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Book 3 Module 4

Sandstorms (沙尘暴) have been a major disaster for 1. ____________ many Asian countries for centuries. 2. A mass campaign _________(运动)has been started to solve the problem. 3. Sandstorms are strong enough to move sand dunes 沙丘). _______( 5. The traffic moves slowly because the thick _______( dust 尘 土) makes it difficult to see. forecast 预 6. The Chinese Central Weather Station can ________( 报) a sandstorm some weeks before it arrives in Beijing. mask 面 7. If you want to go out, you’d better wear a _______( 具). 8. The strength ________(力量) of the storm sometimes surprises people.

Words revision

Please look at these pictures. How beautiful they are !

But one day something happened .

What is this natural disaster ?
It is a sandstorm .

Look at the picture below and describe the following words. blow bury frightening last (v) sandstorm

blow bury frightening last (v) sandstorm There has been a __________. sandstorm It ____ has _____________________ lasted /has been blowing for ten hours frightening The wind and was very ___________. was blowing the sand high around the ___________ houses, and some cars were almost completely ______ buried by the sand.

Check the meaning of these words and discuss which statements are true. dig earthquake protect sign the Pacific Ocean 1 Sandstorms begin in desert areas. √ 2 Deserts are created by climate changes. √ 3 Deserts are also created because people √ cut down trees and dig up grass. 4 Sandstorms from Asia have blown across the √ Pacific Ocean to America. 5 Sandstorms can’t be prevented. 6 The inland region has more sandstorms than the one near the sea. √

Northwestern China _____ _____ _________ has been experiencing strong winds and sandstorms since Monday. spread as cold expected to ______ The condition is ________ air is moving southward. The Xinjiang vigor Autonomous Region has already been affected Weather authorities say Inner ________. Mongolia, Ningxia and the provinces of Gansu, Shanxi and Shanxi sharp drops will see rain and _____ of temperature. Northern China many have sandstorms again.

A asks and B answers according to the photo 1 what is happening? There is a sandstorm blowing. 2 what is the cyclist wearing and why? They’re wearing masks and glasses to protect themselves. 3 what do you think happens to traffic in this situation? Why? It moves very slowly. Because it is not clear to see everything on the road and people must take great care. 4 What do you think experts advise people to do in this situation Stay at home.


—Skimming (略读) Read fast and try to find the main idea of each paragraph

方法指导 1. 浏览标题 2. 读首段,抓中心。 3. 浏览其他段首末句。4.最后读结尾段。

Fast Reading
this article can be divided into three parts, give the main idea of each part?

major disaster Sandstorm is a_________ Part I (para 1) in Asia Part II (para2-5) the

Part Ⅲ (para6) Measures to prevent planting trees sandstorm:______________

description _______ _______ causes of sandstorm _______ effects _______ suggestion

Detailed reading

Sandstorms are strong, dry winds ____ carrying introduction major__________ disaster in Asia ____,a _____ sand
Main places
Cause Influence 1 Central Asia, Central Africa, North America, Australia

Fill in the form with the detail and make up a passgae .

Desertification :climate ________ changes ; ________ cut down trees;_________ dig up grass an orange ________sky, strong_______, winds city in a thick, brown-yellow ______ dust move slowly, difficult to see and breathe


advise…not to go out , wear a mask

plant more trees

Para1. 1.尝试许多方式来解决这个问题 2.几个世纪以来 3. 一个大规模的运动 Para2. 1.还是个孩子的时候=when he was a child 2.被困在…中,突然遭遇 Para3. 1.似乎已经做了… 2.由于---的结果 3..砍倒树木 4.挖出,挖掘草坪 Para4. 醒来看到橘色的天空 使得看到很难 Para5. 到达 使人惊奇 建议某人不要做某事 带着面具 Phrases Para6. 组织…做某事

Para1. try many ways to solve this problems for centuries a mass campaign Para2. as a child be caught in Para3. appear to have done as a result of … cut down trees dig up grass Para4. wake up to an orange sky make it difficult to see Para5. arrive in /at surprise people advise sb. not to do sth wear a mask Para6.prevent…(from) doing, stop…(from) doing, keep…from doing


Para.1and 2

The four main places in the world( where there are sandstorms) are Central Asia, North America, Central Africa and Australia 括号中的句子是什么从句?( B )

A. 地点状语从句
C. 宾语从句


1.They are often so thick that you cannot see the sun, and the wind is sometimes strong enough to move sand dunes. para2 沙尘暴能见度经常很低以至于看不见太阳, 风有时大的能够移动沙丘. so--- that--- 引导结果状语从句 2.Ren Jianbo, described a terrible sandstorm (that) he experienced as a child in the desert. “To have been caught in a sandstorm was a terrible experience.” para2 任建波描述了他小时候在沙漠中经历的一次 沙尘暴,“那次被围困在沙尘暴中的经历 真是太可怕了.”

3.It was the most frightening and the most (para2) dangerous situation (that) I have ever been in. 这是我经历过的最可怕最危险的情形. 4.This is a process {that happens (when land becomes desert because of climate changes and because people cut down trees and dig up grass.) }para3 这一进程是在气候变化以及人们肆意砍伐 森林和破会草皮从而导致土地沙漠化的情 况下发生的.


“…traffic moves very slowly because the thick dust makes it difficult to see.”

“traffic” means_____ B
A. 交通 B. 车辆

5The Chinese Central Weather Station can forecast a sandstorm some weeks before it arrives in Beijing, but the strength of the storm sometimes surprises people. (Para5) 中国中央气象中心能在沙尘暴到达北 京前几周预报沙尘暴,但沙尘暴威力 有时大得惊人。


“Already the government has planted more than 30 billion and plans to continue planting for the next five yeas.”
A “Plans” 的词性是_____

A. verb

B. noun

and 连接并列谓语 “has planted ” 和“plans” plan to do为 固定搭配

Listen and fill in the blanks Sandstorms have been a major disaster for many Asian countries for centuries. Sandstorms are strong , dry winds. The wind strong _____ enough to is sometimes ______ ______ move sand To _______ have _____ been _______ caught in dunes. “______ _____ a sandstorm was a terrible experience,” Ren Jianbo said. Desertification is a process that cut ______trees down happens because people ______ and dig ______ up ______ grass. Traffic moves very slowly it because the thick dust makes_______ difficult see advise to _______. ______ So weather experts _______ to not people ______ ________ go out . coming To _______ prevent it _______nearer , the government is planting trees.

appear to do/ to be doing/ to have done =It appears that --①He appears to be talking to himself. =It appears that he is talking to himself. ②Sandstorms in China appear to have increased in recent years. =It appears that sandstorms in China have increased in recent years. ③It appeared that he was unhappy. appear不用 =He appeared to be unhappy. 进行时态

Pair work

Talk about sandstorms in pairs. You can ask and answer the following questions, and you may add some other details: What is a sandstorm?

Where does it occur in the world/ in China?
What is the causes of sandstorms? What should we do if sandstorms occur? How can we prevent sandstorms?

cause :cutting down too many trees;
desertification (沙漠化); high temperature and little rain; serious air and water pollution; the growing population of the world; improper use of land;


1.We should plant more trees and grow more grass. 2.Control air and water pollution. 3.Build green fences along the desert. 4.Forecast sandstorm’s real time to prevent disaster. 5.All countries should join hands to propose a plan in sandstorms control and prevention.

In order to protect our earth, many Green Movements have been held all over the world, what should we do?

Never do evil deed no matter how trifling


世界环保日前夕,联合国教科文组织就如何处理城市垃 圾箱全世界中学生征文,请你以Saving Our City 为题, 写一篇100词左右的短文。 提示:1. 城市污染的危害:污染环境,有害健康
2. 你所在城市的处理垃圾的方式a.垃圾分类(sort)

b. 报纸和玻璃的再利用
c. 填埋有害垃圾

d. 处理废水
e. 制定法律

3. 尽我所能,保护环境

Saving Our City

It is very important to deal with the rubbish in cities. Rubbish must be treated properly. Otherwise it may cause a lot of trouble.
It may pollute the air and water. When people breathe the polluted air or drink the polluted water, they may get ill. Our city has begun to pay attention to the problem. For example, some rubbish is sorted and sent to different factories. Rubbish, such as newspaper and glass, is recycled. Some harmful rubbish is sent to a certain place and buried. Waste water is treated before it is poured into rivers. To protect the environment, the government has passed laws to prevent people from throwing rubbish everywhere.

We should do our best to fight against pollution.

Enjoy a song to finish our text.



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