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Good morning everyone. Standing here, I’m very happy and excited. It’s my great honor to be here to talking about my teaching my ideas. The chance is very precious for me. And I’ll try my best. Today my topic is taken from Senior English for China student Book2B Unit and it is made up of 8 parts.

Analysis of the teaching material (教材分析) Analysis of the students (学生分析) Teaching methods (教学方法) Teaching aims and demands Teaching aids (教学辅助) Teaching procedure (教学步骤) Blackboard design(板书设计) And conclusion Well, firstly, I’ll talk about part 1 analysis of the teaching material.
This lesson is a reading passage. It plays a very important part in the English teaching of this unit. By studying this part, Ss can improve their reading ability, learn more about . At the same time, we should get the students to understand some difficult sentences to comprehend the passage better. The Ss should do some listening, speaking and writing, too. Of course, the Ss should receive some moral education. Let the Ss understand better, .



与我们的生活息息相关,本课的知识点是大部分学生乐于学习和接受的, 相信他们对本课的学习充满期待。

Then I’ll talk about next part analysis of the students.
1.As senior students, they have a certain ability to read . And the attractive and easily arouse students learning emotion. 2.As for the learning methods, they are poor in cooperative learning skills. 3.Some students are not active in the class, and some students don’t like English. are most

Therefore, I’ll let Ss study in a relaxed and agreeable atmosphere. Ss understand the new knowledge in certain degree through the mental process of seeing, hearing, saying, observing, imagining, thinking etc. So during my class, I’ll design some interesting games to activate them in learning. And do more interactive teaching (role-play and group works). Then the Ss will get to be interested in the class.

Next I’ll talk about teaching methods.

In my opinion, the main instructional aims of learning English in the Middle School is to develop the students’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading, writing and their good sense of the English language. So in this lesson I’ll mainly use “Communicative” Approach(交际教学法), “Whole language teaching” (整体语言教学法 “Task-based” language teaching (任务教学法). That is to say, I’ll let the Ss to get a better understanding of the key structure of the tesk.

本课主要采用情景教学和交际功能法以及多媒体计算机辅助课堂教学,充分发挥教师的主 导作用和学生的主体作用,利用现代教育技术优化教学过程,通过课件为学生创设更多生动活泼 的语言环境,把学生吸引到活动中去,并激发他们主动参与学习的欲望。努力培养学生的自学能 力,把学习的钥匙交给学生,在传授知识的同时授以科学的思维方法。不仅要使学生学会,更要 使学生学会学,因此,在课堂教学中巧妙运用教学艺术,适当安排自学、小组讨论、全班讨论、 游戏、竞赛等活动,鼓励学生开口就说,提高运用语言的能力,变“讲堂”为“学堂”,变“要我学”为 “我要学”,从而从根本上打破传统的课堂教学方法,建构一种新型的现代教育模式,使学生在更 轻松更愉快的环境下实现更多的信息交流,真正做到快快乐乐学英语,扎扎实实打基础,向四十 分钟要质量,向课堂教学要效益的最终目的。

Let’s move on to another part, teaching aims and demands. There are Knowledge objects, Ability objects and Emotion or moral objects.
According to the new standard curriculum and the syllabus (新课程标准和教学大纲), after studying the teaching material and analyzing the rule of children’s growing of mind, I think the teaching aims(教学目 标)are the followings: 1.Knowledge object(知识目标)s: a)The Ss can hear, read, and use the main sentence patterns 能够听、说、认读本课时的主要句型:

b)The Ss can understand the content of the lesson. And use the patterns to express their thoughts in the proper situation.加深学生对于文章的理解,发展学生听、说、读、写的基本技能,提高初步运


2.Ability objects: (能力目标) (1) To develop the Ss’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing. (2) To train the Ss’ ability of working in pairs. (3) To Improve the student’s reading ability, especially their skimming and scanning ability. 3.Emotion or moral objects: (德育目标)

通过活动、游戏使学生产生学习英语的兴趣;让学生敢于、乐于开口,积极参与交流。并让学生 在学习的过程中,培养他们的合作意识和竞争意识。

Next is the teaching aids. I’ll make use of the modern electricity teaching equipments and all
kinds of teaching means, it can develop the Ss creativity in learning English. In this class, I’ll use pictures, PPT and tape recorder.

Now I’ll talk about most important part teaching procedure.
It consists of 5 steps. Warning up, lead-in, contents key points and difficult points and homework.

Step1 is warming up. (Here I’ll use PPT and pictures)
Use some pictures as hinders to make students familiar with some words and expressions on the topic

Step2 is lead-in 导入设计

(创设情景、激发兴趣、复习回顾等) ,导入新课

教育家托尔斯泰说过:“成功的教学所必须的不是强制,而是激发学生的兴趣,兴趣是推动学生学 习的强大动力, 是学生参与教学活动的基础, 激发学生的兴趣是学习的关键。 ”“Well begun, half done”良好的开端是成功的一半。 这里我将设计一些适当的话题,来一如课文。如:

Step 3 is contents 新课呈现(本部分为主要授课内容及组织的课堂活动。可从听说读写四块分写)
It contains some small steps such as Listening, Reading, Discussion etc.

Gives the students 5-8minutes to make a dialogue using the phrases and sentences learned in this passage and everyday life experience according to the given situation (show it on the screen using a multi-media computer). This step is employed to create a language environment for students’ communication in the class; If the students can finish this task well, they will benefit a lot in their spoken English.

Step 4 is key points and difficult points(本部分列出本课重难点可为单词句型或语法知

重点(key points)
1. 结合现实问题侧重于对文章的理解. 2.掌握文章中的一些重点词汇和短语,如 3. 让学生认识到

难点(Difficult points) 1. 训练学生的阅读能力.

2. 掌握以下句子结构:

Step 5 is homework.(作业形式最好新颖,例如课让学生根据本课内容做个小调查等)
Summarize the whole lesson, and arrange the homework. 1. surf on the internet and get m ore information about the topic.


Purpose of my design: I think homework is so important that the Ss should speak English as much as they can in class or after class. It is necessary for the Ss to do some exercises after class to master the knowledge they learned. This content is an extension of the previous lesson, to meet the needs of increasing communicating demand of some Ss.

Blackboard design
my blackboard design will as this list on the board. I will make the blackboardnotes largely, clearly and orderly as possible as I can, and give the key points and difficult points. Then the Ss can understand easily.

综观整节课,为了达到新课标所要求的中学英语课程的要求, 我主要通过创设教学情景进 行师生互动,充分激发学生学习英语的兴趣,培养英语学习的积极态度,把情感、态度与价值观 目标的实现融合在知识与能力、过程与方法目标实现的过程之中,努力为学生进一步学习英语打 下坚实基础。 苏霍姆林斯基说过:没有也不可能有抽象的学生。因此,我们要鼓励孩子们,让他们知道 “English, I can”.

To be a good English teacher is my dream, I think a teacher is not only a guide for the students, but also a friend of them. If I were a teacher, I would build a close relation with my students, helping them not only on their study, but also on their lives. I will try my best to achieve further success! Above is the lecture notes of my lesson. Thank you!




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