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备战 2011 高考各地模拟题分类汇编:短文改错 备战 2011 高考各地模拟题分类汇编:短文改错 A [2010·广西柳州一中 5 月月考] If someone asks you how you can make you always 76. ________

happy, you will perhaps find rather difficult to give him 77. ________

a proper answer.Did you remember the old saying “No 78. ________

human being can really happy who is not giving or trying 79. ________

to give happiness to others”? If you will always think of 80. ________

taking more from others and give them less,you won’ t be 81. ________

able to have happiness in your life even you are very rich. 82. ________

Here’s an article for you. If each of you follow it, there 83. ________

will be all end of many unhappy days of yours.So you should 84. ________

learn to give up your own interests when necessarily to do so. 85. ________ 76. 将 always 前的 you 改为 yourself 考查反身代词的用法。 此处需掌握短语 make oneself happy 使自己高兴。 77. find 后加 it 考查 it 作形式宾语。 此处 it 是形式宾语, 真正的宾语是后面的不定式短语。 78. Did-Do 考查动词时态。根据文意应用一般现在时。 79. really 前加 be 考查谓语动词。此处形容词 happy 前缺 谓语动词 be。 80. 删除 will 考查动词时态。在条件状语从句中用一般现 在时代替一般将来时。 81. give—giving 考查动名词。此处 and 前后为并列关系, 故改为动名词。

82. even 后加 if / though; 或者 even—though / although 考查状语从句的连接词。根据文意应改为 even if 或 even though。 83. follow—follows 考查主谓一致。此句的主语是 each 故 用单数形式。 84. 正确经分析此句正确。 85. necessarily—necessary 考查 be necessary to do 的 结构。 [2010·河北唐山一中高考冲刺卷 1] Good health is the most valuable possession a person can have, 76. _____

so one can not regard good health as certain to happen. It’s 77.

important to remember that body needs proper care in order 78. _____

to be healthy. There are three things that a person can do stay 79.

in good shape. Firstly, eat the right foods is good for health. 80.

Vegetables and fruits are specially important. Enough sleep 81. _____

is also important. Finally, get plenty of exercises. Sports are 82. _____

not only good for one’s body, but it can also help build 83. _____

friendship with others people. If everyone were to do the three, 84. _____

the world would be a happier and healthy place. 76 正确 经分析正确。 85. _____

77so—but 考查句间逻辑。根据谓文意此处为转折意义故改 为 but。 78body 前加 a / the / our 考查名词的用法。可数名词前需 加冠词或修饰语。

79do 后加 to 考查不定式的用法。两个动词连用第二个用不 定式的形式。 80eat---eating 考查动名词短语作主语。 81specially----especially 考查副词词义辨析。此处 especially 尤其,特别地;specially 专门地,特意地。 82exercises----exercise 考查名词词义。 此处 exercise 意 为“锻炼”,故用单数形式。 83it---they 考查代词指代一致。根据文意此处 they 指 sports。 84 却掉 people 或 ot hers---other 考查代词的用法。 其他人 可用 other people 或 others。 85heathy---heathier 考查形容词的比较级。此处 and 前后 并列关系,故改为 heathier。

[2010·重庆南开中学 5 月月考] Angela works at a university as adviser. Students can 76.

come and see her for many problems if they need help 77.

or advices. Most of them are worried about their studies 78.

and exams. Some of them have problems connect with 79.

renting flats, though the biggest problem was loneliness. 80.

Universities are exciting places but some students find difficult 81. to make friends. They miss their families but feel lost in the 82.

new environment. They're upset. Angela's job is to listen to and 83.

try to understand whether they are feeling. And of course she also84. gives practical advice when she is needed. 85.

76. as 后加 an 考查冠词的用法。此处 adviser 是可数名词, 主语为单数故其前加 an。 77. see 改为 ask 考查语意的改错。 根据语意应为 “问问题” 。 78. advices 改为 advice 考查名词的单复数。此处 advice 是不可数名词,故不加 s。 79. problems 后加 which 考查定语从句的关系词。 80. was 改为 is 考查动词时态。根据文意此处应为一般现在 时。 81. find 后加 it 考查形式宾语 it 的用法。动词 find 后应 加形式宾语 it,后面的不 定式是真正的宾语。 82. but 改为 and 考查上下文的逻辑关系。根据文意前后为 递进关系而不是转折关系。 83. 去掉 to 考查动词短语的用法。此处没有被听的对象, 故去掉 to。 84. whether 改为 what 考查宾语从句的连接词。此处 what 作 feel 的宾语。 85. she 改为 it 考查代词的用法。此处改为 when it is needed=when needed。

[2010·重庆一中考前第一次模拟] It is Sunday.Li Ming is busy with working on his lessons 76.

in the afternoon at home. During a break, he relaxes in the 77.

Window,expecting enjoy the sunshine. Yet the heavy 78.

traffic seems to remind him of something.Like a Senior 3 79.

student,facing with the college entrance exams, he feels time is80. more or less limited for him.He thinks he must careful plan 81.

anything in order to solve the remaining problems with 82.

his lessons but prepare for the coming exams.Meanwhile, 83.

he has to take good care of him.Li Ming is determined 84.

to try his best so that he would go to a good university. 85.

76. 去掉 with 或 with 改为 in 考查固定短语的用法。此处 应为 be busy doing 或 be busy in doing。 77.第二个 in 改为 by 考查介词的含义。此处 by the window 意为:在窗户旁边。 78. enjoy 前加 to 考查动词的用法。此处应为 expect to do sth。 79. Like 改为 As 考查介词的含义。此处 as a student 意为: 作为一名学生。 80. faced 改为facing 或去掉 with 考查 face 作动词的用法。 动词 face 的用法有两种:be faced with 或 face+宾语。 81. careful 改为 carefully 考查副词的用法。修饰动词用 副词。 82. anything 改为 everything 考查不定代词的用法。根据 文意应为计划好一切事情。

83. but 改为 and考查句间的逻辑关系。此处为递进关系而 不是转折关系。 84. him 改为 himself 考查反身代词的用法。此处意为:他 不得不照顾好他自己。 85. would 改为 will 考查动词时态。此处 will 表意愿。

[2010·唐山二模] Animals are close friend of human beings.Their existence 76.

especially that the existence of rare animals,makes the whole 77.

world lively and colorful.Unlucky,we have heard such news that 78.

rare animals,even keeping in the zoo,can’t escape being hurt 79.

and killed.You may wonder how this can happen.The reason 80.

is that some people lacked understanding about these animals 81.

and care little about them. However,we should make information about rare animals 82.

known to the public.Let’s keep on mind that protecting animals 83.

is duty of everyone.Meanwhile,we should take active and effective 84. measures.After all,protecting animals are protecting ourselves. 85.

76. friend---friends 考查名词的单复数。 根据主语 animals 可知,其后应一致用复数形式。 77. that 去掉考查代词的用法。此处 especially 后直接接 名词即可。 78. Unlucky---Unluckily 考查副词的用法。此处副词作评 注性状语修饰整个句子,故用 unluckily。

79. Keeping---Kept 考查分词的用法。根据文意动物被关 在动物园里,故用过去分词 kept。 80.√经分析本句正确。 81.Lacked---1ack 考查动词时态。根据文意此处应用一般 现在时。 82.However----Therefore 考查副词的用法。此处表结果故 用 therefore。 83. on---in 考查短语的用法。 解题关键: 掌握短语 keek sth in mind。 84.Duty 前加 the 考查冠词的用法。根据文意应用 the duty of everyone。 85.Are---Is 考查主谓一致。动名词短语作主语谓语动词用 单数。

[2010·河北冀州中学二模] Dear Xiao Wang, Learned that you are going to visit me during the 76.______

holiday, I’m so happy that I have shared the good news 77.______

with your parents. They look forward to seeing you, too. 78.______

My hometown located in a mountainous region. The 79.______

mountains here are all covered up with trees of all kinds 80.______

or are worth touring. The first thing we may do after 81.______

you arrive are going to the woods, which are a good place 82.______

for bird. After that, we can go fishing in a river nearby. 83.______

Phone me before you set off and let me know exact 84.______

when you will get there. I will meet you at station. 85.______

Best wishes! Yours truly, Zhang Ying 76. Learned----Learning 考查现在分词作状语。此处 I 和 learn 之间为主动关系,故用现在分词。 77. 正确经分析本句正确。 78. your---my 考查代词指代一致。根据文意我和我的父母 分享这一好消息。 79. located 前面加 is 考查固定短语的用法。表示位于用 be located in/at。 80. 去掉 up 考查动词短语的用法。覆盖 be covered with。 81. or ----and 考查句间的逻辑关系。此处表递进而不是选 择。 82. 第一个 are----is 考查主谓一致。 本句 the first thing 是主语,故用单数形式。 83. bird—birds 考查名词的单复数。根据句意此处应为复 数形式。

84. exact—exactly 考查副词的用法。修饰动词 know 用副 词。 85. at 后面加 the 考查冠词的用法。此处指双方都知道的 “station”。

[2010·河北邢台市第二次模拟] A few days ago I saw an instructive program on TV. It was about what the traffic problem in cities. It seems 76.

that a great deal of damages is done by traffic.All our 77.

cities are suffering from this. Some buildings are actual 78.

falling to piece. It's often fast to walk than to go by car 79. and by bus. The problem has been getting worse day by 80.

day.This is only one of the thousands problems in our 81.

cities. All sorts of terrible things were happening to our 82.

cities.The question is how can we do about it.0ur 83.

roads were never designed for such heavy traffic.It 84.

is time the government does something about therse problems85. 76.去掉 what 考查介词宾语。此处 about 后直接接名词或名 词名词短语。 77.damages—damage 考查名词的单复数。此处 damage 为不 可数名词。 78.actual—actually 考查副词的用法。修饰动词用副词故 用 actually。 79.fast—faster 考查形容词的比较级。 根据句中的 than 可 知用比较级。

80.and—or 考查句意理解。根据句意此处表选择关系。 81.thousands 后加 of 考查短语的表达法。“数以千计”表 示为“thousands of”。 82.were—are 考查动词时态。根据句意应用选择进行时。 83.How—What 考查表语从句的连接词。此处 what 在表语从 句中作 do 的宾语。 84.V 经分析本句正确。 85.Does—did 考查动词时态。在 it is time that 句型中, 应用虚拟语气故用一般过去时。

[2010·山西省实验中学 4 月月考] Last Sunday, Tom and I were walking down the street while we 76.

saw an old man fell off his bike. Many people crowded 77.

around him. Someone suggested carrying an old 78.

man to hospital, but Tom did not agree. He has learnt 79.

first aid, so she said that they mustn’t move him. They ought to leave 80. him where he was and checked him first. At this time the old man 81.

wasn’t breathing. I called in first aid center at once and he began 82.

to start the old man’s breathing, use the mouth-to-mouth way. 83.

Soon the old man began to move a little and doctors also 84.

arrived. They said that we had done was right. 85.

76. while-when 考查状语从句的连接词。 根据文意此处为 “这 时,突然”之意,故用 when。 77.fell-fall 考查非谓语动词的用法。根据 see sb do sth 可知用 fall。

78.an-the 考查冠词的用法。第二次提到那位老人应用定冠 词 the。 79.has-had 考查动词时态。根据文意他在上个星期六之前 他就学会了急救,故用过去完成时。 80.she-he 考查代词指代一致。此处指 Tom 故用 he。 81.checked-check 考查并列关系。此处 check 和 leave 并 列。 82.去掉 in 考查动词的用法。打电话应用 call sb。 83.use-using 考查现在分词作状语。此处 using the mouth-to-mouth way 作方式状语。 84.V 经分析本句正确。 85.that-what 考查主语从句的连接词。此处 what 作 do 的 宾语。

[2010·河南郑州市第二次模拟] When we talk about city life, we’ll think tall 76._________

buildings, busy streets and comfortable live 77._________

conditions.Besides, there is much pollution in 78._________

the city now.People have to put up with noisy 79._________

and harmful smoke.How about country life? The 80._________

first feelings come into our minds are peace and quiet. 81._________

We can enjoy the blue sky, golden crop and fresh air. 82._________

But life in the country is not so easy as it in the city. 83._________

In my opinion, if we pay attention to protect the 84._________

environment and developing the country, and we’ll enjoy 85._________

a modern and peaceful life. 76.think 后加 of / about 考查动词的用法。此处 think 不 能直接带宾语,故改成 think of 的形式。 77.live 改为 living 考查分词作定语。此处 living conditions 生活条件。 78.Besides 改为 However 考查副词的用法。根据文意前面 为优势后为劣势,故表转折用 however。 79.noisy 改为 noise / noises 考查形容词和名词的用法 区别。此处名词作 with 的宾语,故用 noise。 80.正确 经分析本句正确。

81.come 前加 that 或 come 改为 coming 考查句子结构的分 析。本句的谓语动词是 are,所以 come 需以分词作定语或作 定语从句的谓语的形式出现。 82.crop 改为 crops 考查名词的单复数。根据语意应用复数 形式。 83. 改为 that 考查代词的用法。 it 此处 that 用于比较句型, 因其后有定语 in the city。

84.protect 改为 protecting 考查介词的用法。因为 pay attention to 中的 to 是介词,故用动名词。 85.去掉第二个 and 考查句子结构的分析。本句前面是 if 引导的条件句,后面是主句,所以去掉 and。

[2010·成都三诊] Usually most divers don’t go very deep. Mainly they dive to 66.

a depth of about 20 meter. Then they swam around as they slowly 67.

return to the surface. Everyone wants to dive must first have diving 68. lessons. There are few dangers that you have to learn about. For one 69.

thing, you might have problems with its air bottle. A diver must 70.

know how the equipment works and is able to recognize possible 71.

problem. There are also dangerous types of fish that you must look 72. out for. You must be familiar to the environment you’ ll be diving 73. in. Before you go on a dive, make sure you know that what you are 74. getting into. Diving may look easily, but if you don’ t have the 75.

necessary training, it can be both difficult and dangerous. 66. 正确 经分析本句正确。

67. swam – swim 考查动词时态。文章讲述的是通常的惯 例,故用一般现在时。 68. wants 前加 who / that, 或 Everyone – Whoever 考查 句子结构分析。此处 must have 是谓语动词,wants 前加 who/that 构成定语从句, Everyone – Whoever 构成主语 把 从句。

69. few 前加 a, 或 few – some 考查句意理解。此处意为: 你必须知道有一些危险。故用 a few 或 some。 70. its – your 考查代词指代一致。此处 your 应与有保 持一致。 71. is – be 考查句意理解及并列关系。此处 be 与 know 并列。 72. problem – problems 考查名词的单复数。根据句意可 知可能的问题不止一个。 73. to – with 考查介词的用法。解题关键:掌握短语“主 语(人)be familiar with ”。 74. 去掉 that 考查名词性从句的连接词。 此处 what 是宾语 从句的连接词,故去掉 that。 75. easily – easy 考查形容词的用法。此处 look 相当于 系动词,故用形容词。

[2010·甘肃省第二次联考] My birthday is coming. Father asked me how I would 76.

want as my birthday present. I told him I need no present but 77.

a party. Father said OK. When I recited the name of my seven 78.

friends I planned to invite, he wondered why his guest list didn’t 79.

include my new neighbor Tom. I told him I didn’t like to be with 80.

a person whom I didn’t know well. And father insisted that I 81.

seize the chance to make new friends. In my birthday, Tom 82.

came besides my seven friends. Very quick we became good 83.

friends. From this I realized give others a chance means giving 84.

myself a chance. It was really unforgettable birthday. 85.

76. how → what 考查宾语从句的连接词。 此处 what 作 want 的宾语。 77. need → needed 考查动词时态。根据文意此处应用一般 过去时。 78. name → names 考查名词单复数。根据后文可知应是七 个朋友的名字,故用复数形式。 79. his → my 考查代词指代一致。 80. 正确经分析本句正确。此处 my guest list 和 my new neighbor Tom 应一致。 81. And → But 考查句间的逻辑关系。根据文意此处表转 折。 82. In → On 考查介词的用法。此处指在“生日这天”,故 用介词 on。 83. quick → quickly 考查副词的用法。此处修饰动词 become 用副词。 84. give → giving 考查动名词的用法。此处动名词短语 giving others a chance 作 means 的主语。

85. unforgettable → an unforgettable 考查冠词的用法。 此处 birthday 是可数名词,故其前加 an。

[2010·重庆西南师大附中 5 月模拟] Students today should do more reading. Indeed, the importance of reading can never be too stressed. First of all, reading, especial 76. out-of-class reading, enrich our mind and broadens our horizons. 77.

Through read, we learn what cannot be learnt in our classrooms. 78.

Besides, reading is also a way of relaxation. This is very refreshing 79.

to read a story before going to bed, or after a day of the study. 80.

There were many famous sayings about reading, like “Reading 81.

is to the mind that exercise is to the body”. Then how can we 82.

develop the habit of reading? In the first place, I believe we need begin 83. from an early age, and then stick on it and never give up. Secondly, we 84.

should read what we are interested and also what is proper for us. 85. 76.especial→especially 考查副词的用法。此处表强调 用副词形式。 77. enrich→enriches 考查主谓一致。 因为 reading 作主语, 故谓语动词用单数形式。 78.read→reading 考查动名词的用法。此处 through 是介 词,其后用动名词。 79.This→It 考查代词的用法。此处 it 是形式主语,不定 式短语 to read a story before going to bed 是真正的主 语。 80.去掉 the 考查冠词的用法。此处 study 是抽象名词。

81.were→are 考查动词时态。根据文意用一般现在时。 82.that→what 考查固定句型。解题关键:掌握 A is to B what C is to D 句型。 83.need 后加 to 考查 need 的用法。此处 need 是实意动词, 其后接不定式作宾语。 84. on→to 考查动词短语。 解题关键: 掌握短语 stick to“坚 持”。 85.interested 后加 in 考查固定短语的用法。解题关键: 掌握短语 be interested in; what 作 in 的宾语。

[2010·唐山一中高考模拟 4] Mother’s Day was around the corner. My good friend 76. __________

Alice, Jenn y and I get together, discussing what we should do to 77. __________ our respect for. Alice was planning to buy some flowers with 78. __________

his pocket money in honor of her mother. Jenny was going to buy 79. __________

vegetables to cook delicious dinner for her family on that day, because80. __________ she wanted to experience how many her mother does for her family 81. __________

every day. As for me, I’d like to make a greeting card, said 82. __________

“Happy Mother’s Day”, in which I would also tell my mother 83. __________

to pay attention to health or promise her to study harder. 84. __________ 85.

We are looking forward to Mother’s Day. __________

76.friend --- friends 考查名词的单复数。根据后为可知 应是两人,故用复数形式。 77.get --- got 考查动词时态。根据上文可知事情发生在 过去,故用一般过去时。

78.去掉 for 考查介词的用法。此处 what 作 do 的宾语,for 是多余的。 79.his --- her 考查代词指代一致。根据文意 Alice 是女 名,故用 her。 80 cook 后加 a 考查冠词的用法。此处 dinner 是可数名词, 其前应加 a。 81. many --- much 考查词义的区别。 此处 do much for 为。 。 。 做得多。 82.said --- saying 考查现在分词作定语。此处相当于定 语从句 which says “Happy Mother’s Day” 83. --- on 考查介词的用法。 in 此处 on which 相当于 on the card。 84.or --- and 考查句意理解。此处 and 表并列。

85.V 经分析本句正确。

[2010·河南郑州市三模] Today we went to climb the West Hill.Early in morning 76.__________________

we started out and arrived an hour late.Then we began 77.__________________

to climb.The hill was high and some of us got tired 78.__________________

soon, and all of us were very excited.We cheered 79.__________________

happily when we got the top.We had our lunch there 80.__________________

and had enjoyed ourselves very much.Unfortunately, 81.__________________

when we walked down the hill,We were caught by 82.__________________

a rain.We remained calmly,shared umbrellas and 83.__________________

raincoats and walked carefully.Finally we both reached 84.__________________

the parking lot safely.In spite of the unexpecting rain 85.__________________

and wind,we had a good time. 76. morning 前加 the 考查冠词的用法。注意习语 in the morning。 77. late 改为 later 考查副词比较级的用法。此处表示“迟 到了一小时”,故用比较级。 78. 正确 经分析本句正确。 79. and 改为 but 考查句间的逻辑关系。根据文意此处为转 折关系。 80. got 后加 to 或 got 改为 reached 考查动词的用法。此处 the top 作宾语,故改为 got to 或及物动词 reached。 81. 去掉 had 考查动词时态。根据句中的 and 可知,前后是 并列关系,时态应一致。 82. by 改为 in 考查介词的用法。解题关键:掌握动词 catch 的用法,be caught in 意为:遭遇。。。。 83. calmly 改为 calm 考查形容词的用法。此处 remain 为系 动词,其后接形容词。 84. both 改为 all 考查代词的用法。根据文意没有两者的范 围。

85. unexpecting 改为 unexpected 考查分词的用法。此处 unexpected 意为:意料之外的。

[2010·河北石家庄市二模] Of all my teachers ,Mr. Moore is the one who impress me 76_____

most. He is 34, so he looks young for his age. And he’ s one of 77______

the most popular teacher in our school. Mr. Moore pays more 78______

attention to his way of teaching, comparing with other teachers. 79_______

He tries different ways to make his classes actively and lively. 80______

In his opinion, we should not only know “what”, but understand 81______

“why”. So, instead giving us answers immediately, he encourages us 82______

to think by myself whenever he puts forward questions. With his help, 83______

we’ve learned from how to settle problems. He leads us to such a wonderful him. 84_______

world of “why” as we all admire and respect 85_______

76. impress 改为 impresses 考查主谓一致。 此处先行词 one 前有 the,故其后定语从句的谓语动词应和 one 保持一致, 用单数。 77. so 改为 but 考查句间的逻辑关系。根据语境此处应为转 折关系。 78. teacher 改为 teachers 考查名词的单复数。根据句中 的 one of 可知,后面的名词应用复数形式。 79. comparing 改为 compared 考查固定短语。和。。。相比 应用 compared with/to。 80. actively 改为 active 考查形容词的用法。 此处 make 后 接形容词作宾补。 81. 正确 经分析本句正确。

82. instead 后加 of 考查固定短语。根据后面的 giving 可 知,其前应用介词 of。 83. myself 改为 ourselves 考查代词指代一致。根据文意反 身代词应和 us 相一致。故用 ourselves。 84. 去掉 from 考查动词的用法。learn from 意为:向。。。 学习,此处不合文意。 85. as 改为 that 考查固定句型。 此处考查 such。 。 。 that。 。 。 句型。

[2010·河北邯郸高三二模] Time seem limited for us Senior Three students. 76_________

Therefore, more and more student are studying from early 77_________

morning till lately afternoon, even during the ten-minute 78_________

break. In my opinion, Take a break between classes is 79_________

not necessary. Otherwise, we will feel tired both physically 80_________

and mentally. During the break, we should do something 81_________

to get rid of tiredness. What they need is to have a real rest, 82_________

instead getting more tired. My break is always pleasing. 83_________

Sometimes I take some simple exercise. Sometimes I had a free 84_________

chat with my classmates or just take a walk outside. While the 85_________

next class begins, I feel fresh again. 76.seem→seems 考查主谓一致。此处 time 是主语,谓语动 词用单数。 77.student→students 考查名词的单复数。根据后面的 are 可知用复数形式。

78.lately→late 考查形容词、副词的用法。修饰名词 afternoon 应用形容词。 79.Take→taking 考查动名词的用法。此处动名词短语作主 语,故用动名词形式。 80.去掉 not 考查语境的理解。根据文意应为肯定意思。 81. √ 经分析本句正确。

82 they.→we 考查代词指代一致。通篇文章都在谈论我们 的事情,故用 we。 83. instead 后加 of 考查固定短语。根据后面的 getting 可知用 instead of。 84.had→have 考查动词时态。根据时间副词 sometimes 可 知用一般现在时。 85.While→When 考查状语从句的连接词。根据文意用 when “当。。。的时候”。

[2010·河北唐山市三模] The other day my father called me, that at first made 76._______

me very glad because of he seldom calls me. I was extra 77.______

happy for that day was his birthday and I thought he 78.______

remembered the date. But to my disappoint, our talk was 79._______

so short and ended so soon. My father called only tell me 80.________

that he has put another 1,000 yuan to my account, then hung 81.________

up after I could even tell him that it was my birthday. Tears 82._______

of sadness came to my eye. Honestly, I understand that he 83.__________

loves me just as true as my mom, but I’d prefer to hear 84.________

him say it out to me on my birthday. 85._________

76.that 改为 which 考查非限制性定语从句的关系词。 此处 which 替代前文整个句子的内容。 77.去掉 of 考查状语从句的连接词。根据后面的句子 he seldom calls me 可知用 because。 78. his 改为 my 考查代词指代一致。根据文意应是“我的生 日”。 79. disappoint 改为 disappointment 考查固定短语的用法。 此处 to 是介词,其后用名词。 80. only 后加 to 考查不定式作目的状语。父亲给我打电话 只是告诉我。。。。 81.has 改为 had 考查动词时态。根据文意“存钱”在“打电 话”之前,故用过去完成时。 82. after 改为 before 考查句意的理解。我还没有来得及告 诉他那天是我的生日就挂掉了。此处 before 意为:没来得 及。。。就。。。 83. eye 改为 eyes 考查名词的单复数。此处指双眼用 eyes。 84. true 改为 truly 考查副词的用法。修饰动词 love 用副 词。

85. 正确 经分析本句正确。

[2010·河南开封三模] When people think about precious things, they usually think about money or jewelry. I am not very rich, and I have 76.______

something very preciously in my room. It’s not a CD player or 77. ______

a cellphone. It's the view from my window. I’m lucky live 78. _______ near a park. My window faces with the tops of the trees in 79. _______ the park. Below the tree I can see children on the playground,80. ________ young couples walked quietly, mothers with children, and 81. ________

old people sitting on the beach. The whole world is before 82. ________

their eyes. My classmates like to go online or listen to music, 83. _______

but when I have a free time, I just sit on the chair and 84. ________

enjoyed the most precio us thing in my room: the view. 85. ________

76. and → but 考查句间的逻辑关系。根据语境此处表转折 用 but。 77. preciously → precious 考查形容词的用法。修饰不定 代词用形容词且放在其后。 78. lucky 后加 to 考查形容词的用法。此处考查短语 be lucky to do sth。 79. 去 with 考查介词的用法。此处 face 是及物动词,故不 用介词 with。 80. tree → trees 考查名词的单复数。根据语境应为多棵 树。 81. walked → walking 考查现在分词作宾补。 此处考查 see sb doing sth。

82. 正确 经分析本句 83. their → my 考查代词指代一致。根据文意应为“在我 眼前”。 84. 去 a 考查冠词的用法。解题关键:free time 是不可数 名词,其前不能用 a。 85. enjoyed → enjoy 考查动词时态。根据语境应为一般 现在时。 ()



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