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Andrew’s blog
Saturday, 17th March Today I got my dream job in New Sunday, 1st April I’ve found the perfect flat! It’s

York! However, it’s far away from my small but very nice. It’s near my office, home town and I’ve never visited New so I can walk to work. The only problem York before. Yesterday I took the train is that it’s $1,000 a month. That’s too here and one of my workmates met me much for a young man like me! at the railway station. Then he showed I’ve soon got used to the life here. I

me to the company. There they had a love it! There’s a supermarket nearby welcome party for me. Great! and some restaurants I can go to when I

My company offered no living do not want to cook. My workmates and place, so I had to find somewhere to new neighbours are friendly. It’s April live. I stayed in a hotel while I looked Fool’s Day today and I even played a for a new home. 47. How did Andrew get to New York? A. By train. B. By bus. C. By subway. D. On foot. trick on my neighbour next door. Cool!

48. What does Andrew say about his flat? A. It’s far away from his office. C. It’s big and comfortable. B. It’s small but cheap. D. It’s small and expensive.

49. Andrew doesn’t tell us _____________________. A. whether he has visited New York before B. where he stayed before he found a flat C. why he had a party on April Fool’s Day D. what his workmates and new neighbours are like


B Bicycle Safety Operation Always ride your bike in a safe, controlled manner on campus. Obey rules and regulations. Watch out for walkers and other bicyclists, and always use your lights in dark conditions. Theft Prevention Always lock your bicycle to a bicycle rack---even if you are only away for a minute. Register (登记) your bike with the University Department of Public Safety. It’s fast, easy and free. And it is useful in the possible finding out the bike stolen. Equipment Brakes Helmet Lights Rules of the Road Riding on Campus As a bicycle rider, you have a responsibility to ride only on streets and posted bicycle paths. Riding on sidewalks or other walkways can lead to a fine. The speed limit for bicycles on campus is 15mph, unless otherwise posted. Always give the right of ways to walkers. If you are caught in an accident, you should offer appropriate aid, call the Department of Public Safety and remain at the scene until the officer lets you go. Bicycle Parking Only park in areas for bikes. Trees, handrails, hallways and sign posts are not for bicycle parking, and parking in such posts can result in a fine. 50. Registration of your bicycle may help you _____________. A. get your bicycle number C. receive free repair services A. brakes B. a helmet B. find your stolen bicycle D. solve the accident problems C. a headlight D. a taillight Don’t forget to check them before you start. Make sure that You must wear a helmet while riding and make sure your Always have a front headlight---visible at least 500 feet in front they are working properly. helmet meets current safety standards and fit properly. of the bike. You can buy a taillight if you like.

51. According to the passage, you must have all the equipment except ___________. 52. When you ride a bicycle on campus, ___________. A. ride on posted bicycle paths and sidewalks B. ride at a speed of over 15 mph C. put the right of ways to walkers first D. call the police before leaving the scene of accident


通州 A The Westwood Middle School has decided to hold a blood drive (献血活动), and you can help. Help with The Blood Drive The School is holding a blood drive for teachers, parents, and townpeople. We need everyone’s help to make it a success. That includes you! We need to collect 50 units of blood. That means 65 people are needed to come to the drive. How You Can Help Pick up information brochures (小册子) in the school office. Pass them out to your parents, teachers and any person who is healthy and at least 17 years old. When and Where to Go The blood drive will take place on Tuesday, October 21, from 3:00 to 6:00 pm, in the school canteen. 47. How many people are needed for the blood drive? A. 50. B. 65. C. 17. D. 21.

48. Students can pick up information brochures ____. A. in the school office C. in the school canteen 49. When will the blood drive take place? A. On September 20. C. On October 20. B. On September 21. D. On October 21. B. at the school gate D. on the school playground

1.辛迪不害怕蜘蛛。 Cindy ___________________________________spiders. 2. 既然你有空,为什么不和我们一起去购物呢? Since you are free, _______________________________ with us?


B Jane Goodall is a famous scientist. For more than 40 years, Goodall lived mostly in Tanzania in East Africa, studying chimpanzees. As a young child, Jane Goodall was interested in animals. She grew up in the English countryside and was always climbing trees or riding horses. When Jane was 23, she got a chance to go to Africa. Even though she had never been to college, she got a job with a famous scientist named Louis Leakey. One day Louis Leakey said he needed a volunteer. He needed someone to go to a lake in Tanzania to study a kind of chimpanzees. Jane was excited. On July 16, 1960, she began her explore (探索). At first, the chimpanzees ran away from Jane. But with time passing, they got used to her being around. Every day, Jane would follow the chimpanzees, taking notes on their behavior. She learned many new things about chimpanzees. She watched how a chimpanzee made a tool. She learned how some chimpanzees became good leaders. She watched how mother chimpanzees raised their children. She watched animals get angry and get upset. She wrote everything down so others would understand animals as she did. She learned that if you pay really close attention to animals, you will understand what they are “saying”. 50. Jane Goodall grew up in the ____. A. countryside B. city C. town D. college chimpanzee

51. Jane learned chimpanzees could ____. A. ride a horse B. follow her C. make a tool D. understand her

52. Jane ____ the chimpanzees’ behaviors to help others understand them. A. wrote down C. made videos of B. took pictures of D. drew pictures about


顺义 A ASK THE BLOG! Post your problems on the blog(博客)and get other bloggers’ advice! ***** My problem is my parents. They never stop going on about how I should keep my room tidy, keep my hair tidy and wear smart clothes. They even make me do the washing-up after dinner every night! None of my friends have got such terrible parents. What should I do? Helen, USA ***** Hi, Helen. I think you should do what your parents ask. They’re much older than you and you should respect them. It’s their house you live in and their money you spend! Emily, Australia ***** Why do you think you’re the only one with parents like that? All parents are the same. They want us to look like them. They don’t understand that fashions have changed in the last 30 y ears! Tom, Canada ***** Helen, why should your parents do all the washing-up? You should help around the house — it’s only fair. I don’t think you should change your appearance(外表) though. Teenagers should look like teenagers. Simon, England 47. What is Helen’s problem? A. Her parents treat her badly. B. She always worries about her parents. C. Her parents don’t care about her feelings. D. She wouldn’t like to do what her parents ask. 48. In Emily’s opinion, Helen should ____. A. respect her parents B. give her parents money C. understand her parents D. live with her parents together 49. Simon suggests that Helen should ____. A. wear smart clothes B. help with housework C. do all the washing-up D. change her appearance 1. 昨晚海伦 11:30 才去睡觉。 Helen _____________________________________ 11:30 last night. 2. 我爸爸跑得太快了,我追不上他。 My father ___________________________ that I couldn’t catch up with him.


B Qi Haoren, a Junior 1 student at High School Attached to Harbin Institute of Technology, was quite busy over the past winter vacation and not just with homework. Qi, together with 10 other classmates made a volunteer group to call on people to join the Clean Your Plate Campaign. The 11 students went to many restaurants and told people the importance of saving food. “Excuse me, do you know that 950 million people around the world still haven’t got enough to eat? Please don’t waste food.” They would say this kind of thing hundreds of times every day. The Clean Your Plate Campaign began on the Internet in January. It calls on people to reduce food waste. China in recent years has experienced serious problems with wasted food. CCTV reported in January that the food Chinese people waste every year is enough to feed 200 million people for a year. Chinese people are well known for being hospitable(好客的) and generous. Many even feel that they lose face if their guests have eaten all the food. Luckily, the campaign has got the support of many. In a restaurant in Xinjiang, the owner gives the guests who have eaten all that they ordered a sticker. People can enjoy a free meal when they have 10 stickers. More than 750 restaurants in Beijing have begun to offer smaller dishes and encourage their guests to take leftovers home. To reduce food waste is a big task, and it needs time. It’s important that everyone does their bit, just like Qi. Did you finish your meals today? 50. What did the 11 students do in the winter vacation? A. They collected money from customers in restaurants. B. They helped each other with homework. C. They opened a restaurant together. D. They volunteered for a campaign. 51. From Paragraphs 4-5, we learn that______. A. wasting food is a serious problem in China B. Chinese people waste the most food in the world C. Chinese people want to show off that they are rich D. most Chinese people are afraid of losing face at the table 52. What did the restaurant in Xinjiang do to support the campaign? A. The owner would have dinner with those who had eaten up their food. B. It offered a free meal to the guests who had finished all their food ten times. C. It gave stickers to the guests who ordered small dishes. D. It encouraged customers to take leftovers home.



Unique customs
St. Anthony’s Day January 17 is St. Anthony’s Day in Mexico. It’s a day when people ask for protection for their animals. They bring their animals to church. But before the animals go into the church, the people usually dress them up in flowers. Chusok On August 15 of the lunar calendar, Koreans celebrate Chusok to give thanks for the harvest. Also on Chusok, a big meal with moon-shaped rice cake is eaten. New Year’s Eve One of the biggest celebrations in Argentina is New Year ’s Eve. On the evening of December 31, families get together and have a big meal. At midnight, fireworks set everywhere and continue throughout the night. Friends and families meet at parties, which last until the next morning. Setsubun On the evening of February 3, people in Japanese families take one dried bean(豆)for each year of their age and throw the beans around their homes, shouting “Good luck in! Evil sprits out!” This is known as “Setsubun,” a time to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring. 47. When is St. Anthony’s Day? A. December 31. B. August 15. C. February 3. D. January 17. 48. Why do Koreans celebrate Chusok? A. To celebrate the end of winter. B. To give thanks for the harvest. C. To wish their families good luck. D. To ask for protection for their animals. 49. What do Japanese people do on Setsubun? A. Bring their animals to church. B. Meet friends and families at parties. C. Throw the beans around their homes. D. Eat a big meal with moon-shaped cake. 1.这个小男孩这么聪明,他能回答那些难题。 The boy is _______________________________that he can answer those difficult questions. 2. 这些受欢迎的书使韩寒出名并富有。 These popular books ______________________________________________________. 3. 韩红因唱歌而出名。 Han Hong ___________________________________________________.


The phone rings. It’s a friend who wants to tell you his or her latest health problems. You hate to be impolite and cut your friend off, but what can you do? Stephanie Winston, author of Stephanie Winston’s Best Organizing Tips, offers his advice: Don’t ask questions like “What’s new?” They give the information that you have time to talk. After “hello”, get right to the heart of the matter. Time your calls wisely. If you make a call right before lunch or dinner, or at the end of the workday, people chat less. Set a time limit. Start with, “Hi, I’ve only got a few minutes, but I wanted to talk to you about….” Or, “Gee, I’d love to talk more, but I only have a couple of minutes before I have to leave.” Jump on a pause (间歇) . Even the most talkative caller has to pause now and then. Quickly say, “It has been great talking with you.” Then end the conversation. Forget niceties. Some people just don’t take a hint. Cut your caller off and say, “I’d like to talk to you longer, but I’m afraid I have no enough time. Good bye.” Then hang up. Find “a partner in crime”. If nothing else works, ask someone in your home to help you. For example, one woman gives a sign to her husband, who shouts, “Jane, I think the roast chicken is burning.” Avoid the phone completely. Use an answering machine to screen calls. If you have an important message for a chatterbox(唠叨的人), leave the message when he or she isn’t in. 50. What’s the good time to make a call so that people can chat less? A. After lunch or dinner. C. Before lunch or dinner. A. finding someone to answer the call B. getting right to the heart of the matter C. telling the caller you are just cooking D. asking someone to help you end the call 52. What’s Winston’s advice about? A. How to talk on the phone. B. How to make calls wisely. C. How to make a phone call. D. How to keep phone calls short. B. In the middle of the workday. D. At the beginning of the workday.

51. “Finding a partner in crime” means ______.


密云 A My favourite book is Just Kid: Pictures, Poems and other Silly Animal Stuff just for kids by Bonnie Louise Kuchler. There are animal poems that are cute and funny. If you like animals, you will like this book. Alex Athens The River by Gary Paulsen is the sequel to Hatchet. The book begins when Brian returns home after surviving a plane crash (坠毁) and living in the Canadian wild. Brian is asked to return to the wilderness with Derek. The writer makes you feel like you are there in the story. Evan Greece I’ve read lots of books, but my favourite so far is Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. It’s a story of a boy who wants some hunting dogs, and that’s what he gets. Later on in the story, something magical happens. You need to read and find out what it is. Larry Ireland My favourite book is The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. I like it because it’s about a child who lives near a tree. As a child grows older, the tree gives all she has to him. Holley New Zealand 47. If you like reading poems, you may be interested in the book _____ . A. Just Kid B. The River C. Where the Red Fern Grows D. The Giving Tree 48. Evan is from __________. A. Athens B. Ireland C. Greece D. New Zealand 49. Whose favourite book is telling the story about a boy? A. Alex’s. B. Larry’s. C. Holley’s. D. Evan’s.

1.如今越来越多的人关注食品安全。 Now ____________________________________ pay attention to food safety. 2. 他仍然害怕在很多人面前讲话。 He _______________________________ in front of many people. 3. 你最好睡前喝牛奶。 __________________________________ milk before going to bed.


B The warm day was the only day of the week without rain. I opened the door and went to the yard, took a seat and began to enjoy the wonderful sunshine. Suddenly, I noticed that the house near mine had been sold. An elderly lady was in front of the door, with some beautiful flowers beside her. I walked to her. She looked to be in her early eighties and had the prettiest white hair. “Hi! My name is Robert,” I said smiling brightly at the old lady. She smiled back and said, “Hello, Robert. I’m Charlene.” Her voice was very strong for someone at her age. Later, I learned she was alone and had no family or relatives to look after her. From that day on, I often visited her and helped her with her housework and sometimes she gave me some delicious food. A year passed, and I considered Charlene to be one of my best friends. One day, I walked over for my morning visit and knocked on the door, but there was no answer. I knocked again, and she still didn’t turn up. So I let myself in, using the key she had given me. I checked her living room and then her kitchen. I finally went into her bedroom, and she was lying peacefully on her bed. Beside her there were two notes. One was her will(遗嘱), which said all that she had would be given to me. The other was a thank-you note. I went to her bedside and cried sadly. Although it has been a long time, I still miss her deeply. Whenever I look at the beautiful flowers in front of her house, I remember the wonderful friendship we had. 50. The writer came out of the house to ____________. A. look at the old lady B. enjoy some flowers C. enjoy the sunshine D. clean the house nearby 51. Through visiting the old lady, the writer learned that the old lady__________. A. disliked all her relatives B. had no one to look after her C. didn’t want to live with her family D. was looking for someone to look after her 52. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. The old lady was not kind to others except Robert. B. The writer didn’t have any other good friends . C. The old lady didn’t know how to make food. D. The writer got along very well with the old lady.

1. 天变得越来越热了。 It’s _______________________________. 2. 每天复习所学的内容有助于你更清楚的记住他们。 Going over what you learned every day __________________them more clearly. 3. 对于他们来说在两个小时内从井里就出这个孩子有困难。 ________________________________ the child out of the well within 2 hours.


门头沟 A Jazz City E. Groove gives a jazz concert. Time: 7:30 pm, July 28 Place: Jinmao Concert Hall Price: 100 yuan Tel: 6217-2426 The Black Eyed Peas The Black Eyed Peas is a hip hop group sending out positive(积极的) messages with wonderful dancing. Time: 8:00 pm, July 6—31(Mondays and Tuesdays for rest) Place: Shanghai Grand Stage 1111 North Caoxi Road Price: 150 yuan Tel: 6426- 6666 The Lion King The Lion King will be on in Shanghai for the first time. Time: 1:30 pm, July 18—24 Place: Shanghai Grand Theatre 100 People’s Avenue Price: 80 yuan Tel: 6386-8686 47. Mary can go to Jazz City to enjoy E. Groove’s jazz music on A. July 26 B. July 20 C. July 28 D. July 19 48. If Tony likes hip hop music, which concert will he go to? A. Music City. B. Lion King. C. The Black Eyed Peas. D. Jazz City. 49. If you want to buy the ticket to the Lion King, which number will you call? A. 6473-0123. B. 6217-2426. C. 6426-6666. D. 6386-8686.


1. 这件裙子不适合你,为何不换另一件呢? This skirt doesn’t fit you. _______________________another one? 2. 多好的天气啊!我们去公园放风筝怎么样? What a nice day! _____________________to the park to fly kites? 3. 现在外面很冷。你最好不要出去玩。 It’s very cold outside. _____________________ out to play.


B Perhaps you have heard a lot about the Internet, but what is it, do you know? The Internet is a network. It uses the telephone to join millions of computers together around the world. Maybe that doesn’t sound very interesting. But when you’re joined to the Internet, there are lots and lots of things you can do. You can send e-mails to your friends, and they can get them in a few seconds. You can also do with all kinds of information on the World Wide Web(WWW). There are many different kinds of computers now and they all can be joined to the Internet. Most of them are small machines sitting on people’s desks at home, but there are still many others in schools, offices or large companies. These computers are owned by people and companies, but no one really owns the Internet itself. There are lots of places for you to go into the Internet. For example, your school may have the Internet. You can use it during lessons or free time. Libraries often have computers joined to the Internet. You are welcome to use it at any time. Thanks to the Internet, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. It is possible for you to work at home with a computer in front, getting and sending the information you need. You can buy or sell whatever you want by the Internet. But do you know 98% of the information of the Internet is in English? So what will English be like tomorrow? 50. What is the passage mainly about? A. Internet. B. Information. C. Computers. D. E-mails. 51. Which may be the most possible place for people to work in tomorrow? A. In the office. B. At school. C. At home. D. In the company. 52. What does the writer try to tell us with the last two sentences? A. Every computer must have the Internet. B. The Internet is more and more popular. C. Most of the information is in English. D. English is important in using the Internet.

1. 不要吃太多的甜的食物,那样对你的牙不好。 Don’t eat too much sweet food. _________________your teeth. 2. 到我们该上床睡觉的时候了。 ___________________________us to go to bed. 3. 乘火车旅行使我感到舒服。 Travelling by train _______________________________.


怀柔 A Welcome to Yulong Hotel. We will give you the best service, so that you can have a pleasant stay here. Room Service: You can use room service 24 hours a day. Phone the Information Desk(问讯台), and your message will be passed on to the room waiter. Dining Room: You can have three meals a day in the dining room. Breakfast is offered from 8:00 am to 9:30 am. Also the room waiter may bring breakfast to your room at any time after 7:00 am. If you need breakfast, please fill out a card and hang it outside your door before 6:00 am. Lunch is from 12:00 to 2:00 pm. Dinner is from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Telephones: To make a phone call, you should dial “0” for the Information Desk to put you through to the room waiter. There are also public telephones near the Information Desk. Tell the Information Desk if calls are needed. Shop: The hotel shop is open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. Coffee House: You can drink coffee here at the following time: 12:00-2:00 pm 8:00 pm-1:30 am Other Services: There is a cinema in the hotel. Films begin at 7:00 pm on Wednesdays and Sundays. Hot water is offered 24 hours a day. There is also a big swimming pool in the hotel. You can enjoy yourself at any time you like. It is free. 47. What would you do if you want room service at night? A. Phone the room waiter. B. Fill out a card. C. Phone the Information Desk. D. Go to the Information Desk. 48. The hotel shop opens at______. A. 11:30 am B. 9:00 am C. 8:00 am D. 2:00 am 49. You can see a film at 7:00 pm on________ in the hotel. A. Sundays B. Fridays C. Saturdays D. Tuesdays

1. 他儿子一进房间就看到了桌上的新电脑。 His son saw the new computer on the desk _______________________ the room. 2. 雨越下越大,我们不得不停止工作。 It rained more and more heavily. We had to ___________________________. 3. 这条河大约 2 米宽。 The river is about _____________________________.


B April 27 is a special day in Britain. It’s called Take Our Da ughter to Work Day. It was brought to Britain in 1994 from America. On that day thousands of girls take a day off school and go with one of their parents to their work places. By doing this, it can teach girls more about the society where they live. Now the girls can have a close look at what their parents are doing. This may help them to be calmer when they have to choose a job. Mary experienced a day of work at her mother’s office. This helped her understand her mother’s work better. She said that this made her feel more confident about her future. Schools and many companies support the activity, too. Some schools even make the day a necessary part of school life. Experts think that girls with more self-confidence are more likely(可能的)to be successful than common girls. If parents can set good examples both at work and at home for them, they will do better than others. Take Our Daughter to Work Day is surely a step in the right direction. 50. On Take Our Daughter to Work Day, thousands of girls_______. A. go on a journey with their parents B. go to the work places of one of their parents C. have a party with their friends at home D. take part in a school activity freely 51. What’s the advantage by doing such an activity ? A. It can help girls understand their parents’ work better. B. It can teach girls more about the society. C. It can make girls feel more confident about their future. D. All of the above. 52. Which of the following is NOT true about Take Our Daughter to Work Day? A. It is a special activity on April 27 in Britain. B. Schools and many companies support this activity C. Many girls like this day because they won’t go to school. D. Some schools even make the day a necessary part of school life.

1. 我看见玛丽正在隔壁教室弹钢琴。 I ___________________________________ the piano in the next classroom. 2. 杰克是个文静的男孩,对他而言,大声在班上讲话太不寻常了。 Jack is a quiet boy, so _____________________________speak loudly in class. 3. 我弟弟和他的同学们相处的很好。 My brother _____________________________________________his classmate.


A Share and Read Do you have any books on your bookshelf for many years? Instead of throwing them away, here is another way for you to consider. If you have books that you do not read anymore, you can share them with others. You can take the books to Share and Read. Share and Read offers used books in different categories(类别), such as storybooks, children books, language books, cook books and computer books, etc. All the books are sold at low prices. Share and Read also aims to help poor children in China. The money raised will be donated to help build schools in rural areas. We welcome all quality books. We do not want textbooks, magazines and dictionaries. Just make sure that your books are in good condition before giving them to us. Address: 201 Riverside Main Street Working hours: Thursdays to Sundays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Hotline: 7654- 4321 We look forward to seeing you at Share and Read! 47. If you have books that you do not read anymore, you can _______. A. sell them to friends B. throw them away C. share them with others D. keep them on the bookshelf 48. When can you take books to Share and Read? A. At 3:00 pm on Thursday. B. At 7:00 pm on Sunday. C. At 11:00 am on Tuesday. D. At 8:00 am on Wednesday. 49. Share and read does not want _____. A. storybooks B. textbooks C. cook books D. computer books

1. 这双鞋不行,何不试试另一双?

The pair of shoes doesn’t fit you. ________________________ try another pair? 2.要下雨了,你最好快点回家。 It’s going to rain. _________ go home quickly. 3. 对不起,我上课迟到了。 I’m sorry I’m ___________________________ class.


B The day when the jobs were handed out was the most exciting for the children in the class. Every child was given a job for which they would be responsible for the rest of that school year. As some jobs were more interesting than others, the children were eager to be given one of the best. Among them Rita stood out. She was a kind and quiet girl. Last year she carried out the teacher's instructions perfectly. She was the favorite to be given the best job---to look after the class dog. But this year there was a big surprise. Each child received one of the normal jobs, like preparing the books for the lessons, cleaning the blackboard or looking after one of the pets. But Rita's job was very different. She was given a little box with some sand and one ant. Although the teacher insisted that this ant was very special, Rita could not help feeling disappointed. "I will turn this little task into something great," Rita said to herself. She started to study everything about the little ant, gave it the best food and made the box perfect. The ant ended up growing quite a little bigger. One day, the teacher announced that Rita’s class had been chosen to accompany Doctor Martinez to the tropical rainforest to study all kinds of insects in summer, because the class had best cared for the little ant. The class was filled with joy. Everyone thanked Rita for having been so patient and responsible. And children learnt that to be given the most important tasks you have to know how to be responsible even in what are apparently the smallest tasks. 50. How did Rita feel when she was given her job? A. Disappointed. B. Interested. C. Worried. D. Excited. 51. The class was chosen to go to the rainforest because______. A. everyone did a good job B. Rita looked after the ant well C. Rita was given the best job D. the children studied the ant 52. Which of the following is mentioned in the passage? A. Being a good student will get praise and prizes. B. Every teacher thanked Rita for being kind and quiet. C. Studying insects can help people become more successful. D. We should be responsible for the job even if it seems small.

1. 工人们直到完成了国庆 60 年大典的所有准备工作才离开。

The workers ______________________________________ they finished all the work of China’s 60th National celebration. 2. 对我们来说,学会与人相处是很重要的。 ______________________________________ how to get on well with others. 3. 你最好每天早点睡觉。 __________________________________________________ earlier every day.




Service for young people Readers’ Service Center From Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. The services staff help children and parents select reading materials and find information for school projects. Summer Reading Club The Summer Reading Club aims to encourage reading during the school holiday. It holds some activities for students, such as drawing, cartooning and making masks. Bookings are necessary. Preschool Story Time Gives young children and their parents a chance to share stories, poems and a simple craft activity. Each class lasts about thirty minutes. Story time is held during school term at: East Hills — Monday 10:30 a.m. and Wednesday 10:00 a.m. Green Island — Tuesday 10:30 a.m. and Friday 11:30 a.m.

Happy City Public Library

47. The parents and children can select reading materials in _________. A. East Hills B. Summer Reading Club C. Green Island D. Readers’ Service Center 48. Students can take part in _______ activities in Summer Reading Club. A. drawing B. singing C. swimming 49. Story time activities are held on ________. A. Friday 10:00 a.m. B. Tuesday 10:00 a.m. C. Monday 10:30 a.m. D. Wednesday 10:30 a.m.

D. dancing

1. 课间时,我们应该保持门窗敞开。

We should _______________________________________ during the break time. 2. 来吧,汤姆。该吃晚饭了。 Come on, Tom. ___________________________ supper. 3. 你看上去很累,最好睡个好觉。 You look very tired. _________________________________ have a good sleep.


B A little girl walked to and from school every day. Though it was not fine and clouds appeared in the sky that morning, the little girl made her daily trip to school as usual. When school was over, winds became stronger and it began to rain. The mother of the little girl felt worried that her daughter would be afraid and that lightning might frighten(惊吓) her child. Following the bright light of lightning, the mother quickly got into her car and drove to her child’s school. As the mother drove along the road, she saw her little girl walking alone in the rain. To her great surprise, she found that when a lightning came, her daughter stopped, looked up and smiled. Another lightning came and then another followed. With each lightning, the little girl stopped, looked up and smiled. Inside the car, the mother asked her daughter, “What were you doing? Why did you look up and smile when the lightning came?” The little girl answered with a smile, “Mum, you know, God was looking at me. Each time I felt a little afraid walking in the rain, God would take a picture of me. I knew he was playing a game with me.” 50. The little girl went to school __________ every day. A. by car B. on foot C. by bus D. by bike 51. At first, the mother felt worried because . A. she couldn’t look after her daughter B. her daughter hadn’t taken her umbrella C. she had something more important to do D. her daughter might be afraid of lightning 52. According to the article, we can know that the little girl was . A. proud B. shy C. brave D. nervous

1. 我一到上海就给你打电话。 I’ll call you ___________ I arrive in Shanghai. 2. 我的手机出毛病了,能用你的吗? ______________________________________ my cell phone. May I use yours? 3.快考试了,我既不玩游戏也不看电影。 The exams are coming. I ______________________________________.


A Now you’re really flying. Remember being best friends when you were young? Times change but people don’t—they’re still your friends and you’ll have fun together. Cathay Pacific flies to over 90 different places in the world so you can meet old friends and make new ones. The next move is yours.

What can we harmonize (和谐) today? “Environmentally friendly” meets “fun to drive” in the Toyota Prius, the world’s best-selling vehicle (车辆). The Prius is just one example of how Toyota brings the two opposite things into harmony for a bright future.

47. What are the two advertisements about? A. First: an airline; second: a car. B. First: a car; second: an airline. C. Both: airlines. D. Both: cars. 48. What places can Cathay Pacific take us to? A. Only the places in our city. B. The places all over the Pacific. C. Only the places in our country. D. The places all over the world. 49. “Environmentally friendly” and “fun to drive” are ______. A. the same B. a little different C. just opposite D. almost similar

1.妈妈在厨房里忙着做饭。 Mom_____________________________________ in the citchen. 2. 天要下雨了,你出去时最好带上雨伞。 It’s going to rain. ________________ take an umbrella with you when you go out. 3. 我正忙着制作圣诞贺卡呢! ________________________________________________ the Christmas cards. 4. 李雷不但学习好,而且与同学们相处得也很好。 Li Lei _______________________________________________ his classmates.


B When you work long hours and Sundays are no longer a day to rest, feeling overworked can become the new normal. Take sportsmen as examples and do the same yourself, so you’ll know if you’re overworking. Check your resting heart rate (率). Every day, before you get out of bed, take your pulse (脉 搏 ). Usually your heart rate will stay within a few beats every minute. But when you’re overworked, the rate increases. If your heart rate is up in the morning, get a little more rest or sleep that night. Check your emotions. Getting angry easily? If you can’t put your finger on a clear reason, there may be something wrong with your emotions. Hoping to change the condition won’t help. The only way out is a break. Check your weight. If you lose or increase more than 1% of body weight from one day to the next, something is wrong. Maybe yesterday you were too busy and failed to notice you didn’t eat and drink enough. Or maybe you failed to notice that you were eating too much. 50. How many ways are mentioned to check if we’re overworking? A. Two. B. Three. C. Four. D. Five.

51. When should we check our heart rate? A. In the morning. B. In the afternoon. C. At noon. D. At night.

52. What is the best way to deal with the problem of overwork? A. Doing more sports. C. Having more rest. B. Drinking more water. D. Eating less food.

1.雨下得越大, 他跑得越快。 The harder it rained ____________________________________ he was running. 2. 你的英语学习情况怎样? ___________________________________ your English learning? 3. 众所周知,吸烟对健康有害。 It is known to all that smoking _______________________________ our health.


东城 A How do you make friends? Some students are sharing their ideas with us.



Although we are quite different, I spend my spare time mostly with Adam and I have been close friends for 5 people from other countries. When I’m years. We have a lot to talk. We play with them, I really get to know what basketball together after school. We go they’re like and how easy they are to get for a picnic at weekends. It’s always a along with. They help me to improve my pleasure to be with him. English.



I’ve made some good friends at the I can make more friends on the gym I go to. People there are very Internet because it keeps me in touch friendly. Talking to them as I take with the whole world. I can get exercise is a good way for us to get to worldwide stories from my friends all know each other. over the world. 47. Adam is ______ friend. A. Tom’s B. Yumi’s C. Anna’s D. Peter ’s

48. With the help of her friends, Yumi ______. A. takes more exercise C. feels happier at picnics 49. What helps Peter make more friends? A. The story. B. The sport. C. The Internet. D. The language. B. learns English better D. knows more about the world

1. 明天是星期天,一起去滑冰怎么样? Tomorrow is Sunday. ____________________________ going skating together? 2. 我的电脑出现点故障,请你帮我修修好吗? _______________________ my computer. Would you please help me mend it?


B China has marked its National Winter Swimming Day. Many swimming lovers in the north of the country celebrated it on January 1st. Winter swimming is a physical training. During it, you can have a cold wind bath, an icy water bath and a sunbath at the same time in the open air of winter. When you have taken off clothes, all parts of your body are awakened by the cold. You may feel like going into the water, but a warm-up exercise is a must before jumping into the freezing water. You go into the cold water and swim. The only thing you think about in the cold water is how to withstand (承受住) the cold. At this moment, your brain is relaxed and at rest. Then you come out just when your hands and feet are beginning to feel freezing. After you get dried, your pink-colored skin is bathed in the winter sunshine. Slowly, you no longer feel cold. After the “three baths” of air, water and sun, you will feel warm, relaxed and comfortable. Winter swimming is a way to keep fit. Many people find it a difficult sport, while its lovers say the sport makes them stronger. But it may not be fit for everyone. Before you decide to try, make sure you check you’re in good physical condition to do such a brave sport. 50. When you are swimming in the cold water, your brain is ______. A. relaxed B. fresh C. active D. slow

51. After winter swimming, you will feel ______. A. full B. healthy C. freezing D. comfortable

52. To take part in winter swimming, you must ______. A. enjoy cold wind bath C. check your physical condition B. receive special training D. take warm-up exercise every day

1.我的电脑出现点故障,请你帮我修修好吗? There is something wrong with my computer, ____________________ mend it? 2. 明天天气好,为什么不去逛商场呢? It’s fine tomorrow. ______________________________________ go shopping?


大兴 A Dear Jim, Postcard collector

We landed in the UK two days ago. On our first day we went to Buckingham Palace and saw the Queen’s soldiers in their red uniforms. Yesterday we walked around the British Museum. It’s very big and my legs were tired, but we saw some wonderful things! Love, Anne

Dear Jim,

Dear Jim, I am in Australia. It’s winter for you, but it’s summer here. Every morning we go swimming in the warm sea, then we go to a Chinese restaurant, and later walk round the shops and buy presents. You may be lucky! Best wishes, Kate
47. Who visited Europe? A. Anne. B. Jim. 48. What’s the season for South Africa now? A. Spring. B. Summer. 49. Where does Kate go every morning? A. To the museum. B. To a palace.

I’m now on holiday in South Africa. It’s very hot. We went to a national park and saw lions and elephants. This is a wonderful country. See you soon, Susan

C. Kate. C. Autumn. C. To the park.

D. Susan. D. Winter. D. To the sea.


___________________________ you to take a walk after supper every day. 2. 他们正忙着为植树作准备。 They ______________________________________________ planting trees. 3. 不但 Tom 而且 Mike 也会拼这个词。 ___________ Tom __________ Mike can spell this word.


A man had seven sons, who were always quarreling. They left their studies and work, to quarrel among themselves. Some bad men were looking forward to the death of their father, to cheat them out of their property(财产) by making them quarrel about it. The good old man, one day, called his sons around him. He laid before them seven sticks, which were tied together. He said, “I will pay a hundred dollars to the one who can break this bundle(捆).” Each one tried their best to break the bundle. After a long but useless efforts, they all said that it could not be done. “And yet, my boys,” said the father, “nothing is easier to do.” He then untied the bundle, and broke the sticks, one by one, with perfect ease. “Ah!” said his sons, “It is easy enough to do it so; anybody could do it in that way.” Their father replied, “As it is with these sticks, so it is with you, my sons. So long as you hold fast together and help each other, you will be much richer, and none can harm you. “But if the brotherhood bundle is broken, it will happen to you just as it has to these sticks, which lie there broken on the ground.” Home, city, country, all are property found, When they hold tightly together. 50. How many sticks does the old man ask his sons to break? A. 2. B. 3. C.5. D. 7. 51. Why was the old man able to break the sticks? A. Because his sons helped him to do so. B. Because he was strong enough to do so. C. Because he was wise enough to untie the bundle. D. Because the sticks were no longer as strong as before. 52. Which of the following is TRUE? A. The old man was going to die soon. B. The sticks were used as a tool to teach the sons a lesson. C. The sons were all too stupid to take care of their property D. some bad men might get the property away from the old man.

1. 八点钟了,该上课了。

It’s eight o’clock. ______________________________________ class. 2. 下周开会别迟到啊! Don’t __________________________________ the meeting next week! 3. 妈妈正在厨房里忙着做饭呢! Mom ___________________________ in the kitchen. 4. 送到青海玉树的不仅有衣服还有帐篷。 _______________________have been given to the people in Yushu, Qinghai.




(ab)2的推广与杨辉三角 - 活动一:几何问题中的面积表示 1 2 有一个边长






如图,在长方体ABCD-A1B1C1D1中,AD=AA1=1,AB=2,点E为棱AB的中点. (1)证明:D1E⊥A1D; (2)求二面角D1-EC-D的大小; (3)求点D到平面D1EC的距离....









已知长方形ABCD, AB=2,BC=1.以AB的中点为原点建立如图8....doc

已知长方形ABCD, AB=2,BC=1.以AB的中点为原点建立如图8所示的平面直角坐标系.(Ⅰ)求以A、B为焦点,且过C、D两点的椭圆的标准方程;(Ⅱ)过点P(0,2)的...


如图,矩形ABCD中,AB=2,BC=2,以BC的中点E为圆心,以AB长为半径作弧MHN与AB及CD交于M、N,与AD相切于H,则图中阴影部分的面积是( )_答案解析_2003年数学_...




在图1等边三角形ABC中,AB=2,E是线段AB上的点(除点A外),过点E作EF⊥AC于点F,将△AEF 沿EF折起到△PEF(点A与点P重合,如图2),使得∠PFC=.(1)求证:...










如图,正三棱柱ABC-A1B1C1中,AB=2,AA1=3,D为C1B的中点,P为AB边上的动点. (Ⅰ)当点P为AB的中点时,证明DP∥平面ACC1A1; (Ⅱ)若AP=3PB,求三棱锥B-...


已知圆轮半径 为 R,且 OA=R,AB=2R。试求图示位置圆轮的角速度和圆心 B 的加速度。 (18 分) 解: (1)速度分析及计算:AB 杆和圆轮作平面运动,选 A ...




. 由n +b ≥2ab得口 +b +(口。+b )≥2a 6+(& +b ),即2(n。+b。)≥(n+6)。(当且 际上 ,x y也存 在着最 小值 , 上述 过程 之所以出 ...


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