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28. Days later, my brother called to say he was all right, but _____ say where he was. A. mustn‘t B. shouldn‘t C. wouldn‘t D. mightn‘t

33. We _______the difficulty together, but why didn‘t you call me? A. should face B. might face C. could have faced D. must have faced

30. I _____use a clock to wake me up because at six o'clock each morning the train comes by my house. A. couldn't B. mustn't C. shouldn't D. needn't

32.They ______have arrived at lunchtime, but their flight was delayed. A. will B. can C. must D. should

19. Had they known what was coming next, they ______ second thoughts. A. may have B. could have C. must have had D. might have had

8. It‘s quite warm here; we______ turn the heating on yet. A. couldn‘t B. mustn‘t C. needn‘t D.wouldn‘t

24. One of our rules is that every student ______ wear school uniform while at school. A. might B. could C. shall D. will

19. I got close enough to hear them speaking Chinese, and I said ?‘Ni Hao‖, just as I _____ do in China. A. must B. might C. can D. should

25. ---_____you interrupt now? --- Sorry Sir, but it‘s urgent. A. Can B. should

Can‘t you see I‘m on the phone?,

C. Must

D. Would

22. We _____have bought so much food now that Suzie won‘t be with us for dinner. A. may not B. needn‘t C. can‘t D. mustn‘t

23. I _____ thank you too much for all your help to my son while we were away from home. A. won‘t B. can‘t C. can D. will

1.(2011· 辽宁卷)21. If you _______ go, at least wait until the storm is over. A. can B. may C. must D. will 答案与解析:选 C。句意为:如果你非要走的话,至少等到暴风雨结束。根据语境可知, must(一定要)正确。can 能够;may 或许;will 将要。 2. (2011· 浙江卷)11.-How's your new babysitter? -We ____ ask for a better one ,All our kids love her so much.

A. should B. might C. mustn't D. couldn't 答案与解析:选 D。根据语意―你们的新保姆怎么样?——我们不能再要求更好的了, 孩子们都很喜欢她‖可知,这里用 couldn‘t 表示―不可能‖,should 应该;might 可能;mustn‘t 禁止;都不符合题意。 3.(2011· 北京卷)24.—I don‘t really like James. Why did you invite him? —Don‘t worry. He____________come. He said he wasn‘t certain what his plans were. A. must not B. need not C. would not D. might not 答案与解析:选 D。根据句意可知,James 不太确定他的计划,他可能不来。might not 可能不。 4.(2011· 江西卷)23._______ be the postman at the door, It‘s only sis o‘clock. A. mustn‘t B. can‘t C. won‘t D. needn‘t 答案与解析:选 B。门口不可能是邮递员, (现在)才六点钟。对现在情况的否定推测, 由 It‘s only six o‘clock 分析可知,应用 can‘t(不可能);mustn‘t 禁止;won‘t 不会;needn‘t 不必;均不符合句意。 5.(2011· 四川卷)20.The police still have I found the lost child, but they‘re doing about they____________. A. can B. may C. must D. should 答案与解析:选 A。do all they can 做他们能做的一切。句意为:尽管警察还没有找到 失踪的孩子,但是他们正在竭尽所能。 6.(2011· 全国 II)8. If you ______ smoke, please go outside. A. can B. should C. must D. may 答案与解析:选 C。句意为:如果你非要吸烟,请到外面。此处 must 表示―非要‖。 7.(2011· 陕西卷)24.—Will you read me a story, Mummy? —OK. You _______ have one if you go to bed as soon as possible. A. might B. must C. could D. shall 答案与解析:选 D。―妈妈,给我讲个故事好吗?‖―好的,如果你尽快上床睡觉我就给 你讲一个。‖shall 用于陈述句的第二、三人称,表示说话人的意图、允诺、警告、命令等。 8.(2011· 重庆卷)25.——Why didn‘t you come to Simon‘s party last night? —— I want to, but my mom simply _________ not let me out so late at night. A. could B. might C. would D. should 答案与解析:选 C。问话人询问为什么没有参加昨晚 Simon 的聚会,答话人回答说自己 想去,但是妈妈只是不想让自己在这么晚的时候出去。此处 would 表示的是过去的意愿。 9.(2011· 湖南卷)28 .-----No one ________ be compared with Yao Ming in playing basketball. ------Oh, you are really his big fan. A.can B. need C. must D. might 答案与解析:选 A。can 在此表示能力。句意为:在打篮球方面,无人能与姚明媲美。 ——你真是他的铁杆粉丝。 10.(2011· 福建卷)25.------Shall I inform him of the change of the schedule right now? -----I am afraid you _____, in case he comes late for the meeting. A. will B. must C. may D. can 答案与解析:选 B。依据 in case he comes late for the meeting 可知,这里用 must 表示必 须,强调提醒时间安排的变化的必要性。 11.(2011· 江苏卷)34. ---I left my handbag on the train, but luckily someone gave it to a railway official. ---How unbelievable to get it back! I mean, someone ______ it. A. will have stolen B. might have stolen C. should have stolen D. must have stolen 答案与解析:选 B。从对话情景可知,他们在谈论过去的可能性:手提包当时有可能会 被偷去,因此选择 might have stolen。 12.(2011· 全国新课标卷)32.They____________have arrived at lunchtime but their flight was delayed. A. will B. can C. must D. should 答案与解析: D。 选 语意为: 他们本该在午饭时间到达, 但是他们的航班推迟了。 should have done 表示―本应该做某事(实际却没做)‖,符合语意。

1.(10 安徽 32) Jack described his father, who a brave boy many years ago, as a strong–willed man A. would be B. would have been C. must be D. must have been 答案:D 考点:本题考查情态动词推测用法。 解析:句意为―杰克把他的父亲描述为一个意志坚强的人,他的父亲多年前肯定很勇敢。‖ 用 must have been 表示对过去事情的肯定推测。 2.(10 湖南 23) You buy a gift, but you can if you want to. A. must B. mustn't C. have to D. don't have to 答案:D 考点:情态动词 解析:don‘t have to 意为―没有必要‖,符合语境,句意为:―你没有必要买礼物,但如果你 想买的话,你也可以买。‖ 3. (10 江西 23) I have told you the truth. ______ I keep repeating it? A Must B Can C May D Will 答案:A 考点:考察情态动词的用法。 解析: must 必须, 一定 can 可以, 能够 may 也许 will 意愿, 倾向性动作, 前半句说我告 诉你事实了, 这里用的是现在完成时, 表示过去的动作对现在造成了影响, 既然我已经说了, 我还必须重复一遍吗? 4. (10 山东 25)I_______ have watched that movie —it‘ll give me horrible dreams. A. shouldn‘t B. needn‘t C. couldn‘t D. mustn‘t 答案:A 考点:本题考查情态动词的用法。 解析:句意应为―我本来不应该看那部电影的----它会使我做噩梦的。‖表示―本来不应该做而 做了某事‖用 shouldn‘t have done, 所以 A 项正确。 5. (10 天津 9) Mark have hurried. After driving at top speed, he arrived half an hour early. A. needn‘t B. wouldn‘t C. mustn‘t D. couldn‘t 答案:A 考点:考查情态动词。 句意:迈克本来不必要那么忙的。这么高速驾驶之后,他早半个小时到达了。 解析:根据后面的语境,提前半个小时到达,说明 Mark 本来不必那么匆忙,所以用 needn‘t have done 结构,表示―本来不必要做某事的而实际上做了‖。 6. (10 四川 3) — I take the book out? —I'm afraid not. A. Will B. May C. Must D. Need 答案:B 考点:考查情态动词。 解析:表请求可用情态动词 can, may, could, might ,表允许用 can, may。句意:―我可以将这 本书带出去吗?‖―恐怕不行‖。故应选表情请求的情态动词 may。答案为 B。 7. (10 全国Ⅰ29) .Just be patient .You ______ expect the world to change so soon . A. can‘t B. needn‘t C. may not D will not 答案:A 句意:耐心一点儿,你不能期望世界变化如此快。 解答:通过选项此题考察情态动词,can't 在否定句中可以表示推测,译为不可能, ,可以表 示能力,译为不能够,也可以表示命令,不允许,但是语气比 mustn't 弱,具有劝慰的意思, 根据句意此题中选择 A,can't 表示劝慰。 8. (10 江苏 25) —I haven‘t got the reference book yet, but I‘ll have a test on the subject next month. —Don‘t worry. You______ have it by Friday. A. could B. shall C. must D. may

答案:B 解析:shall 在第二人称中表示允诺,还可以表示强制,命令,威胁,警告。还有在法律条 文中的要求或规定。 9. (?10 陕西 23) — May I take this book out of the reading room? —No, you . You read it in here. A. mightn‘t B. won‘t C. needn‘t D. mustn‘t 答案:D 解析:考查情态动词。英语中用 could,might 表示询问或征求意见的问句中,肯定性应答 要用 can 或 may 来代替 could 或 might,而 may 或 might 征求意见的问句否定应答时要用 mustn‘t,故本题选 D。 10. (10 全国Ⅱ17)I‘m afraid Mr. Harding _______see you now. He‘s busy. A. can‘t B. mustn‘t C. shouldn‘t D .needn‘t 答案:A 解析:情态动词考查。结合语境,根据情态动词用于疑问或否定推测时,要用 can‘t。 11(10 辽宁 26) Doctors say that exercise is important for health, but it _______ be regular exercise. A.can B.will C.must D.may 答案:C 句意:医生说锻炼对身体重要,但是必须是有规律的锻炼。 解析:考查情态动词。Can 一般表示―可能,或能力‖;will 表示―意志‖;may 表示―许可,可 能‖;must 表示―必须‖。 12. (10 北京 23) ---Good morning. I've got an appointment with Miss Smith in the Personnel Department. --Ah, good morning. You be Mrs. Peters. A. might B. must C. would D. can 答案:B 考点:本题考查情态动词在语境中的运用。 解析: 第一个说话人说和史密斯小姐有约, 那下面的人就回应说, "那您一定就是 Mrs. Peters 了"因此排除 A,C,D。 14. (10 浙江 17) ―You ____ have a wrong number,‖ she said. ―There‘s no one of that name here.‖ A. need B. can C. must D. would 答案:C 考点:情态动词 15. (09 安徽 29) Some people who don‘t like to talk much are not necessarily shy;they just be quiet people. A. must B. may C. should D. would 答案 B 16. (09 北京 25) One of the few things you ____ say about English people with certainty is that they talk a lot about the weather. A. need B. must C. should D. can 答案 D 17. (09 湖南 30) — It‘s the office! So you know eating is not allowed here. — Oh, sorry. A. must B. will C. may D. need 答案 A 解析 句意:这是办公室!因此你必须知道吃的不允许带到这里。must 表示―绝不‖的意思。 18. (09 海南 25) What do you mean, there are only ten tickets? There be twelve. A. should B. would C. will D. shall 答案 A 解析 你这是什么意思,只有十张票吗?应该有十二人。should 表示―应该,应当‖。 19.It_____ have been Tom that parked the car here, as he is the only one with a car.

A. may B. can C. must D. should 答案 C 20. (09 四川 13) —I don‘t care what people think. —Well, you _______ A. could B. would C. should D. might 答案 C 解析 考查情态动词的用法。答话的人提了一个建议——你应该关注别人对你 的评价的。should 可以用来向别人提建议,所以答案为:C 21. (09 天津 15) This printer is of good quality. If it _____ break down within the first year, we would repair it at our expense. A. would B. should C. could D. might 答案 B 22. (09 重庆 32) —Hi, Tom. Any idea where Jane is? —She_____in the classroom. I saw her there just now. A. shall be B. should have been C. must be D. might have been 答案 C 23. (09 全国Ⅱ20) I can‘t leave. She told me that I stay here until she comes back. A. can B. must C. will D. may 答案 B 24.(08 全国Ⅱ17) Liza well not want to go on the trip—she hates traveling.? A.will B.can C.must D.may 答案 D 解析 句意为:Liza 极有可能不想去旅行——她讨厌旅行。may well 很可能,极有可能,表 示猜测。当表示猜测时,will 和 can 不能与 well 连用,must 只能用于肯定句中。 25.(08 湖南 28) You don‘t have to know the name of the author to find a book.You find the book by the title.? A.must B.need C.can D.would 答案 C 解析 句意为: 要找到一本书你不一定非要知道作者的名字。 你可以根据书的标题找到这本 书。can 表示―可以,能够‖。 26.(08 陕西 9) —What sort of house do you want to have? Something big?? —Well, it be big—that‘s not important.? A.mustn‘t B.needn‘t C.can‘t D.won‘t 答案 B 解析 句意: ―你想要什么样的房子?要大的吗?‖―噢, 它不需要很大, 那不重要。 ‖由...that‘s not important.这一语境可知,空格处应表示―不需要‖,故须用 needn‘t。 27.(08 四川 10) Although this sound like a simple task,great care is needed.? A.must B.may C.shall D.should 答案 B 解析 句意为:尽管这听起来可能像一项简单的任务,但是需要非常仔细。must 一定,必 须;may 可能,可以;shall 将要;should 应该。各自表达的意义不同,选 may 最妥当。 28.(08 重庆 30) —I can‘t find my purse anywhere.? —You have lost it while shopping.? A.may B.can C.should D.would 答案 A 解析 may 表达推测之意,意为―可能……‖。 29.(08 浙江 11) You be hungry already— you had lunch only two hours ago!? A.wouldn‘t B.can‘t C.mustn‘t D.needn‘t 答案 B 解析 句意:你不可能饿了,你两个小时之前才吃的午饭!can‘t 指不可能;mustn‘t 表猜测 时,不能用于否定句;needn‘t 指没有必要。

30.(08 福建 24) It is usually warm in my hometown in March,but it be rather cold sometimes.? A.must B.can C.should D.would 答案 B 解析 must 必然,一定;can 可能;should 应该;would(过去)将,总会。本题提供的语 境是―有时可能会……‖。 31.(08 辽宁 22) Peter be really difficult at times even though he‘s a nice person in general.? A.shall B.should C.can D.must 答案 C 解析 句意为:虽然彼得总体上来说是一个好人,但有时真的难以相处。can 在这里不表示 主观的推测,而表示客观的可能性。 32.(07 全国Ⅰ27) —How‘s your tour around the North Lake? Is it beautiful?? —It be, but it is now heavily polluted.? A.will B.would C.should D.must 答案 C 解析 考查情态动词的区别。will 可用来表示―意愿;客观必然性等‖;would 可表示―意愿; 过去常常(现在也可能是那样的)‖;should 表示―应该,理应‖;must 表示―必然;一定,准 是‖。结合语境可知,此处用 should 表示虚拟。句意为:―这本来应该是美丽的,但是现在 它被严重污染了。‖ 33.(07 北京 26) In crowded places like airports and railway stations, you take care of your luggage.? A.can B.may C.must D.will 答案 C 解析 句意: 在像飞机场和车站这样拥挤的地方, 你一定要照看好自己的行李。 must 表示―必 须,一定‖符合句意。 34.(07 上海 29) —Guess what? I have got A for my term paper.? —Great!You read widely and put a lot of work into it.? A.must B.should? C.must have D.should have 答案 C 解析 由―have got A‖可知是对过去发生事情的推测,故用―情态动词+have done‖结构。must have done 表示―必定做过某事‖,符合题意。 35.(07 安徽 23) The teacher have thought Johnson was worth it or she wouldn‘t have wasted time on him, I suppose.? A.should B.can C.would D.must 答案 D 解析 must have done 表示对过去所做事情的肯定判断,表示―一定……‖。 36.(07 江西 27) —Where is my dictionary? I remember I put it here yesterday.? —You it in the wrong place.? A.must put B.should have put? C.might put D.might have put 答案 D 解析 考查情态动词表推测的用法。由 yesterday 可知 A、C 两项错误;should 应该,理应; might 或许,可能,显然 D 项正确。 37.(06 全国Ⅰ24) There‘s no light on—they be at home.? A.can‘t B.mustn‘t? C.needn‘t D.shouldn‘t 答案 A 解析 考查情态动词的用法。句意为: (家中)没有亮灯,——他们肯定不在家。此处要用 情态动词表推测,且用于否定句表示―肯定不……‖,故 can‘t 符合要求。must 表推测时不用 于否定句,mustn‘t 表示―禁止,不许‖;needn‘t 表示―不需要‖;shouldn‘t 表示―不应当‖,故 A 项符合要求。 38.(06 全国Ⅱ10) We hope that as many people as possible join us for the picnic tomorrow.?

A.need B.must C.should D.can 答案 D 解析 句意:我们希望尽可能多的人能参加我们明天的野餐。用 can.表示可能性。 39.(06 北京 25) — What‘s the name?? — Khulaifi. I spell that for you?? A.Shall B.Would C.Can D.Might 答案 A 解析 shall 在问句中征求对方意见,主要用于第一人称。答语句意为:―我给你拼写一下好 吗?‖ 40.(06 天津 11) We have proved great adventurers,but we have done the greatest march ever made in the past ten years.? A.needn‘t B.may not C.shouldn‘t D.mustn‘t 答案 B 解析 句意为:我们或许还没有证明是伟大的探险者,但我们已取得了在过去的 10 年里的 最伟大的进展。故应用 may not。 41.(06 浙江 19) — Could I have a word with you,mum?? — Oh dear,if you .? A.can B.must C.may D.should 答案 B 解析 考查情态动词的用法。句意为:妈妈,我可以和你说句话吗?‖―噢,亲爱的,如果你 非要说的话。‖must 表示必须要做的事。 42.(06 福建 27) If it were not for the fact that she sing,I would invite her to the party.? A.couldn‘t B.shouldn‘t? C.can‘t D.might not 答案 C 解析 考查情态动词的用法。题中 that 引导同位语从句。―she can‘t sing‖是一个事实,是指 在能力、技能等方面不能、不会。 43.(06 湖南 32) Some aspects of a pilot‘s job be boring,and pilots often work at inconvenient hours.? A.can;have to B.may;can? C.have to;may D.ought to;must 答案 A 解析 考查情态动词的用法。句意为:飞行员工作的某些方面可能是令人厌倦的,并且飞行 员经常在不方便的时候工作。第一空表示的是客观的可能性,应用 can;而第二空说在不方 便的时候还要干,因此表示客观上的必须,用 have to,意为―不得不‖。 44.(07 湖南 24) The biggest problem for most plants,which just get up and run away when threatened, that is animals like to eat them.? A.shan‘t B.can‘t C.needn‘t D.mustn‘t 答案 B 解析 句意为: 对于绝大多数受到威胁时不能起来就逃跑的植物来说, 最大的问题是动物喜 欢吃它们。Sahan‘t 表将来;needn‘t 不必,mustn‘t 禁止,都不正确。 45.(07 陕西 14) I told your friend how to get to the hotel,but perhaps I have driven her there.? A.could B.must C.might D.should 答案 D 解析 本题考查情态动词。 could have done (过去) 可能做过; 本能够做……; must have done (过去)肯定做过;might have done(过去)可能做过;should have done 本应该做(而事实 上没做) 。由句意―我告诉你朋友该怎么去旅馆,但或许我应该开车送她去那儿。‖可知应选 D 项。 46.(07 四川 24) —What does the sign over there read?? —―No person smoke or carry a lighted cigarette,cigar or pipe in this area.‖? A.will B.may C.shall D.must

答案 C 解析 shall 用于第二、三人称,表示命令、允许、警告等,此处表示警告。 47.(07 重庆 29) —What do you think we can do for our aged parents?? —You do anything except to be with them and be yourself.? A.don‘t have to B.oughtn‘t to? C.mustn‘t D.can‘t 答案 A 解析 don‘t have to 不必;oughtn‘t to 不应当;mustn‘t 禁止,不允许;can‘t 不可能。答语句 意为:―除了与父母呆在一起和做你自己以外,你不必做任何事情。因此 A 项符合题意。 48.(07 浙江 15) —My cat‘s really fat.? —You have given her so much food.? A.wouldn‘t B.couldn‘t? C.shouldn‘t D.mustn‘t 答案 C 解析 考查情态动词。 句意为: ——我的猫真胖。 ——你本不应该给她那么多食物。 shouldn‘t have done sth 本不应该做某事(暗含做了) 。 49.(07 福建 25) My MP4 player isn‘t in my bag.Where I have put it?? A.can B.must C.should D.would 答案 A 解析 考查情态动词。由句意―我的 MP4 不在我包里。我可能把它放哪儿了?‖可知应选 A。 can have done 过去可能做过而 must have done―过去肯定做过‖, 只能用于肯定陈述句; should have done 本应该做过(而事实上没做) ;would have done 只能用于虚拟语气。 50.(07 江苏 22) —She looks very happy.She have passed the exam.? —I guess so.It‘s not difficult after all.? A.should B.could? C.must D.might 答案 C 解析 must have passed the exam 肯定是通过考试了,由前句中的―happy‖和下句中的―not difficult after all‖可以推知。 51.(06 江苏 21) — I think I‘ll give Bob a ring.? — You .You haven‘t been in touch with him for ages.? A.will B.may C.have to D.should 答案 D 解析 本题考查情态动词的基本用法。will 用于第二人称常用来表示命令、指示,意为―务 必,必须‖;may 表示―可能,也许‖,常用于请求许可;have to 表示―不得不‖;should 可用 于表示主观看法、建议、劝说,意为―应当,应该‖。在此句中,答话者表示同意对方的想法。 答语句意为:你应该(打个电话) ,你好长时间没与他联系了。故 D 项符合情景要求。 52.(06 广东 22) — Must he come to sign this paper himself?? — Yes,he .? A.need B.must C.may D.will 答案 B 解析 表示要求时,肯定回答用 must,否定用 needn‘t。 53.(06 四川 32) —Is Jack on duty today?? —It be him.It‘s his turn tomorrow.? A.mustn‘t B.won‘t C.can‘t D.needn‘t 答案 C 解析 can‘t 表示否定推测,must 表示肯定推测。 54.(06 陕西 19) As you worked late yesterday,you have come this morning.? A.mayn‘t B.can‘t C.mustn‘t D.needn‘t 答案 D 解析 句意为:既然你昨天工作得那么晚,今早上你就没必要来了。从意思上显示选择项表 示―没必要……‖。

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