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【课堂练习】 ( )1.—Did you enjoy the ________? —Yes, it was delicious. A. party B. meal C. trip

( )2.—You look worried. What's your________? —I have trouble in learning math. A. plan B. idea C. problem

( )3.—What do we need for the salad? —We need two apples and three________. A. orange B. tomatoes C. broccoli

( )4.I have great________ in learning math and I am so worried. A. trouble B. interest C.fun

( )5.There are a few ________ but little ________ in the cupboard. A. apples; coffee B. coffee; apples C. apple; coffees ( )6.—What's your favorite________? —Physics. It's interesting and useful. A. job B. vegetable C. fruit D. subject

( )7.Lin Shuhao is one of the best basketball ________ in NBA. A. actors B. players C. waiters D. writers

( )8.—Where can I buy some books, Simon? —Go to the ________ in the shopping mall in Old Street.You will find ma ny books there.

A. restaurant B. bookshop

C. cinema

D. library

( )9.—Mr.Li was sent to teach Chinese in an American high school last year. —Yes, I know.He told me he would never forget his pleasant ________ while working there. A. experiments B. expressions C. experiences D. explorations ( )10.Liu Xiang won the first Olympic gold ________ in the 110m hurdles for China. A. medal B. prize C. symbol D. record ( )11.—Mrs.Black, could you give me some advice on how to write an application letter? —With pleasure.Remember that the letter should be written in the formal ________. A. value B. style C. effect D. mood

( )12.—Did you hear any strange ________ when the quake happened? —No, I was in my garden with my flowers and was enjoying the beautiful ________ of my birds at that time. A. voice; noise B. noise; sound C. whisper; sound D. sound; voice

( )13.(2011 年福州)—I'm thirsty. May I have something to drink? —OK. Here's some ________. A. rice B. bread C. water ( )14.He has poor ________, so he can't see the words on the blackboard clearly. A. smell B. taste C. hearing D. eyesight ( )15.Cici enjoys dancing. It' s one of her ________. A. prize B. prizes C. hobby D. hobbies ( )16.(2011 年河南)I have some problems with my English writing.Can you give me some ________? A. advice B. decisions C. information D. messages

( )17.As young adults, it is our ________ to try our best to deal with each challenge in our education with the help of our teacher. A. work B. job C. duty D. task ( )18.—There are so many ________ over there. What's happening? —Let's go to have a look. A. flower B.car C. child D. people ( )19.Tom's watch is the same as his ________. A. brother B. brothers C. brother's

( )20.The theme park is about _____ ride from the museum.You should start out right now. A. two hour B. two hour's 【课后提高】 第一组 ( )1.I have ________.They are delicious. A. three bottles of salt C. three bags of nut B. three bottle of salt D. three bags of nuts C. two hours' D. two hours

( )2.Peter regards Zhongshan as his second ________ because he has lived there for ten years. A. family B. house C. home D. room

( )3.The singer felt very sorry and decided he would never drive again after drinking.The traffic accident was really a ________ to him. A. game B. pleasure C. skill D. lesson

( )4.Today, we have many other ________ to pay besides coins or paper money. A. excuses B. ways C. chances D. plans

( )5.The music made me think of the ________ of a running stream. A. shout B. noise C. voice D. sound

( )6.If you don't know the meaning of a word, you can look it up in a ________. A. menu B.map C. list D. dictionary

( )7.—Do the dishes, Mike, or I will tell Mum! —Mind your own ________, Sue! A. action B. duty C. business D. way

( )8.—Taking a walk in the evening is a good ________. —So it is; it keeps us healthy. A. habit B. hobby C. rule D. favor

( )9.—I hear you will go to Hainan for vacation. —It's one of the _____ ___ of my family.We will discuss it before we make a decision. A. plans B. orders C. rules D. suggestions

( )10.—Hello!May I speak to Tina, please? —Sorry, I'm afraid you have the wrong ________. A.name B. way C. number D. telephone

( )11.Mary's skirt is the same as her ________. A. sisters B. brother C. brother's D. sister's

( )12.We need to come up with a(n) ________ and make a decision at once. A. information B. advice C. idea D. news

( )13.—What would you like to drink? —________, please.

A. Rice B. Meat C. Water D. Bread ( )14.—Can I help you, sir? —I'd like to have 100 ________.I want my students to draw pictures. A. piece of paper C. pieces of papers B. pieces of paper D. piece of papers

( )15.Mr.Black gave us ________ on how to learn English well. A. an advice B. many advices ( )16.—Do you like ________? —No.I prefer rose, the colour of your dress. A. orange B. oranges C. carrot D. carrots C. some advice D. some advices

( )17.They are from ________.They're ________. A. Germany; Germans C. German; Germany B. Germans; Germany D. Germany; Germen

( )18.All the ________ teachers enjoy themselves on March 8th, because it is their own holiday. A. man B .men C. woman D. women

( )19.—Why didn't you take a taxi back last night? —Because I didn't have any ________ with me. A. books B. bicycles C. friends D. money

( )20.________ mothers can't come to the meeting because they have gone to Dalian. A. Sally's and Jane B. Sally and Jane's C. Sally's and Jane's D. Sally and Janes'

第二组 ( )1.The teacher had something to tell him, so he went to ________. A. the teacher's B. the teacher C. the teachers D. teacher

( )2.—How soon shall we start the bicycle trip? —________. A. In five day's time C. In five days time B. In five days' time D. For five days

( )3.This is my________ book. A. sister Lily C. sister's Lily's B. sister's Lily D. sister Lily's

( )4.I have to speak to my grandpa loudly because something is wrong with his ________. A. eyes B. ears C. hands D. legs

( )5.Beth has a beautiful________. Listen! She is singing very well. A. voice B. sound C. noise D. smell

( )6.How many________ are there in the international village? A. Japanese B. Russian C. American D. German

( )7.We'll be away for two weeks because we'll have a ________. A. twoweeks holiday B. two weeks holiday C. twoweek holiday D. twoweeks' holiday ( )8.—I've got a little ________ in my house. —Why not keep two or more? A. juice B. mice C. bread D. fish

( )9.There are many ________ playing on the playground. A. child B. children C. man teachers D. sheeps

( )10.—You like surfing the Net.Do you know what www means? —Yes, it means ________. A. Whole Word Warm C. Whole World Weather B. World Wide Web D. Wide World Work

( )11.—Would you like some ________? —No, thank you.I'm not hungry at all. A. tea B. water C. bread D. coffee

( )12.—You didn't send me an email last night, did you? —Sorry.My ________ broke down.I couldn't get online. A. computer B.car C. clock D. camera

( )13.Lots of things are made of ________.We must protect ________. A. woods; woods B .wood; wood C. wood; woods D. woods; wood

( )14.Please pick up the ________.Don't keep it on the floor. A .paper B. boxes C. books D. bottles

( )15.Are these your ________? A. tomato B. potatos C. radioes D. photos

( )16.—Oh, dear! There isn't enough ________ for us in the lift. —No hurry.Let's wait for the next. A. floor B. scat C. room D. ground

( )17.My________ of this weekend's activity is going out with some good friends.

A. idea B. opinion

C. mind D. way

( )18.There are many ________shoes in this shop. A. man's B. men's C. man D. men

( )19.You should do more ________.Don't always sit at the desk busy doing your________. A .exercise; exercises B. exercises; exercises B. exercises; exercise D. exercise; exercise

( )20.This is ________ computer.The twin brothers like it ver y much. A. Mike and Jack C. Mike and Jack's B. Mike's and Jack's D. Mike's and Jack

【课堂练习】 1-5 BCBAA 6-10 DBBCA 11-15 BDCDD

16-20 ACDCC 【课后提高】 第一组 1-5 DCDBD 6-10 DCAAC 11-15 DCCBC

16-20 AADDC 第二组 1-5 ABDBA 6-10 ACDBB 11-15 CACAD

16-20 CABAC



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