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外研版英语必修二Module2 Reading and vocabulary_图文

Lead in

Skimming Scanning Careful Reading

Post Reading
Language Points

opium poppy (罂粟)

They can be made into different drugs.

Drug made from poppy seeds ,used to relieve(减轻) pain or to help sleep

morphine (吗啡)
Drug made from opium, used for relieving pain

Drug made from morphine, used to cause sleep or relieve pain, or used by addicts

cocaine (可卡因)

crack cocaine

Drug addicts

Heroin baby

A drug addict died because he injected too much cocaine.

Read the opening paragraphs of two different articles and decide what the topic of each article is. Choose the topic from this list.

A Drug Addict and His Story

Article 1 Dangerous Activities of Teenagers.
The Dangers of Using Cocaine. Article 2

Finding out the correct paragraphs:
A: A Drug Addict and His Story
P: 2 3 5 6

B: The Dangers of Using Cocaine
P: 1 4

Careful Reading
1. How old was Adam Rouse when he started using drugs? 15 years old. 2. Which drug did he use first?


3. What was the second drug that the man offered? Crack cocaine. 4. How did Adam pay for the drugs? He broke into a house and stole things. 5. Where does Adam work now? In a centre for drug addicts.

1. Cocaine can be smoked and also injected. T 2. People who inject cocaine are in more danger if they share needles. T 3. Cocaine makes your heart go more slowly. F 4. Smoking crack cocaine can change people’s behavior. T

Detailed understanding
When What Adam Rouse did / does

At the He first started ___________ and continued using drugs age of to buy cannabis from the same man for 15 about ____ months. One day, he was offered six some crack cocaine. Because he didn’t have enough money to buy more crack cocaine, he __________ a house and stole a television broke into and a(n) video recorder and sold them in a ______________ shop. With the money he bought some more crack cocaine from the same man.


What Adam Rouse did / does addicted He was _________ to crack cocaine. He steal had to _____ something every day to pay for the drugs. Then he was taken to the police station There a doctor told _____________. him to stop taking crack cocaine or he die would ____. So he took the doctor’s advice and stopped immediately. drug addicts He works in a centre for ____________, helping others to ____ taking drugs. stop

By this time


Read the text carefully again and choose the best answers. 1. Which of these drug users are in more danger? A. Those who smoke cocaine. B. Those who inject cocaine. C. Those who smoke and inject cocaine. D. Those who share needles with other users.

2. The following are bad effects of using cocaine EXCEPT _____. A. heart attacks B. high blood pressure C. anti-social behavior D. slow heart rate

3. Which of the following is NOT true according to the text? A. Cocaine can only be injected by users. B. Cocaine is a drug that is powerfully addictive. C. The most addictive form of cocaine is crack cocaine. D. Some cocaine users may suffer from health problems.

Post Reading Fill in the blanks. Adam Rouse used to be a drug addict. He first started using drugs at 15 and he 1. continued to buy cannabis ________ from a man in the street for about six months. Then the man 2. offered him ______ some crack cocaine.

When Adam went back and wanted 3. _____ crack cocaine, the man asked him more for a lot of money. But he didn’t have enough money and was in great 4. ____. pain Then Adam 5. _________ a house, 6. ____ stole broke into a television and a video recorder and sold them in a shop. With the money he bought some more crack cocaine from the same man.

By this time he was 7. addicted to crack ________ cocaine. And he had to steal something every day to pay for the drugs. Finally he police station was taken to the 8. ____________, where he took the doctor’s advice and stopped taking crack cocaine 9. ___________. Now immediately Adam Rouse works in a centre for 10. ___________, helping others to stop drug addicts taking drugs.

1. Read parts 1-6 and decide which article they belong to. 【考点】 belong to意为“属于”, 一般不 用于进行时及被动语态。 【考例】 Professor Williams keeps telling his students that the future _____ to the well-educated. (重庆2009) A.belongs B. is belonged C. is belonging D. will be belonged

【点拨】 选A。belong to意为“属 于”,不能用于被动语态,故排除


2. I’m 19 years old and I used to be a drug addict. 我今年19岁, 曾经是一名毒品瘾君子。 used to do过去常常做某事(现在已经 结束了) be used to do被用来做某事 be\ get \ become used to doing \ sth. 习惯于(做)某事

牛刀小试: 1) When I was a little child, I used
_______ (sleep) with my cat. to sleep 2) Wood is often used to _____ (make) make into paper.

3) The child ______ with a pencil,
and now he is ____ with a pen.

A. used to writing; used to write.
B. used to write; used writing

C. used to write; used to writing
D. used writing; used to writing

3. I broke into a house and stole a television and video recorder. break into vt. break in vi. When he returned home, only to find his house ___ and many things ___. A. broken in, stolen B. broken into, stolen

4. By the time, I was addicted to crack cocaine. If I didn’t have any drugs, I was in terrible pain. addicted adj. 有瘾的;入迷的 be / become addicted to 对……有瘾;沉溺于…… addictive adj. 使人上瘾的;使人入迷的 addiction n. 瘾;入迷,嗜好,常用于 addiction to sth. 对……有瘾;对……入迷

▲ pain—painful---painless painkiller

She was in great pain.
她处于巨大的疼痛当中。 I have pains all over. 我浑身都疼。 I have a pain in my back. 我背疼。

5. The next day, a doctor came to see me.

He told me that I could die if I didn’t
stop taking crack cocaine, so I took his advice and stopped immediately. the next day 第二天 stop doing 停止做某事 take /follow/accept/ my advice 采纳建议 ask (sb.) for advice 征询建议

give sb. advice
advise +n./doing


advise sb. to do sth 建议某人做某事 advise +that sb. (should) do… 建议…… (后接从句用虚拟语气)

Let’s learn some useful

words of Module 2.

1. Smoking too much c igarettes may ________

cause lung cancer.
2. Don’t touch those wires. They are

d_________. istractions 3. A p_________ is a person who is articipant taking part in an activity or event.
4. The c______ was sentenced to death riminal for his crime.

5. If you reach eighteen years old, we say you are an a____. dult 6. The patient is under medical ________ treatment in hospital. 7. Although he had no _________ with connection the accident, still he was often visited by the police.

8. I find it too hard to work at home because there are too many distractions __________.

9. Do you think it illegal to read others _____
letters without permission?

10. Coffee is addictive in a mild way. ________

connection n. 联系;关系 …between A and B 1. Is there a connection between smoking and lung cancer? 2. What is the connection between the two ideas?

connect v. 连接;联系
The two towns are connected by a

be connected with sb. \ sth. 与某人、

The man may be connected with crime.

I. 从方框内选择适当的单词,用其适当形 式填空,并写出其在该句话中的汉语 意思。 cancer, cigarette, tobacco, addict, inject, needle, powerful, nearby 1. I’ve got a cold. The doctor ___________ injected注射 the drug into my arm. addictive上瘾的 2. Crack is a highly ______________ form of cocaine.

cancer, cigarette, tobacco, addict, inject, needle, powerful, nearby
3. The doctors are trying their best to prevent cancer癌症 cells spreading. __________ 4. It’s not allowed to sell __________ tobacco烟草 products to children under 16 according to the law. 5. —Do you live nearby附近 __________? —Yes. It’s only a short distance away.

cancer, cigarette, tobacco, addict, inject, needle, powerful, nearby 6. It is said that the big forest fire was caused by a(n) cigarette烟 end thrown _________ away by a tourist. 7. Don’t you know our chairman has a voice powerful强有力的 enough not to ________________ need a microphone? 8. Drug users are at risk when they share _________. needles针

II. 根据括号内所给汉语提示完成下列句 子,每空一词。 1. Have you studied any courses ________ ______________ (与……有关) related to / connected with the job you are applying for? became addicted to playing 2. My mother _____ _____ _____ ______ golf (变得对打高尔夫球很迷恋). ___ 3. At the age of 23, he did not follow / take / accept ___ father’s ______ _________________ his ______ advice (听从父亲的劝告) and became a lawyer instead.

4. Don’t touch anything belonging__ (属于) ________ to someone else unless you are allowed to. 5. One child said to another, “I’ll _____ my______ with you (和你分享我的 share __ apple ____ ___ 苹果), if you give me half of your cake.” 6. The prices of all the goods in this shop are reduced __ ___ ________ by (降低) 10%, so the more you buy, the more you save. to ___ for 7. I will use this sum of money __ pay ___ (支 付) my tuition fees (学费). 8. I cried in pain (痛苦地) as the knife cut __ ____ the surface layer of my skin.

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