_to_get_relaxed_for_middle_school_students.One way is to take exercise,such as walking,running,playing basketball or football,etc.We can also watch TV, where we are able to enjoy varieties of colorful programs both in Chinese and English.Moreover, we can surf the Internet to get some relaxation and entertainment. As far as I’m concerned,surfing the Internet appeals to me most.For one thing,the Internet offers a wide range of activities for relaxation.In general,I keep track of the latest news as an enjoyment.Sometimes,I play computer games to relax myself.For another,the Internet makes it easy for me to make friends with people at home and abroad,for it is a great joy to communicate with them.In addition,having a glimpse of the vivid pictures and live videos on the Internet contributes to regaining my energy. 新课 标第 一 网



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