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深圳初二下 unit4 cartoons and comic strips 要点总结

Unit4 cartoons and comic strips
词汇 1. character:n. 人物、角色 Yue Fei is a great historical character. 2. think of 考虑、思考 I’m thinking of going to Paris for vacation. 拓展:think of:想起、记起 I can’t think of his name. think of:对??有某种看法,常用于“What do you think of?”句型 中 What do you think of the book? 3. add? to?& add to ad to? add ? 把??加到??上 to Please add some salt to the water.

添加,增添(欢乐、困难 Do you have anything to add to the list? 等抽象名词)

4. record v. 录音 I’ve recorded the whole concert. 拓展:record n. 记录 set the record 创造记录 hold the record 保持记录 5. decide on 决定、选定 What made you decide on Plan A?

break the record 打破记录

6. basic adj. 基础的,基本的 拓展:base— basis (n.)基础— basic (adj.)基本的— basically (adv,)基本上 7. Here it is. 以 here 和 there 开头的句子,若后面的主语为人称代词,主谓不倒装;若后 面的主语为名词,主谓倒装。 Here you are. 给你。 Here comes the bus. 公共汽车来了。 8. forget v. 忘记 forget to do forget doing 忘记要做某事 (动作没 I forget to turn off the light. 发生) 忘记做过某事 (动作已 I forget opening the door. 发生) 9. look like 看上去像 Tom looks like his father. 拓展:提问长相: What do/ dose sb. look like? 提问性格: What is sb. like? 10. appear v. 显得,看来,似乎 A woman suddenly appeared in the doorway. 拓展:appear (to be)+ adj./ n. She appears (to be) happy at the news.

appear to do sth. 11. a little& a bit

You appear to travel quite a lot.

1) 两者都可以作副词用,用来修饰形容词(原级或比较级) ,或动词。 I’m a little/ bit hungry. 2) 用作形容词做定语时,a little 修饰不可数名词,而 a bit 后面加 of 再加不 可数名词。 There’s a little water.= There’s a bit of water. be ready to do sth. 已完成某事,准备好做某事 The contract will be ready to sign in two weeks. 拓展:be/ get ready for sth. 为??做好准备 Are you ready for your teast? as well as 并且,还。用来连接并列成分。连接并列主语时,谓语动词与前 一主语保持一致。 She is clever as well as beautiful. how to do 疑问词+ to do I don’t know how to do it. 拓展:what to do 做什么 where to go 去哪里 why to do 为什么做 Don’t+ 动词原形. 否定祈使句, 意为 “不要??, 禁止??” Don’t play jokes on me, will you? the same as? 和??一样 The twins look the same as each other. 拓展:be different from European capitals. 与??不同 London was different from most




15. 16.

17. look 连系动词,意为“看起来,看上去” ,厚街形容词作表语。 Alice looks happy today. 拓展:连系动词还有: :be( 是 ), look( 看起来 ), feel( 摸上去 ), seem( 似乎是 ), appear(似乎、 显得), prove(证明是), smell(闻起来), taste(尝起来), sound(听起来) 等 18. Let sb. do sth. 让某人做某事 在 let 引导的祈使句中,sb 可以是名词,也可以说代词的宾格。 Let him go. let 是使役动词, 常用的使役动词还有: make, have, leave 等。 They made me repeat the story. 19. a pair of+ 不可数名词/ 可数名词的复数 a pair of shoes 20. look out= pay attention to 当心、注意 Look out!There is a car coming! 拓展: look out of? 向外看?? She stopped writing and looked out of the window. 21. pick up 捡起,拾起 She pick up a flower on the road.

拓展:pick up sth. 捡起某物,当 sth.是人称代词的宾格时,放在 pick 之后, 如:pick it up。当 sth.是名词时,可以放在 pick up 中间或 up 之后,如:pick the pen up= pick up the pen。 22. in trouble 在困境中 He’s in trouble, let’s help him. 拓展:与 trouble 相关的短语:get into trouble 惹上麻烦 have trouble(in) doing sth.做某事有困难 23. success n. 成功 I wish you success with your studies. 拓展:succeed v. 成功。succeed in doing sth. successful adj. 成功的。 His business is successful. 24. tell sb sth. 告诉某人某事 He told me the reason. tell sb. to do sth. 告诉某人做某事 The teacher told him to clean the classroom. tell sb. not to do sth. 告诉某人不做某事 this store. 25. laugh at 嘲笑 Don’t laugh at him, please. 练习: 1. What do you _____ your hometown? It is very beautiful. I love it very much. A.look at B.talk about C.think of D.think over 2. When I was in the supermarke, I forgot _____ money with me. A.to take B.to taking C.taking D.bringing 3. Could you give me some advice? I don’t know ______. Why don’t you wear t his red shirt? A.when to wear B.what to wear C.how to wear D.where to wear 4. Most of my classmates don’t like to talk to teir parents, but I am ____ them. A.different from B.surprised at C.the same as D.proud of 5. Where’s your ticket? Show _______ , please. A.me it B.it me C.me to it D.it to me 6. --Tom, ______ read books while you are walking in the street. It’s very danger ous. --OK, thank you. A.don’t B.doesn’t C.won’t D.can’t 7. He ________ a piece of waste paper, and put it into the rubbish bag. A.picked up B.threw away C.looked for D.handed in 8. I’t sure our football team will ______ this match.We’re the best. A.win B.fail C.lose D.beat 9. Our teacher often tells us ______ in the river. It’s dangerous. A.don’t swim B.not swim C.not to swim D.not swimming He told us not to buy clothes in

10. Thanks to the Internet, different kinds of information ______ in a short time. A.can be learned B.has been learned C.can learn D.has learned 语法:被动语态(二) 一、各种不同时态的主动语态与被动语态的对比 时态 主动语态 一般现在时 ( 1 ) Do they speak am / is / are + P.P. French ? ( 2 ) They don’t use the room . 一般过去时 (1)The hunter killed a was / were + p.p. tiger . ( 2 ) He wrote many stories last year . 现在进行时 ( 1 ) These workers are am / is / are +being +p.p. building a new bridge . ( 2 ) He is mending his car . 过去进行时 ( 1 ) He was selling was / were + being + p.p. books . (2) They were discussing the plan at that time . 现在完成时 have / has + been + p. p. (1) She has learned many English words . (2)He has finished the work . (1)They has solved the problem . (2)We had told him the news by then . (1)I shall make a plan . (2)They are going to fix the radio in an hour .

过去完成时 had + been + p.p.

一般将来时 shall / will be + p.p.

过去将来时 ( 1 ) He told me they would be + p.p. would paint the room . was/ were going to be + (2)They were going to p.p. put on a play the next week . 情态动词 ( 1 ) We should hand in Our homework should be can / may / must / should our homework . handed in by us . + be + p.p. (2)You must answer the The question must be

被动语态 Is French spoken by them ? The room isn’t used by them . A tiger was killed by the hunter . Many stories was written by him last year . A new bridge is being built by these workers . His car is being mended by him . Books were being built by him . The plan was being discussed by them at that time . Many English words have been learned by her . The work has been finished by him . The problem had been solved by them . The news had been told to him by us . A plan will be made by me . The radio is going to be fixed by them in an hour . He told me the room would be painted by them . A play was going to be put by them the next week .

question in English .

answered in English by you .

二. 如何正确使用被动语态 1. 有些动词带有两个宾语,即直接宾语和间接宾语,变被动语态时,可把其 中一个宾语变成主语,另一个留在被动结构谓语后面。需要注意的是:若把直接 宾语变成被动语态的主语,需要在间接宾语之间加上介词“to” 。 eg. He often tells us interesting stories . (主动语态)
We are often told interesting stories by him . ? ? (被动语态) Interesting stories are often told to us by h i m .?

▲常带双宾语的词有:tell , show , lend , pass 等。 2. 在主动语态中,某些动词之后带有复合宾语,即宾语和宾语补足语,这个 复合宾语由动词不定式来充当,to 被省略,但在被动语态中,这个 to 还要还原。 eg. I often hear her sing this popular song . (主动语态)
宾语 宾语补足语


She is often heard to sing this popular song .(被动语态) ▲ 有这种用法的常用动词有:make , let , see , hear , watch , feel , notice 等。 3. 有些 “be +过去分词” 的结构并不是被动语态, 它们有可能是 “系表结构 (即 系动词之后由过去分词来充当表语) 。 ”
(系表结构) ?The door is closed . 门是关着的。 比较: (1)? (被动语态) ?The door is closed by Fengping .这个门是由冯平来关的。 (系表结构) ?The glass is broken . 这个玻璃杯是坏的。 (2) ? (被动语态) ?The glass was broken by Mary .这个玻璃杯是玛丽弄坏的 。

4. 只有及物动词和可有宾语的动词+介词词组才可以有被动语态。
?Great changes have taken place in China .(正确) eg. ? ?Great changes have been taken place in China . (错误) d in the deep sea .(正确) ?The dolphin disappeare ? d in t h e d e es pe a .(错误) ?The dolphin was disappeare

【题型展示】 一、真题演练 1. A talk on Chinese history in the school hall next week . A. be given B. has been given C. will be given D. will give 2. To make our city more beautiful , rubbish into the river . A. needn’t be thrown B. mustn’t be thrown C. can’t throw D. may not throw 3. You may go fishing if your work . A. is done B. will be done C. has done D. have done

4. The trees must three times a week . A. water B. is watering C. be watered D. waters 5. — I won’t come to the party unless Sue , too . — You mean if Sue comes you’ll come ? A. will invite B. invites C. invited D. is invited 6. I like my new bike . It very well . A. rides B. is riding C. is ridden D. has ridden 7. Mr. Chen has a lond voice . His voice can clearly even in that big classroom . A. hear B. be heard C. be hearing D. have heard 8. — It’s time to do your homework , Jack . — Yes , Mum . I’ll turn off the TV as soon as the programme . A. ends B. end C. will be ended D. will end 9. You to the meeting , why didn’t you go ? A. be invited B. will be invited C. were invited D. are invited 10. A lot of trees along the river last year . A. planted B. are planted C. were planted 二、阅读理解 Little Tom likes cartoons very much .When the cartoons begin on TV, he does nothing until they’ re over. Sometimes he’d rather wait for a long time and go to bed late. In the morning his mother has to wake him up, or he will be late for school. Yesterday Tom heard there would be an interesting cartoon today. This morning, as soon as he got up, he turned the television, but didn’t receive the programme. He had to have breakfast and then went to school. After school he ran home while his mother was cooking supper in the kitchen (厨房). He hurried to the sitting room and turned on the television again, but he couldn’t find the cartoon. He rushed into the kitchen and asked his mother to help. “It’s only five now,” said the woman. “Your programme will be after supper.” “Well, let’s have supper right now!” 1. Tom goes to bed late sometimes, so______ . A. he’s late for school B.he goes to school by bus C. he can’t wake up himself in the morning D. he has to go to school without breakfast 2. Tom spends much time _____ when he is free. A.playing football B. watching football matches on TV C. doing his homework D. watching cartoons on TV 3. Tom _____,so he turned on the television after getting up this morning . A. thought he had some time left B. didn’t know when the cartoon would begin

C. wanted to know the important news D. hoped to watch TV play 4. Tom was afraid _____, so he ran home. A. to miss the interesting cartoon B. to miss the last bus C. he would be hungry D. he had little time to finish his homework 5. Tom thought _____. A.supper should be ready B. his mother’s watch was slow C. the cartoon would be as soon as he finished supper D. his mother cooked super too late

Homework 1. The mobile phone has influenced people’s life a lot since it _________. A. invents B. invented C. is invented D. was invented 2. This listening material, together with its CD-ROMs, _________well. A. sells B. sell C. is sold D. are sold 3. The sports meeting _________next month. A. will hold B. is going to hold C. will be held 4. —Excuse me. I'm looking for Be the Best of Yourself. —Sorry. The book you ask for____ out. A. is selling B. is sold C. was selling D. will be sold 5. Annie ________ to the party. She had a wonderful time with us. A. invites B. is invited C. was invited D. has invited 6. Many houses ______ in the earthquake of April 20, 2013 in Ya’an. A. is destroyed B. are destroyed C was destroyed D. were destroyed 7. Han Han’s books are popular. They ________ by many teenagers. A. is read B. was read C. are read D. were read 8. Teenagers________allowed to drive. A. should not be B. should be not C. not should be 9. —At present, one of the best ways to study is working in groups. —More chances _______ to students to learn from each other. A. offer B. are offered C. have offered D. are offering 10. —I want to borrow the book, but I don’t know how long it may ________. —For two weeks. A. keep B. be borrowed C. borrow D. be kept 11. Many trees _______ on the streets every years. So the air is very fresh now. A. plant B. are planted C. planted D. were

planted 12. —Didn't you see the sign "No Parking!" on the right? now I know parking ________ here. A. wasn't allowed B. isn't allowed C. won't allow

—Sorry, I didn't. But D. doesn't allow

13. From May 6, pedestrians(行人) ________10 yuan if they run red lights, according to Beijing traffic authorities. A. will fine B. were fined C. are fine D. will be fined 14.—What languages ______ in that country'? —German and English A. are speaking B. are spoken C. speak D. is spoken 15. A year has four seasons and it ________ twelve different star signs. A. divided into B. is dividing into C. divided into D is divided into 16. The child without parents ______ good care of by his teachers in this special school. A. is taken B. are taken C. take D. takes 17.. — Clark, your room is really in a mess. It needs ________. — Sorry, mum. I'll do it at once. A. clean B. cleaned C. to clean D. to be cleaned 18. — “Frog”, Mo Yan's latest novel, please! — Sorry, it ________ just now. But it will come out again soon. A. sold out B. is sold out C. has sold out D. was sold out 19. —Do you know Earth Day? —Sure. It in 1970 to tell us to protect our planet. A. sets up B. set up C. is set up D. was set up 20.A lot of trees _____around here every year,and we can enjoy fresher air now. A.were planted B.are planted C.will plant D.are planting


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