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16. 交际用语 .
1. —Would you like to join me for a quick lunch before class? — ______, but I promised Nancy to go out with her. A. I’d like to B. I like it. C. I don’t D. I will —Pears and apples, ______. 2008 年全国卷 I 2008 年全国卷 I

2. —What fruit is in season now? A. I know B. I think C. I see D. I feel

3. —Sorry, I made a mistake again. A. Never mind B. Certainly not

— ______. Practice more and you’ll succeed. 2008 年全国卷 I C. Not at all D. Don’t mention it

4. –Do you know Anna’s telephone number? 2008 年全国卷(II) -- ____. As a matter of fact, I don’t know any Anna, either. A. I think so B. I’m afraid not C. I hope so D. I’d rather not

5. --- Could I ask you a rather personal question? A. pardon me B. go ahead C. good idea

--- Sure, ____.2008 年全国卷(II) D. forget it

6. -----I have some big news for you. You’ve been accepted as a member of our club. 2008 年安徽卷 -----_____ That’s great! A. Have I ? B. Pardon? C. Congratulations! 2008 年安徽卷 D. Good idea!

7. -----Good evening. Huangshan Hotel. A. Do you still have a room for tonight C. Is there anything I can do for you 8. – Would you like to join us in the game? A. I will B. I’d love to

-----Good evening. _____?

B. What would you like, please D. Who is that speaking, please –_____, for I have something important to attend to. 2008 年福建卷 D. I’m afraid not -- Oh, dear! ____2008 年江西卷 D. Is it as bad as that?

C. I won’t

9. –I think you’d better type this letter again before Mr. Smith see it. A. Who cares? B. No problem C. I don’t mind at all

10. –Say, Jane, will you come with me to the game Friday? 2008 年山东卷 --_____, Bob, but I promised Mary I’d go with her. A. My pleasure B. Thanks C. Take it easy 11. –The floor is dirty. Can anyone clean it? A. Don’t mention it. B. Why you? – D. Forget it. I do it all the time. 2008 年陕西卷 C. Not sure D. Not me again.

12. --- Let’s go for a walk in the garden. --- ____, but I need to do the washing-up. 2008 年四川卷 A. No, thank you B. That’s right C. Good idea D. Not at all

13. --- Can you show me Mr. Jaffer’s office, please? 2008 年四川卷 --- _____. But I don’t know if he is in at the moment. A. Thanks B. Go on C. Sure D. You are welcome

14. ---- I just can’t stop worrying about the result of the job interview. 2008 年天津卷 ----_____. There’s nothing you can do now but wait. A. Relax B. Go ahead C. Go for it D. Good luck

15. ----How much do I owe you for lunch? 2008 年天津卷 A. You’re welcome B. Forget it

----____. It’s nothing. D. That’s right

C. With pleasure 2008 年重庆卷

16. ---May I ask a question after class, Sir? --, but not during my lunch break. B. Anytime

A. I’m sorry

C. Certainly ---

D. Go ahead . 2008 年重庆卷

17. ---I am afraid I can’t return the book to you before Friday. A. Don’t be afraid B. Be careful

C. Not at all D. Take your time --- ________. Go ahead. 2008 年江苏卷 C. Not at all D. No, you’d better not

18. --- Do you mind if I record your lecture? A. Never mind 19. --- Is Peter there? A. Hold up B. No way

--- _____, please. I’ll see if I can find him for you. 2008 年江苏卷 B. Hold on C. Hold out D. Hold off

20. --- I can’t repair these until tomorrow, I’m afraid. A. no problem B. no wonder

--- That’s OK, there’s _______.2008 年江苏卷 D. no worry

C. no doubt

21. --- It shouldn’t take long to clear up after the party if we all volunteer to help. --- That’s right. ____.2008 年江苏卷 A. Many hands make light work C. The more the merrier B. Something is better than nothing D. The sooner begin, the sooner done — ______, it was too hot. 2008 年辽宁卷 D. You’re right

22. —Did you have a good time in Thailand last week? A. No! really B. Yeah, why not

C. Oh, great

23. —My name is Jonathan. Shall I spell it for you? A. If you don’t mind 24. – Are you all right? A. That’s OK B. Not at all

—______.2008 年辽宁卷 D. Nice to meet you

C. Take it easy

– ______.2008 年浙江卷 C. Take it easy D. It’s very kind of you

B. I think so

25. —Shall we go out for dinner tonight? A. You are right ` B. It must be funny

—______.2008 年浙江卷 C. That sounds great D. Have a nice time`

(09 安徽)1. – I wonder how much you charge for your services. -- The first two are free A. while B. until the third costs $30. C. when D. before -D. That's OK .

(09 安徽)2 -- Could you be so kind as to close the window? A. With pleasure B. Go ahead C. Yes, please

(09 北京)3. John plays basketball well, _____his favorite sport is badminton. A. so B. or C. yet D. for

(09 北京)4. You may use room as you like ____ you clean it up afterwards A. so far as B. so long as C. in case D. even if

(09 北京)5. At first he hated the new job but decided to give himself a few months to see___ it got any better. A. when B. how C. why D. if

(09 福建)6. –Bruce, I really appreciate your handwriting.--------A. I practice every day C. No, I don’t think so B. Thank you very much D. Well, it’s not good enough


(09 湖南)7. ______ the police thought he was the most likely one, since they had no exact proof about it, they could not arrest him. A. Although B. As long as C. If only D. As soon as

(09 江西)8. ----Thank you for your MP4 player. I’ll get Mary to take it to you soon. ----___________. I’ve bought a new one. A. No sense B. No hurry C. No way D. No use —___________

(09 四川)9. —May I open the window to let in some fresh air? A. Come on B. Take care C. Go ahead!

D. Hold on! - . D. Yes, I do

(09 海南)10. -It looks heavy. Can I give you a hand? A. No, thanks B. Yes, my pleasure

C. No, never mind

(09 山东)11. -------John and I will celebrate our fortieth wedding anniversary next month. --------Oh, _________! A. cheer up B. well done C. go ahead D. congratulations

(09 山东)12. ------Poor Steve! I could hardly recognize him just now! ------_______________, He has changed so much. A. Never mind B. No problem C. Not at all D. Me neither

(09 山东)13------shall we have our picnic tomorrow? A. Until B. While C. Once

-----______it doesn’t rain. D. If

(09 陕西)14. —My mother is preparing my favorite dishes. Go with me and have a taste, okay? -. And I’ll be glad to meet your parents. B. I’d love to C. I’m sure D. I hope so -. Just half of it. How about you? D. Not yet —_________ D. My pleasure

A. I think so

(09 陕西)15. —Have you finished your first paper? A. Not at all B. Not likely C. Not a bit

(09 四川)16. —Would you please help me with the box? A. Yes, please B. No, please don’t

C. With pleasure

(09 天津)17. ---- Putting on a happy face not only helps us make friends but also makes us feel better. ---- _______. A. I’d love to B. I’m with you on that C. It’s up to you D. It’s my pleasure -______.

(09 浙江)18.-Hey, you haven’t been acting like yourself, Everything OK? A. I’m fine, thanks B. Sure, it is C. That’s good D. It’s OK

(09 浙江)19.The medicine works more effectively ______ you drink some hot water after taking it. A. as B. until C. although - __________. C. Not at all D. I wouldn’t say no D. if

(09 浙江)20.- Do you want another drink? A. I don’t think so. B. No way

(09 重庆)21—You are confident about the job interview, aren’t you? —_____. I’m well prepared and feel I’ve got everything they need.

A. sure, I am

B. It’s hard to say

C. I hope so

D. Well, maybe

(09 重庆)22. —Ken, ________, but your TV is going too loud. —Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll turn it down right now. A. I’d like to talk with you B. I’m really tired of this C. I hate to say this D. I need your help

(09 全国 2 )23. —— Do you mind my opening the window? It’s a bit hot in here. —— A. Go ahead , as a matter of fact B. Yes, my pleasure C. Yes, I do . D. Doesn’t matter D. Come on

(09 江苏)24.--- Bill, can I get you anything to drink?--A. You are welcome B. No problem

C. I wouldn't mind a coffee

参考答案 1---10 AADCA BABCA



21—24 ACCC

2010 情景交际
1. ( 国I 31).—Everybody is going to climb the mountain. Can I go too, mom? —______ Wait till you are old enough, dear. A. Will you? 2. ( 国 I B. Why not? C. I hope so. D. I’m afraid not.

35).—Was he sorry for what he’d done?

—_________. A. No wonder 3. ( 国 II B. Well done C. Not really D. Go ahead

6).—Is it all right if I keep this photo?

---_______. A. No,you don’t 4. ( 国 II B. No, it shouldn’t C. I’m afraid not D. Don’t keep it

18). –Can I help you?

Are you looking for anything in particular today?

----_____,we’re just looking. A. Yes, please 5. ( --B. No, thank you C. Yes,you can D. No, you needn’t

卷 24).---Do you know if Linda is willing to take charge of the program? , does it? B. It counts for nothing D. It doesn’t make sense

A.It makes no time C. It doesn’t hurt to ask 6. ( 卷 35). -----______?

----- That would be great! Please drop me off at the library. A .Could you bring me the bill B. Would you like me to give you a lift D. Would you like to have my e-mail address.

C. Could you tell me the postcode for Patia

7. (江苏卷 27). ----Do you think their table tennis team will win the first place at the coming Asian Games? ----_________.Ours is much stronger than theirs. A. Of course B. It depends C. Don’t mention it D. By no means

8. (江苏卷 31). ----I have tried very hard to find a solution to the problem, but in vain 4

----why not consult with Frank? You see, _________. A. great minds think alike B. two heads are better than one D. it’s better to think twice before doing something

C. a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush 9. (江 —

卷 21). —Do you enjoy your present job? . I just do it for a living. B. Not really C. Not likely D. Not a little

A. Of course 10. (辽

卷 21).—I’ll do the washing-up. Jack, would you please do the floors?

—_______. A. Yes, please 11. ( B. No, I don’t C. Yes, sure D. No, not at all

东卷 21). —Do you think you could do without help?

—______. This is not the first time for me. A. Take care 12. ( B. Hurry up C. Not exactly D. Don’t worry

东卷 34). — Her father is very rich.

—________ She wouldn’t accept his help even if it were offered. A. What for? 13. (陕 B. So what? C. No doubt. D. No wonder.

卷 1)3. –What’s the noise? It sounds as if it comes from upstairs.

--______ .It must be the window-cleaner working, next door. A. I’m not sure 14. (陕 B. I hope not C. I’d rather not D. I don’t think so

卷 25). ----What a fine day! Shall we go picnicking? . But we need to be home before six o’clock for the football match.. B. Pardon me C. That’s great D. You are right (C)


A. Have a nice time. 15. ( ---A. Thank you. 16. (

卷)1. ---- Here’s your change.

B. Don’t mention it.

C. No problem

D. With pleasure.

卷 9). We laugh at jokes,but seldom B. think we C. we do think

about how they work. D. do we think

A. we think 17. ( 卷 13). Oh, A. sure it was 18. (

I’m sorry. That wasn’t of much help. . As a matter of fact,it was most helpful. B. it doesn’t matter C. of course not D. thanks anyway

卷 2). ----Excuse me, I wonder if you can help me?

----Sure._______? A. What help 19. ( B. What is this C. What is it D. What do you want

卷 7).—Professor Johoson, I’m afraid I can’t finish the report within this week.

—______. How about next week? A. Good for you 20. ( B. It won’t bother me C. Not at all D. That’s OK

庆卷 26).—Honey, let’s go out four dinner. 5

I don’t have to cook. B. That’s great! C. Why? D. Go ahead.

A. Forget it! 21( —

庆卷 35). — Have you played baseball before? We need one more player. .I like ball games, so I believe it will be fun to learn baseball. B. Not really C. Never mind D. That’s cool

A. Sometimes 22. (

江卷 13). -- Would she mind playing against her former teammates?

-- __ She is willing to play against any tough players. A. I think so. 23. ( B. I'm not surprised. C. Of course. D. Not likely!

江卷 18). -- According to my grandma, it is a good idea to eat chicken soup when you have

a cold. -- __ , scientists agree with her. A. Sooner or later B. Once in a while C. To be exact D. Believe it or not



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