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备战 2011 高考各地模拟题分类汇编完形填空议论文篇

[2010·河南郑州市二模] 词数:254 体裁:议论文 难度:4

A businesswoman got into a taxi in midtown.As it was the rush hour and she was in a she 37 36__ to catch a train,

a quick way to reach it.“I have been a taxi 38 .“You

driver for 15 years!” the driver said

don’t think I know the best way to go?” The woman tried to explain that she hadn’t annoy him, but the driver kept 40 39 to

.She finally 41 , so she

realized that he was too annoyed to be changed her 42

. “You know, you are right,” she told 43 for me not to think you know

him.“It must seem the best way 45 __44

the city.” 46 in the rearview

, the driver glanced at his

mirror, turned down the street she wanted and got her to the train on time.“He didn’t say another word the

rest of the ride,” she said, “ paid him.Then he thanked me.” When you find yourself 48


I got out and

with people like the taxi __49_ your idea.It

driver, you will always try to

can lead to longer arguments, lose job chances or 50 marriages.I have discovered one 51 extremely unlikely method that can


prevent the disagreement or other difficult situations from The 52 53 in a disaster. is to put yourself in the other person’s 54 55 in what that person is , and the result may

shoes and look for the saying.Find a way to surprise you. 36.A.hurry D.way 37.A.chose D.suggested 38.A.jokingly iously








39.A.sup posed B.expected C.meant B.driving D.decided C.asking D

40.A.apologizing .shouting 41.A.reasonable practical 42.A.road D.manner 43.A.strange D.stupid 44.A.across D.along 45.A.Surprised D.Disappointed 46.A.rider D.comer 47.A.until D.since
















48.A.satisfied D.faced 49.A.give up to D.point out



B.turn down


50.A.combine D.divide 51.A.and D.though 52.A.lying D.leading 53.A.problem D.reply 54.A.fact D.truth 55.A.agree D.escape













【文章大意】一位女商人要到市中心去,打车时建议司机走 某条路,引起了司机的强烈反应。于是,女商人认错,承认 司机更熟悉城市道路,最终及时到达了目的地。由此可见,

换位思考,先设法认可对方意见,你可能得到意想不到的结 果。 36.A 考查上下文的语境理解。因为是交通高峰期,她急于 赶火车,于是向司机建议了一条能最快到达目的地的路。此 处 in a hurry to do sth 急于做某事。 37.D 考查上下文的语境理解。此题易误选 A,但从下文来 看,此处未选定走那条路,只是建议而已。 38.B 考查上下文的语境理解。从司机所说的话来判断,他 一定是“很生气”的。下文中的“annoyed”一词也是暗示。 39.C 女商人试图向司机解释,她并不是想惹司机生气的, 故选 meant。 40.D 结合上下文语境可知,司机不断大喊大叫。 41.A 考查形容词辨析。她意识到恼怒地已经不讲道理了。 Reasonable“讲道理的,有理性的”; thoughtful“沉思 的,思考的”;normal “正常的”;practical“实用的”。 42.B 考查固定短语的含义。此处 change one’s mind 意为: 改变主意或想法。女商人见此情景,她改变了想法。 43. 考查形容词辨析。 B 女商人对司机说自己似乎犯错误了, 居然认为司机不是对城市道路最熟悉的人。故选 B。

44.C 考查介词词义辨析。此处 through 意为:从。。。的 一端到另一端,穿过,贯穿,符合题意。 45.A 考查上下文的语境理解。对女商人的突然转变,司机 自然感到“惊讶”的,他不再跟她争论,居然开车送她了。 46.A 坐在出租车上的自然是 rider。 47.A 考查固定句型。直到女商人下车付车费,司机一句话 也没再讲。 此处考查 not。 。 。 until。 。 。 “直到。 。 。 ” 。 才。 。 。 48.D 考查固定短语的含义。此处 b e faced with 面临。此 处意为:当你发现自己面对像这位出租车司机那样的人 时。。。。 49.C 考查动词短语辨析。结合上下文内容可知,此处意为: 当你遇到像上面那位出租车司机那样的人时,你常常试图坚 持己见,但是这样只能引起更多的争执,故选 C。此处 stick to“坚持,遵守”。 50.B 考查动词词义辨析。此处指固执己见的后果之一是破 坏婚姻。此处 destroy 指“毁坏,破坏”。 51.D 易误选 C。此处 but 强调的是 but 后的内容,但本句 强调的是 one simple method,故可将其排除。而选 though

则可,指我发现一种简单的方法,虽然不是特别容易做到, 但能阻止导致危机。 52.B 考查词组搭配。此处 result in 意为:引起,导致, 以。。。为结局。 53.C 考查名词词义辨析此处意为:关键是要站在别人的立 场上。此处 key 意为:关键。 54.D 考查名词词义辨析。此处 truth 意为:真理,正确的 因素。此处意为:关键是要换位思考,要承认对方话语中的 某些合理因素。 55.A 考查动词词义辨析。先设法认可对方的意见,你可能 会得到意想不到的结果。 B [2010·山东利津一中模拟试题] 词数:286 体裁:议论文 难度:4

We convince ourselves that life will be better on ce we are married, have a baby, then another. Then we get ___36___ because our children are not old enough, and that ___37___ will be well when they are older. Then we are frustrated ___38___ they reach adolescence and

we must deal with them. Surely we'll be ___39___ when they grow out of the teen years. We tell ourselves our ___40___ will be better when our spouse(配偶)gets his/her act together, when we have a nicer car, when we can take a ___41___, when we finally retire. The ___42___ is that there is no better time to be happy than ___43___. If not, then when? Your life will always be full of ___44__. It is better to admit as much and to decide to be happy ___45___it all. For the longest time, it seemed that life was about to start--real life. But there was always some obstacle(挫折)along the way, an ordeal(苦难) to ___46___, some work to be finished, some time to be given, a bill to be ___47___. Then life would ___48___. It finally dawned on me that that those ___49___ were part of life. Little by little, that point of ___50___ also helped me see that there isn't any road to happiness. Happiness is the road. So, ___51___ every moment. And bear in mind that ___52___ waits for no one. So stop

___53___ school to end, for a return to school, to lose ten pounds, to ___54__ ten pounds, for work to begin, to get married,? before deciding to be happy. Happiness is a voyage, not a destination. Th ere is no ___55___ time to be happy than? NOW! Live and enjoy the moment.' 36. A. pleased frustrated 37. A. we all 38. A. because so 39. A. luckier older 40. A. life children 41. A. rest breath D. and B. happier D. healthier B. study D. condition B. bath D. vacation C. C. C. B. happy C.

D. frightened B. they D. nothing B. but C. C.

42. A. idea truth 43. A. before then D. right now

B. opinion D. thought B. ever


C. just

44. A. challenges awards

B. troubles


D. chances B. in addition to C. in spite

45. A. instead of of D. up to

46. A. meet with to

B. go ahead

C. turn

D. get through B. got D. printed B. start D. appear B. obstacles C. C. C.

47. A. paid asked 48. A. end reward

49. A. achievements duties 50. A. view position

D. opinions B. life D. condition C.

51. A. work enjoy 52. A. happiness age 53. A. asking for for

B. study D. wait B. time D. road B. supposing



C. waiting

D. hoping for B. reduce D. enjoy B. better D. less C. C.

54. A. gain weigh 55. A. worse more

【文章大意】本 文是议论文。全文论述了在享受幸福时不要 期待将来,要把握现在。 36. C 联系空后的内容 because our children are not old enough 我们可以,因为孩子太小,我们感到沮丧。 37. C 本句的意思是 “当他们大了以后, 一切会好起来。 本 ” 题中 A 项干扰性最大。We will be well 意思是“身体好”, 因此可排除。 38. A 前后为因果关系,因此选 because。

39. B 联系空后的 when they grow out of the teen years 我们知道,有时我们错误地认为“孩子长大了我们就更幸福 了”。 40. A 联系第一段第一句我们可以得此答案。本题中 D 项大 干扰性最大,全文讲述的是生活中的幸福,因此可排除。 41. D 联系前后的 a nicer car 及空后的 retire 我们知道, 人们常盼望有一个假期。 42. C 空后的内容是生活的常里。本题中其他选项均有一定 干扰性。空前的 The 并非 my,因此作者并非在讲述观点或看 法。 43. D 现在就是幸福的时刻。本题中 A,B 均有一定干扰性。 联系全文我们知道,我们知道,作认为要想幸福,要把握现 在。 44. A 联系后文,所说生活中充满了挫折与苦 难,我们知道 作者认为生活充满了挑战。 45. C 尽管有这一切,但是要决定享受幸福。本题中 A 项干 扰性最大。instead of 意思是“代替”,可排除。 46. D 我们要经历苦难,因此 get through。 47. A 联系空前的 a bill 可得出此答案。

48. B 联系前文的 life was about to start 我们可以得此 答案。本题中 D 项有较大干扰性。appear 意为“出现”可依 据前文排除。 49. B 联系前文 But there was always some obstacle?我 们可以得此答案。本题中其他选项均有较大干扰性。联系前 文 some work to be finished?a bill to be paid.我们可 以知道此处为“障碍”。 50. A point of view 为固定搭配,意思是“观点”。 51. C 联系全文最后一句,live and enjoy the moment.我 们可得出此答案。本题中 A,B 均有一定干扰性。联系后文 “so stop 53 (waiting for)school to end,? before deciding to be happy.”我们可排除 A,B。 52. B 联系后文“so stop 53 (waiting for) school to end? 我们可知,作者认为”时间不等人。 53. C 联系空后的 to end 我们可得此答案。本题中 D 项有较 大干扰性。联系前句 time waits for no one 我们可排除。 54. A 联系空前的 to lose ten pounds 可以得此答案。本题 中 B 项有较大干扰性。to reduce 与前文的 to lose 重复, 因此可排除。

55. B 联系后文,live and enjoy the moment 我们知道, 没有哪个时间比现在更能让你享受幸福。 ()



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