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Module 1 Europe Introduction Reading and Vocabulary
Ⅰ. 阅读理解 A (2016·四川高考)
In the depths of the French Guianese rainforest, there still remain unusual groups of indigenous(土著的)people. Surprisingly, these people live largely by their own laws and their own social customs. And yet, people in this area are in fact French citizens because it has been a colony(殖民地)of the French Republic since 1946. In theory, they should live by the French law. However, their remote locations mean that the French law is often ignored or unknown, thus making them into an interesting area of “lawlessness” in the world.
The lives of these people have finally been recorded thanks to the efforts of a Frenchman from Paris called Gin. Gin spent five months in early 2015 exploring the most remote corners of this area, which sits on the edge of the Amazon rainforest, with half its population of only 250, 000 living in its capital, Cayenne.
“I have a special love for the French Guianese people. I have worked there on and off for almost ten years, ”says Gin. “I’ve been able to keep firm friendships with them. Thus I have been allowed to gain access to their living environment. I don’t see it as a lawless land. But rather I see it as an area of freedom. ”
“I wanted to show the audience a photographic record touching upon the uncivilized life, ”continues Gin. “I prefer to work in black and white, which allows me to show different specific worlds more clearly. ”
His black-and-white pictures present a world almost lost in time. These pictures show people seemingly pushed into a world that they were unprepared for. These local citizens now have to balance their traditional self-supporting hunting lifestyle

with the lifestyle offered by the modern French Republic, which brings with it not

only necessary state welfare, but also alcoholism, betrayal and even suicide.

【语篇概述】本文是一篇说明文, 文章介绍了法属圭亚那雨林地区的土著居民的生活。摄影

师 Gin 用黑白照片记录了那些居民被时光遗忘的、自由的、有着自己的法律和社会风俗的生


1. Why does the author feel surprised about the indigenous people in French Guiana?

A. They seldom follow the French law.

B. They often ignore the Guianese law.

C. They are separated from the modern world.

D. They are both Guianese and French citizens.

【解析】选 A。细节理解题。根据第一段 Surprisingly, these people live largely by their

own laws and their own social customs 和 their remote locations mean that the French

law is often ignored or unknown 可知, 这里的人大都按自己的法律和社会风俗生活, 他


2. Gin introduces the special world of the indigenous Guianese as


A. a tour guide

B. a geographer

C. a film director

D. a photographer

【解析】选 D。推理判断题。根据第四段 Gin 所说的话, 特别是句中的 photographic 一词

可知, 他是一名摄影师。

3. What is Gin’s attitude towards the lives of the indigenous Guianese?

A. Cautious.

B. Doubtful.

C. Uninterested.

D. Appreciative.

【解析】选 D。观点态度题。根据第三段 I don’t see it as a lawless land. But rather

I see it as an area of freedom 可知, 作者并不认为这是一个没有法律的地方, 相反他

认为这是一个自由的地区。此处的 an area of freedom 透露出作者对这些土著人的欣赏之


4. What does the underlined word“it”in the last paragraph refer to?

A. The modern French lifestyle.

B. The self-supporting hunting.

C. The uncivilized world.


D. The French Republic. 【解析】选 A。词义猜测题。此处 which brings with it. . . 译为: 随之带来的有……。 可知此处 it 即指前面的 the lifestyle offered by the modern French Republic。
B Boston College is a state-supported college on the east coast of England which has been recruiting overseas students for over 20 years and now has almost 200 international students from more than 20 different countries. You and your parents can be sure you will receive the care and support you need to succeed at our college. We have excellent teaching staff, with time and patience to help you learn in an exciting but relaxing atmosphere. We are accredited by the British Council for the quality of our English language teaching so you can be sure your learning experience will be good. Our new English course is flexible and enables you to choose the best time to join us. Not only will you cover all aspects of the English language but you will have the choice of option subjects such as IELTS Preparation, British Culture, Literature, Business English or Study Skills. We will assess your level of English when you arrive so you can be sure you will study with students of the same ability. Classes are small: usually 12~16 students so you will receive the individual attention you need to help you succeed. Boston College is based on two main campuses with English courses being taught in our state-of-the-art language building convenient for our Hall of Residence on the Rochford Campus. A-Level and International Foundation classes are taught on both Rochford and De Montfort Campuses. Classrooms are modern and well equipped with a number of facilities for photography and video, computer suites, art and music studios and an all weather sports pitch. Both campuses have large Learning Resource Centres, well equipped with computers for student use, also available for research or assignment work. Our diploma courses include catering, hairdressing, computing and engineering, each with its own specialist facilities. We also have a Music Centre providing teaching rooms, recording studio and concert hall.

【语篇概述】本文为说明文。英国 Boston College 有诸多诱人的留学好处, 其便利和现代

化的教学条件尤其吸引海外学生。本文比较详尽地介绍了 Boston College 的办学条件, 目


5. What is Boston College famous for?

A. Its long educational history in Britain.

B. Its good location in the country.

C. Its good education conditions for overseas students.

D. Its way of living for overseas visitors.

【解析】选 C。细节理解题。根据第一段可知, 因为办学水平高, 该校吸引了众多的海外留


6. The underlined word“accredited”in Paragraph 2 most probably means


A. helped

B. recognized

C. forbidden

D. measured

【解析】选 B。词义猜测题。the British Council 是英国文化委员会, 专门负责文化教育

事务。由于上文已经提到 Boston College 办学水平高, 因此应该是得到政府的认可而非禁


7. If you decide to go to Boston College in Britain, you


A. should at first pass some English language tests

B. can major in English as well as some other courses

C. have to live and study with students at different levels

D. should have achieved a high level of English proficiency

【解析】选 B。细节理解题。根据第三段“We will assess your level of English. . . study

with students of the same ability”可知, 并非必须通过英语考试才能入学, 因此 A、C、

D 三项都可排除。

8. From the above passage, we can know


A. Boston College is owned by the British government

B. the campuses in Boston College are far away from downtown

C. there’s no better college for overseas students in Britain

D. many of the classrooms in Boston College have modern equipment

【解析】选 D。细节理解题。根据第四段第三句可知, 教室内配备了现代化的教学设备。


9. What is the purpose of the above passage? A. To introduce the British education system. B. To invite more overseas students to study in Boston College. C. To show the modernization of British society. D. To tell new students the rules in Boston College. 【解析】选 B。写作意图题。根据文章内容可知, 该文是招生广告, 展示学校的诸多优势来 吸引留学生。 Ⅱ. 阅读填句
根据短文内容, 从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余 选项。
Rabbits are easy to raise. The long-eared animals are clean and quiet. They do not need a lot of room. And you do not have to spend a lot of money to feed them. 1.
One male and two females will produce in a year as many as fifty more rabbits. That is enough to provide a good supply of meat for a family. 2.
Rabbit houses are easy to make with wood and wire fencing material. They do not have to be very big. But each rabbit must have its own little room in the house. This is very important. Each room should be about 75 centimeters wide, 60 centimeters high and one meter deep. Fencing is used for the sides and floor of the rabbit house. The holes in the wire fencing should be about one centimeter square. 3. ________ This keeps the rabbit house clean and dry. Rabbits need a lot of fresh air and sunlight. Cover the sides of the rabbit house only to protect it from rain.
4. ________ Feeding containers hung on the outside of the house let the rabbits eat whenever they want. They simply pull the grass and leaves through the holes in the wire fence.
Each room should have fresh water. The water containers should be heavy so the rabbits cannot turn them over. 5. ________ One month after mating, female rabbits give birth to about eight babies. In two months, a baby rabbit should weigh about two kilograms. This is big enough to make a meal for a small family. A. Rabbits eat mostly grass and leaves.

B. Rabbits are also valuable for their fur. C. Or you can tie the containers to the wire. D. Rabbit meat is high in protein and low in fat. E. Many people enjoy keeping rabbits as friendly pets. F. Wastes from the animals will drop through the holes. G. With rabbits, you get a big return from a small investment. 【语篇概述】本文是说明文, 介绍了饲养兔子的方法。 1. 【解析】选 G。根据上文可知, 饲养兔子无需太多空间或花费太多钱, 所以投资很小, 但 是回报很大。 2. 【解析】选 D。根据上文可知, 饲养兔子可以提供兔肉给全家人, 所以选 D。 3. 【解析】选 F。根据上下文可知, 铁丝网的洞大约有一平方厘米大, 这可以使得兔子的 排泄物从洞掉出, 以保持兔子窝清洁、干燥。 4. 【解析】选 A。根据下文可知, 只需把充足的草和叶子从铁丝网的洞塞进兔子笼即可。 5. 【解析】选 C。根据上文可知, 此段是阐述的有关盛水的容器的情况。故选 C 项。

写出阅读理解 B 中出现的下列单词和短语的含义

①recruit ②atmosphere ③flexible

v. _________ n. _________ adj. _________

④cover ⑤assess

v. _________ v. _________

⑥be equipped with


⑦facility ⑧diploma

n. _________ n. _________

答案:①招收 ②气氛, 氛围 ③灵活的 ④涉及, 包括 ⑤评价, 评估 ⑥

装备 ⑦设备; 设施 ⑧文凭

阅读理解 For many years, artists have flocked to Paris, France, to paint or to learn to
paint. Perhaps artists first went there because of the city’s

beauty. They went to paint pictures of the broad, tree-lined streets, the great

churches, and the graceful river bridges.

The artists felt comfortable in Paris because the people of the city had always

enjoyed art. Paris had great art museums, filled with famous paintings and statues(雕

像)from many countries. And the people of Paris had always welcomed new ideas. In

this city, artists felt free to experiment with new ways of painting. As soon as

famous artists painted in Paris, students came to learn from them. People came to

buy paintings. People called art dealers set up galleries where paintings were bought

and sold. Others kept shops that sold artists’ paints and supplies.

Students and artists who were not yet famous could live in Paris for very little

money. They learned by studying great art in the museums, and they learned from one

another. They held art fairs, hanging their paintings outdoors along the streets.

Today, New York City and Florence, Italy, are also famous art centers. But the

world’s main art exhibits are still held in Paris. Important judges of art live

there. Most of the new ways of painting that have started in the last hundred years

began in Paris. So artists and art dealers still go to Paris because it is the world’s

leading art center.


1. In Paris artists can make progress in art by doing lots of things EXCEPT


A. painting the beautiful scenes of Paris.

B. visiting museums, churches and fairs.

C. trying out their new ideas in the way of painting.

D. buying or selling paintings in the fair.

【解析】选 D。细节理解题。由第一段最后一句可知 A、B 两项符合。由第二段第三、四句

可知 C 项符合。由第二段最后几句可知, 买卖油画的不是艺术家们。故选择 D 项。

2. The story does not say so, but it makes you think that


A. Paris is famous for its artists’ paints and supplies

B. there is more than one way to paint

C. art fairs are held in galleries

D. Florence is the center of world art exhibits


【解析】选 B。推理判断题。由第二段中的“In this city, artists felt free to experiment

with new ways of painting”可知 B 项正确; 本文主要讲述的是巴黎的艺术, 所以 A 项不

对; 由第二段后半部分和第三段可知 C 项不正确; 从最后一段可知 D 项不对。

3. Which of the following statements is not a reason why so many artists prefer to

stay in Paris?

A. Paris is a beautiful city.

B. The French are willing to accept any new things.

C. All the museums are free of charge in Paris.

D. Artists can make an easier life in Paris.

【解析】选 C。由第一段第二句可知 A 是原因之一; 由第二段第三句可知 B 也是原因之一; 由

第三段第一句可知 D 也是原因之一。而文中并未说所有的巴黎博物馆都是免费的。故选 C。

4. On the whole, this story is about


A. the world’s most famous art center

B. how to buy a painting in Paris

C. the famous art centers of New York and Florence

D. where to set up galleries

【解析】选 A。主旨大意题。文章重点介绍了世界最著名的艺术中心——巴黎。其余几项都



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