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Unit 3 Under the sea
核 (1) witness vt.当场见到;目击 n.目击者;证人;证据 心 (2) urge vt.催促;极力主张;驱策 (3) abandon vt. 单 放弃;遗弃;抛弃 (4) reflect vi.思考 vt.映射;反 词 射;思考 (5) scare vt.恐吓 vi.受惊吓 拓 (1) accommodation n.住所;住宿→ accommodate 展 vt.& vi.容纳;供应 单 (2) depth n.深(度);深处→ deep adj.深的;低沉 词 的;深奥的

(3) pure adj.纯的;纯粹的;纯洁的→ purely adv. 纯粹地;完全地 (4) aware adj.意识到的;知道的→ awareness 拓 n.意识;觉悟 展 (5) vivid adj.生动的;鲜明的;鲜艳的→ vividly 单 adv.生动地;逼真地 词 (6) narrow adj.狭窄的;有限的;狭隘的→ narrowly adv.勉强地 (7) taste vt.&n.品尝;滋味→ tasty adj.好吃的;可 口的

(1)annual adj. 每年的;按年度计算的 n.年刊;年鉴 (2)pause vi.&n. 暂停;中止 阅 (3)teamwork n. 配合;协作 (4)opposite adj. 相 读 反的;相对的 单 (5)relationship n.关系;血缘关系;交往 (6)target 词 n. 目标;靶;受批评的对象 (7)neat adj. 好的;整齐的;匀称的 (8)shallow adj. 浅的;肤浅的;浅显地

(1)The final score of the basketball match was 93: 94. We 语 were narrowly (narrow) beaten. 境 (2)The meeting aimed at strengthening safety awareness 运 (aware) of employees. 用 (3)Though the soup is tasty , I've lost my sense of
taste and it tastes just like tasteless water. (tasty)

(4)The lake is over 20 meters in depth . So we were all
语 moved deeply by the man who dived deep into 境 the lake to save the boy. (depth)
(5)Some flowers are reflected in the river and the 运
reflection is very beautiful. (reflect) 用
(6)It is urged that we should finish the job in such
urgent time. (urge)

*(1) in the meantime 在此期间;与此同时 *(2) help (...) out 帮助(某人)摆脱困境或危难 *(3) be/become aware of 对……知道、明白;意识到…… 核 *(4) upside down 上下翻转 (5) (be) scared to death 吓 心 死了 (6) hold up 阻挡 (7)sort out 整理;分类;收拾 短 (8)aim at 瞄准 语 (9)be about to do sth. 正要做某事 (10)ahead of 在……前面;领先 (11)keep sb.from doing sth. 阻止某人做某事

(1)He was obviously in some kind of trouble, but I didn't know
语 how I could help him out . 境 (2)Computers should work for humans, but too often the
relationship has been upside down . 运
(3)Not being aware of the importance of protecting the 用
environment accounts for their polluting the river. (4)The conference will begin in an hour; in the meantime ,
let's have a chat.



1.“a time+when”引导定语 1.我曾一度迷恋网络游戏,
从句 现在真是后悔。
It was a time when the killer whales,or “killers” as they were It was a time when I was
addicted to playing then called,helped the whalers computer games;how I regret
catch the baleen whales that now.
were on their annual migration.

2.where 引导地点状语从句 2.众所周知,“有志者事竟

The water was quite shallow but 成。”

where the reef ended,there was It's known to all that

a steep drop to the sandy ocean “ Where there is a will;there


is a way. ”

1.含“-rrow”的词一 2.以后缀-th



①depth 深度

①vivid adj.生动的

①narrow adj.狭窄的 ②width 宽度

②revive vt.复活

②arrow n.箭头 ③length 长度

③revival n.复活

③borrow v.借

④truth 真理

④survive v.存活;幸存

④sorrow n.伤心 ⑤growth 成

⑤survival n.存活;幸存

⑤sparrow n.麻雀 长

⑥survivor n.幸存者

⑥youth 青年

1.witness vt.当场见到;目击 n.目击者;证人;证据

教材原句] I thought,at the time,that this was just a story but

then I witnessed it with my own eyes many times. 当时我以为这只不过是一个故事罢了,但是后来我亲眼见过很多


(1)a witness to sth.


give witness to sth. 为……作证;证明

(2)witness for 为……作证 witness to sth./doing sth. 证实……;证明…… ①Our city witnesses (witness) four different seasons,plenty of sunshine and good rainfall,but in winter you may feel a little cold. 我们的城市见证了四个不同的季节,阳光充足、雨量充沛,但在 冬天你可能会觉得有点冷。 ②The girl witnessed to having seen (see) the man burst into the bank on a dark night last week. 这个女孩证明她看见那个男的在上星期的一个黑夜闯入了银行。

③His good health is a witness to the success of the treatment. 他的健康身体证明这种疗法是成功的。 ◆[归纳总结] 英语中常用表示时间、地点等的名词作主语,而常用形容人的感 官动词 see,witness 等作谓语进行拟人修辞。另外,注意 witness to 中的 to 是介词。

2.urge vt.催促;极力主张;驱策 n.强烈的欲望;冲动

教材原句] “Man overboard! Turn the boat around!” urged

George,shouting loudly.

乔治大声喊道 “有人落水了!把船头调回去!”

(1)urge sb. to do sth.


urge on sb.sth. 极力主张某人某事

urge that...(should) do sth. 极力主张;强调……

It is urged that...(should) do sth. 坚决要求……

have an urge to do sth. 迫切要做某事

(2)urgent adj. 紧急的;迫切的 (3)urgency n. 紧急;催促;紧急的事 ①Our teacher urges us to study (study) hard with the College Entrance Examination drawing near. 随着高考的临近,老师敦促我们努力学习。 ②It is strongly urged by students that the library (should) be kept (keep) open during the weekend. 学生们极力主张图书馆周末也开放。 ③It's of great urgency (urge) that we need to make the relative laws with the rapid growth of online shopping. 随着网上购物的迅速发展,我们急需制定相关的法律。

3.abandon vt.遗弃;抛弃;放弃;中止;使放纵;使听任 n.放 任;放纵
教材原句] From James's face,I could see he was terrified of being abandoned by us.
从詹姆斯的脸上我能看出他非常恐慌,害怕被我们遗弃。 (1)abandon oneself to... 沉湎于……;纵情于…… abandon doing sth. 放弃做某事 (2)with abandon 放纵地;放任地

(3)be abandoned to 沉湎于…… ①However, these plans were abandoned because of financial problems.(2017·全国新课标卷Ⅲ) 然而,因经济问题这些计划被放弃了。 ②The young man does nothing but abandon himself to pleasure. 那位年轻人除了沉溺于玩乐什么都不做。 ③The girls jumped up and down and waved their arms with abandon. 女孩们欢呼雀跃纵情地挥舞着她们的胳膊。

4.reflect vi.思考 vt.映射;反射;思考

教材原句] I'm sitting in the warm night air with a cold drink in

my hand and reflecting on the day-a day of pure magic!





be reflected in 倒映在;反映在

reflect on/upon sth. 反省/认真思考某事

(2)reflection n. 反射;返照;反映;映像;沉思 be lost in reflection 陷入深思中 on reflection 再三考虑 ①It seems beautiful that the tall buildings are reflected (reflect) in the lake around which there are many trees. 高楼倒映在湖里,湖的周围有许多的树,非常美丽。 ② Reflecting on her volunteer experience, Tina felt proud of what she managed to achieve together with her local colleagues. 思考着她的志愿者经历,蒂娜对和她的当地同事们一起设法完成 的事情感到自豪。

③Usually a child's behaviour is a reflection (reflect) of his family environment.
通常一个孩子的行为是他家庭环境的反映。 ?[巧学助记]

1.accommodation n.住所;住宿 They are collected from the airport upon arrival and brought to their accommodation in comfort.(2016·天津卷,阅读 A) 一到达,他们就被从机场接走,然后被送到一个舒适的住所。 2.flee vi.(fled,fled)逃避;逃跑 vt.逃离 It is thought that they are capitalising on their predators fleeing to quieter areas.(2015·四川卷,阅读 D) 据认为,峰鸟正利用它的天敌逃亡到更安静的地方。

3.target n.目标;靶;受批评的对象 Set yourself targets that you can reasonably hope to achieve. 给自己制定有望达到的目标。 4.opposite prep.在……对面 adj.相反的;相对的 n.相反的事物 You'd never know they're sisters-they're completely opposite to each other in every way. 你怎么也想不到她们是姐妹俩,她们在各个方面都完全相反。

1.help (...) out 帮助(某人)摆脱困境或危险;协助;使(某人)脱 离困境
教材原句] What evidence was there that Old Tom was helping the whalers out?
有什么证据能说明老汤姆帮助捕鲸者摆脱险境? (1)help sb.with/(to)do sth. 帮助某人某事/做某事 can't help doing sth. 忍不住做某事 can't help but do sth. 只得做某事;不得不做某事 help yourself (to sth.) 随便自己动手(吃/用……等)

(2)with the help of sb.=with one's help 在某人的帮助下 ①I helped him with his lessons and I told him not to worry about his lessons. 我帮他学习功课并且告诉他不要为他的功课担心。 ②I was moved so much that I couldn't help running (run) tears in my eyes. 我如此感动以至我不禁落泪。 ③Standing in the beautiful forest,he couldn't help but have (has) a deep breath. 站在这美丽的森林中,他忍不住深深地吸了一口气。

2.be/become aware of 对……知道、明白;意识到……

教材原句] The first thing I became aware of was all the vivid

colours surrounding me—purples,reds,oranges,yellows,blues and

greens. 我首先注意到的是我周围那些鲜艳的色彩——紫色、红色、橘黄、


(1)be aware that...


as far as I'm aware 据我所知

make sb. aware that/of 提醒某人注意

(2)awareness n. 意识;认识 strengthen/raise one's awareness of 增强/提高某人……的意识 develop an awareness of 逐渐懂得;培养……的意识 ①As a member of the society,I realize(= am/become aware ) that being responsible is what it takes to make a better society. 作为社会的一份子,我意识到负责任正是创造良好社会所需要 的。 ②On the other hand,individuals should develop the awareness (aware) of environment protection. 另一方面,人人都应该培养环境保护意识。

③As far as I'm concerned (= As far as I'm aware ),the problem is easy to deal with.

1.in the meantime 与此同时;在此期间 Please find a taxi,and in the meantime I'll pack some food. 你去叫辆出租车,趁这工夫我打包点吃的。 2.be scared to death 吓死 I told myself they were not dangerous but that didn't stop me from feeling scared to death for a moment! 我自言自语地说它们并不危险,但是这样一点也不能抑制我那怕 得要死的心情!

3.upside down 上下翻转;乱七八糟 As he got closer,he found that vehicle upside down road.(2016·全国新课标卷Ⅰ,完形) 随着他走近,他发现那辆车翻倒在路上。

on the

The water was quite shallow but where the reef ended, there was a steep drop to the sandy ocean floor.
水很浅,但到了珊瑚礁的尽头,就有一个陡坡,一直下降到满是 沙子的海底。
(1)where 可以引导地点状语从句,修饰主句的谓语 (2)where 可以引导定语从句,修饰它前面的名词 (3)where 可以引导名词性从句,相当于 the place (point) ①As the saying goes, where there is smoke ,there is a fire. 常言道,无风不起浪。

②I hope to live where the air is fresh and people are friendly. 我希望住在一个空气清新、人们友好的地方。 ③She's got herself into a dangerous situation where she's likely to lose her life. 她将自己置于了危险的境地,而且很有可能丢掉性命。 ④We haven't dealt with the question where we are going to spend the weekend . 到哪儿去过周末,这个问题我们还没有解决。

Ⅰ.教材·语法填空 根据课文内容,在空白处填入 1 个适当的单词或括号内单词的正 确形式。 Although Old Tom and the other killers were fierce hunters, they never harmed or attacked people. In fact, they protected them. There was one day 1. when we were out in the bay during a hunt and James was washed off the boat. “Man overboard! Turn the boat around!” urged George, 2. shouting (shout) loudly.

The sea was rough that day and it was difficult 3. to handle (handle) the boat. The 4. waves (wave) were carrying James further and further away from us. From James' face, I could see he was terrified of 5. being abandoned (abandon) by us. Then suddenly I saw a shark.“Look, there's a shark out there,” I 6. screamed (scream). “Don't worry. Old Tom won't let it near,” Red replied. 7. It took over half an hour to get the boat back to James, and when we approached him, I saw James being 8. firmly (firm) held up in the water by Old Tom. I couldn't believe my eyes.

There 9. were (be) shouts of “Well done, Old Tom” and “Thank God” as we pulled James back 10. into the boat. And then Old Tom was off and back to the hunt where the other killers were still attacking the whale.

Ⅱ.教材·短文改错 根据课文内容,对下面材料进行修改。文中共有 10 处语言错误, 每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 I'm sitting in the warm night air with a cold drink in my hand and reflect on the day. It is a day of a pure magic! I went snorkelling on the reef offshore this morning. Seeing so extraordinary beauty, I think every cell in my body woke up. It was like discover a whole new dimension of life. The first thing I became aware was all the vivid colours surrounded me. And the fish didn't seem to mind myself swimming among them. However, there were other creature that I don't want to get too close to. How a tiny spot I was in this enormous world!


Ⅲ.教材·书面表达 用本单元所学知识完成下列句子,并按照逻辑连成短文。 1.我的导盲犬小聪聪经常救我于危难之中。遇到危急情况它从 不逃脱。 My guide dog Smart often helps me out .He never flees away in face of emergency. 2.一天,我们正过马路,突然,我还没反应过来,它停下来把 我拉了回来。 One day,we were crossing the street when Smart paused and dragged me back before I was aware of it.

3.我听到一辆车呼啸而过。每个目睹的人都吓得要死。 I heard a car whistling by.Everyone who witnessed this was scared to death . 4.我非常感激他没有抛弃我。 I was very thankful that he didn't abandon me . 组篇公式:句 3 改为 which 引导的非限制性定语从句。

[参考范文] My guide dog Smart often helps me out, and in face of emergency, he never flees away.One day, we were crossing the street when Smart paused and dragged me back before I was aware of it.Then I heard a car whistling by,which made everyone who witnessed this be scared to death. I was very thankful that he didn't abandon me.

第 33 讲 简化句子(八) [方法八] 用倒装简化句子
1.—He won the championship five years ago. —So he did. —Neither do I know, nor do I care. 2.If I were you,I would take his advice. →Were I you,I would take his advice.

3.If it should rain tomorrow, the sports meeting would be put off. →Should it rain tomorrow,the sports meeting would be put off. 4.If you had come a few minutes earlier,you would have seen him. →Had you come a few minutes earlier,you would have seen him.

翻译句子 1.——“昨天天气很好。” ——“确实很好。” 答案:—It was fine yesterday. —So it was. 2.——“汤姆考试及格了吗?” ——“我不知道,也不关心。” 答案:—Did Tom pass the exam? —Neither do I know,nor do I care.

3.如果他晚了,他将受到惩罚。 答案:Were he late,he would be punished. 4.如果他认出了我,他早就走过来了。 答案:Had he recognized me,he would have come over earlier. 5.他虽然是个孩子,但关于历史他了解很多。 答案:Child as he is,he knows a lot about history.



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