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2016 年广东自主招生英语模拟试题:同位语从句

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1:With the development of science and technology,there is no doubt_____Chinese astronauts will land on the moon in the near future. A、whether B、that C、what D、which

2:A warm thought suddenly came to me ______ I might use the pocket money to buy some flowers for my mother’s birthday. A、that B、when C、if D、which

3:____was known to us all that Johnson had broken his promise____he would give each of us a small gift. A、As; which B、What; that C、It; that D、It; which

4:We should consider the professor’s advice _______ our school library provide more books on popular science. A、that B、when C、which D、where

5:Then came the disturbing news ______ Dolly had become seriously ill.
A、how B、why C、whether D、that

A、how B、why C、whether D、that

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!
6:The reasonwhyhe hasn't comeisbecausehehas tosend his father to hospital. A B C D

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7:The patient's son asked the doctor the question ________ his father could survive the big operation.

8:阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填人一个适当的词或使用括号中词语 的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 16~25 的相应位置上。 If you struggle against figures, maybe you were born that way, research has suggested. Being good at mathematics may be entirely pre-destined—you either have it 16 you don’t. And those who find 17 difficult to add up the number shouldn’t feel too hopeless—mathematical talent does not appear to be linked to all-round intelligence. Previous research has indicated that "number sense" is 18 (base) to humans. We use it to estimate such things as 19 number of seats in a cinema or crowd sizes. U.S. psychologists at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore made their finding after testing children too young to have been taught mathematics. During the study, 200 four-year-olds 20 (study) in terms of number senses, calculation skills and vocabulary. The verbal test was done for the reason 21 language and maths abilities are thought to be 22 (close) linked through general intelligence. "Unlike 23 previous studies proved, this one shows that the link 24 number sense and maths ability is already present before the beginning of formal maths instruction. One of the most important questions is whether we can train a child’s number sense 25 (improve) his future maths ability."

9:句子考查(共 6 小题,66~68 每小题 2 分,69~71 每小题 3 分) 【小题 1】Mary is afraid to ____ ______ ______ ____ (取笑) by her classmates for her disability. 【小题 2】Try _____ ________ _____ _____ (与…合作) excellent men, and you’ll benefit a lot. 【小题 3】I have a strong desire to receive your letter. =" I" _____ ________ ____ ________ from you. 【小题 4】He got up earlier so that he could get to school on time. ="__________________________________________," he got up earlier. (用不定式改写) 【小题 5】I don’t know the fact. The fact is that he was fired by his boss. (用同位语从句合并) _________________________________________________________________________. 【小题 6】这是我第二次上学迟到。 (汉译英) _____________________________________________________________________.

10:阅读下列各小题,根据句后的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 【小题 1】His teacher as well as his parents _________________ his mistake, because they have emphasized this for several times. (annoy) 老师和父母对他的错误感到非常生气,因为他们已经对此强调了许多遍了。 【小题 2】The first thing I __________was all the vivid colors surrounding us –purples ,reds , oranges ,yellows and greens .(aware)

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!

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我首先意识到的是我周围那些鲜艳的色彩—紫色,红色,橘色,明黄和绿色等。 【小题 3】___________________________ , he has recovered from the operation soon. (accompany) 在妻子的陪伴下, 他很快就从手术中痊愈了。 【小题 4】She found it was difficult ________________her personal feeling to help her opponent. (set) 她发现很难撇开她的个人情感去帮助她的对手。 【小题 5】Each time he gets his marks, he will regret ______________ his lessons. (focus) 每次拿到分数,他都会后悔没有集中心思学习。 【小题 6】What do you think of Jack’s suggestion __________this Friday evening ?(hold) 你认为 Jack 提出的本周五晚我们开个舞会的建议如何? 【小题 7】The newly-built hospital is reported __________________________ the latest instruments made in the USA. (equip) 据报道新建的医院配备了美国生产的最新设备。 【小题 8】You can’t imagine what trouble I had _____________to stop smoking. (persuade) 你无法想像我花了多大的劲说服他将烟戒掉。 【小题 9】Those who cannot remember the past _______________________ to repeat it. (condemn) 忘记过去的人注定会重蹈覆辙。 【小题 10】The old temple, ___________________________ Tang Dynasty, has a history of more than one thousand years.(date) 这座古庙可以追溯到唐朝,到现在已有一千多年的历史。


1、B 考查 doubt 的用法。doubt 用于肯定句时用 whether 引导同位语从句;用于否定句时,用 that 引导。例如:There is no doubt that...“......是毫无疑问的。”;There is some doubt whether he will come.。本题是否定句,故用 that,选 B.


试题分析:句意:突然一股暖意由然而生,我可以用零用钱给父亲买些花做为生日礼物。A warm thought 是同位 词,that 连接的是同位语从句,对 thought 的内容进行说明。 考点:考查引导同位语从句的连词


2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!
主要测试形式主语以及同位语从句。由题干可知关键词为:that 和 promise。 【知识点分类】代词;同位语从句

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4、A 考查同位语从句。用 that 引导的从句解释前面的名词 advice,句意:我们应该考虑教授的建议,建议就是我们学 校的图书馆应该提供更多关于大众科学的书。所以选 A。

5、D 四个选项分别表示怎样、为什么、是否和那个,根据题意选 D,然后来了令人不安的消息,那就是多利变得病重 了。

6、A why--- that 这里是用 that 引起同位语从句.

7、whether 考查同位语从句。在此同位语从句表示一种不确定的状态,故用 whether 引导同位语从句,表示 the question 的 具体内容。if 一般不用来引导同位语从句。

8、 【小题 1】or 【小题 2】it 【小题 3】basic 【小题 4】the 【小题 5】were studied 【小题 6】that 【小题 7】closely 【小题 8】what 【小题 9】between 【小题 10】to improve

【小题 1】考查词组:either…or…,要么…要么…, 【小题 2】考查句型:find it+adj for sb to do 发现某人…,it 是形式宾语

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!
【小题 3】考查形容词:base 的形容词是 basic 【小题 4】考查词组:the number of…的数量 【小题 5】考查动词时态语态:200 个四岁的孩子被研究:were studied 【小题 6】考查同位语从句:that 引导同位语从句,指的是 reason 的内容 【小题 7】考查副词:closely 修饰 be linked 【小题 8】考查 what 引导的宾语从句,在宾语从句中 what 做宾语 【小题 9】考查词组:between…and…在…和…之间 【小题 10】考查不定式做目的状语 to improve

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9、 【小题 1】be made fun of/ be played tricks on/be played jokes on 【小题 2】to team up with 【小题 3】am eager/dying/ambitious to hear 【小题 4】To get to school on time. 【小题 5】I don’t know the fact that he was fired by his boss. 【小题 6】It/This is(was) the second time that I have(had) been late for school. It/This is(was) my second time that I have(had) been late for school.

试题分析: 【小题 1】 这里 Mary 与 make fun of 或 be made fun of/ play tricks on 之间是被动关系, 故用 be played tricks on/be played jokes on. 【小题 2】这是固定短语,try to do 试图做某事 ; team up with 与…合作。 【小题 3】与 have a strong desire to do 同义的短语是 be eager/dying/ambitious to do,又因为主语是第一人称,故 用 am eager/dying/ambitious to hear. 【小题 4】因为 so that he could get to school on time 表示目的,从句的主语与主句的主语一致,故可以转换成动 词不定式 To get to school on time. 【小题 5】 这里是同位语从句, 用 that 引导它在从句中不作成分。 I don’t know the fact that he was fired by his boss. 【小题 6】这是固定句式 It/This is(was) the second time that…这是第…次做某事,如果前面用 is,that 从句后就用 have done, 如果前面用 was, that 从句后就用 had done ,故用 It/This is(was) the second time that I have(had) been late for school. It/This is(was) my second time that I have(had) been late for school. 考点:句子考查。 点评:本题主要考查考生对句子结构的掌握程度,对短语、固定句式的运用、句子的时态及语态的灵活运用等。 需要考生平时多记多练。

10、 【小题 1】is annoyed about/at 【小题 2】became aware of 【小题 3】Accompanied by his wife 【小题 4】to set aside

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!
【小题 5】not (having)focusing (his mind) on/upon 【小题 6】that we hold a dancing party 【小题 7】to have been equipped with 【小题 8】persuading him 【小题 9】are condemned 【小题 10】dating back to / which dates back to

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【小题 1】考查词组:对…生气,be annoyed with,主语是 His teacher as well as his parents 谓语和 his teacher 一 致,用 is annoyed about/at 【小题 2】考查词组:意识到:用过去式 became aware of 【小题 3】考查过去分词做伴随状语:在妻子的陪伴下,Accompanied by his wife 【小题 4】考查词组:撇开 set aside,因为是用于句型:It’s difficult to do sth 所以填 to set aside 【小题 5】考查词组:regret doing 后悔…填 not (having)focusing (his mind) on/upon 没有专心 【小题 6】 考查同位语从句: 同位词是 suggestions 后面的同位语从句用 (should) do 填 that we hold a dancing party 【小题 7】考查句型:Sb/Sth is reported to 。 。 。 ,因为是已经被配备了,用 to have been equipped with 【小题 8】考查词组:have trouble (in) doing 做…有困难:persuading him 【小题 9】考查词组:注定会 be condemned to do,主语是 Those who cannot remember the past,be 动词用 are 【小题 10】考查词组:dating back to / which dates back to



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