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Ⅰ.冠词填空 ①I earn 10 dollars ________hour as ________supermarket cashier on Saturdays. ②The teacher asked us to write ________800wordlong composition. ③There's ________dictionary on ________desk by your side. ④I know ________John Lennon, but not ________one you know. ⑤They are twins, so they are of ________age. ⑥He has ________fine collection of paintings. ⑦Their affair is ________public knowledge. ⑧You need ________specialized knowledge to do this job. ⑨I don't want to have words with you. I prefer to have ________word with you. ⑩________W(w)ord came that the president would inspect them. ?The power supply was cut off. All of ________sudden, the lights went out. ?China has ________rather larger population than Canada. ?I will be back in two hours. After all, what you have just mentioned is not ______ matter of life and death. ? The diet is measured in ________calories, while the food is sold by ________pound. ?The cost of this product is calculated by ________weight. ?Many people are still in ________habit of writing silly things in ________public places. ?He was hit by a falling tree and killed on ________spot. ?He likes to talk on the phone while I prefer writing ________letters. ?Water is changed into ________steam by heat and into ________ice by cold.

?________W(w)ater in the well is sweet.
21 ○His daughter is always shy in ________public and she never dares to make a

speech to ________public.
22 ○The little girl is very happy, ________flower on________head. 23 ○He turned ________politician many years ago.

答案 ①an;a ⑩不填 ?a

②an ?a






⑧不填 ?the





23 ○不填


?不填;不填 Ⅱ.翻译句子


21 22 ○不填;the ○不填;不填

①Young man as he is, he has seen much of the world. ___________________________________________________________________ ②Diligent student as he was, he didn't pass the exam. ____________________________________________________________________ 答案 ①他虽然年轻,却已见过许多世面。 ②他虽然学习勤奋,但是没有通过 考试。 Ⅲ.单项填空 ① (2012· 国 Ⅱ 卷 )He missed ________gold in the high jump, but will get 全 ________second chance in the long jump. A.the;the 答案 C B./;a C.the;a D.a;/


考查冠词。gold 当金质奖牌讲时是可数名词,在本句中表特指,故第一空用 定冠词,排除 B、D 两项;第二空考查冠词的活用,“a/an+序数词”表示: 又一,再一,“the+序数词”表示顺序,本题第二空并不表示顺序,而表示 “又一,再一”之意,故答案为 C 项。] ②(2012· 山东卷)Being able to afford ________ drink would be ________comfort in those tough times. A.the; the 答案 B B.a; a C.a;/ D./;a


的事。考查冠词的用法。a drink 泛指一份饮品,a comfort 是抽象名词具体化, 指一件令人感到欣慰的事,故选 B。] ③(2012· 浙江卷)The development of industry has been ________gradual process throughout ________human existence, from stone tools to modern technology. A./; the 答案 C B.the; a C.a;/ D.a;a


发展是一个渐进的过程。考查冠词的用法。两个空格处所限定的名词均是抽 象名词,但是第一空是抽象名词具体化的用法,而第二空后 human existence 是抽象概念,故第一空用不定冠词,第二空用零冠词。] ④(2012· 重庆卷)Sam has been appointed ________manager of the engineering department to take ______place of George. A./;/ 答案 D B.the;/ C.the; the D./;the

[句意:Sam 已被任命为工程部的经理,以取代 George。考查冠词

的基本用法及习惯用法。第一空后为表示职务的名词,故用零冠词;take the place of...为固定动词短语,意为“取代”,所以选 D 项。] ⑤(2011· 新课标全国卷)It is generally accepted that ________boy must learn to stand up and fight like ________man. A.a;a 答案 A B.a;the C.the; the D.a;/


去战斗。boy 和 man 均为可数名词单数,在本句中都是表泛指,前面应该用 不定冠词,故答案为 A 项。] ⑥(2011· 全国Ⅱ卷)As he reached ________front door, Jack saw ________strange sight. A.the; / 答案 D B.a; the C./;a D.the; a


前门, 用定冠词; 第二空后的 sight 在此是单数可数名词, 意为“景象, 情景”, 表泛指,应用不定冠词,故选 D。] ⑦(2011· 山东卷)Take your time—it's just ________short distance from here to ________restaurant.

A./;the 答案 B





用不定冠词 a,泛指一段距离;restaurant 在此处是特指,所以第二空用定冠 词。] ⑧ (2011· 西 卷 )—It's said John will be in a job paying over ? 60 , 000 江 ________year. —Right, he will also get paid by ________week. A.the; the 答案 B B.a; the C.the; a D.a; a


是的,他的工资将按周支付。本题考查冠词的用法。year 为单数名词,与不 定冠词连用意为:every year。而第二个空考查搭配,“by+the+表单位的名 词”意为:论/按??,故答案为 B 项。] ⑨(2011· 重庆卷)In communication, a smile is usually ________strong sign of a friendly and ________open attitude. A.the;/ 答案 C B.a; an C.a;/ D.the; an


空后的 sign 为可数名词单数形式,在本句中表泛指,故用不定冠词;第二空 前的并列连词 and 连接 friendly 和 open,修饰 attitude, friendly 前已经有了不 定冠词,故第二空不需要再加冠词。综上所述,答案为 C 项。] ⑩(2010· 山东卷)If we sit near ________front of the bus, we'll have ________better view. A./;the 答案 C B./;a C.the; a D.the; the

[句意:如果我们坐在公共汽车前部,视野就会更好些。the front of

表示某物体内部的前面;比较级前加不定冠词表示“一个更??的”。所以 选 C。] ?(2010· 北京卷)First impressions are the most lasting. After all, you never get ________second chance to make ________first impression. A.a;the 答案 C B.the; the C.a;a D.the;a


第一空后有 second,在此表示“再一次”,而不是表顺序,应用不定冠词; 第二空后的 first impression 是泛指,也不是表示顺序,又根据题干可以判断 impression 在此处是可数名词,可数名词单数表泛指时需用不定冠词,故选择 C 项。] ?(2010· 浙江卷)Many lifestyle patterns do such ________great harm to health that they actually speed up ________weakening of the human body. A.a;/ 答案 B./;the C.a;the D./;/

B [句意:很多生活方式对身体健康是很有害的,实际上它们能加快

体质变弱。do harm to...为固定短语,意为“对??有害”;第二空为特指的 用法,即特指体质变弱,故用定冠词 the。]


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