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Module 6 The World’s Cultural Heritage学案 外研版选修7

Module 6 The World’s Cultural Heritage 学案 外研版选修 7—— 世界文化遗产
核心词汇 1.One of her fellow passengers came to her a____________ when she was in trouble. 2.On the table were the r____________ of the evening meal. 3.The best way to deal with an impolite person is to i____________ him. 4.His work was judged objectively as well as s____________. 5.The speaker said that he was feeling highly h__________ as one of the guests invited to the press conference. 6.The company is planning to __________(扩大) its production scale. 7.Don’t waste ____________(宝贵的) time talking to him. 8.They will ____________ 5 million in the project and they want to see a better return on their ____________.(invest) 9.I don’t think ghosts _________.Meanwhile, many people question the ____________ of God.(exist) 10.Health ___________ has increased over the past decade.As a result,smokers are ________ of the dangers to their own health.(aware) 1.assistance 2.remains 3.ignore 4.subjectively 5.honoured 6.enlarge 7.precious 8.invest;investment 9.exist;existence 10.awareness;aware 高频短语 1.________________ 对??做出贡献 2.________________ 以防 3.________________ 使某人想起 4.________________ 反过来 5.________________ 因??而受到尊敬/获得荣誉 6.________________ 获准,经过程序 7.________________ 除??之外 8.________________ 多达,直到 9.________________ 暴露给 10.________________ 介入;卷入 11.________________ 受??的支配 12.________________ 迄今为止 1.contribute to 2.in case 3.remind sb.of sth./sb. 4.in return 5.be honoured for 6.go through 7.apart from 8.up to 9.expose to 10.get/be involved in 11.at the mercy of 12.so far 重点句式 1.Some areas are almost completely covered in weeds,________________. 有些地方几乎全被杂草覆盖,造成严重破坏。 2.________________,they were quite sophisticated. 尽管如此,他们(北京人)进化程度已经很高。 3.They have ________ that the general public ______________ to help with the problem.
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他们建议鼓励公众来帮助解决这一问题。 4.They are a precious part of our cultural heritage—it is ____________ that we do something. 它们是我们文化遗产中极其宝贵的部分——因此我们采取行动就显得尤其重要。 5.____________________________,the Mid-Autumn Festival reminds them of their Chinese origins and would help to unite Chinese people all over the world. 包括在海外工作和生活的 5 千多万中国人在内,中秋节使他们想到自己的中国血统并且有助于 全世界的中国人团结一致。 6.They have ________ that the site ________ _______________________________________. 他们建议关闭这个遗址并进行维修。 1.causing serious damage 2.Even so 3.suggested;be encouraged 4.of vital importance 5.With more than 50 million Chinese living and working overseas 6.recommended;be closed and repaired 知识详解 ① recommend vt. 推荐,介绍;建议;劝告 (回归课本 P73)They have recommended that the site be closed and repaired. 该组织提议关闭这个遗址并进行维修。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ①The teacher recommended us to buy an English-English dictionary. 老师建议我们买英英词典。 ②I recommended him as a manager. 我推荐他当经理。 ③His father strongly recommended sending him to school in England. 他父亲极力建议把他送到英国上学。 ④It is recommended that a new modern hospital(should)be built in rural areas. 人们建议应在农村地区建一所现代化的医院。 【注意】 recommend, suggest, request, demand, urge, propose, prefer, advise, insist, require,order,command 等词所带的宾语从句以及它们对应的名词所带的表语从句、同位语 从句,再加上它们的过去分词所在的“It is/was+过去分词+主语从句”等结构中的谓语动 词常用 should do 的形式,should 可省略。 【即境活用】 1.完成句子 (1)I should ________________________ (推荐它作为一本有用的参考书). 答案:recommend it as a useful reference book (2)How do you ________________________ (劝告即将出国的人们)? 答案:recommend the people to do before going abroad 2.(2010 年南昌模拟)—What suggestion did Thomson give you? —He said he would ________ me to Professor Macrae as his postgraduate student. A.comment B.select C.command D.recommend 解析:选 D。本题考查动词辨析。答句句意:他说他会向 Prof.Macrae 推荐我做他的研究生。 comment 评论;select 选择;command 指挥;recommend 推荐。
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② remind vt. 提醒;使想起 (回归课本 P81)With more than 50 million Chinese living and working overseas,the Mid -Autumn Festival reminds them of their Chinese origins and would help to unite Chinese people all over the world. 包括在海外工作和生活的 5 千多万中国人在内,中秋节使他们想到自己的中国血统并且有助 于全世界的中国人团结一致。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ①Your hair and eyes remind me of your mother. 你的头发和眼睛让我想起了你的妈妈。 ②Remind me where to go,for my sight is poor. 我视力差,提醒我该往哪里走。 ③I rang Jim and reminded him(that) the conference had been put off. 我打电话给吉姆提醒他会议推迟了。 ④(牛津 P1682) Remind me to phone Alan before I go out. 提醒我在出去之前给艾伦打电话。 【易混辨析】 remind,recall (1)remind “提醒,使想起” ,指在外力的作用下回想起某事或指有意识地使某人牢记某事。 (2)recall “回忆,使回忆” ,侧重有意识地回忆起过去的事情。 ①This reminds me of what we did together during our holidays. ②Dick recalls having been in Paris to study music when he was a child. 【即境活用】 3.The story ________ me of an experience I once had in the forest. A.mentioned B.informed C.reminded D.recalled 解析:选 C。remind sb.of sth.使某人想起某事。mention 提及;inform sb.of sth.通知/告 诉某人某事;recall 主动回忆起。 ★4.The girl’s appearance ________ him of the old village. A.suggested B.reminded C.remembered D.made 解析:选 B。句意:这个女孩的出现使他想起了那古老的村庄。 ③contribute v. 促成;捐助;贡献 (回归课本 P73)Pollution from nearby cement factories has also contributed to the problem. 附近水泥厂产生的污染对此也难逃其咎。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ①Though he is not very rich,he contributes ten pounds to a charity collection every month. 尽管他自己也不是很富有,可他每月都捐献十英镑给一个慈善机构。 ②Does smoking contribute to lung cancer? 吸烟会导致肺癌吗? ③He has made great contributions to the space development program.
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他对太空发展计划有很大的贡献。 ④(朗文 P437)Volunteers contribute about 16,000 hours of work each year to the city. 志愿者每年为该市工作约 16,000 小时。 【即境活用】 5.(2010 年盐城模拟)Your hard work ________ your great progress in English. A.contributed to B.resulted from C.depended on D.lied in 解析:选 A。句意为“你努力工作促使你英语取得了很大进步。 ” ★6.(2010 年江苏省苏北四市)Zhao Benshan,whose overwork ________ his health failure last year,is said to perfom in the coming Spring Festival Gala on CCTV. A.submitted to B.admitted to C.contributed to D.subscribed to 解析:选 C。本题考查短语动词。由句意语境“赵本山由于劳累过度去年病倒了。 ” submit to“顺从于” ;be admitted to“被允许进入” ;contribute to“导致” ;subscribe to “预订” 。 ④n return 作为回报,作为交换 (回归课本 P81)In return, UNESCO recognises the autonomy of provincial federal and state cultural organisations,but offers support and guidance when requested. 作为回报,联合国教科文组织承认省、联邦政府及州文化组织的自治权,但是当需要时,为 他们提供支持与指导。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ①(朗文 P1751)She gave us food and clothing and asked for nothing in return. 她给了我们食品和衣物,没有要求任何回报。 ②I’d like to buy you a meal in return for all your hospitality. 我想请你吃饭来报答你的盛情好客。 ③It took a few days before everything returned to normal. 又过了几天一切才恢复正常。 ④(牛津 P1706)He was met by his brother on his return from Italy. 他从意大利回来的时候,是他弟弟去接他的。 【即境活用】 7.(2010 年岳阳模拟)A clean environment can help a city bid for the Olympics,which ________ will promote its economic development. A.in nature B.in turn C.in return D.in fact 解析:选 B。句意:清洁的环境有助于该城市申办奥运会,而奥运会又转而会促进该城市的经 济发展。根据句意可首先排除 A 项(本质上)、D 项(事实上)。in turn 意为:as a result of something in a series of events “相应地、 转而” in return 意为: exchange or as payment 。 in “作为??的交换,作为??的回报” 。 ⑤apart from 除了??之外 (回归课本 P74)Apart from providing warmth,what was fire used for? 除了被用来取暖外,火还可以被用来做什么? 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】
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①(牛津 P77)Apart from their house in London, they also have a villa in Spain. 他们在伦敦有一座房子,此外在西班牙还有一座别墅。 ②The orphan had no one to take care of him apart from his uncle. 除了他的叔叔外,没有人可以照顾这个孤儿。 ③It is man’s ability to think that sets him apart from other animals. 是思维能力使人类有别于其他动物。 ④I can’t tell these two things apart. 我对这两件东西无从区分。 ⑤John enjoys taking old clocks apart. 约翰喜欢拆卸旧钟。 ⑥In addition to his job,Harvey also coaches Little League. 哈维除了本身的工作外还兼任少年棒球联合会的教练。 【即境活用】 8.________ busy schoolwork,the children also have to take arts,music and sports classes in their free time. —I wonder what they will become. A.Rather than B.Owing to C.Except for D.Apart from 解析:选 D。句意为“除了繁重的学业外,孩子们在业余时间里还不得不参加艺体班。 ”注意 后面 also 这个词的含义。 ★9.I admired my classmate Lisa very much.________ her prettiness,she was smart and helpful. A.Except for B.But for C.Apart from D.In spite of 解析:选 C。该题中的 her prettiness 属于 Lisa 的优点之一。故用 apart from。 ⑥go through 经历(困难、痛苦等);仔细检查;顺利完成;(法律、议案等)被正式通过或 接受;用光,消耗某物 (回归课本 P81)While the bid is going through,the state government allocates funds for each item’s protection. 当争取获准之后,州政府分配资金用于每一个项目的保护。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ①He thought it his duty to go through the papers. 他认为自己有责任检查这些文件。 ②The poor girl has gone through such a lot since her parents died. 这个可怜的女孩自从父母去世后经历了许多 (痛苦)。 ③She went through the room but couldn’t find the missing ring. 她搜遍了整个房间还是找不到丢失的戒指。 ④The proposed bill failed to go through. 这个被提出的议案未能通过。 【易混辨析】 go through,get through
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两者都可作“用完”讲。 (1)go through 意为:经历,经受;仔细检查;做完;浏览,查阅;通过,经过。 (2)get through 意为:通过(考试等);完成,干完;接通电话。 (3)表示“通过”时,go through 不用于被动语态,而 get through 常用于 get sth.through 结构中。 ①Let’s go_through the arguments again. ②She got all her students through the exam. 【即境活用】 10.(2010 年滨洲模拟)I ________ the French written papers but failed in the English oral examination. A.got through B.looked through C.went through D.lived through 解析:选 A。句意:我通过了法语笔试,但是没通过英语口语考试。get through 通过。look through 浏览;go through 经历;live through 度过。 ★11.We’d better try to ________ with the experiment,I think.Now let’s ________ with it. A.go through;go on B.go on;go over C.go over;go through D.go on;go through 解析:选 A。go through with sth.做完,完成; go on with 继续。 句型梳理 【教材原句】 They are a precious part of our cultural heritage—it is of vital importance that we do something.(P73) 它们是我们文化遗产中珍贵的一部分——我们能做些什么事情也是至关重要的。 【句法分析】 is of vital importance 是“be+of+形容词+抽象名词”结构。 ①Your advice is of great help/very helpful to us middle school students. 你的建议对我们中学生来说非常有用。 (1)be+of+much/great/little/no 等+抽象名词(use,help,value,importance 等),相 当于用这些抽象名词对应的形容词,即 be+useful/helpful/valuable/important 等。 这个结构在句中作表语、定语或补足语。 (2)of+a/an+名词(age,colour,size,height, weight,shape,kind,type,price,etc.)结构,相当于 of+the same+名词。 ②These programmes are of great help to learners of English. =These programmes are very helpful to learners of English. 这些节目对英语学习者很有帮助。 ③The old books are of no use.=The old books are useless. 这些旧书没有什么用处。 ④The new credit cards will be of great benefit to our customers. =The new credit cards will be beneficial to our customers. 新信用卡将会为我们的客户带来很多好处。 ⑤The wine is of high quality. 这种酒质量很高。
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⑥Her mother is a woman of medium height. 她妈妈是一位中等身材的妇女。 【即境活用】 12.—What do you think about his advice? —To be honest,I can see nothing ________. A.of any use B.to be use C.to be useful D.to be of use 解析:选 A。此处用 of+n.结构作后置定语。 ★13.Walking in the fresh air is of _______ benefit to our health. A.very B.great C.quite D.pretty 解析:选 B。句意:在清新的空气中散步对我们的健康非常有益。be of great benefit 相当于 very beneficial,of 和名词之间的修饰语只能是 much,little,no,great 等,不能是 very, quite,pretty。 作文指导 图表类作文 【体裁导航】 图表类书面表达常以曲线图形式,流程图形式,柱星图形式,饼式图形式,数据表格形式及 平面图解形式出现。这类题型具有文字少,信息少,要点分散等特征。我们在写作时只有在 看懂图示的基础上才能动笔写。如果不能全部领会图表信息,写作中就会出现遗漏信息,分 析不准确等一系列问题。图表作文的体裁以说明类和议论类为主,记叙类较少见。 【写作示例】 假如你叫李华,从某网站看到下面调查统计表,感触很深,从而决定写信给某英语报社,反映 这一现象,并简要分析原因,呼吁教育部门和家长改变目前局面。 要求:1.语言要连贯、准确,可适当发挥; 2.词数:120~150。 Dear Editor, ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Yours sincerely, Li Hua 【写作要领】 一、审题 1.体裁:图表作文。要求考生对表格、图表进行分析,系统准确地表达出其含义,并得出令 人信服的结论。 2.时态和人称:因反映的是现实情况,故应用现在时态和第三人称,发表个人观点时可使用 第一人称。 3.本题以图表和文字提示的方式给出了写作要点。因而要根据文字去理解图表,弄清楚图表 所反映的信息、问题和现象并准确表述。 二、谋篇 1.首先:分析数据 学生每天花在体育活动上的时间: 美国:72 分钟;韩国:42 分钟;中国:12 分钟
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2.然后:分析原因 (1)在学校里大部分时间都花在学习上。 (2)回家后父母也让学生学习。 3.最后:提出措施 教育部门和父母都要意识到体育活动的重要性,给孩子们更多的时间去参与体育活动。 【范文点评】 Dear_Editor, ①It can be seen easily from the above chart that American students spend 72 minutes on physical activities per day,and those in South Korea 42 minutes.②However,Chinese students have only 12 minutes for physical activities per day. ③The reasons lie in the following.④Almost all the time is spent on lessons in Chinese schools and students are made by parents to concentrate on their study even when they get back home.⑤Thus there is little time left for their physical activities. ⑥In my opinion,both the education departments and parents are responsible to give the students more time for physical activities.⑦Anyhow,knowledge can be learned not only from books but also through activities. Yours sincerely, Li Hua 点评: 第一段是对图表的分析: (1)注意一些固定句式的运用,如 It can be seen easily from the above chart that...。 (2)数据分析要准确。 第二段是对上述问题的分析,内容要言之有理。 第三段是从个人角度提出解决问题的建议。表述中“in my opinion,responsible,anyhow, not only...but also”等词汇、句式的使用比较到位,为文章提升了档次。 【类题尝试】 假如你是高中三年级的学生李华,你在学校组织了一项“有烦恼向谁说”的调查活动。请用 英语给校报编辑写一封信,反映相关情况。内容包括:调查结 果(如图所示)、 持相应想法的理 由及你对调查结 果的看法。 注意:1.信的开头和结尾已经给出,但不计入总词数; 2.词数为 100 左右。 Dear Editor, I am a Senior Three student.Recently we have carried out a survey——“To whom do you go when in trouble?”The results are as follows. _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Yours sincerely, Li Hua
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One possible version: Dear_Editor, I_am_a_Senior_Three_student.Recently_we_have_carried_out_a_survey——“To_whom_d o _you_go_when_in_trouble?”The_results_ are_as_follows. 61% of the students surveyed select friends or schoolmates as their ideal listeners when they have trouble,the reason of which is that they are in the same age group and have a better understanding of each other.Another 22% choose teachers and parents to talk to.They suggest that teachers and parents are rich in life and educational experience.Nevertheless,there are also 17% who don’t share their troubles at all. They say that their troubles are none of others’ business,or they find it hard to get along with others. It is not easy to reach definite conclusions based on such a survey example.However, some general comments can be made.It seems clear from the response that some students lack communication with others and teachers and parents need to play a more important role in their lives. Yours_sincerely, Li_Hua






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高考英语一轮复习构想Module6TheWorld'sCulturalHeritage课件外研版选修7 - 佳作晨背 高分来自积累 [ 经典语篇] 根据以下提示,结合事例,用英语写一篇短文。...


18学年高中英语Module6TheWorldsCulturalHeritageSectionⅤWriting_介绍文化遗产教学案外研版选修7 - Module 6 The World’s C...


高三英语一轮复习Module6TheWorldsCulturalHeritage预习案外研版选修72 - Module 6 The World’s Cultural Heritage (主题语...

...6 EthnicCulture&TheWorldsCulturalHeritage教学案 ....doc

【志鸿优化设计】2014届高考英语 Modules5-6 Ethnic...&TheWorldsCulturalHeritage教学案 外研版选修7_高考_...The World's Cultural Heritage 1.___ n.少数民族...


2011届英语一轮复习课件:Module_6The_World’s_Cultural_Heritage》(外研版选修7) - Module 6 The World’s Cultural Her...

...Module 6 The World's Cultural Heritage跟踪检测 ....doc

【三维设计】2017版高考英语大一轮复习 Module 6 The World's Cultural Heritage跟踪检测 外研版选修7_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Module 6 The World's Cultural ...


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