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Section Ⅲ Grammar-复习动词时态




1.A Londoner has more difficulty

understanding a Scotsman from Glasgow than understanding a New Yorker. 2.Some experts believe that the two varieties are moving closer together. 3.This international dimension suggests that in the future, there are going to be many “Englishes”, not just two main varieties. 4.Users of English will be able to understand each other — wherever they are. 5.Many factors have influenced American pronunciation since the first settlers

1.句 1 用了一般现在时态,表示经常或习惯 性发生的动作,当主语为第三人称单数时, 谓语动词用第三人称单数形式。 2.句 2 用了现在进行时态,表示现阶段正在 进行的动作,谓语动词的构成为 be (am/is/are)+doing。 3.句 3 和句 4 用了将来时态,句 3 表示“有 征兆或迹象会发生某事”,句 4 表示将要发 生的动作或状态。 4.句 5 用了现在完成时态,表示该动作发生 在过去,持续到了现在,谓语动词的构成为 have/has+done。

arrived four hundred years ago.




时态 一般现在时 现在进行时 一般将来时

基本用法 ①现在经常或反复发生的动作或存在的状态; ②主语的特征、性格、能力等 表示现在或目前一段时间内正在进行的动作 表示现在看来即将发生的动作或存在的状态

谓语构成 do/does is/am/are doing will/shall do


或结果; 现在完成时

have/has done


There are buses to the station every ten minutes.


All the classmates are reviewing the lesson in the classroom now.


Leaves have started to change colour; it will be autumn soon.


He has taught Chinese for more than 20 years.

他教中文已有 20 多年了。

集中演练 1 1-1.单句语法填空 ①So far, the farmer has_looked (look) for the missing goat for several hours. ②In the next few years, the robots will_replace (replace) human beings in many ways. ③My brother plays (play) football quite well now, but he hasn't_played (not play) it since last year. ④I am_reading (read) the book; I will finish it in a week. ⑤My birthday is coming.I shall_be (be) 18 years old. ⑥The fact is that those scientists are_studying (study) this kind of disease these days. ⑦She left school three years ago and has_worked (work) as a teacher ever since. ⑧A foreign guest will_give (give) us a talk in the hall this afternoon, and you must attend it on time. ⑨It's said that the two planets are_moving (move) closer and closer, and that's the reason why so many earthquakes occur. ⑩This coat costs a lot and the cloth washes (wash) well. 1-2.完成句子 ?We will_know_the_result_of_the_exam (将知道考试结果) tomorrow. ?When I see Alice in the street, she always smiles_at_me (朝我微笑). ?Peter has_been_ill_for_almost_a_month (生病近一个月了).

?Look at the picture. The children are_flying_kites (正在放风筝) in the park. ?He has_recently_joined (最近加入了) the board of the company.



1.一般现在时可表示客观事实或普遍真理。 The geography teacher told us the earth moves around the sun. 地理老师告诉我们地球绕着太阳转。 2.现在进行时与 always, constantly, forever 等频度副词连用时表示赞扬、批评、不 满、惊奇等感情色彩。 He is always thinking of others. 他总是想着别人。 You are always making the same mistake. 你总是犯同样的错误。 3.一般将来时可表示客观预测或临时决定。 Will we meet aliens in the future? 我们会在未来遇见外星人吗? —Do you know Mr. Smith has come to our town? —No, I will go and visit him right now. ——你知道史密斯先生来我们镇了吗? ——不知道。我现在就去看他。 4.使用现在完成时的特殊句型 (1)“It is the first/second ...time+从句”句型中的从句的谓语动词常使用现在完 成时。 It is the first time that I have visited the city. 这是我第一次参观这座城市。 (2)“It/This/That is the +形容词最高级+名词+that 从句”中,that 从句的谓语 动词要用现在完成时。 This is the best tea that I have ever drunk. 这是我喝过的最好的茶了。 集中演练 2 2-1.单句语法填空 ①An apple a day keeps (keep) the doctor away. ②—Sorry, I forgot to buy the book you need.

—It doesn't matter. I will_go (go) myself. ③This is the second time I have_come (come) here. ④This is the most interesting film he has_made (make). 2-2.完成句子 ⑤He is_always_thinking_of how he could do more for the people. 他总是想着怎样才能为人们多做些事情。 ⑥The sun rises_in_the_east_and_sets_in_the_west. 太阳东升西落。 ⑦—Tom was injured badly in the accident yesterday. —Oh, I didn't know. I will_see him after work. ——汤姆在昨天的事故中受伤很严重。 ——哦,我不知道。我下班后去看他。 ⑧This is the best book that I_have_read. 这是我读过的最好的书。



1.一般现在时表将来 (1)当主句为将来时态或表示将来意义时,时间、条件或让步状语从句中常用一般现在时 表示将来。 As long as it doesn't rain tomorrow, we'll have a trip on schedule. 只要明天不下雨,我们就按原计划旅行。 (2)表示按规定、时间表、计划或安排要发生的动作时用一般现在时表示将来。 The train arrives at 10:30 am. There is plenty of time. 火车上午十点三十分到达,还有足够的时间。 2.现在进行时表示将来 一些短暂性动词,如 die, stop, start, finish, approach, come 等的现在进行时可以 表示即将发生的动作。 I am leaving for Beijing next month. 下个月我要去北京。 3.be going to do 该结构表示“打算去做……”以及根据一些迹象判断要发生某事。
They are going to set up a laboratory next year. 他们打算明年建立一个实验室。

Look at the dark clouds; I guess it is going to rain this afternoon. 看这些乌云,我想今天下午要下雨了。 4.be about to do 该结构表示“即将、正要”,强调近期内或马上要做,不与具体的时间状语连用。 Hurry up! The train is about to leave. 快点!火车就要开了。 5.be to+动词原形 该结构表示“按计划、安排或打算要做某事”,有时强调决心。 She is to get married next month. 她将于下个月结婚。 You are to report it to the police. 你应该报警。 集中演练 3 3-1.单句语法填空 ①He is going to visit his aunt as soon as he arrives (arrive) in Beijing. ②The Queen is_to_visit (visit) Japan in a week's time. ③We must hurry up. The first class_begins (begin) at 8 o'clock. ④The meeting is_beginning/begins (begin) at three this afternoon. 3-2.单句改错 ⑤When they will come, I will tell them about it.去掉第一个 will ⑥The train will pull in at 3 pm. It is now 2:30 pm. We must hurry to the station to meet our parents. will_pull→pulls ⑦There goes the bell. The film will begin. will→is_about_to ⑧Look at the clouds. There will be a storm. will→is_going to
[链接高考] 单句语法填空 1. (2017·全国卷Ⅰ语法填空)Fast food is (be) full of fat and salt; by eating more fast food people will get more salt and fat than they need in their diet. 解析:考查时态和主谓一致。此处是对客观事实的描述,主语 fast food 为单数第三人 称,故填 is。 2. (2016·北京高考)I have_read (read) half of the English novel, and I'll try

to finish it at the weekend. 解析:考查时态。句意:这本英文小说我读了一半了,周末会尽量把它读完。由后面的
I'll try to finish it at the weekend 可知,我“已经”读了一半,故用现在完成时。 3.(2015·全国卷Ⅱ语法填空)This cycle goes (go) day after day: The walls warm
up during the day and cool off during the night and thus always a timely offset (抵 消) for the outside temperatures.
解析:考查主谓一致和时态。主语是 This cycle,且此处表示目前的情况,所以用 goes。 4.(2015·北京高考)In the last few years, China has_made (make) great achievements in environmental protection. 解析:考查时态。句意:在过去几年里,中国在环境保护方面取得了极大的成就。根据 句意和时间状语 In the last few years 可知,应该使用现在完成时态。 5.(2015·北京高考)—Dr.Jackson is not in his office at the moment. —All right. I will_call (call) him later. 解析:考查时态。句意:“约翰逊博士现在不在办公室。”“好的,我待会儿再打给他。” 由时间状语 later 和情景可知,此处表示临时性的打算,应该使用 will 表示一般将来时。 6.(2014·北京高考)—Hi, let's go skating. —Sorry, I'm busy right now. I am_filling (fill) in an application form for a new job. 解析:考查时态。句意:“嗨,我们去滑冰吧。”“抱歉,我现在很忙。我正在填一份 新工作的申请表。”此句表示说话时正在发生的动作,用现在进行时。
[针对演练] Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.It's four o'clock in the afternoon. The children are_playing (play) football on the sports ground. 2.You are_to_hand (hand) in your papers by 10 o'clock. 3.He plays (play) football after school every afternoon. 4.We _have_been (be) good friends since we were very young. 5.If you come (come) this afternoon, we will have a meeting. 6.This song sounds very pleasant. Let's go upstairs and see who is_singing (sing). 7. —I thought I had reminded you to take out the rubbish. —Oh, I forgot. I will_do (do) it right now. 8.The telephone has_rung (ring) five times in the last two hours, and each time it was for my father.

9.The little girl is very happy, because she has_sold (sell) out all the flowers. 10.I think they will_help (help) you if you tell them. Ⅱ.完成句子 1.Nowadays, people in many big cities are complaining about the heavy traffic. 当今,许多大城市的人们在抱怨交通拥堵。 2. Mr. Green will_give_us_a_speech on how to learn English well. 格林先生将就如何学好英语给我们作一场报告。 3. He often goes_to_work_by_bus,_and he takes_a_walk_with_his_wife after dinner every day. 他经常乘公共汽车上班,而且每天晚饭后和妻子一起散步。 4. He has_lived_in_the_city for three years, and he has_made_a_lot_of_new_friends. 他在这个城市住了三年了,并且交了许多新朋友。 5. Whatever the result is, we should accept it with a smile, because we have_tried_our_best. 无论结果怎样,我们都要微笑着接受,因为我们已经尽了全力。 Ⅲ.短文改错 Dear Mike, What is it going? I will fly to your country to attend the Culture Trip to America in next week. I feel exciting because my dream of visiting America will come true. Through the trip, I hope to open my eyes and learning more about the customs and history of your country. Besides, it is the good chance to practise my English. Therefore, one thing I'm concerned about is because I may have difficulty communicating with local people. After all, there have many cultural differences between China and America. I'd appreciate if you could give me some proper advices. I'm looking forward to your early reply. Yours, Li Hua 答案:第一句:What→How 第二句:去掉 in 第三句:exciting→excited 第四句:learning→learn 第五句:the→a 第六句:Therefore→However; because→that

第七句:have→are 第八句:if 前加 it; advices→advice



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