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吉林省东辽县第一高级中学高一英语《Unit 1 Friendship》课件


more sayings or proverbs about friendship:

It’s easier to get piles of gold than a real friend. 万两黄金容易得, 知音一个也难求。

Good company on the road is the shortest cut.


With clothes the new are best; with friends the old are the best. 衣服尚新,朋友尚旧!

Friends are like wine; the older, the better.


Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
与朋友结伴黑暗中胜于独 行于阳光下!

False friends are worse than open enemies. 虚假的朋友比公开的敌 人还可怕!

The friendship that can end was never real. 会结束的绝非真友谊!

The same man cannot be both friend and flatterer。 朋友与阿谀捧承者(flatterer) 决不会同一人!

The best mirror is an old friend. 最好的镜子是老友!

I want to find the answer to the question What is friendship? When it rains, I think friendship is a small umbrella. It can give me a piece of clear sky. When I’m crying, I think friendship is a white handkerchief. It can wipe my tears dry.

When I am sad, I think friendship is a warm word. It can bring me happiness again. When I am in trouble, I think friendship is a strong hand. It can help me escape my troubles. When I sit in a quiet place, I think friendship is a very wonderful feeling. It can’t be pulled and torn, because it is in everyone’s heart. It is there from the beginning to the end of our lives.

Discussion-I (3m) Pre-reading

Questions : 1. Why do you need friends? Make a list of reasons why friends are important to you.

Brainstorming----question (2m)

2.What qualities should a good friend have?
List what a good friend should do and share the list with your partners.

Positive: honest, friendly, open-minded,

generous大方的,helpful, patient耐心的, good-tempered好脾气的, trustworthy可信任 的, careful, full of love, caring, responsible有 责任感的,brave, easygoing随和的, outgoing好交际的, warm-hearted, kind, selfless无私的, tolerant宽大的, intelligent聪 明的
Negative: selfish自私的,tricky狡猾的, dishonest, bad-tempered, mean 小气的, impatient, narrow-minded心胸狭窄的, lazy, gossipy

3. Does a friend always have to be a person? What else can be your friend? 4. Do you think a diary can become your friend? Why or why not?

Reading Anne’s Best Friend

What do you know about the World War II?
Look at some pictures

The Second World War

Nazi crime

The Second World War and 纳粹正对着屠杀后幸存的妇女进行扫射 被毒死的犹太人的衣服和鞋子 纳粹屠杀犹太人的真实场景 纳粹逼迫犹太人离开他们的家园 犹太人排队进入后面的毒气室 被关在集中营中的犹太人 纳粹正在建设集中营 the Nazi crime

1934年,出席布克博格 纳粹党集会的希特勒。

1938年,犹太学 生在纳粹党经营 的学校受尽耻辱。 黑板上写着: “犹太族是我们 最大的敌人,千 万别接近他们!”

1938年3月,奥 地利与德国合并, 犹太人被迫清洗 维也纳的街道。

犹太人在纳粹宣传笔下 的形象,反映了历史深 远的反犹太思想。这个 宣传海报把犹太人描述 为将现代德国钉死在十 字架上的一群。

This is a true story. It took place in Amsterdam, Holland in the early 1940s after the German Nazis had occupied most of Europe. The Nazi Party ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. One of their key policies was to kill all the Jews in Europe. If any persons known to be Jews were found, they would be sent to concentration camps farther east, mostly in Poland. Families were separated and transported in trains.

For many days, they went without food, water, sanitation or fresh air. To avoid this terrible fate, some Jewish families went into hiding, often with the help of non-Jewish friends.This diary was written during the time when Anne and her family moved to escape from being killed by Nazis.

Born on June 12, 1929, Anne Frank was a GermanJewish teenager Anne’s who was forced to diary go into hiding during the Holocaust(大屠 杀).

Background Information
Anne’s father : Otto Frank Anne’s older sister: Margot

Anne’s mother: Mrs. Frank

Anne Frank

Peter, who lived with the Franks in the attic(阁楼)

They stayed on the top floor, with curtains drawn so as not to attract unwanted attention.


Attic (阁楼)

After the German invasion(侵略) of 1940, Anne was forced to leave her school. Almost right away, the Gestapo (盖世太保) began to send thousands of Dutch resisters(反抗者) to slave labour camps in Germany. Then in February 1941 the Gestapo began to arrest Jews. It was at this moment that Otto Frank made plans to hide his family

They moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Peter was forced into a long march from the camp where he disappeared. When Margot died in March, 1945, Anne probably lose her desire to live. She died just before her 16th birthday and less than a month before the surviving Jews were liberated.

Concentration camp

Reading-I----skimming (1m)

Who/ what is Anne’s best friend? Her diary Kitty When did the story happen? The story happened during World War II.

best friend Kitty


Anne’s diary

Reading-II----scanning (2m)

(optional) 1. What was Anne's friend? How and why did Anne make it her only true friend? 2. Had Anne ever been spellbound by nature before? How about being in the hiding place? Why?

1. Anne made her diary her best friend, to whom she could tell her deepest feelings and thoughts. Because during World War II, as Jewish, Anne and her family had to hide away in order not to be caught by the German Nazis. After hiding, she didn't dare to go out. She felt very lonely and unhappy. So she couldn't meet her old friends and make any other new friends besides her diary. Maybe she didn't trust others except her diary, to whom she could tell everything. She didn't set down a series of facts in a diary as most people do, treating her diary as her friend, to whom she told her deepest feelings and thoughts.

2. No, she hadn't. Nature had never have kept

her spellbound before she came to Amsterdam. After being in the hiding place, Anne had grown crazy about everything to do with nature. Because she didn 't dare to face nature, being afraid of being discovered by the Nazis. But she was eager to enjoy the light and longed for the peace and happiness.

Reading method
when who
why how

where what

Careful reading
Fill in the form below
The time of the story The place of the story

World War 2 Netherlands

The heroine of the story
Anne’s best friend

her diary--Kitty two years Thursday 15,June,1944

The length of time they hid away
The date of the diary


Read the passage again and fill the following form:
Time Nature Feeling

Before hiding

After hiding

Blue sky, songs of birds, moonlight, flowers Darkness, rain, wind, thundering clouds

Never felt spellbound

Grew crazy

Intensive reading Students work in pairs to discuss the following open questions: 1.Why did the windows stay closed? 2.How did Anne feel? 3.What do you think of Anne? 4.Guess the meanings of “spellbound”, “ hold me entirely in their power” from the discourse(语篇,上下文).

Intensive Reading ① Why did the windows stay closed?

No. They shut the windows in order not to be found and caught by the Nazis.
② How did Anne feel? She was afraid of being found and at the same time was eager to touch the outside world. ③ What do you think of Anne? Give your own answers.
(sad and lonely)

④ Guess the meanings of “spellbound”, What is the meaning of “spellbound”? Use another word to substitute it. Spellbound means to concentrate with delight for some time. Interested.

Join the correct part of the sentences
1 Anne kept a diary because C 2 She felt very lonely because A 3 They had to hide because B 4 Anne named her diary Kitty because E 5 They were finally caught because D A she couldn't meet her friends. B Jews were caught by Nazis and put away. C she could tell everything to it. D they were discovered. E she thought it was her best friend.

Choose the correct answers
B 1 Anne Frank and her family hid away for___ A over a year B over two years C three years C one year and a half C 2 According to Anne ,a true friend is a person___ A that would laugh at you B who makes you happy C whom you can trust D who could save your life

3 Anne said that she had grown crazy about nature D because___ A her interest in nature B she had always been so had grown C she had been outdoors D she had been indoors too long too long

4 She didn’t dare open the window when the moon was A bright .That’s because___ A they might be discovered B her family might be disturbed C it was very cold D a thief might get into the room 5 A B C D B Anne and her family were caught by German Nazis___ about June 1945 about February 1945 about August 1944 about November 1944

Guessing in groups


Read the dairy again and pay special attention to the boldfaced words. Then discuss in groups the inside meanings of them. Then think of some other words or expressions to describe Anne’s feelings and thoughts.

What do the boldfaced parts imply?
Words/phrases What is implied

outdoors crazy didn’t dare thundering entirely power

the blue sky, the singing birds, flowers, the bright moon
free anxious, eager, thirsty scared, frightened , thrilled helpless, depressed, lonely

Activity1(group work)

Suppose you have to stay indoors to hide yourself for a whole year. You can never go outdoors, otherwise you will be killed. You have no telephone, computer, or TV at home. How would you feel?
What would you do?

Role Play
Suppose you were Annie who was looking out into the night sky, what would you think about? Please act it out in roles in groups of four . And please try to make everybody in your group involved.

Showing your comfort
Suppose you were the diary Kitty and what would you say to comfort your best friend -Annie? (Only one sentence)

安妮在自己生日那天收到了一份礼物——一本 日记本,并将其化名为Kitty,以书信的形式记日记。 从日记的内容我们可以知道,安妮与朋友相处融合, 是一个很普通的女孩子,日记上还记录着她在过着 隐秘生活时与彼得得以接近,并喜欢上彼得的过程, 以及她对战争的看法,从侧面表现出安妮的成熟与 乐观。终于,不幸的事情发生了,他们被盖世太保们 发现被分散收容了。安妮于1945年3月在纳粹集中营 永远地闭上了眼睛。

安妮· 弗兰克的《安妮日记》后被译成55种文字, 它的文学价值得到了世界各国读者的认同,并被 改编成电影和话剧。

Go over the passage again; underline all the phrases you find. Surf the Internet to search some more information about WWII and the Nazis.


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