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应 用 文 写 作
格式例文: 格式例文: [书信作文写作模版 书信作文写作模版1] 书信作文写作模版 1. 保持书信格式 地址,日期,称谓,落款 保持书信格式 地址,日期,称谓, 格式---地址 . 2. 根据内容确定文体 建议,劝说,说明,申请,投诉,介绍;商榷 讨论; 根据内容确定文体 建议,劝说,说明,申请,投诉,介绍;商榷/讨论 文体----建议 讨论; . 描绘/叙述 致谢,致歉… 叙述; 描绘 叙述;致谢,致歉 3. 牢记常用模版和句式 牢记常用模版和句式 .
[寄信人地址,写信时间] → Lun Rinding Department of Computer Changwei College Weifang,Shandong 261000 P.R.China April 29, 2000 [正式信函收信人姓名,地址] Mr. Brain Smith, Admissions Office, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif. 94305 U.S.A. Dear Sir/Madam/Mr. Smith, [称谓] Professor Shirley Sanderson of your university said when she was visiting our college that Stanford might be able to provide scholarships for a limited number of students from China to pursue postgraduate studies there next term. Since I expect to receive my bachelor's degree in June, I would appreciate being considered a candidate. [第一段:引入/说明写信原委;或叙前 谊] As you will notice from the enclosed data sheet, I am especially interested in computer science. You might like to know that during the past year I took all my elective courses in this field and wrote my thesis on traffic free city centers with computers. My knowledge and practical command of English is adequate. I've passed TOEFL and GRE with flying colors. [第 二段:此段为信的主体,提出有关建议,劝说,说明,申请,投诉,介绍;商榷/讨论; 描绘/叙述;致谢,致歉等等] I would be grateful if you could give me a favorable consideration of my application for a scholarship. [第三段:此段表达愿望/希冀,进一步要求,祝愿…] I look forward to hearing from you. [结束语] Very truly yours,[礼貌落款] Lun Rinding [签名]

[书信作文模板2] 书信作文模板 书信作文模板
第一段: 第一段:[引入/说明写信原委] *I’m writing in response to….(your advertisement of Oct.27 in China Daily/your suggestion/letter…) *I’m writing at the suggestion of a friend who… *I’m writing to offer my opinions on…/to apologize for…/complain about…/apply for…/recommend to *I would like to apply for….(a job/a position in your corporation) *I’m interested in… *I’m very glad/pleased to know that…. *Knowing that…, 第二段:As/Since/When…,(you…), I’m afraid that…/ I think that…/My suggestion is…Firstly, 第二段 Secondly,Thirdly. [此段为信的主体,有关建议,劝说,说明,申请,投诉,介

绍; 商榷/讨论; 描绘/叙述; 致谢, 致歉…须以 “我” 的口吻表述, 因此应多用 “I’m afraid, I would like to, I was pleased, I shall be glad, I expect, I wonder, I hope, I propose/advise/suggest/want, I enjoy, I guess/believe, …”之类的用语,或用些被动句式如: “We/You are(It’s )supposed/assumed that..”, 另一常用代词是写信对象”you”: As you will notice/find, As you know, ….] 第三段: 第三段:*I’m looking forward to your early reply / learning from you / your comments at your earliest convenience. *Would you please let me know whether or not you would be willing to…I can be reached by phone/e-mail at65883879/siji123@sohu.com *I would be grateful if you could give me a favorable consideration of my application for a scholarship/M.A.degree/the job… *I hope you will /I shall appreciate it if you could give my application due consideration/consider…. *Please let me know if you need any further information. *I enclose…(certificates in duplicates) / Enclosed are my resume and two reference letters…/documents.. *With my best/kind regards/wishes to you. /With love

二、书信作文 1.投诉信(抱怨信)(Letter of Complaint) .投诉信(抱怨信) (1) 写作方法 ①首段:注意客观礼貌 a. 自我介绍; b. 引出投诉内容 c. 表明目的要求。 ② 主体:展开说明投诉原因、具体理由或后果,注意内容充实,符合交际 习惯。 a. 详细说明情况,中肯提出问题; b. 提出改进建议,表明希望如何解决; c. 拓展题目内容,尤其要强调如何问题不解决所带来的后果。 ③ 尾段:提出解决方案,不用展开,注意公平公正、礼貌原则。 a. 表达强烈愿望,希望上述问题得到迅速恰当的解决; b. 有时可就问题的解决限定时间; c. 对有关人员的努力表示感谢; d. 希望尽快得到满意答复。 (2) 写作流程图




第一部分: 第一部分:提出抱怨并表示遗憾 套语: (1) 很抱歉打扰您,但我必须郑重提出投诉。 I am sorry to trouble you but I am afraid that I have to make a serious complaint. (2) 我很遗憾地告诉你投诉有关…….的事由。 I am sorry to tell you that there should be cause to complain about … (3) 我真的很讨厌抱怨,但最近有一件事情确实令人烦心。 I really hate to complain, but one thing is really disturbing now. 第二部分:阐述问题发生的经过 第二部分:阐述问题发生的经过 套语:无 第三部分: 第三部分:指出问题引起的后果 套语: (1) 噪音影响我的睡眠,使得我在上班时间无法集中精力。结果这些天我已经搞 错了好几次 The noise disturbs my sleep so that I can’t concentrate on my work during the work time, and as a result, I have made several mistakes these days. (2) 在这样(嘈杂)环境下我无法进行研究,我需要一间安静的房间。 For me this environment is very difficult to make studies and I need a quiet room. 第四部分: 第四部分:提出批评及处理的意见或敦促对方采取措施 套语: (1) 我认为是你认识到……的时候了。 I think it’s high time that you realized …. (2) 我们深知你们并不经常出错,但我们希望能确保这类差错不再发生。 We know that you are not generally careless, but we should like your assurance that this will not happen again. (3) 我必须正告贵方,除非对目前状况采取措施,否则我将被迫诉诸法律。 I must warn you that unless you do something about the situation, I will be forced to take legal action. (4) 坦率地所,我不再准备忍受这种状况。 Frankly, I am not prepared to put up with the situation any more. (5) 如果您能尽快调查此事,我将不胜感激。期待您尽快回复。 I would be very grateful if you could look into the matter as soon as possible. And I am looking forward to an early reply. 范文示例: 范文示例: Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic A Letter to the University President about the Library Service on Campus. You should write at least 120 words, and base your

composition on the outline given below in Chinese: 假设你是李强,请你就本校图书馆的状况给校长写一封信,内容应涉及图书馆的 藏书数量和更新状况、环境、服务等,可以是表扬,可以是批评建议,也可以兼 而有之。 【审题】 本文可以从批评着手, 成为一封批评信。 题目要求中规定了要涉及藏书、 环境等内容,为作文提供了一些思路。同时注意,虽然是封批评信,但 也要做到客观,不能把图书馆说得一无是处。 【写作思路】 第一段: 介绍写信的目的。 第二段到第四段:从三方面说明图书馆存在的问题 第五段: 指出图书馆给我们的帮助很大,但急需改进 第六段: 结束语 【范文及点评】
A Letter to the University President about the Library Service on Campus.

January 6th, 2006 Dear Mr. President, I am writing to express my concern over the (1) 开门见山,点明写信缘由 Library service on the campus. As a major in English, I find that most of the (2) 提出第一个问题,藏书没有 Books in English in the library are outdated. So far, 及时更新 I have not come across a single book published after 1995. As a result, we fail to get the latest information (3) 指出后果,不能及时得到 of academic development both at home and abroad. 最新信息 In addition, the light in the reading room is far (4) 指出光线不好 from bright, which does harm to our eyes. Worse still, (5) 指出没有空调的问题, Wrose there is no air-conditioning and we are sweating heavily still 意思是“更糟糕的是” while reading. Last but not least, the newly developed electronic (6) 提出最后一个问题 information system does not work well and needs further improvement. A great number of books should have been listed in the system. There is no denying that the library has helped us a (7) 客观说明图书馆的作用 lot. But it is in urgent need of improvement. When im(8) 对图书馆的改进充满 proved, the library is certain to provide much more help 期待 with our study. Thank you for your time. I am looking forward to (9) 结束语, 期待对方的回信 your reply. Yours sincerely, Li Qiang 2. 咨询信 (Letter of Inquiry) (1) 写作方法 ① 首段: a. 复述题目场景,表明写作目的;

b. 遵守礼貌原则,只问相关信息; c. 简要介绍自己,表明写作目的。 ② 主体: a. 询问具体问题,注意疑问句式; b. 提供背景材料及询问原因; c. 强调所需信息重要性; d. 题目要求的内容均应涉及。 ③ 尾段: a. 表明急切心情,提供联系方式; b. 结尾彬彬有礼,表示诚挚谢意; c. 希望得到对方帮助和合作。 (2) 写作流程图 说明写信的目的



表示谢意,期盼回复 第一部分: 第一部分:说明写信的目的 套语: (1) 我是……,暑期计划到贵校学习。 I am a …and planning to study in your university this summer. (2) 我是一名中国学生,想到贵校学习。我计划下个学期开始上课,如果您能告 知一些必要的信息,我将不胜感激。 I am a Chinese student who wishes to study at your university. My plan is to start my course from the next term, and I would be grateful if it’s so kind of you to give me some essential information. (3) 我写信是要询问…… I’m writing to ask if … 第二部分: 第二部分:介绍背景 套语: (1) 我获得 ……高校的……学士学位。毕业后便开始在……工作。 I received a Bachelor of …degree in…After graduation, I began working…. (2) 是我的朋友建议我写这封信的 。他去年毕业于贵校,热情地向我推荐贵校。 I am writing at the suggestion of a friend who graduated from your university

last year and has warmly recommended it to me. (3) 我已经取得了生物学学士学位,并希望能在贵校继续学习。 I have had a bachelor’s degree in biology and wish to continue my study at your university. 第三部分: 第三部分:询问详情 套语: (1) 您能向我介绍一下贵校的……情况吗? Could you please tell me something about your …? (2) 能否寄给我一份申请表及与申请有关的其他必要的材料? Would you please send me an application form and other materials necessary for my application? (3) 您能尽快告知这些信息并邮寄给我相关表格吗?非常感谢! Would you please send me all the information and the forms as soon as possible? Thank you very much.'_ki.9.k.i8 (4) 如果你能告诉我那些必须经过的程序,我将不胜感激。 I would be much obliged to you if you let me know the procedures I have to go through. 第四部分:表示谢意, 第四部分:表示谢意,期盼回复 套语: (1) 很抱歉打扰您,对您的友善帮助不胜感激。 Sorry to bother you, your kind help would be greatly appreciated. (2) 如果您能回复,我将感激不尽。 I will appreciate it very much if you can give me a reply. 范文示例 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic A Letter of Inquiry of Applying for an English Club. You should write at least 120 words, and base your composition on the outline given below in Chinese: 假设你是王梅,就申请加入英语俱乐部给俱乐部负责人写一封信,内容应涉及自 己的基本情况,并咨询相关事宜,如入会方式、条件、会费、活动等。 【审题】 :本文是一篇咨询信,但又涉及到申请方面的内容,有一定的难度。写 作时,需要介绍一下申请的原因,然后对相关事项进行咨询,最后希望早日收到 回音。 【写作思路】第一段:说明写信的目的,并介绍自身情况。 第二段:对相关事宜进行咨询 第三段:希望对方给予解答。 A Letter of Inquiry of Applying for an English Club October 8th,2005 To whom it may concern, I am writing to you to apply for the membership of the


English Club. As a sophomore from the English Department, (2) 说明自己的身份和 I love English literature very much. I often attend the English 对英语的爱好 Corner held on Friday in the People’s University of China and would like to discuss various topics in English with others. I am eager to be one member of the English Club and im- (3)表明加入俱乐部的 prove further my English. I know there are some requirements, 殷切期望和目的 but I am not clear about the details. Is it necessary for me to pay (4)引出下文,提出问题 for membership? If so, how much should I pay? And how often? I have also heard that the club will host various activities, but can you give me more details. I would be very grateful if you can send me a reply as soon as Possible. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. (5)结束语,期待对方

Yours sincerely, Wang Mei 3. 建议信 (Letter of suggestion) (1) 建议信写作注意事项 写作目的是提出建议或忠告。不是投诉信,观点要合情合理,注意礼貌当 先。 (2) 写作方法 ① 首段: a. 简介自己,不要罗嗦; b. 说明目的,注意语气。 ② 主体: a. 提出具体建议; b. 首先肯定优点,再写改进内容,否则变成投诉信; c. 经常进行交流,注意对方感受,时时提到你和我,否则容易跑题写成 议论文,因为内容与议论文相似。 ③ 尾段:总结建议,注意礼貌,易于接受。 (3) 写作流程图 说明写信的目的





第一部分: 第一部分:说明写信的目的 套语: (1) 来信收到,得知你下个月要对中国进行一次为期十天的访问,我建议…… I have received your letter saying that you plan to have a visit to China for ten days next month. I recommend that…… (2) 写此信是要提出我对饭店管理进一步提高和改进的建议——建立我们自己 的网站来吸引更多的客户。 I am writing to you to present what I think on the further improvement of our hotel so as to establish a website of our own to attract more clients. 第二部分:介绍详情、 第二部分:介绍详情、说明原因 套语:无 第三部分: 第三部分:提出建议 套语: 我建议…… I’d like to suggest that …… May I suggest that…… In my opinion …… I would like to make a recommendation that … I am writing to advise you of …… If I were you, I would …… 第四部分:提出希望采纳建议,并表示谢意, 第四部分:提出希望采纳建议,并表示谢意,盼望回复 套语: (1) 对你就此事的关注不胜感激。 Thank you for your attention. (2) 请仔细考虑我的建议,谢谢。 Please take good consideration of my advice. Thanks. 建议信模板 Dear , ① I am delighted to learn that . ② It . ③ In my opinion . ④ On one hand, . ⑤ On the other hand, . ⑥ As to , I suggest . ⑦ If . ⑧ It is unnecessary for you to . ⑨ In addition, . ⑩ I am sure . Please inform me . I am looking forward to .

① 写信的原因 ② 引出作者的建议 ③ 表述建议内容 ④ 提出建议的理由一 ⑤ 建议的理由二 ⑥ 具体到某一方面的建议内容

⑦ 供被建议人选择的条件
⑧ 建议内容的另外一方面 ⑨ 其他建议 ⑩ 对建议内容的评价对建议 内容所做的承诺

范文示例 1)真题 真题(2001.6) 真题 Writing (30 minutes) Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a letter. Suppose you are Zhang Ying. Write a letter to Xiao Wang, a schoolmate of yours who is going to visit you during the weeklong holiday. You should write at least 100 words according to the suggestions given below in Chinese. 2、提出对度假安排的建议。 3、提醒应注意的事项。 1、表示欢迎。
A Letter to a Schoolmate

June 23rd, 2001 Dear Xiao Wang, I am very glad to know that you are soon coming to Beijing to join me in the summer holiday. 第一段表示欢迎 I have been looking forward to your arrival. Since you can stay in Beijing only for a week, 表明提出后面建议的原因 I am afraid that you will have a tight schedule 语气亲切,符合说话人身份关系 for visiting the numerous places of historic interest. My suggestion is that you first visit some famous 叙述词和副词then使文章结构 places that you have the greatest interest in, such as 一目了然 the Palace Museum, the Summer Place, the Great Wall; then you can visit those places you think less important. I believe this kind of arrangement will make you have enough time to appreciate 使自己的安排具有说服力 what you really want to see. Moreover if you really want to be a good 引出注意事项 traveler, I advise you to read some introductory 建议有理有据,条理清晰 books to these places before you come to see them with your own eyes. With more knowledge about these places, you will have a better understanding of Chinese history and culture. I am eager to meet you soon in Beijing. Wish you in advance a pleasant trip to Beijing. 表达良好的祝愿,符合文体要求 Best wishes! Yours ever, Zhang Ying

2) 真题 真题(2004.1) Directions: In this section, you are required to write a letter in reply to a friend' s inquiry about applying for admission to your college or university. You should write at least 120 words and base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below: 1.建议报考的专业及理由; 2.报考该专业的基本条件; 3.应当如何备考。 A Letter of Reply to a Friend December 27, 2003 Dear Tom,

I am glad to know you’re going to apply for 以回应来信为开头,自然贴切 admission to our university. With regard to major, I advise you to apply for the English major, because the 关联词使上下文 English major of our university wins a notable fame 逻辑紧密、清晰 through the whole nation by its modern teaching equipments and prestigious professors. Also, generally graduates majored in English in our university get desirable employment on job markets. And some requirements are essential for applying for 从志愿选择到志愿要求 the English major of university. Firstly, you should be good 的自然过渡 at English grammar and have a considerable vocabulary. Secondly, you should be adept in spoken English for an oral 条理清楚,说理充分 test is followed after normal examination. Thirdly, good listening ability is also required. Therefore, when making the preparation you should 总结全文,再次提出观 pay attention to enlarging your vocabulary and practicing 点与建议,并强调注意 the grammar. At the same time, you should practice the 事项,突出重点 listening and oral English persistently. And, of course, to reach the goal, lots of exercises are necessary. Yours, Zhang Ying

4. 申请信 (Letter of Application) (1) 申请信写作方法 ① 首段: a. 自我介绍 b. 申请原因 c. 说明写信目的 ② 主体: a. 详述有关背景资料:资历、教育、工作经历、兴趣爱好; b. 询问有关学校、课程等具体内容。 ③ 尾段: a. 强调上诉材料重要性; b. 希望尽快得到满意答复; c. 要求手册及申请表; d. 表示感谢。

(2) 写作流程图


介绍自我(包括:学历、工作简 历、在学校或工作单位表现)


恳请招聘单位或所申请的学校考虑 自己的申请,并表示谢意,期望回复

第一部分: 第一部分:说明写信的目的 套语: (1) 兹申请刊登在……上的…….工作。 I am writing to apply for the post of … advertised in … (2) 见……上刊登的贵公司广告,我谨申请应聘贵公司的……职务。 In reply to your advertisement in …, I beg to apply for the post of … in your company. (3) 看到贵公司在报上招聘……的广告,我马上感到这正是我这段时间所要寻找 的工作,并且我能胜任。 Immediately I saw your advertisement in the paper for …I felt it was just the kind of post for which I have the qualifications and for which I have been looking for some time. (4) 我想申请入贵校学习。 I would like to apply for admission to your college. (5) 我想在贵校……系继续深造。 I would like to further my studies in …department of your university. 第二部分: 第二部分:介绍详情 套语: (1) 我的专业爱好是……,我了解贵校在上述领域有极好的计划。 My major interest are …, and I understand your university has a good program in those fields. (2) ……年,我出生于…….。 …….年,我毕业于…….大学…….专业。毕业后一 直在 …….工作,因此积累了该领域丰富的知识和经验。 Born in ……in……I graduated from……University majoring in ……I have been working in ……since my graduation, and I have therefore attained a fair knowledge and experience in this field. (3) 毕业后,我先担任……, 随后担任……,现任职于…….。

Upon graduation, I first worked as … The following job was …and currently I am working for … (4) 我现在就读于北京第二外国语学院,即将毕业于英语专业。 I am now studying at Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute and will soon be graduated as an English major. 第三部分: 第三部分:说明申请职位或学位的原因 套语: (1) 贵公司目前从事的这种工作特别使我感兴趣。 The kind of work in which your company is engaged particularly interests me. (2) 我认为我具备了报上刊登的贵公司……一职所要求的必要条件和经验。 I feel I have the necessary qualifications and experience needed for the position of …advertised in the newspaper. (3) 对我来讲, 这些经验加上我的学历, 使我具备了担任贵公司……一职的条件。 It seems to me that this experience, together with my education, has given me ideal preparation to assume the role of …in a firm such as yours. (4) 受我所学课程的影响,我对饭店、酒店管理产生了浓厚的兴趣。 Under the influence of the courses I have taken, I have developed a special interest in Restaurant and Hotel Management. 第四部分:恳请招聘单位或所申请的学校考虑自己的申请,并表示谢意, 第四部分:恳请招聘单位或所申请的学校考虑自己的申请,并表示谢意,期望 回复 套语: (1) 如能尽快回复,将不胜感激。 Your prompt response will be much appreciated. (2) 希望贵校能给我寄来空白申请表。 I hope you will kindly send me an application form. (3) 如能收到所需的申请表和有关入学的指南我将十分感激。 I would greatly appreciate receiving copies of the required application forms and any instructions you may be so kind as to give me regarding my possible admission. (4) 希望同意面试,届时我可以更详细地说明我的条件。 I hope I may be granted an interview, when I can explain my qualifications more fully. (5) 我将乐意在您方便时接受面试,届时我将进一步介绍自己。 I should be pleased to attend for an interview at your convenience, when I could give you further details concerning myself. * 写入学申请信与工作申请信有相似之初, 别要注意两点: 写入学申请信与工作申请信有相似之初,特别要注意两点:一是不要过分 奉承对方,二是不要自吹自擂。 奉承对方,二是不要自吹自擂。如不要所 I always studied well, and all my teachers loved me. 而应用自己学习成绩单、获奖情况、发表论文情况说明 而应用自己学习成绩单、获奖情况、 问题

范文示例 范文示例

例1 入学申请 Dear Sir, I should be very grateful if you would let me have information about admission to your university and details of any scholarships that may be offering to students from other countries. I have finished my middle school studies here and hold the Middle School Graduation Certificate. Last year, I was elected to the school’s honor society. And I had been editor of the school yearbook. I would like to go to your university because it emphasizes learning. I also feel that it will provide me with greater opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities such dramatics and writing. I hope for a place for the next autumn. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully, ××× 例2 A Letter of Application for a Job May 25, 2004 Dear Sirs, I am looking for a position in an engineering department in which I may use my training in computer science to solve engineering problems. I would be interested in exploring the possibility of obtaining such a position within your firm. I expect to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Tangshan Institute of Technology in June. Since September 1993 I have been participating, through my institute, in the Professional Training Program as Programmer Trainee and have gained a great deal of experience in computer applications. Details of the academic courses I have taken are contained in the enclosed resume. May I have an appointment for an interview with you to discuss my qualifications in detail? Please write to me at my home or telephone me at 221701 any weekday. Sincerely, Zhang Lin 写作练习 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic A Letter of Application for a School Loan. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese: 假设你是高鹏,是英语系的一名新生,请你就申请助学贷款一事给学校有关部门 写封申请信。申请信的内容须包括以下几点: 1.提出申请 2. 申请的理由 3.恳请批准 【审题】本文是封申请信。注意申请的理由一定要充分,一般从经济困难着手, 体现出申请的必要性。同时注意信中语气要得当。 【写作思路】第一段:说明写信的原因——申请助学贷款。

第二段:说明申请的理由——家里经济困难,交不起学费。 第三段:希望申请得到批准,表达了自己会珍惜贷款机会,不乱花 钱、好好学习的决心,并承诺按规定还款。 A Letter of Application for a School Loan To whom it may concern, I am writing to you to apply for a school loan. (1)首句即切入正题,点明写信目的 As a freshman from the English Department, I (2)说明需要申请贷款的客观原因 have much financial difficulty in continuing my study. There are five members in my family. My father (3)具体介绍家庭困难之处 is the only breadwinner of the whole family while my mother was laid off two years ago. My grandmother has been suffering a chronic illness for more than five (4)短语, “长期患病” years. My younger brother is now studying in a high middle school. I took part-time jobs during the summer vacation, but what I have earned is far from enough for (5)短语, “远远不够” me to pay the required tuition fees. In order to continue (6)再次重申申请贷款 my study, I have to apply for a school loan. 的原因 If my request is granted, I will make good use of the (7) 表明自己的态度 money and put my heart into study. I will definitely pay back the loan according to requirements. I hope that you will consider my application. Looking forward to your reply. (8)结束语,表示期待 Yours sincerely, Gao Peng

5. 祝贺信 (Letter of Congratulations) 1) 祝贺信的写法 日常生活中,无论是亲朋好友毕业、晋升、获奖、开业、还是订婚、结婚、 生日,都需要写上一封信表示祝贺。信中应表示为对方而高兴。祝贺信应当 充满真诚和热情,收信人读后会感到喜悦和振奋。 祝贺信既可以正式写,也可以随便写,具体视场合而定。对不太熟悉的朋 友适合正式写,以表示礼貌和尊重;对熟悉的朋友则可以随便一些。但无论采 用哪种方式,祝贺信必须表达由衷的感情,而且写信要及时。下面将具体举例 说明: 范例 1 ? 祝贺毕业( Congratulations on Graduation) Dear Mrs. Taylor, We hear that your son Paul has graduated from the notable M. I. T. with honors. You must be quite happy with his splendid accomplishment. He is doubtlessly a pride of your family. We are very happy for you and wish to extend to you our utmost congratulations. I believe that the knowledge he has acquired will enable him to be successful in his future life. With best wishes for his success and happiness.


Sincerely yours, Mary

2) 祝贺信模板 Date: Dear_______ , (1)I have learned with delight that you______.
(1)获悉值得祝贺的消息, 说出祝贺事由 (2)表达祝贺

(2)I would like to extend to you my utmost congratulations on __ __. (3)You must be very proud of your ______. (3)描述对方的心情 (4)表达自己的心情 (4)And I feel very happy for you. (5)____ _ is quite exciting news! (5)被祝贺人所取得的成绩 (6)You are really__ . (6)对对方的赞美 (7)I know this is surely owing to__ _ .(7)对方取得成绩的原因,被祝贺
人过去的努力 (8)It is a reward you richly deserve for your __ . (8)对对方取得成绩的肯 定,说出被祝贺人的优点 (9)With your___ __, I am sure that you will be (9) 被祝贺人的优秀品质, 表达 对对方的祝福 a success in whatever you undertake. (10)Kindly let me (10)咨询对方的情况和时间

know when you____ (11) I hope_ (12)My best wishes for your further success. Sincerely Signature yours

_. ___ (11)表达愿望

写作练习: 写作练习: Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to a good friend John, congratulating him on his admission to a famous university. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese: 1. 对朋友进入大学表示祝贺 2.介绍大学生活和中学生活的异同 3.对如何成功地过好大学生活提出自己的建议 【审题】本文是封祝贺信。开篇首先要说明祝贺的理由,然后针对未来生活的注 意事项加以说明—这是文章的主要部分,可以分几点来说明,注意各个 事项之间的衔接。 【写作思路】第一段:向朋友表示祝贺,说明祝贺的原因。

第二段:指出大学生活和中学生活的异同。 第三段:建议朋友始终以乐观积极的态度面对大学生活,最后提出 对朋友的期望。 【范文及点评】 A Congratulation Letter December 21st,2005 Dear John, I’m very glad to hear that you have passed the (1) 首句说明写信的缘由 entrance examination and been accepted by a very famous university. I feel very proud of you and I believe you really deserve the honor since you have been working so hard. As you have mentioned in the letter, there are both (2) 承上启下,总论大 some similarities and differences between the college life 学生活与中学生活的异同 and the life in high school. On the one hand, you have to (3) 短语, “一方面” go on working hard as there are a lot of subjects for you to learn. On the other hand, in high school, teachers will pro(4) 短语, “另一方面” bably tell you what to learn and how to learn in details and will also monitor your learning performance, while in college, (5) 转折连词,指 teachers work like tour guides and you have to find out your 出大学生活的不同 own way to acquire knowledge and solve problems. For you, I think to be optimistic is very important. If you (6) 总起第三段,指 hope to adapt yourself to the new environment, you’d better 出乐观的重要性 be positive no matter what difficulties you will experience in your college life. May you adapt yourself to the college life as (7) 最后表示良好祝愿 soon as possible! Truly Yours, Carl 6. 介绍信 (Letter of Introduction) 介绍信分私人介绍信和正式介绍信两种。 私人介绍信是写信人向自己的亲友介 绍第三者,语气比较随便,格式也不讲究。正式介绍信则是写信人因公把自己的 同事或业务关系介绍给某单位或个人。 这种介绍信, 语言和格式比较规范、 严谨。 (1)介绍信写作方法 ① 首段 a. 被介绍人的姓名和身份 b. 表明写作目的; ② 主体 说明事由,并且请求对介绍人提供帮助; ③ 尾段 要提前表示感谢 * 公 函 对 收 信 人 的 称 呼 一 般 以 To Whom It May Concern 或 Dear Sir/Madam 开头,私人介绍信可以直呼收信人的名字。 开头,私人介绍信可以直呼收信人的名字。 (2) 写作流程图



表示谢意,期盼回复 第一部分: 第一部分:说明写信的目的 套语: (1) 我写信是要报告…….。 I am writing to report…….. (2) 我可以向您介绍…….吗? May I introduce …… (3) 很高兴向您介绍我们纺织部的经理王有先生。 I am pleased to introduce Mr. Wang You, our manager of Textile Department. (4) 请允许我向您介绍持信人,杨菲小姐。她是我好友的女儿。她将去您所在的 城市学习到这个月月底。 Allow me to introduce to you the bearer, Miss Yang Fei, daughter of an intimate friend of mine, who is going to your city to study toward the end of this month. 第二部分: 第二部分:介绍具体事由 套语: 无 第三部分:表示谢意, 第三部分:表示谢意,期盼回复 套语: (1) 我十分感激您对杨菲的照顾,我想杨菲也是一样。 I’ll really appreciate any kindness you can show her, and I know Yang Fei herself will, too. (2) 如果你能出手相助,你将帮我一个大忙,谨致谢忱。 I shall consider it a great favor if you will kindly give me a helping hand. Thank you in advance. (3) 我对此事给您带来的不便深表歉意,期待您的回复。 I must apologize for any inconvenience caused and look forward to hearing from you.

范文示例 例 1 正式介绍信 To Whom It May Concern, The bearer of this letter, Mr. Lee Graham, has for several years been interested in organizing camps for boys who can afford to spend only a small amount on their summer vacations. As he is considering locations for camps in Grass Mountain, I

suggested that you were the man to help him, for you know every nook and corner of the place(你对该地十分熟悉). I shall be happy if you can assist Mr. Graham in any way. He is a find man and has a most worthwhile job on his hands. Yours very truly, XXX 例 2 私人介绍信 July 30, 2004 Dear John, My former roommate at college, Mark Chen, will be in Paris next month to study comparative literature under a scholarship. As you know, I’ve often wanted you two to meet, and this seems like an excellent opportunity. Although Mark is a very serious student, he is one of the wittiest men I know—a good conversationalist in both French and English. I’ve asked him to give you a call since he has no definite address as yet. I know how busy you are with your work, so please do not regard this as an obligation. But if you have any free time, do show Mark around a bit. I would never have taken this liberty had I not been sure you would enjoy the meeting. I’ll really appreciate any kindness you can show him, and I know Mark himself will, too. Sincerely, Charles 7.感谢信 (Letter of Thanks) . 1) 感谢信的写法没有固定的格式,目的是为他人给予自己的帮助、安慰、款 待以及赠送礼物等而表示感谢。感谢信最主要的特点是真诚。缺乏真挚的感 情答谢他人, 收信人将对你的谢意产生怀疑, 感谢的目的也就失去了。 因此, 写感谢信首先得真心诚意。 感谢信另一个特点是具体。写感谢信切忌泛泛而谈,而应着重于具体的感谢 事由。 2) 感谢信常用措词有: I am deeply grateful to you for your kind help. I can never thank you enough for the favor you did. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness. I have no words to thank you enough. Be please to accept my warmest thanks for the great kindness you have shown to me. 感谢信模板 Dear (1) , Thank you very much for .


1. 称谓 2. 具体原因

Without your help . (4)


3. 从反面说明



. I appreciate it more than I can say. Yours faithfully, (5)


范文示例: 范文示例: 例 1 感谢盛情款待 Dear Mr. Kelvin, I feel I cannot let the occasion pass without writing a word of thanks for your very kind and acceptable thoughts in providing such a magnificent reunion dinner for us on the last Thursday evening. I am sure that we all found the deliberations before the dinner extremely helpful, and I hope that your staff found the same. We do hope that we will be able to build on the many friendships we made in Britain, and help to forge happy relationship between our two companies during future years. Again with many thanks, Sincerely yours, Helen 例2 A Letter of Thanks Dear Susan, Now that I have become well enough to write, I want to express my sincere thanks not only to you, but also to your parents, for the kind treatment I received during my illness at your house. I am afraid that my being ill must have given you a great deal of trouble, but I know your parents and you will forgive me for being a burden to you against my will. I hope it will be in my power some day to repay this great kindness, and I shall always remember it with feelings of the greatest gratitude. Please give my best regards to your mamma and papa, and accept the same yourself from. Your affectionate friend, Frieda 8. 邀请信 (Letter of Invitation) (1) 写作注意事项 盛情邀请参加聚会、共度假期或访问家乡等; 建立密切联系,加强感情交流; 拓展相关内容,激发他人兴趣。 (2) 写作方法 ① 首段: 开门见山说明写作目的。

② 主体: a. 具体交代邀请原因; b. 邀请内容:活动性质、时间、地点、日期; c. 有关要求和希望 ③ 尾段: a. 再次盛情邀请; b. 希望尽快答复。 (3) 写作流程图 发出邀请




第一部分:说明写作目的 套语: (1) 我怀着极其愉快的心情给您写信,诚恳地邀请您来…….. It is with the greatest pleasure that I write to cordially invite you to …. (2) 十分高兴能邀请您来…… It gives me the greatest pleasure to invite you to …… (3) 如果您能……我们将不胜感激。 We should be very grateful if you could …. 第二部分:说明事由及活动地点和时间 套语: (1) 10 月 10 日星期天网上 8 时您和史密斯夫人能来北京饭店与我们共进晚餐吗? Will you and Mrs. Smith give the pleasure of dining with us at the Beijing Hotel on Sunday, October the tenth, at eight o’clock? (2) 10 月 10 日星期天网上 8 时我们在北京饭店举办晚宴,届时您和史密斯夫人 能光临吗? There will be a dinner party to be held at the Beijing Hotel on Sunday, October the tenth, at eight o’clock. Will you and Mrs. Smith come and join us? (3) 若您无其他安排,敬请光临我们在二月一号晚七点举办的英语晚会。 I hope that you have no previous engagement and can join us for the English Evening at 7:00 pm on February 1st.


第三部分:表示期待和感谢 套语: (1) 殷切希望能够光临。 I do hope that you will be able to come. (2) 如果您能出席我们将欣喜万分。 We should be very pleased if you could honor us with your company. 邀请信写作模板 Dear (1) , We would like to invite you to 1. 称谓 2. 具体说明邀请的原因


. Everyone is going to catch . (4)


3. 说明时间、地点、方式

4. 结句

I hope you will be able to come. Sincerely, (5)

5. 落款

范文示例 Dear Percy, I will hold a dinner party at my house on September 10, 2005 to celebrate Mr. Guo Jing’s marriage with Miss Huang Rong. As you are a close friend of us, we would very much like you to participate in the celebration and share our joy. The occasion will start at seven o’clock in the evening, with the showing of their wedding ceremony. This will be followed by a dinner party. At around ten, we will hold a small musical soiree, at which a band will perform some works by Bach and Strauss. If you do not have any prior appointment on September 10, we look forward to the pleasure of your company. Yours, Li Ming 9.道歉信 (Letter of Apology) . 1) 道歉信的写法 日常生活中难免会出现一些差错,如失约、损坏东西等。遇到这种情形,应及 时写信致歉,以消除不必要的误解,维系正常的关系。道歉信除应及时写之 外,还必须写得诚恳,歉意应发自内心,决不可敷衍塞责。再则,事情原委

要解释清楚,措辞应当委婉贴切。下面将举例示范: : 范例 1: Dear Mr. Harkness, Much to my regret I was unable to keep my engagement to meet you at the park gate. I fear you are displeased at my failing to keep my promise, but I trust you will forgive me. Let me explain. My mother suddenly fell sick early yesterday morning, and I had to send her to hospital. I shall be obliged if you will kindly write and tell me when and where we may meet again. I hope to see you soon. Your sincerely, Evelyn McCormack 2) 道歉信模板 Date: ________ Dear ______, I am excessively sorry to say/tell you that ①____ ___ (直接表达自己不 能实现先前的愿望或约定). ② Now, I am writing you this letter of apology to show my deep regret______ ( 表 达 歉 意 ). ③ Please accept my sincere apology______( 诚 恳 希 望 对 方 能 接 受 道 歉 ). ④ I fear you are displeased at _____(表达出自己的心情,并请求对方原谅).⑤I hope you will understand me and excuse me for______(过渡句). ⑥Let me explain(开始介绍道歉的原因). ⑦ The reason for my delay/absence was that _____(阐述自己当时的处境和情况). ⑧I had no way out because ______ (总结自己道歉的原因) ⑨ Therefore it's not in my power to_______(希望下次再次实现愿望). ⑩Naturally, I want to suggest ____. I shall be obliged if you will kindly write and tell me when and where you____(约定下次约会的时间和地点) We may meet again and I hope to see you soon. Sincerely yours Signature 从这篇道歉信中可以看出,写好道歉信的关键在于措辞要朴实委婉,语气 要诚恳真挚,解释要详细明了。例如原文中“much to my regret” “I'm 、 excessively sorry”“a feeling of deep regret”都是致歉之词,这就恰如其分 、 地表达了写信人的真诚歉意。 10.其他形式的应用文 . 1) 演讲词 (speech)


演讲在我们的生活中无处不在,如在商务活动中、政治活动、科研活动中等。 演讲是有目的性的,简单地说,它只是为了传递一种信息;具体地说,它更是为 了阐明一个事实、提供一种见解、分析一个事物、说明一个群体。演讲可分为 5 个主要类别:小组演讲、叙述性演讲、礼仪性演讲、告知性演讲、劝诱性演讲。 演讲词写作要点: 演讲词写作要点: 1.为你的演讲选择一个主题,以听众为中心的方式选择你的演讲主题。 2. 设定明确的主旨句、中心思想和主要要点,以听众为中心的方式设定这 些内容,称谓要得体。 3.演讲词要根据不同听众的来源,搜集听众信息,体现出听众的爱好,这 样才可以很好地迎合他们的需要,更能确保听众会有正面的积极的反 馈。 4.为你的演讲找论据。论据材料必须是中肯的、多样的、充分的、详尽的、 恰当的。 演讲词的基本结构 1.欢迎听众 (welcome your audience) 欢迎听众 2.介绍主题 / 自我介绍 (brief introduction of your subject) 介绍主题 * Today I am going to talk about ….. * The purpose of my presentation is to introduce…… 首 简短介绍 3. 说明演讲结构 (explain the structure of your speech) 段 * I’ll mainly talk about three points……. * During my talk, I’ll be looking at three areas. First,… Second,…..Third,………. * I’ve divided my presentation into four parts. They are… 陈述主题(present the subject itself) 陈述主题 主 演讲的正 * So, to start with, I’d like to talk about the …. 体 * The first problem today is that …… 文 * Let’s go to the first topic…… 1.总结演讲 .总结演讲(summarize your speech) * To conclude, / In conclusion, / Now, to sum up,……. 概括总结 * So let me summarize/recap what I’ve said. * Finally, I’d like to repeat the points I made at the beginning. * In conclusion, my recommendations are……. 结 * I therefore suggest / propose / recommend the following strategy 束 2.致谢听众 (thank your audience) . * Many thanks for your attention. * May I thank you all for being such an attentive audience. 范文讲解: 范文讲解:2005 年 1 月四级作文题及范文 Directions: A Campaign Speech 1、 你认为自己具备是什么条件 (能力, 性格, 爱好) 可以胜任学生会主席工作? 2、 如果当选你将会为本校同学做什么? 审题】本文要求写一篇竞选演说辞。 【审题】本文要求写一篇竞选演说辞。因此写作过程中应该注意这种文体所独 特的特点。文章应该能煽动听者的感情,赢得听众的喜爱。 特的特点。文章应该能煽动听者的感情,赢得听众的喜爱。 写作思路: 写作思路:第一段:简要介绍自己的情况

第二段:介绍自己的能力和性格,说明自己能够胜任学生会主席这一 职位 第三段:说明如果当选会为本校同学做什么。 第四段:希望得到大家的支持。 范文 Dear fellow students, It is a great honor for me to stand here and 体现演讲风格。自然开场 give my speech. To begin with, I am Huck, a junior from the English Department. As some of you know, I am a monitor of Class 4, Grade Two. As for the position of president of the students’ union, there are some things making me feel qualified to take the job. Firstly, I have gained a lot of experience 条理清楚 and received wide praise from my classmates for my job as monitor. Secondly, I am warm-hearted and always ready to help others, quick to react to the needs of my fellow students. Thirdly, I am good at organizing activities and have held a number of English corners and discussions. Looking into the future, I will try my best to serve my 过渡自然 fellow students if I am lucky enough to be the president of the students’ union. On the one hand, I with my co-workers, 层次清楚 will invite more famous professors to give lectures for our students and we can learn a lot of knowledge. On the other hand, I will organize more activities for our students and enhance understanding of an cooperation with each other. In addition, I will open more channels for our students to voice their opinions and their needs. Reaching these goals will require your broad support, and with that I will work to earn it.

相关写作练习 TeleA Speech on Tele-education Ladies and Gentlemen, With the rapid development of science and technology, tele-education has sped up in our country. While many people speak highly of its advantages, others see more disadvantages deriving from it. The advocates of tele-education give their arguments as follows. For one thing, tele-education makes it possible for people in remote areas to learn the subjects they

are interested in. For another, people have a wider range of choices as to teachers and lessons through tele-education, because they can listen to the best lessons by the best teachers in the country, or even in the world. Just as "Every advantage has its disadvantages", the opponents believe that not all the people have access to tele-education because many are poor. In addition, the students cannot contact teachers, but interpersonal relations are important to their study. As far as I am concerned, we should develop tele-education more rapidly to benefit more students. Meanwhile, we can design some programs to help teachers and students to contact each other. Thank you for being with me. Good-bye. 2) 旅游景点介绍
范文讲解: 范文讲解:2004 年 6 月四级作文题及范文

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition entitled A Brief Introduction to a Tourist Attraction. You should write at least 120 words according to the following guidelines: Your role: a tour guide Your audience: a group of foreign tourists Your introduction should include: 1) some welcoming words 2) the schedule for the day 3) a description of the place the tourists will be visiting (e.g. a scenic spot or a historical site, etc.) You should make the introduction interesting and the arrangements for the day clear to everybody. 审题: 审题:从要求和提示来看,这里所写的虽然题目定为 A Brief Introduction to a Tourist Attraction,而实际上是出发前导游面对游客所做的简短介绍。第一,写作 时把我格式和风格,然后注意文章结构的安排。想象自己旅游时坐在车上导游小 街是怎么说的。然后选择一个自己熟悉的景点就可以了。写作可以把日程安排与 景点介绍分作两段,也可以融在一起,这里说给范围采用的是融合的介绍方式。 这是导游小姐的介绍方式。 写作思路: 写作思路:第一段:欢迎词 第二段:介绍日程安排,介绍景点 结束语 范文 A Brief Introduction to a Tourist Attraction Dear friends, 称谓,游客中也许会有孩子 May I have your opinion, please? 所以不用 ladies and gentlemen First, welcome to China for a visit, and thank you for 欢迎语,同时介绍自己 trusting our travel agency. I’m your tour guide, Wang Xiao. You may call me Xiao Wang, or Linda, that’s my English name, as you please. I’ll do my best to make your trip as

pleasant and meaningful as possible. Now, to share with you our schedule today. The place 首句说明下面要说的内容 we are to visit is the Great Wall. We’ll set out at 9:00 and hope to arrive at 10:00. the Great Wall we will visit today 介绍日程和活动安排。 is in Bada Mountain. It is the most complete and best pre对景点做一简要介绍 served section. It winds across the mountains like a dragon. It is the symbol of our Chinese national spirit. Fortunately, today there will be a Chinese traditional cultural performance on the wall. You will be able to watch Chinese kongfu, Chinese acrobatics, and dragon-lion performance. We will stay on the Wall for three hours and come back at about 2:00 in the afternoon. You have enough time to watch the performance and to cover all those places, climbing to the top and take your photos. In China, there is an old saying: “He who doesn’t reach the Great Wall is not a true man.” Today all of us will 祝愿大家玩得好! be a true man. Enjoy your day, please. At your service. Thank you. 结束语




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